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Name Jerzy Dudek
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Liverpool FC


Book Jerzy Dudek: A Big Pole in Our Goal

2011 06 11 Retrieve

[Jerzy Dudek on Karim Benzema] When I first saw his first training session, I was impressed. I told all my friends that Madrid had signed an extraordinary player. For me, he is even better than Ronaldo, the Brazilian. Karim has incredible qualities

2016 04 23 Retrieve

[Former Liverpool goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek writing in his autobiography, “Jerzy Dudek: A Big Pole in Our Goal” about his falling out with manager Rafael Benitez when he sought a move away from the club that he felt was being delayed by his boss] To be completely honest, I genuinely considered punching Rafa in the face. Then the consequences of doing so flashed through my mind. Would he let me go? Or would it just lead to a massive media scandal? Surely I couldn’t stay if I gave him a smack? Punching a Liverpool manager who had won the European Cup only a few months earlier wouldn’t have looked too good on the CV, I guess, but I was still angry

2020 06 03 Retrieve

[Former Liverpool goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek has revealed that he was so desperate to leave at the end of his Anfield days that he considered punching manager Rafa Benitez] Pepe was a great guy, but Rafa had signed a new goalkeeper at a moment when I felt like I was at the peak of my career. I told Rafa that the [2006] World Cup was on the horizon and I needed to be playing football. Cologne were interested, but a few days before the window closed, they called and said, ‘Why is Rafa not even talking to us?’ I was surprised – I thought everything had been agreed. The next day, I stormed up to him after training. He said, ‘They only offered a loan deal, and you’re too important for us. They want to give us £800,000, but what if Reina gets an injury? I can’t put £800,000 in a suitcase and put it between the goalposts’. Then I had this crazy thought – ‘I think I’ll just punch him in the face’. This evil whisper in my head was telling me that if I hit Rafa, they’d let me go to Cologne.

Looking back today, I appreciate even more that I played for a club with the history of Liverpool. Last year, I went to Madrid with my son and watched Liverpool win the Champions League again. As a player, I never understood why supporters cried after big wins – but when I saw the players running around with the cup in their hands, I had tears in my eyes. I understood even more about the love I still get from Reds fans