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Jesper Blomqvist
Gender Male
Ethnic Swedish
Job Swedish Footballer
Desc The former Swedish international only started for the Red Devils in the Champions League final to fill in for the suspended Roy Keane and Paul Scholes, having only made 25 appearances for the club due to injury. He was taken off just after half-time for Teddy Sheringham, who would go on to play an instrumental part in United’s ultimately victorious comeback.


Org Sweden National Team
Club as Player Manchester United

2011 03 17 Retrieve

[Former Manchester United midfielder Jesper Blomqvist believes Sir Alex Ferguson’s squad isn’t big enough to repeat the treble-winning feat of 1999] I think it’s too difficult [to win the treble]. I don’t think they have the in depth squad big enough to win the treble. Winning the league, the FA Cup and the Champions League is such a great achievement. But I’m not saying that the ‘98 treble-winning squad was the best team of all time, because when they won in Moscow they had a great team, also when they played against Barcelona in the final they had a great team. We had a great atmosphere and a good feeling in the team, while they had bigger stars during the Moscow final with Ronaldo, Rio Ferdinand, and Vidic. But it’s a tougher competition now.

[Blomqvist insists it will be difficult for any side to repeat the treble feat] When you look back you realise that it was a fantastic achievement. Maybe it will never be done again. We had a really great team spirit; we worked hard for each other. When I saw them against Arsenal in the FA Cup, for me it was amazing. When you saw that team, having seven defenders, it looked like a very strange line-up. They made it look easy when you think that Arsenal was going to beat them. And that for me was a stroke of genius, he is a master tactician and when he does things like that you think he can continue forever. But obviously at some stage he has to retire

It’s very hard. You’ve heard of different names, from [David] Moyes of Everton to Pep Guardiola to Jose Mourinho and I don’t know but I think Alex Ferguson himself will have a influence on the choice.

2016 11 15 Retrieve

[Blomqvist, who won the treble of Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League in 1999 with United, is confident that Mkhitaryan will be a success in England] He can definitely become a star. United is a big club and it takes longer to settle in for some players. Maybe Henrikh needs a little more time to settle in but, when you see how he reads the game and what he has achieved elsewhere, it’s surely only going to be a matter of time before he shows us what he can do at Old Trafford.

[Blomqvist also praised the impact of compatriot Zlatan Ibrahimovic since his move to United on a free transfer from Paris Saint-Germain in July] It’s obvious what Zlatan has brought to the club on the pitch - and not just directly. His movement allows space for others to create and score goals too. But he’s also just as important off the pitch, showing the youngsters how to be a good professional and setting an example. He still works hard, in spite of the fact that he’s won everything, and he enjoys it. That’s a good sign

2017 09 04 Retrieve

[Former Manchester United star Jesper Blomqvist believes his fellow Swede Victor Lindelof will be a big hit at Old Trafford] I think it’s definitely one step up to come here to Manchester United for everybody and the situation with the competition for places is really tough. The guys that he’s competing against now have been here longer and have been slowly adapting, getting more and more ready every year so I think he needs a bit more time as well but I still believe in him.

He shouldn’t feel too much stress really, I know it’s pressure especially because he was brought in for so much money but he should take his time a little bit.

He’s a little bit young, but I believe a lot in him but he’ll be better when he gets acclimatised

[Blomqvist insists that once he hits form, Lindelof could be the ideal centre-back for United] I feel like he’s a perfect fit for central defender but can also play on the right. He’s very comfortable with the ball, he likes to play from the back and is very fast so he can be good one against one as well.

I definitely feel he’s the perfect player for United but it takes time. If you look at the other players here now all of them have taken some time.

I felt it too, always when you come to a big club like this there’s so much going on around and it’s not as easy to get into the club, into the team, because it’s more spread out than in a smaller club so it takes a longer time if you’re not Dwight Yorke or somebody who just fits in everywhere and just never feels any pressure and really eases in

[Lindelof is expected to be called into the starting XI for the Champions League Group A fixture against Basel at Old Trafford on September 12] That’s a good thing in one sense but then you want to feel that you’ve earned a place not just that you’re playing because three other players are suspended or something because you don’t have the right confidence. It happened a little bit I think against Real Madrid, it was a little bit that situation as well. It’s not just about being in the team, you need to be ready to be in the team and I think that’s more the situation here

2019 04 12 Retrieve

[Former Red Devils star and fellow Swede Jesper Blomqvist says Victor Lindelof boasts the potential to become ‘a great player’ for Manchester United] I made an interview when he signed and I said you have to give him a little bit of time. But he has especially what I think is the mental strength to really become a great player. And that is the most important thing.

Then he also has other attributes that I think will fit at United for a central defender: he is very confident with the ball and he is very fast as well, and strong one-against-one. I think he’s shown all that now and the more he plays now, the stronger and better he will be, and more confident he will get. The way he has been playing and improving this season has been fantastic and I’ve been really proud as a Swede to see him play for United. I think he has been absolutely brilliant

I see myself more as a supporter now, a fan. But it is coming back more to the DNA of United, how it was for almost 25 years. I mean, this is how I look at it. But you can win games, you can lose games, but as long as you try and really go for it and want to win the game and you show that on pitch, then you can lose a game.

You can, of course, feel sorry that you lost but you are happy with the way you try to win it. That feeling for me is back. We’re going to lose more games, of course, during this season, but as long as you really try to win them, and then in the way try to attack. And also the other thing is about putting the faith in the youth again and really making them believe that it’s possible to become a regular Man United player.