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Jesse Marsch
Gender Male
Ethnic American
Job American Football Coach
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Org xxxx National Team
Club as Coach RB Salzburg FC

2019 07 07 Retrieve

[Who is Aaron Long? The late bloomer who has become the anchor of the USMNT defense] When I watched him play you could see he had a lot of tools. He was big, he was fast, he was good on the ball, he was good in the air, so I thought why not take a look at him. We asked him if he would be willing to come here if it meant spending a year with Red Bulls II, learning our system.

[Long said of his decision to join the Red Bulls] I gave myself a timeline. If it doesn’t work, if I go to Red Bulls and it doesn’t work for two years then I have to do something else, but I was still in the mindset of making it

He’s funny, he’s likeable, his work ethic is so strong. He’s not afraid. When you work with him up close, Dave Sarachan learned this and I think Gregg (Berhalter) has too, you can’t help but like him. You can’t help but like the way he works every day, the way that he trains, the way that he treats his teammates. Once he got into the program I had a really good feeling that he would be able to establish himself on a big level

[Now the manager at Austrian champion RB Salzburg after a season as an assistant with RB Leipzig, Marsch believes Long has also shown a good ability to adjust to different challenges] It’s been nice to see how Aaron has been able to adapt to a different way of playing. I still believe that his max potential is when he plays our way, when he plays really strong against the ball, when he uses his athleticism. What it shows with the national team is this kid can play in a lot of different ways, and at a lot of different levels, and I do believe he can thrive in Europe

We had this conversation with Dave Sarachan, we even had this discussion with Gregg Berhalter, when they watch him at first they don’t really rate (Long). Things that coaches sometimes don’t include is personality and what that means for their overall potential. I’m a big believer in personality. As much as guys like Tyler Adams and Matt Miazga are prodigies and good football players, it’s their personality that allows them to be as good as they can possibly be and that’s the case with Aaron

2019 09 18 Retrieve

[Haaland’s heroics were only part of the story, however, with Marsch’s side never really slowing down and rolling to a 6-2 win over Genk to kick off Group E play in style] We knew we were going into the match full of confidence. We knew too that we could put in a performance of this quality. I wasn’t pleased with a few situations, such as conceding for 3-1. That shows our incredible mentality though as it prompted us to give a few more percent and immediately score two goals

2019 09 18b Retrieve

[Asked to describe Haaland in three words] Positive. Energetic. Electric. Or maybe electrifying! Haaland is a great player, but even more for me is that he’s a great young man. He shows up every day, he works hard and takes nothing for granted. He gives to his team-mates every day smiling. We’re really lucky to have him here and if we can keep him fit, he’s only going to get better

2019 10 01 Retrieve

[Teenage sensation Haaland ready to lead Salzburg’s ‘mission impossible’ against Liverpool] It was obviously a special night in Salzburg [against Genk]. But we’ve got a tougher test awaiting for us on Wednesday night, but we will be ready. We’ve had a really good start to the year and I said previously we had a young group with a lot of potential and that is still the case. In terms of Erling, the kid is an incredible talent, he can do almost anything. He is fit. He is fit for this weekend. So we just have to make a decision - is he ready to start from the beginning or do we bring him off the bench? But he’s had a long week, this week he’s been sick a little bit so we’ve had to manage that, but he’ll be ready to go

[Marsch added on the challenge facing his players and coaching team] First of all, we have tried to create an incredibly clear gameplan so we know exactly how to play to our advantage and exactly the ways that Liverpool can punish us. The more that we are able to have concentration for 90 minutes and execute a matchplan that puts us in position to succeed, then we can at least give ourselves a chance. In the end, what I have tried to say to them is, honestly, I don’t care what the result is. What I do want is we go there and play our football, that we are confident, that we are aggressive, that we go after the game and the opponent, that we don’t worry about mistakes and that we just play with joy and with confidence, and clarity.

If we do that then we will give ourselves a better chance of getting a result. Having said that, I think this in every way will be mission impossible! Who cares? Honestly, who cares? As long as we go there and play brave then we can walk out of there and be very proud. We will be smart, but our way to play defensive is to make sure we understand how to be aggressive in certain areas and we still play our version of football and calculate exactly how we want this game to be played

2019 10 01b Retrieve

[Jesse Marsch’s much-changed side were celebrating a comprehensive 4-1 victory, and a 70th game without defeat in all competitions at Stadion Salzburg] We are young, we are aggressive, we are dynamic.

There has been so much doubt built into the club and the city and the fans, because for 14 years they came just short of making the Champions League. But we have a lot of new players and I’m a new trainer, so we don’t all have that in-built disappointment and we’re excited to go after it.

The difficultly of playing against Liverpool is that all of the things we are good at, they are better than us at! It makes the match-up incredibly difficult, so our strategy will be very important

2019 10 02 Retrieve

[Star striker Erling Braut Haaland is on the bench due to illness, though coach Jesse Marsch stated that he was in contention] Erling is healthy and ready for tomorrow. The only decision for us is whether he is ready to start or to bring him off the bench

2019 10 04 Retrieve

[Jesse Marsch’s incredible impassioned half-time speech at Anfield] How many fouls have we got? How many? Maybe two? This is not a fcking friendly! This is a fcking Champions League match! We need to step up. There is too much respect for the opponent. Too much respect for the opponent!

That goes for when we have the ball, when we don’t have the ball and for fouls. Too much respect! Are they good? Yes, they are good. But we’re playing too nicely, only with a little pressure here and there… There is no real tackle or a fight. They have to feel us, guys. They have to know we’re fcking here to compete. Not just that we’re stylistically gonna try to play the same way. But we came to fcking play, right? That is what’s most important. We’re gonna talk a little bit about tactics…We saw they’re good. But we can play better and we can live a little bit more in this match. Confidence, strength… commit a foul. They are not that dangerous with corners and free-kicks. Come on, guys! We can do more. That is the big message now. We can do more

2019 10 21 Retrieve

[The story of Jesse Marsch: The unwanted manager that is now a Champions League star] They say to me here a lot, ‘Well, you’re American. You’re American’. But I think I’m different in the U.S., too. There’s still not a lot of coaches in the U.S. who I think are rooted in this idea of what it is to lead people. It’s still about ‘what is a coach supposed to be’ or a soccer coach supposed to be, instead of ‘what is a leader about’. I have my philosophy on leadership and I have my philosophy on playing and I try to bring them together and create something unique to every club I’m at, and to honor that (club), but also something that’s unique to me

[Eventually, Marsch fired back] You don’t have to like me and you may never like me. That is the role of the coach. That isn’t important to me. What’s important to me is the team … If we lose, you will hate me. If we win, maybe you will put up with me. But give this team a chance to take the field and compete

2019 12 05 Retrieve

[Salzburg boss Marsch lauds Liverpool’s Klopp as world’s best coach] Jurgen Klopp is probably the best coach in the world right now. I think you can fairly say that from the way his team is performing and the history he has in the game, and the way that he’s had success in Germany and England. Trying to match up against his team is not so easy for us, especially when you talk about the talent that he has on the pitch. So what? We’re going to play the game and it’s going to be more about the two teams than it is about the two coaches. For me, it would not mean anything more to beat Klopp, it would mean a lot more for our team to be successful against this team, against Liverpool, against his team. That’s the focus. I don’t get too much into ego-driven, personal relationships. It’s always going to be about our team and how good is our team on the day and how prepared are they

[Liverpool will be without Fabinho for Tuesday’s encounter] For me, Fabinho is one of their most important players. His ability to control the game with and without the ball and understand moments of the game is what makes them partly so good. But they’ve played without him a lot. They played without him last year in the Champions League. So they’ve been in this situation before without Fabinho. They have so many good, quality experienced players that I don’t expect them to miss him too much, but he’s certainly a key player for them

2019 12 07 Retrieve

[Jesse Marsch says RB Leipzig would be the perfect club for Red Bull Salzburg sensation Erling Braut Haaland] He has potential to be one of the best No.9s in the game. It requires luck, being in the right situation, being surrounded by the right people. Staying healthy. I talked often about Erling having a father that played football and that’s a big advantage for him, his father and him understand how to navigate this world. They made a really good decision coming to Salzburg. They could’ve gone to a lot of bigger clubs at 18. They saw that Erling needed one more step in his career, to continue to improve and make mistakes and find the right development path. For me Leipzig is a great club for any player, especially a young player and especially an explosive player who’s good in transition so in theory it’s a great fit for Erling. The people at the club are really, really good people and focused a lot on development of players, on taking care of players, on professionalism. The standard for the quality of a club at Leipzig is so high.

Erling is a special player for us. He’s a goalscorer. He’s aggressive around the goal. His overall mindset fits our club and our philosophy perfectly. It’s great. He’s young, he’s explosive, he’s dynamic and he’s fearless. At 19 years old he has massive potential. I’ve been around other young players, including at Leipzig, that at 19 years old have major potential as well. The key for Erling is not what is his potential but the drive to achieve the potential and he has that. He has the personality that’s never satisfied. He’s always thinking about improvement. He’s already a top professional in terms of how he takes care of himself and how he prepares off the field every day

2019 12 09 Retrieve

[Looking ahead to the game, Salzburg boss Jesse Marsch said] We go into the game with a relaxed mind, and will give everything that we have. It’s crazy this opportunity for us. We are ready to make something special tomorrow

2019 12 10 Retrieve

[Red Bull Salzburg boss Marsch happy to not be ‘treated like an American coach’] Pedigree still matters a lot to people in Europe. A year in the Bundesliga as an assistant and working under Ralf Rangnick gave me a little bit more to put in my back pocket to go into the next job. It has helped me be better at my job, but it’s also helped the perception of me here

My goal was to assimilate, to be myself, but to also honour the culture that I’m working in. Three years ago, I spoke zero German. Zero. Now I’m relatively fluent. It’s been three years working my butt off to learn the language. I care about it. In some ways, I’m obsessed about it. Most of these clubs are a century old. In America, MLS is 25 years old. We’re in our infancy. That’s the way Europeans feel about American football. It’s not true. It’s not reflective of our actual expertise. But we don’t have nearly enough history

2019 12 10b Retrieve

[How this game was goalless for almost an hour is anyone’s guess. The intensity was remarkable. The sold-out crowd at the Red Bull Arena were treated to a hell of a contest, between two of the most attack-minded teams on the continent] It was like a heavyweight fight

2019 12 10c Retrieve

[Marsch expressed his disappointment his club eliminated from the Champions League, but also insisted he was proud of his side’s effort] We’re so disappointed because we started so well in this tournament and we played so well until the first goal. We saw our opponent’s quality from the first minute. We had two chances with Hwang [Hee-chan] and [Erling] Haaland that we normally would have scored, but [Virgil] van Dijk was too good. It’s disappointing but I think in a few days we will look back with pride. We said we’d need our best performance to win this game and we gave it until the first goal. I think things would have been different if we had scored first. But in the end they showed their quality, especially the second goal from Salah. It was like a heavyweight fight; they hit us, we hit them, and then they hit us twice for the knockout

2019 12 14 Retrieve

[Red Bull Salzburg head coach Jesse Marsch is on the rise - he became the first USA native to manage in the UEFA Champions League this season] My goal was to assimilate, to be myself, but to also honour the culture that I’m working in. Three years ago, I spoke zero German. Zero. Now I’m relatively fluent. It’s been three years working my butt off to learn the language. I care about it. In some ways, I’m obsessed about it

2020 01 28 Retrieve

[Former Red Bull Salzburg coach Jesse March described Haaland as someone for the big games] If Dortmund can continue to get the ball close to the goal, he’s going to deliver like he’s on an assembly line

2020 03 19 Retrieve

[Haaland is a special personality and an incredible talent] He’s a special personality. He’s clearly an incredible talent. I mean, his athleticism, his speed, it right away puts him in the upper echelon of talents in our sport. And then you add his desire to be successful, his mentality every day, the way he works at his technical ability, the way he works at his finishing every day, how much he puts into trying to be the best footballer he can possibly be every day.

He cared about the team. Right now he’s dealing with a little bit of fame. You know, some of the things that he went through when playing against PSG, and the way that PSG responded to some of the things that he put on Instagram. So he’ll have his challenges, and he’s only 19 years old and he’s going to make mistakes. But in the end, his desire to be the best is different than anything I’ve ever seen

[Marsch was sure that Haaland would not be the last exciting prospect to leave Salzburg] I think right now we have maybe 15 players that we’ll easily be able to sell in the next two years for at least €15 million. So much of what I do every day is not just preparing the team to be successful as a group, but also grooming each individual to maximize their own potential

2020 03 19b Retrieve

[Marsch critical of U.S. Soccer after ‘disgusting’ USWNT statements] It’s been a source of pride for all of us Americans that these women are so good. They’re the best in the world, and frankly they’re heroes

And then to see the lawsuit, it’s saddening and disgusting - first that there’s been a group of lawyers who…have only thought so much about winning the case that they’ve lost perspective on what this group of women has done for people in our country. And to refer to them that way, to speak about them that way, I think is a total lack of respect and intelligence.

What’s more egregious is when I heard there were people in Soccer House [U.S. Soccer’s headquarters] that hadn’t read what the lawsuit was going to be, and maybe there are people who did and they allowed for that discourse to happen. For me it’s a total lack of leadership, a total lack of judgment. For me, it’s frankly disgusting.

Where are the leaders in our federation? Where are the leaders in our sport? How can we, especially after failing to make the [men’s] World Cup, now allow this to happen? I mean, I am a coach, but more so I’m a fan of U.S. Soccer. And believe me, this has nothing to do with [USMNT coach] Gregg Berhalter.

This has nothing to do with my desire to be the national team coach. This is a bigger question of: Who are our leaders and who is going to take the federation from here? And who can we trust to actually now help the sport in our country become what we all want it to be?

I was in the U.S. pro [license] course with Jill Ellis, and I consider Jill Ellis a friend, and I think she’s an amazing person and coach.

For me she was the most impressive candidate in the entire course. And when we would discuss the future of U.S. Soccer…my basic feeling was, forget about the actual X’s and O’s and what’s going on the field right now. What we need are people who can stand in front of the U.S. Soccer community right now and lead.

And that’s from the CEO of U.S. Soccer, the women’s coach, the men’s coach, the GM, whatever positions you want to create. But we need a group of people that can stand in front of the U.S. Soccer community and make us believe that we’re working together, that we believe in each other and that we’re all in it together.

Because I worked for U.S. Soccer under Bob Bradley, and it was very divisive at that time. And it’s only gotten worse. And this is from a fan base perspective. This is from a leadership perspective, this is from a player pool perspective across the board. For me, that is the first step. Who are those people? Well, what we’re learning more is who those people aren’t

This is not a campaign to be the national team coach or the GM or anything. But the one thing that I would take very seriously if I were in any of these roles is how can I unite the football community in the USA? How can I use this platform to unite U.S. Soccer, club soccer, academies, MLS, youth national teams, men, women, everything combined? Because the only chance we have to really tap into our potential is if everybody believes in a common purpose and everybody works together

2020 03 23 Retrieve

[Red Bull Salzburg head coach Jesse Marsch reiterated his belief in the high-press] I’d much rather go to Liverpool and lose that match 4-3 than sit back for 90 minutes and maybe try to catch them on the counter. I just enjoy this way of living. And I also believe it breeds success. We went through this with New York. When I inherited the New York team it was a very passive team, they would sit a little bit deeper and then they would give the ball to Thierry Henry and they would catch you on the counter. I had to change the whole mentality of how we thought about things and how we played

[Marsch’s Red Bulls developed a style that allowed them to shine in MLS, highlighted by that pressing mindset] It became infectious. It was so fun over the years to sit with Dax, Sacha, BWP, Luis Robles, these guys who were older and played a certain style who basically we had transformed the way they thought about football. We would be watching a Champions League game and they would be going crazy because the other team would be sitting back and allowing Barcelona to have 5,000 passes and they would be going like ‘press them, press them

It’s the right way, baby. When I worked with [former RBNY GM] Ali Curtis, when we first came to Red Bull together, he coined a phrase, ‘If you want something in life, you don’t wait for it, you go out and get it.’ And that was the way we described our style of play. I call it going down swinging

2020 03 26 Retrieve

[Red Bull Salzburg coach Jesse Marsch says Takumi Minamino made it clear that he wanted to leave the club in January] Taki made it clear at the beginning of the talks in November that he would like to leave in winter. He wanted to make sure that he behaved best in the rest of his time in Salzburg. We helped him think carefully about his next step. It was clear to us: He will leave us. In the end, he went to the reigning Champions League winners, a deal that means a lot to the entire club and is a great honour

Erling was uncertain what to do and when. He knew that his role in Salzburg was special. Red Bull Salzburg was intrinsically important for his development. There were significantly more discussions with Erling. Being younger than Taki made it all the more important to deal with the situation properly. It took more work so that he didn’t lose focus. In the end it is difficult not to understand his decision. The experiences we had with him and his father were wonderful and we will not forget them. We are proud of Erling and its success

2020 04 16 Retrieve

[Former boss Marsch backing Reds new boy] When I came [to the club], I knew he was going to be a big part of what we were about. He’s smart, very clever. He’s not pure explosive but he understands football, he understands how to make final plays and tactics.

What you have in Liverpool is so many talented and experienced players that play ahead of him, so it might take a while for Taki to establish himself in that group.

I think over time, they’re going to figure out more and more and more that he can play almost any of the front six positions for Liverpool. Because he’s so smart and clever, he’ll figure things out and get better as he goes.

I’ve heard that in training he’s done really well and they’ve been really impressed, but in games it just hasn’t come together for him. It might take a little bit of time, but knowing Taki he’s a guy who has so much drive and will find a way to get better every day. It’ll only be a matter of time

2020 04 16b Retrieve

[Red Bull Salzburg boss Jesse Marsch says Haaland can become one of the best in the world] First, his physical qualities, his speed, his power, he can get to top speed from like one step, his size, all of these things for me put him right away in the upper echelon of players. He’s got the potential to be one of the best players in the world. What makes Erling so special is his mentality. To start with, he was in the youth World Cup, he scored nine goals in one game. We gave every one of our players who had international obligations three weeks off before they were supposed to come with us. Erling had six days off and then said ‘no, I want to come to camp’. Erling came to Salzburg last winter, he played one game in spring, so he had a lot of sitting on the bench. He was so keen to start proving himself, right away I knew this kid had ambition and grind. In the first training sessions, you could see his competitiveness. He was often the first guy at training and the last one to leave. There were days when I had to tell him to go home and rest. He’s fearless, he’s competitive, he’s got a drive to get better, he’s equipped with so many qualities that make him very different and special, along with the ability and pure talent, he’ll be fun to watch in the coming years, that’s for sure

2020 04 18 Retrieve

[RB Salzburg coach Jesse Marsch on Erling Haaland] He’s got the potential to be one of the best players in the world. What makes Erling so special is his mentality. To start with, he was in the youth World Cup, he scored nine goals in one game. He’s fearless, he’s competitive, he’s got a drive to get better, he’s equipped with so many qualities that make him very different and special, along with the ability and pure talent, he’ll be fun to watch in the coming years, that’s for sure

2020 05 26 Retrieve

[Marsch believes Minamino can thrive at Liverpool] He won’t be the best at playing the position that Salah and Sadio play, because they are used in very explosive transition movements. I think he could be good in Roberto Firmino’s position where against the ball, he is ready to do some pressing, but then with the ball, he comes into almost a 10 position for build-up and gets in the box to score goals. Firmino is so good at it but I think that’s something Taki can do as well. And I think he can play the eight position that they play in the midfield, with the two wide spots where he’s ready to press and help pick up balls, but he’s also part of the build-up phases.

[Liverpool scouted Minamino for months before activating his release clause] The thing that hurt with Taki is that Liverpool got him way, way, way too cheap. But this is part of managing the market and managing player contracts. We always have here, with the scouting team and the sports director, they do an amazing job, and we always have the next generation of players here and ready to take the next step

2020 05 27 Retrieve

[Marsch admits viral video of Liverpool half-time team talk made him ‘uncomfortable’] I wouldn’t say I was happy - when all of these documentary videos come out, they can be uncomfortable. I hate watching myself speak German, it’s painful! But I went through this in the U.S. - people love this content now. I watched The Last Dance with Michael Jordan as soon as it would come out and I could not wait to watch the next episodes - real life is the most interesting story. We had an interesting story to tell this year with our club and the Champions League - it had been so many years that we had been fighting to get there and we finally achieved that goal. People wanted to see our story and in the end, the half-time video, the only thing I always say about content inside of a team is you have to make sure it represents not just one individual, but it represents the whole group. In that moment, I felt that the focus was a little too much on the coach and not so much on the full team.

In the end, regardless of what was said at half-time, the team and the coaching staff, we all managed to be better in the second half together - that’s what is important. The players are young and they haven’t been doing this as long so maybe it’s a dream to play in the Champions League against Liverpool but my focus was preparing our team. That was a big part of the message and why I handled half-time the way I did - because I knew that we could be so much better

2020 05 28 Retrieve

[Red Bull Salzburg manager Jesse Marsch says Haaland billed as ‘incredible fit’ for Liverpool] He is a very special talent and just when you take his speed, his explosiveness, his size, his power, his technical ability, finishing, he would immediately be in the upper echelon of players in the world. But then when you also consider his tactical intelligence, his motivation, his discipline, his desire to improve and grow, then the combination means you have something very unique. We are only scratching the surface of the potential for Erling. He will continue to do well at Dortmund and I’m not sure how long he’ll be there before it’s time for him to take the next step, but he has the potential to be one of the best players in the world, no doubt. It’s another player that Liverpool would be very lucky to have. It won’t be cheap, but he loves the explosive style of play and being in open spaces, running in behind defences and being aggressive. Just by theory, it fits the way Liverpool plays. He would be an incredible fit

2020 05 28b Retrieve

[Former RB Leipzig coach Jesse Marsch have been warned that a prolific frontman won’t be cheap’] [Werner would] be an incredible asset for Liverpool. Just from a mentality perspective, he’s one of the most aggressive, cut-throat, attacking players I have ever seen. If a defender stops him going one way, that doesn’t faze him at all - he wants the ball again and he’s attacking - again and again and again. For Liverpool, he could play in any of the front three positions and he would be fantastic. From a footballing mind, from an explosive perspective, from a finishing perspective, from a mentality perspective, he is an incredible player and has the potential to get even better. It won’t be cheap for Liverpool but that would be a great asset, that is for sure.

He can [play all across the front line] because he is intelligent but he likes drifting to the left side and then be ready to run in behind the opponent or get balls on the run and come in on his right foot. But he can do this on the right, on the left, he is so smart at finding space and timing his runs. His pace is incredible and then his finishing at speed […] From an attacking perspective, he has very few, if any, weaknesses, and then he even has an ability to work for the team. And he is fit all of the time. He is almost never injured, which is a big asset for an explosive attacking player to have as well

2020 06 04 Retrieve

[Red Bull Salzburg head coach Jesse Marsch says he has had no contact with Borussia Dortmund over potentially replacing Lucien Favre] First of all, I have to say that I don’t know Lucien Favre but I have met him some years ago. Dortmund are doing well, they are second in Bundesliga and it’s a great club. I have a contract here and my focus is 100 per cent here in Salzburg. It’s not necessary to speak about it, and I have to say that I haven’t been in contact with Dortmund. In the end, I can just say that I am fully focused here in Salzburg and I am really happy here. That’s it

Be more ruthless against Van Dijk, we play with too much respect. Too much respect. Are they strong? Yes. But it doesn’t mean that we should be nice to them and don’t tackle them or fight. They have to feel us guys, they have to know we’re fcking here to compete, not just that we’re here to stylistically going to try and play the same way, but we came to fcking play

2020 06 04b Retrieve

[Dortmund’s failure to catch Bayern has put Favre’s position as manager under scrutiny, with reports the club have contacted Red Bull Salzburg boss Jesse Marsch about taking on the role] Dortmund are doing well, they are second in Bundesliga and it’s a great club. I have a contract here and my focus is 100 per cent here in Salzburg. It’s not necessary to speak about it, and I have to say that I haven’t been in contact with Dortmund. In the end, I can just say that I am fully focused here in Salzburg and I am really happy here. That’s it

2020 06 28 Retrieve

[Jesse Marsch and Red Bull Salzburg capped off a memorable year on Sunday by sealing the club’s seventh-consecutive league title] It is a very special feeling for me. I have learned a lot this season and I am very grateful to the people in this club. Every day is a chance for improvement and our team has done it