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Name Jill Ellis
Gender Female
Ethnic American
Job American Soccer Coach
  USA head coach
Desc Jill Ellis is an openly gay married woman. Ellis was largely absent from the discussion as players challenged the federation over equal pay, no matter the sizable discrepancy between her salary and that of former men’s coach Jurgen Klinsmann


Org USA Women National Team

2017 04 08 Retrieve

[Jill Ellis speaks about her entry into coaching] I never actually wanted to be a coach. I went to college to play some football and get an education. I then went off on a different tangent and worked in the business world for a couple of years as a technical writer [for a telecoms company]. I got a call to go and do an assistant [coaching] job at a university. I took a jump and a leap of faith. It spiralled since then and I have been able to make a career out of it

2018 12 22 Retrieve

[Jill Ellis reacts to seeing USA drawn in the same group with Sweden for the fifth consecutive tournament] Obviously we have a familiar foe in Sweden. It’s a good group and I’m excited to get this thing started!

2019 07 30 Retrieve

I think it is one of the most challenging jobs. You’ve got to make sure you’re listening to the people that are important to listen to. And then everything else, you kind of have to tune out and do your thing

[Born in England, she cheered on local side Portsmouth and Manchester United. She watched her dad coach and her brother play but had few options of her own] I had to leave my home country to go and experience the game. It’s delightful that these countries are now actively supporting women’s football

The advice I would give the next person is to do it their way. Make sure you do it in the way you want to do it. Because that’s very much how I felt

2019 08 03 Retrieve

[Jill Ellis announces she will leave her post in early October after delivering back-to-back Women’s World Cup titles for the USWNT] The opportunity to coach this team and work with these amazing women has been the honor of a lifetime. I want to thank and praise them for their commitment and passion to not only win championships but also raise the profile of this sport globally while being an inspiration to those who will follow them

2019 08 08 Retrieve

[USA Women coach Jill Ellis on Rose Lavelle] I’ve had the privilege of knowing Rose for a long time now and she’s a joy. She’s actually one of the best players in the air. She’s got a lot of tools in her toolbag - and her head is growing massively right now

2019 08 09 Retrieve

[USA Women coach Jill Ellis on Megan Rapinoe] I think almost the bigger the spotlight, the more she shines. Sometimes spotlights can burn people but for Megan it just highlights who she is

2019 08 10 Retrieve

[Jill Ellis gives a motivational talk to the Miami Dolphins] Doesn’t matter what sport you play … winners play with heart, always

2019 09 28 Retrieve

[Jill Ellis on life after her USA role] I feel that I’m too young to retire. I love the game, so I would love to be connected to the game in some way. What that will be, I don’t know yet. I haven’t really thought it through. I have two more games, and then I will pause and see what happens. Soccer is such a great part of my life; I cannot image not staying connected to it

2019 10 12 Retrieve

[Jill Ellis speaks after managing her last game as USA’s all-time most successful head coach] It’s a sense of feeling like it’s a story written and it’s a chapter closed and it’s on to other things. But it’s been an unbelievable journey