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Jill Ellis
Gender Female
Ethnic American
Job American Soccer Coach
  USA head coach
Desc Jill Ellis is an openly gay married woman. Ellis was largely absent from the discussion as players challenged the federation over equal pay, no matter the sizable discrepancy between her salary and that of former men’s coach Jurgen Klinsmann


Org USA Women National Team

2016 01 16 Retrieve

[Jill Ellis reflects on the impact Abby Wambach had on football in USA before retiring] Abby in many ways changed the game for us in the USA. The goal in 2011, our country just got behind it. It was such an amazing moment in sport in our country; it kind of put women’s football back on the map in America

2017 04 08 Retrieve

[Jill Ellis speaks about her entry into coaching] I never actually wanted to be a coach. I went to college to play some football and get an education. I then went off on a different tangent and worked in the business world for a couple of years as a technical writer [for a telecoms company]. I got a call to go and do an assistant [coaching] job at a university. I took a jump and a leap of faith. It spiralled since then and I have been able to make a career out of it

2018 12 22 Retrieve

[Jill Ellis reacts to seeing USA drawn in the same group with Sweden for the fifth consecutive tournament] Obviously we have a familiar foe in Sweden. It’s a good group and I’m excited to get this thing started!

2019 05 24 Retrieve

[Jill Ellis took her entire roster and plotted each player on a grid, placing them in the position on the field where she felt they were at their best] When I stood back and looked at that, it became very clear that the best shape, putting the players in the best spots on the field, was a 4-3-3,.

[Ellis recognized the Sweden game was a turning point for her team] That was the initial moment for me where I was like, ‘Huh, this is different’ and I remember talking to my staff coming out of the Olympics and [saying], ‘We’ve got to make sure we are prepared for this piece of the evolution

2019 05 27 Retrieve

[The effectiveness of American substitutes Carli Lloyd, Christen Press and Mallory Pugh overwhelmed the Mexicans in an eventual 3-0 triumph] We created a lot a chances. And I think the players would say it as well, we can definitely be sharper with the final pass, and inside our 18

I think Tobin Heath did really well, and it’s always good to have smart players that can adapt and adjust and play any position if needed

There’s a lot of good teams, and we’re all aware of that, but we want to be the team to beat. I think that’s our approach and I don’t think you’d see it any different from this team even 10 years from now in terms of how this program has built itself to be at that point

2019 06 11 Retrieve

[Jill Ellis admitted her players were more than aware of the hosts’ performance in Paris, she quickly pivoted to the immediate task at hand] Of course we watched the game, we have TVs everywhere. The players are obviously participating but it’s just so exciting to be a part of it. We’re also fans of football. In terms of France, a great first performance from them. I’ve said this many, many times but right now it’s group stage for us, it’s one game, it’s Thailand and everything is singularly the focus.

[In the 2018 AFC Women’s Cup, Thailand drew with heavily favored Australia 2-2 over 120 minutes before falling to the Matildas in a penalty shootout] That’s impressive in and of itself that now a team has been to back-to-back World Cups and with that comes the experience that you get from that. [They have] some talented players, some technical players. I do respect every opponent here because it’s incredibly hard to get here, so the fact that they’re here, they’re competing, they’re ready, we’ll have to be at our very best

2019 06 11b Retrieve

[The head coach then responded to criticism from former USWNT goalkeeper Solo about how Ellis ‘cracked under pressure] I mean, comments are comments. For me, personally, listen, I feel over the past five years I’ve made a lot of important decisions. I have processes to make those decisions. And at this point everything that we focus on is about this group of players that are here now. Pundits out there, that’s part of it, and part of the message [inside the U.S. team] is always to focus on the internal part of the game

2019 06 11c Retrieve

[USWNT feels right at home in France with record-setting night behind partisan crowd in Reims] The more we can get in the crowd, the better. The crowd was amazing tonight, good turnout. The American fans have traveled well from what I understand. I think it’s massive. The players want to play in front of their parents, their family and friends but to play in front of a crowd that can get behind you is a part of the game and it’s really important so I’m excited to see the U.S. fans turn out.

2019 06 12 Retrieve

[Jill Ellis was not getting carried away despite her side’s record-breaking 13-0 rout of Thailand at the Women’s World Cup] We’re going to sit and look at some film. There’s always things you can refine and polish. I’m not sure exactly what our next opponent [Chile] will do but teams sit low and it invites us on top of them a lot. It [this win] is how you want to start a tournament. You want to have that [winning] feeling. It’s having players feeling good about the game. It is about building momentum, getting that first game under your belt - that feeling - that’s going to be the biggest takeaway for us.

[Ellis said she would have no problems keeping her players grounded] This is one step in that. They understand that the mission matters most.

Alex Morgan tonight - I thought she was tight and tidy in the box. I thought she pulled the trigger well and again, [produced] some world class finishes. That feeling - it’s a self-belief, it’s a confidence, it’s an energy - call it what you want but goalscorers have to feel that. When you have a deluge of goals like that, it’s a good feeling. Every team that is here has been fantastic to get to this point. To be respectful to opponents is to play hard against them. It’s a tournament where goal differential is a criteria

2019 06 12b Retrieve

[It appears that this may finally be Alex Morgan’s World Cup aftter scoring a remarkable five goals in her team’s 13-0 demolition of Thailand] For Alex tonight, I thought she was tight and tidy in the box and she pulled the trigger well and there were some world-class finishes

[For a striker, confidence is paramount] You can see the feeling, that’s the big part of it. You want to have that feeling. It’s a self-belief, it’s a confidence, it’s an energy - call it whatever you want but goal-scorers have to feel that. When you have a deluge of goals like that it’s a good feeling and it boosts the confidence

2019 06 15 Retrieve

[USWNT must forget Thailand demolition as Chile test awaits] The beauty of this tournament is, the game that you just played is irrelevant. You can do a lot of breakdown on games you played, but the takeaways from games you’ve played has to be on what’s in front of you. I think that’s how it has to be in a tournament format. You can’t dwell on games.

We want to move through the group stage and play good soccer and that’s really the focus. The trappings of everything else is probably more for everybody externally to deal with but right now the focus has to be what we’re doing inside our bubble

[Ellis was coy on her plans to introduce new players into her lineup] In terms of playing time I think most of the players who are on this roster, maybe bar a couple, have had a lot of significant minutes, so having that trust and having that faith in those players, for a coach it certainly strengthens you

2019 06 16 Retrieve

[USWNT vs Chile women. American coach Jill Ellis has hinted that her side will aim to be as ruthless as ever] Every team that is here has been fantastic to get to this point. To be respectful to opponents is to play hard against them. It’s a tournament where goal differential is a criteria. A lot of this is about building momentum and so as a coach I don’t find it my job to rein my players in

We’re going to sit and look at some film. There’s always things you can refine and polish. I’m not sure exactly what Chile will do but teams sit low and it invites us on top of them a lot. I think working at breaking teams down that sit in lower blocks is important for us to continue to grow in that regard

2019 06 16b Retrieve

[USWNT responds to controversy with golf clap celebration] If it was Carli Lloyd I’m guessing it was a shout-out to her husband. He’s a big-time golfer in case you didn’t know

2019 06 17 Retrieve

[USWNT depth shines as Ellis plan works to perfection against Chile] It’s been this big-picture plan for a few months now. Every single one of them has got butterflies out of the way. They know that trust is there and that’s a huge part for a coach to show that trust in terms of playing players in the biggest stage of their careers.

[That attacking trio might all return to the bench against Sweden] We need them in a good place. And if they can have minutes and the butterflies are kind of out of the way, I think it helps us down the line

2019 06 17b Retrieve

[Emily Sonnett, Allie Long and Jessica McDonald were the three subs Ellis used off the bench, so after 180 minutes of play, the U.S. has used all 20 field (non-goalkeeper) players on its roster. After the match, Ellis talked about spreading the minutes around] We need them. We need them in a good place. If they can have minutes and their butterflies are out of the way, it helps us down the line

2019 06 19 Retrieve

[USWNT playing to win against Sweden, even if it costs them] You can’t overthink this and deciding to go for second or manipulate a score, I think that can be dangerous. Whether you play team X in group play, whether you play them in the semis or finals or quarters or 16s, you’ve got to play everybody. I don’t think there’s plotting out a dream path or something like that. The draw is what it is and we navigate whoever is in front of us.

[The high-profile showdown between the U.S. and France has been anticipated since long before the tournament kicked off] There’s actually another game in between the quarters and this game so there’s a lot of things that can play out

If our team can focus on our performance and play to the level that we can, then I think we are a challenge and a handful for any team we play

2019 06 20 Retrieve

[Sweden women vs USWNT. Things step up a notch now for Jill Ellis’ side, however, with a clash against Sweden, the only side they failed to beat en route to winning the 2015 title] I think it’s a perfect game in terms of getting us prepared. Sweden is a fantastic team, good transition team, strong, pacy team, good on set-pieces. Different demands than what we’ve just experienced.

I think if you get too much into manipulating or planning or overthinking something, I just don’t think that that’s a good message. Deciding to come second - I think that can be dangerous. You have got to be prepared to play everybody to win this thing. The draw is what it is, and we navigate whoever’s in front of us

2019 06 21 Retrieve

[Jill Ellis on Alyssa Naeher] We have a lot of confidence in her. She was solid, both in terms of activating our attacking game and playing out and also in terms of the defensive pieces of what she did tonight. I think it was great, she had a really solid performance and that’s going to give her a good feeling going into the next game

2019 06 21b Retrieve

[USWNT coach Jill Ellis defends VAR usage at World Cup] Why have a rule if you’re not going to enforce it? someone’s off their line they’re off their line.

A rule is a rule. Obviously it’s down to interpretation, but I think overall to sit here as a coach in the biggest tournament in the world […] I think there’s too much at stake to not have it in our sport

2019 06 22 Retrieve

[From their continuing fight over equal pay to the controversy over their enthusiastic celebrations in their 13-0 win over Thailand, so much is written and talked about the USWNT that has nothing to do with tactics, formations and line-up choices. Jill Ellis’s recent response to a question about a non-soccer query] When you’re in your bubble, it’s not something that permeates

Whatever is outside our bubble, whatever situation it is, these players are locked on. The trappings of everything else is probably more for everybody externally to deal with, but right now the focus has to be what we’re doing inside our bubble

2019 06 23 Retrieve

[USWNT manager Jill Ellis pronounces Alex Morgan and Julie Ertz ‘fine’ to face Spain] It’s a zero-risk game in terms of having players available for the next round. Alex is fine, she’s fine. [Julie] is fine.

2019 06 23 Retrieve

[Sleeping giants Spain awakening in time to test USWNT] You’ve seen this with Holland, you’ve seen this with Italy, it’s a matter of time. It’s a natural progression in terms of the development in these countries because they eat, sleep and breathe soccer.

[Developments like these are especially encouraging for Ellis] I had to leave my home country to go experience the game. Now it’s delightful that these countries are now actively supporting women’s football. As a fan of the game and as someone who grew up in a time where it wasn’t that way in Europe, I think it’s great to see

2019 06 24 Retrieve

[Spain women vs USWNT. Alex Morgan is fit despite being substituted at half-time against Sweden following a heavy tackle that left her limping. Head coach Jill Ellis confirmed it was just a precaution to protect the tournament’s joint top scorer] It was just more ‘let’s be smart about this’. It’s a zero-risk game in terms of having players available for the next game.

[Ellis said after her team completed a 2-0 victory over Sweden] It was actually purposeful why we wanted to play them early in the year. It was great to get them on the schedule and experience that in their home country

2019 06 24b Retrieve

[U.S. manager Jill Ellis said she’s also looking forward to the game, though she admitted she couldn’t paint a picture of the match quite as descriptively as her star winger Megan Rapinoe] My reaction isn’t quite as colorful as that. When you play in big games it’s actually when I get more excited. It means more, it matters more, there’s more at stake and that’s why you do this.

I’m sure a lot of people would want it later in the tournament but it is what it is. I think probably myself and [France manager] Corinne Diacre are like, ‘You know what, we’ve got good players, we’ve got good teams, good setups and let’s go for it’.

2019 06 27 Retrieve

[Why sexist Donald Trump will have no effect on USWNT’s World Cup bid] We all support Megan Rapinoe, she knows that. We know we have each other’s backs in there

[The U.S. reached two World Cup finals and won one of them with walking distraction Hope Solo as their goalkeeper, and has navigated revolts against coaches, gender equality fights off the pitch and plenty of other potential distractions for decades] It’s part of the makeup of the players. They’re elite people that live on a stage and they’re always under scrutiny. For our players, there’s only one purpose, one mission why we’re here. Comments, media, whatever, that’s always been something that we can block out pretty easily

2019 06 27b Retrieve

[USWNT coach Jill Ellis has no issue with the attention Rapinoe attracts on a promise not to visit the White House should the USWNT win the Women’s World Cup] The personality of our players, that’s part of the make-up of the players. They’re elite people that live on a stage that are always under scrutiny. This team has a remarkable focus. We all support Megan. She knows that. We know we have each other’s backs in there. For our players, there’s only one purpose, one mission that we’re here. Comments, media, whatever - that’s always been something we can block out pretty easily

2019 06 28 Retrieve

[In Friday’s game against France, Ellis will lead the U.S. women’s national team out for the 125th time, passing April Heinrichs for the most games coached with the USWNT] I’m not aware of that. I don’t pay attention to that. It’s one game at a time literally and that’s kind of how I’ve coached my career

[In response to Megan Rapinoe’s recent spat with Donald Trump, Ellis focused on her team’s unity] We all support Megan, she knows that, we know we have each other’s backs in there

[The only thing Ellis wants now is to have her record-setting match end with a win] It’s a tremendous honor to coach this group of players and to have this responsibility. I have a tremendous staff around me. It’s a really good family vibe in terms of our environment. You obviously want to keep winning but in terms of numbers I don’t really pay attention to that

2019 06 28b Retrieve

[France women vs USWNT. Jill Ellis on his team] It felt that we started to gain momentum, and I think as a coach you have to read that moment because a player can look absolutely fatigued and then suddenly things change and they get their legs again

2019 06 28c Retrieve

[Women’s World Cup recap - U.S. beats France 2-1 on two Megan Rapinoe goals] The surge of momentum from the fans, at times it was a tsunami […] That is the most intense match I’ve ever been a part of. As much as we were celebrating this win, I just reminded them we’re just getting warmed up. We’re on a mission. You’ve got to let players enjoy this moment tonight because I think that was a gritty win for us. We’ll let them sleep and then back together tomorrow

2019 06 29 Retrieve

[Rapinoe’s manager Jill Ellis was full of admiration for her team’s star and unlike Rapinoe, Ellis believes that the forward was indeed extra motivated by the controversy surrounding her spat with Donald Trump] She’s a very experienced, eloquent person. I would just point to the performance tonight and say if anything this stuff just … pushes her forward.

2019 06 29b Retrieve

[USA head coach Jill Ellis has praised her side’s defeated rival France] That’s a fantastic team we played tonight. That is the most intense match I’ve ever been a part of. They have superb players, coaches, so it was very special.

[Horan, known for her aptitude with the ball among other qualities, entered the game in the 62nd minute as a substitute and Ellis explained that her benching was simply because she preferred Sam Mewis instead] Just playing Sam, that was kind of it. I think Sam is in-form, you saw that in the domestic games [before the World Cup] and Lindsey is as well, so the beauty is we have legs. You make those decisions every day as a coach

2019 06 29c Retrieve

[Crystal Dunn saved her best performance in her adopted position for the biggest stage as the U.S. women’s national team booked their place in the Women’s World Cup semi-final at the expense of France. Jill Ellis said after the game] I think Dunny was just on point. I chatted with her a couple days ago and just said, ‘Dunny you’ve grown so much, you are so ready for this moment’. And I thought she stepped up big time.

[But the most impressive performance belonged to Dunn, who came in prepared to face her toughest test yet and rose to the challenge] She had watched film, she’d studied, she’s very diligent. Dunny was as good as I’ve seen her

2019 06 30 Retrieve

[In comparison to Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan has flown under the radar a bit. But her coach is still noticing the forward doing the little things to help her team win] She has a balance in her game in terms of penetration and being able to, like she did in the France game, be more of a player that can hold the ball up for us. Sometimes you get one of one or one of the other and I think Alex has worked on that and has that balance

2019 06 30b Retrieve

[USA manager Jill Ellis denied that her staff members’ presence at England’s hotel was anything other than simple logistical planning and not spying] The only two people who think of planning ahead on my team is my administrator, because she has to book all the flights and all that stuff, and her boss. Everybody else, we don’t worry about that, so that’s probably who the two people were.

[Ellis also denied suggestions that the advance scouting was a sign of arrogance] In terms of arrogance, that’s got nothing to do with us. That’s planning and preparation for our staff. That’s pretty normal. I had no idea where we were headed. Didn’t even know how we would get here yesterday, so they think of that so we don’t have to

2019 06 30c Retrieve

[Ellis is not surprised by the success Phil Neville has enjoyed in the past, pointing to a decorated playing career where he won 10 major trophies at Manchester United with Ferguson in charge] A lot of us are products of our environments and obviously he had a pretty good mentor there for a while. I’m not surprised [by Neville’s success]. In terms of managing a team, I think the team has made strides, you can see they’re playing hard, bought into what he wants them to do, I think he’s done a really good job. I haven’t seen Phil on the inside so I can’t speak to what he’s like in front of his team. My interactions have been purely professional, he conducts himself in a great way. I enjoyed our sideline conversations - he seems like a really genuine person.

As it relates to Sir Alex, I grew up a Man United fan so I can’t speak enough about him as a manager, [he] brought the best out of his players, was ruthless at times. In that regard, having probably been around Sir Alex at an internal level … everybody affects us, everybody influences us, you take a little bit of that away. Some things you like, some things you don’t. In our lives we’re all affected by people we come in contact with so I’m sure that’s had the same effect.

[Born in England, Ellis grew up a fan of Premier League giants United and said it was natural a great like Ferguson would also influence her] [He was] super gracious, charming, nice. It was a brief interaction but I’ve read his books and being a young Man United fan back in the day, I was all in! I think for me I’ve had a lot of different influences in my life. I’m a sum of all the parts. I think I’m authentic in who I am but I definitely think you grow and you learn from watching and speaking to other people in terms of the experiences you have

2019 07 01 Retrieve

[Megan Rapinoe is an appropriate avatar of the team’s ability to stay locked in. Publicly feuding with the President of the United States during the World Cup would not exactly be a recipe for success for most players, but this tournament has made it abundantly clear that Rapinoe is not most players] It’s almost like it just feeds her. She’s a big personality both on and off the pitch.

2019 07 02 Retrieve

[Who are the best players in USWNT?] The kudos to Alex is that she has a balance in her game, in terms of penetration or, like in the France game, being more of a player who can hold the ball up for us. Sometimes you get one or the other but Alex has worked on that and has that balance

2019 07 02b Retrieve

[England vs USWNT. English-born USWNT coach Jill Ellis commented after the match after USA had to overcome France in the quarter-finals] That was the most intense match I have ever been a part of. A win’s a win in a World Cup. I haven’t seen many pretty games in a World Cup

2019 07 02c Retrieve

[Alyssa Naeher became a U.S. women’s national team hero. The U.S. goalkeeper made a massive fingertip save in the first half to deny a long-range strike from Keira Walsh] She’s making her own mark and creating her own legacy and that’s fantastic

2019 07 02d Retrieve

[Ellis also laid out the reasoning behind leaving one of her stars Megan Rapinoe on the bench on Tuesday’s semifinal against England] Megan’s got a slight strain to her hamstring so wasn’t available today. Obviously I feel we have a really good, deep bench and called upon other players and I think they did a fantastic job. Yeah, [it’s] a hamstring strain. I thought Pressy [Christen Press] did fantastic. There was an outside chance Rapinoe could take a penalty, so thereby we didn’t want to extend ourselves more than we had to in terms of giving our starting XI when we needed to. Every coach wants to keep their cards as close to their chest as possible, fortunately we didn’t have to go to penalty kicks but that was an option, potentially

[The USWNT boss also played down any talk of secrecy surrounding the decision to sit the winger] I don’t know about secrecy. We released it when we were supposed to release it. Once she was warming up, I think you could figure it out

2019 07 06 Retrieve

[The not-so-secret - but unstoppable - USWNT weapon behind World Cup 2019 final run] Our intent is to attack for 90 minutes. The reality is [with] legs and just fatigue, you can’

The players come out and want to be as fresh as they can, press, keep a team in their end, create chances, create set pieces and really try and get the upper hand early. But the reality of these games at this level of the tournament is you know the opponent also wants the same thing

2019 07 06b Retrieve

[When asked about her team’s injury status on Sunday, head coach Jill Ellis would not reveal much detail] At this point no one’s been ruled out so that’s encouraging for me as a coach

2019 07 06c Retrieve

[Confident, not arrogant: USWNT not taking upstart Dutch lightly in World Cup final] This is a team that wants to have the ball and get in a good shape and wear you down with their passing game. They have a good variety, meaning they’ll look to get in behind immediately and they’ll look to play in front of you

2019 07 07 Retrieve

[United States vs Netherlands. Jill Ellis is wary of what she sees as a typically Dutch side] They like the ball and they want to have the ball. We’ve seen that other teams want us to have the ball so they can create more of a transition game. They’ll look to play in front of you and around, and they’re excellent in their positioning. It’s the 4-3-3 of the Dutch, it’s what they live and breathe. They’ve probably seen it since they were five years old.

2019 07 07b Retrieve

[USA coach Jill Ellis pointed to her players’s fantastic resilience and chemistry in her summing up of a moment she admitted left her lost for words] They put their hearts and souls into this journey and I can’t thank them enough. It has been fantastic. I could barely speak but I just said to them they were unbelievable, congratulations, they made history, enjoy it. This is unbelievable, I’ve got no words

2019 07 07c Retrieve

[Ellis herself has faced much criticism despite having now taken the USWNT to a pair of World Cup crowns, with the most vocal coming after their surprise loss to Sweden in 2016 Olympics. But the coach has dismissed that talk, saying she knew what she had to do after that defeat and made the changes necessary] I don’t care and I never really read what people thought. I knew after 2016 we had to deconstruct this and reconstruct it. My bosses bought into that, we had to continue to evolve and do more things in terms of how we play, deepening our squad, giving more people opportunities, vetting people. I don’t have to talk about critics I don’t care. People out here know a tenth of what we do. I’m very proud of these players

2019 07 07d Retrieve

[USA manager Jill Ellis said of Rapinoe] I think the bigger the spotlight the more she shines. I think the spotlights can burn people but for Megan they show what she is.

[Ellis acknowledged after the game that Rapinoe is the ideal person to speak out about issues that go beyond the game on the field] Megan was built for these moments - built to be a spokesperson for these moments. She speaks well, speaks from her heart. We need people in the game, to be honest, to call things as they are

2019 07 11 Retrieve

[Jill Ellis may never be completely free of her critics, but the U.S. women’s national manager coach now has quite the riposte for them] I can truly say this, I don’t care and I’ve never really read what people thought

[The U.S. fell to Sweden in the quarterfinals in Rio in 2016, marking the team’s worst finish ever in a major tournament] I knew that after 2016 we had to deconstruct this and reconstruct it. That was the plan that I shared with my bosses and they bought into it

2019 07 12 Retrieve

[Jill Ellis, meanwhile, previously led the USWNT to glory in the 2014 CONCACAF Women’s Championship and the 2015 World Cup, and she said of her current squad] They put their hearts and souls into this journey and I can’t thank them enough. It has been fantastic. I could barely speak but I just said to them they were unbelievable, congratulations, they made history, enjoy it. This is unbelievable, I’ve got no words

2019 07 30 Retrieve

[Jill Ellis to step down as USWNT head coach] The opportunity to coach this team and work with these amazing women has been the honor of a lifetime. I want to thank and praise them for their commitment and passion to not only win championships but also raise the profile of this sport globally while being an inspiration to those who will follow them

: 2019 07 31 Women’s World Cup winning coach Jill Ellis is the front-runner for this year’s Best FIFA Women’s Coach award

2019 07 30b Retrieve

I think it is one of the most challenging jobs. You’ve got to make sure you’re listening to the people that are important to listen to. And then everything else, you kind of have to tune out and do your thing

[Born in England, she cheered on local side Portsmouth and Manchester United. She watched her dad coach and her brother play but had few options of her own] I had to leave my home country to go and experience the game. It’s delightful that these countries are now actively supporting women’s football

The advice I would give the next person is to do it their way. Make sure you do it in the way you want to do it. Because that’s very much how I felt

2019 08 08 Retrieve

[USA Women coach Jill Ellis on Rose Lavelle] I’ve had the privilege of knowing Rose for a long time now and she’s a joy. She’s actually one of the best players in the air. She’s got a lot of tools in her toolbag - and her head is growing massively right now

2019 08 09 Retrieve

[USA Women coach Jill Ellis on Megan Rapinoe] I think almost the bigger the spotlight, the more she shines. Sometimes spotlights can burn people but for Megan it just highlights who she is

2019 08 10 Retrieve

[Jill Ellis gives a motivational talk to the Miami Dolphins] Doesn’t matter what sport you play … winners play with heart, always

2019 08 29 Retrieve

[Carli Lloyd has found herself talking seriously about becoming an NFL placekicker] I think 100 percent she can do it. No doubt in my mind. I remember when I first came on the scene I saw Carli Lloyd strike a ball on goal and I said, ‘Holy crap, that’s the hardest I’ve ever seen a woman hit a ball’. So she certainly has the velocity and the technique

2019 08 29b Retrieve

[USWNT vs Portugal women. Ellis, who announced her decision to step down as USWNT coach shortly after the World Cup-winning victory, explained her decision to call up Hamilton and Short] With the injuries we currently have to several World Cup players, and with two of our main priorities on the Victory Tour being spreading around the minutes and keeping players healthy for their clubs during this critical playoff push, it made sense to call in Casey and Kristen to give us options and depth for these games against what will be a tough Portugal team

[Speaking on her next career steps, Ellis spoke about the possibility of coaching a men’s side] People naturally see that as a step up and I don’t necessarily see it that way. I coach the best team in the world. I see it as not a ‘this’ move. It would be a ‘this’ move [she said, pointing her fingers at each other to signify a lateral move]. I’ve never coached men. I went to the pro licensing and what I learned a lot in there was coaches, whether it’s MLS, USL, international, we deal with many of the same things in terms of management and tactics and such

2019 08 30 Retrieve

[The U.S. defeated Portugal 4-0 on Thursday as 49,504 fans made it a night for the record books] Holy cow that was awesome tonight in terms of the atmosphere. You’re feeling the love from the fans and the excitement and the energy, so it’s a great feeling

I think it speaks volumes about our sport. The World Cup was such a world showcase event that people get on board, and this is an exciting team with great personalities. Ultimately what does a fan want? Entertainment and I think that’s what they get with this group

2019 09 05 Retrieve

[When Jill Ellis announced she was stepping down as U.S. women’s national team manager in July, she was asked if she would like to see a woman replace her] Of course. I think there are a lot of qualified females

[Ellis says that a lack of female head coaches is an issue that begins at the grassroots level] I definitely think we need more candidates to even pull from. That should be not just our federation’s initiative on that part, which I know they’re working on, but it should be at every level, whether it’s high school, whether it’s club soccer. I think there needs to be more of a push

[Ellis, herself a former UCLA coach, knows that the current women’s soccer infrastructure in the U.S. doesn’t sufficiently incentivize coaches who want to jump from the college game to the pros] I was a college coach and so there is a comfort level there in terms of security. It’s a shortened season and typically it’s a better-paying job potentially than where we are yet with our pro league - you hope that changes. Why would a female college coach leave to go into a position that’s maybe less stable, maybe less paying? It’s sometimes a big leap

2019 09 28 Retrieve

[Jill Ellis on life after her USA role] I feel that I’m too young to retire. I love the game, so I would love to be connected to the game in some way. What that will be, I don’t know yet. I haven’t really thought it through. I have two more games, and then I will pause and see what happens. Soccer is such a great part of my life; I cannot image not staying connected to it

2019 10 05 Retrieve

[Understated but unparalleled, Jill Ellis says farewell to USWNT] I don’t need to talk about critics. I don’t really care

[Several veteran players approached then-U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati and demanded that Ellis change her ways or be fired. Gulati stood firm and backed Ellis, as did his successor Carlos Cordeiro] I knew that after 2016 we had to deconstruct this and reconstruct it. That was the plan that I shared with my bosses and they bought into it.

[To the outside world, Ellis was understated. She never forcefully opined on any of the myriad of controversies that followed her team. But behind closed doors, she made herself heard. Ellis said after the World Cup final] What I always say is people out there know one-tenth of what we do

2019 10 12 Retrieve

[Jill Ellis speaks after managing her last game as USA’s all-time most successful head coach] It’s a sense of feeling like it’s a story written and it’s a chapter closed and it’s on to other things. But it’s been an unbelievable journey

2019 12 14 Retrieve

[U.S. Soccer has announced that Julie Ertz has been voted the 2019 U.S. Soccer Female Player of the Year] Julie was such a critical part of our success this summer. It’s wonderful that she’s being recognized in this way. She’s always a consummate professional regardless of the environment. Whether it’s in training, national team games or in the NWSL, she always brings a level of professionalism, effort and talent

2020 01 25 Retrieve

[Former USA women’s national team head coach Jill Ellis accepts her Women’s Soccer Award of Excellence at the United Soccer Coaches Convention] The last time I got an award at this event, it was 2000. And you know what? I didn’t want to come. I didn’t want to come get that award because I was a very shy, pretty insecure person. It was hard to be a gay woman and not feel that great about it. So, I hid a lot. And boy, when they called me about this one, I was like, ‘Oh hell yeah, I’m going to stand up there and take that award