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Name Joachim Low
Gender Male
Ethnic German
Job German Football Coach
Desc A man who knows how to win the World Cup. Leaving out Leroy Sane was testament to Lowe’s belief in the system and collective context and, when the winger didn’t perform again, he was cut because there are others he can trust to work within a gameplan. He’s shown versatility and won last summer’s Confederations Cup with a new generation of talent.


Org Germany National Team

2008 05 22 Retrieve

[Despite having spent much of this season on the bench at the Emirates, Jens’ country still has faith in him, as Löw has revealed that, should he recover the required sharpness in the coming weeks, he will start at the European Championship] He’ll have a few more practice sessions. Jens has not played so much recently. There is no reason to determine the hierarchy at the start of training camp. But if everything goes on as usual, if Jens is in form in the two games before the tournament and he is in top condition, then you can assume that he will be our No. 1. There is a competition for the place between the posts but Jens does have some advantage over the others. But we’ll be looking at the training impressions over the entire two weeks

2010 11 13 Retrieve

[German national soccer team coach Joachim Loew and his team with the jury’s Bambi Award Special Prize for the outstanding performance they put in at the World Cup in South Africa earlier this year, where Germany claimed third place] The players did a great job. They played with incredible enthusiasm and discipline

2011 03 27 Retrieve

[The 32-year-old is clearly not rated highly by Louis van Gaal, Munich’s coach, who benches him while Mario Gómez piles up the goals for the club. Come the national team, the opposite applies] I am happy that Mario Gómez is scoring goals. But as long as Miro keeps scoring, he will be playing for us

2013 09 04 Retrieve

[Germany coach Joachim Low on The sale of Mesut Ozil] It is incomprehensible for me that Real Madrid would sell the player who assisted an unbelievable amount of goals in the last two or three years. He is a player who is sensitive and needs to have the trust of the coach and his club. The last few days before his switch, you could tell that the trust maybe wasn’t 100 per cent there any more. Mesut is an intelligent player, he’ll be a great fit for Arsenal. Arsene Wenger’s imagination and creativity will be a great bonus for Mesut’s development

2014 08 16 Retrieve

[Joachim Low on Miroslav Klose’s retirement from international football] His footballing qualities; his aerial ability, his goal threat, his understanding and his tireless commitment are second to none, and yet I have barely seen a player who is so much about modesty and team spirit. For Miro it was always an honour to play for the national team and he has given everything to Germany. He will be missed as a footballer and a person and I am happy and grateful I was able to work with him

2014 09 06 Retrieve

[Joachim Low brushes aside claims that Angel Di Maria – who scored one and set-up three for Argentina against Germany – would have made a difference during the FIFA World Cup Final in Rio de Janeiro] We would have beaten Argentina in the final on July 13 even if Di Maria had been playing. He couldn’t have beaten us on that day

2015 01 10 Retrieve

[Joachim Low on Manuel Neuer] Anything other than Neuer winning the Ballon d’Or would be very disappointing. Manuel has given the goalkeeping game an entirely new dimension in the past few years. He’s been a goalkeeper like no-one else

2015 01 17 Retrieve

[Germany coach Joachim Low on Philipp Lahm] Away from the Ballon d’Or, there should be a player of the decade that FIFA should choose sometime soon. They should consider Philipp Lahm for this award. He has performed outstandingly in three World Cups - 2006, 2010 and 2014 - where he twice helped Germany to the semi-finals, then last summer he lifted the trophy. For me, he is the best player of the past decade

2015 11 14 Retrieve

[Joachim Low speaking after Germany’s 2-0 loss to Les Bleus at the Stade de France on Friday, which was one of the locations of the attacks that took place across Paris] We’re all shaken and shocked. For me personally, the game and the sport loses importance. We’re at a loss. We don’t know what to do

2016 10 08 Retrieve

[Joachim Low on wanting to retain the FIFA World Cup] The [DFB’s] trust honours me, but currently there is no need for [a contract extension]. Now I am looking first of all for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. I have a high basic motivation in me. For me, 2014 [acts] as an incentive. I want to defend this title

2017 02 25 Retrieve

[Joachim Low talks about his high standards for the World Cup holders] There are not quite as many [who are ready] as we always think. We’re talking about [beating] Messi and Ronaldo for Germany to become world champions. If someone in the Bundesliga performs well, that does not mean that he will perform well in World Cup knockout games, which the team needs to win the title. We speak of world class, of absolute world class

2017 07 08 Retrieve

[Joachim Low after winning the FIFA Confederation] Germany has never won this trophy in our history. So this team and this victory will go down in history. The team absolutely deserved it and that’s why we’re all super happy

2018 05 15 Retrieve

[Joachim Low on Özil and Gundogan’s Erdogan photos. Joachim Löw has emerged as one of the few forgiving voices in the debate, saying people with a migrant background sometimes had] two hearts beating in their chest which wasn’t always quite so easy to reconcile

2018 06 23 Retrieve

[German Coach Joachim Low reports that centre-back Mats Hummels should be back to fitness for the final group game against South Korea after a neck injury] I appreciated that we didn’t lose our nerves, we didn’t break out in panic after conceding. We kept a level head. I appreciated the spirit of the team

2018 09 01 Retrieve

[Joachim Low reflects on his side’s group stage exit at Russia 2018] My biggest mistake was believing that we would get through the group stage with this possession-based football. The overall conditions weren’t right for us in those games. It was almost arrogant of me. I wanted to take it to the limit and perfect it

2019 12 18 Retrieve

[Germany boss Low talks up Leroy Sane Bundesliga switch as report claims Man City star wants Bayern move] He’s got many special skills and a completely unique style of play. He would be an attraction for the Bundesliga. The Bundesliga needs to watch out - the international ranking doesn’t look too good because in recent years the league fell behind a bit. Sane could maintain the attractiveness of the Bundesliga

2020 01 14 Retrieve

[Germany manager Joachim Low has questioned the wisdom of ​Alexander Nubel’s impending move to Bayern Munich] Basically, I am a supporter of young players getting as much playing time as possible. That way they can develop better. If a player is 20 or 21 and sits on the bench for two or three years, I don’t know if that’s useful

2020 01 16 Retrieve

[Germany’s Low happy with Leroy Sane and Niklas Sule’s recovery as injured pair battle to make Euros] Regarding the Euros, I hope my national players will stay in form and clear of injuries. Leroy Sane and Niklas Süle will get all the time they need following their severe knee injuries and we are happy, they’re progressing well

[Low believes that Germany have succeeded in their bid to bring through new blood that can compete at the Euros] Of course we aim to get as far as possible. Still it is to early to predict anything. But you can say already: To manage an overhaul like we did within only one year is a very positive thing for me. Other nations like France, England or the Netherlands were not able to to do that and it took them two or four years to build a successful team after a change of generations. We finished the Euro Qualifiers top of our group, even though there were big challenges. That’s why this young team gives me hope. We might not be the top favorites in the current constellation, but these tournaments always have their own dynamics, as you know

2020 02 09 Retrieve

[Thomas Muller ‘not interested’ in Germany call-up after Joachim Low dismisses talk of return] The probability [of a recall] is relatively low if everyone is fit. Thomas has scored a few times in the second half of the season. I am pleased, but I said we would go with the young players. That is what we have to maintain. However, if things should happen that you do not expect, it is clear you will have to look again

2020 03 08 Retrieve

[Moukoko has already caught the attention of Germany coach Joachim Low, who said last year] I’ve been speaking to [Dortmund U-19 coach] Michael Skibbe for a while. Everyone involved is well advised to wait and let him develop in peace

2020 03 19 Retrieve

[Germany coach Joachim Low on coronavirus] The last few days have kept me very busy and very thoughtful. The world has a collective burnout. Not just individuals, but everyone. I felt that the world or the Earth is a little bit stubborn and resisting against the people. People always think that somehow they know everything, can do everything. The speed, which we humans have set in the last years, could not be increased. Power, greed, profit, even better results and records were in the foreground. Environmental disasters or the forest fires in Australia only touched us in passing. Diseases, Ebola from Africa got stuck somewhere. Now we have experienced something that affects every single person and the whole of humanity. And now we realise in this time that we also have to look at important things

We are discovering what counts, namely family, friends, fellow human beings, how we treat each other, how we respect each other. That these are things that also count in life. And that is what we have to look at first and foremost

2020 06 08 Retrieve

[Germany boss Joachim Low has revealed that he planned to use Bayern Munich star Leon Goretzka as a right-back] It was always my idea to use him as a full-back because he can also be this type of player. He’s never played this role. Games and training are necessary for this. Why his dynamism, his feeling for the ball and his understanding of the game, he would be an option. He is a player with a combination of a lot of dynamism, very good technique and good positional ability. From the central position he exudes – and this is what sets him apart – a goal scoring threat because he keeps pushing forward. He knows how to score with his right and left foot, as well as his head. That’s why I think we’ll see him in a more attacking central role in the coming years. He’s very critical and is aware of trends and what’s going on around him. He’s very good to talk to for young players. He’s someone who thinks outside the box and it’s interesting to talk to him. He’s also got a very acute sense of justice