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Name Jochen Schneider
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job Schalke Sporting director
Desc xxxx


Club as Player Schalke 04 FC [Sporting director]

2019 05 09 Retrieve

[Schalke announce former Huddersfield manager Wagner as new head coach] We are delighted to have hired a coach in David Wagner who perfectly fits in with our required profile: someone whose footballing philosophy has his team take the initiative, with intensity and as much speed as possible, but also someone who can build a team with his personality and improve players individually

2020 07 02 Retrieve

[Real Madrid to formally launch women’s side after merger with CD Tacon] With the establishment of a women’s and girls’ soccer department, we want to expand our range of grassroots sports. We are very pleased that women and girls can now finally actively play football at and for FC Schalke 04. Our focus will clearly be on amateur sports - here we want to develop a new, ideal, young field in the medium and long term offers a sporty home on Schalke for amateur footballers of all ages

2020 07 14 Retrieve

[Rabbi Matondo: Schalke player warned after training in Dortmund shirt with Jadon Sancho’s name] I made it clear to Rabbi Matondo on the phone what I thought of such a rash action. He is only 19 years old but he should not have allowed this to happen. We clearly told him that he had to show the right reaction to his misconduct on and off the pitch