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Name Joe Cole
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc Outrageous talent and skill some may argue was never fulfilled. But Jose Mourinho nurtured him with tough love at Chelsea, where he picked up three Premier League titles. He peaked in 2006, playing an integral part to that title-winning side, winning himself a place in the PFA Team of the Year and starring for England at the World Cup. His best moments arguably both came against Man United: the solo goal at Stamford Bridge to clinch the title in 2006 and the clever flick to break the deadlock at Old Trafford in 2010 - which would prove to be pivotal as the Blues won the title again that season


Org England National Team
Club as Player Chelsea FC

2016 02 18 Retrieve

[Quote on Ashley Cole] What a servant he has been for his country. To get 100 caps for any country is amazing but for England, with the competition he has had to fend off over the last yen years, it is phenomenal. [. . .] I was lucky enough play on the left side for England many times with him behind me. It’s a dream. You see him coming up in your wing mirrors, overlapping you every time, giving you options, and the one thing about Ashley is he never moans about not getting the ball, which was great for me. And his quality in the final third is brilliant. A lot of people forget he started out as a striker at Arsenal. I remember playing against him as a kid and he was a brilliant striker as well. He’s just a great player

2017 01 28 Retrieve

[Joe Cole thinks Eden Hazard will have a place in the club’s history] I think he’ll go down as Chelsea’s greatest player. He’s certainly the most talented all-round footballer I’ve played with and he’s already a hero with the fans. I hope he stays there for the rest of his career. My first game in France with Lille, [then-coach] Rudi Garcia was saying to me, ‘we’ve got this good kid, Eden Hazard’. He said ‘I want you to play with him’. And then he scored two of the best goals you’ll see within 20 minutes and I thought, ‘I don’t know if I’m good enough to play with him’

2018 04 07 Retrieve

[Joe Cole writes a farewell message to Ray Wilkins] Most of all mate I will miss bumping into you and catching up and I always left your company with a smile on my face and a spring in my step. You will always be ‘dangerously well’. They don’t make them like you anymore Raymond

2018 11 24 Retrieve

[Joe Cole, when asked about the best he had played with] All the English players. Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, John Terry, Wayne Rooney. Then you have the foreign players, Arjen Robben, Eden Hazard; I could go on forever. But if my life depended on it and I had to pick one, I still think it is Hazard that is the best I’ve played with. He was 19 in France and he was just so talented. I look at players and try to break them down into what they’ve got and he just had everything. But also the stuff that is unquantifiable. His heart, what he was about in games, was he there in the big moments? He was just a great player

2019 02 28 Retrieve

[The Blues saw their Kepa Arrizabalaga refuse to be substituted during a meeting with Manchester City at Wembley Stadium] I think the manager’s in such a strong position. He made the right decision, the points are in the pocket. I think he leaves him in. And by the way he’s a full international, he’s a very good goalkeeper. He’s played for Manchester City, he’s played for big clubs, he won’t let you down. Sometimes the goalkeepers, you might say he’s not had much to do. By the way, he would have marshalled that defence, with his experience, telling them where to go. Chelsea looked solid and the players in front of him looked like they were organised. They were outstanding defensively

[Cole also praised the bravery of Sarri in pulling a big-money addition out of the Chelsea side while being fully aware that such a decision could backfire and generate plenty of unwelcome discussion] I think it’s easy for someone like Alex Ferguson, who had them years of dominance and stature at the club, to do things like that. I think for a Chelsea manager to things like that, there’s other factors to it. We’ve seen the history where the club have changed managers quite regularly. So it’s more of a gamble [at Chelsea]. If Alex Ferguson at Man United does that, everything’s going in that direction and that’s that. But at this club things can change very quickly. You can’t criticise the board for that as well because they’ve won things and they’ve been successful. He’s deliberated it a lot and he knows if it goes wrong, it’s going to come on him. But I applaud him for his bravery and I think it’s the right thing

2019 11 27 Retrieve

[Joe Cole gives real reason Frank Lampard dropped Fikayo Tomori vs Valencia. The former attacking midfielder says Valencia do not possess the pace the likes of City have in attack, which is why Lampard opted to go with Christensen instead of the quicker Tomori at the back] Runs in behind [is the best way to exploit Chelsea]. They set up to have the ball and keep possession, so when you do that you’re playing in an expansive way. Rodrigo in particular is going to have to run in-behind. His movement’s great, his timing’s good, he’s always in there and he’s probing. Valencia are a team that will try and overload. I doubt whether they’ve got the power in their legs, the sprinters in the team

2019 12 17 Retrieve

[Joe Cole urges Chelsea board to give Lampard final say on transfers] The one thing I would say is there will be a discussion among all the people, the board, whoever’s in that department, the scouts, [technical and performance advisor] Petr Cech, Frank… the one person who’s the most important person in that room is Frank

You must give Frank the players he wants. Don’t give him a player that he sort of likes and might do well. Frank has to be the one that’s convinced with it because he’s the one who’s going to work with that player.

This is [Cech’s] job now. He’s got to go out and sell the club, he’s got to go out to those top, top player, identify them, work with the scouting department and underneath him, and go and get the players that are right for Frank.

The one thing Lamps has shown, he’s shown that he can improve players – and not just Frank, but his coaching staff too. They’re improving players on the job and winning games. It’s very tough to do that

2020 03 23 Retrieve

[Joe Cole says Billy Gilmour is already a massive asset for Chelsea] We are the cream of Europe now in England, and Scotland too with Billy. We are producing big amounts of these players. They just keep coming through the production line. The future is bright for British football. It’s fantastic

Billy is terrific, a real talent. A cultured footballer. He can be what he wants. I like him in that midfield role. But I think he might eventually develop and play further up the pitch, like a 10. All Billy needs to do is keep his feet on the ground. He’s another massive asset for Chelsea. It will all come down to how he performs. Once you’ve got that shirt it’s up to you to deal with it. To be where he is and playing how he is, is a massive achievement for him and his parents. He’s a well-grounded young man.

[Asked to pick out his top five, the ex-England international] It’s a real tough one but I’m going for Jack Grealish, James Maddison, Mason Mount, Phil Foden and Billy Gilmour. They are all very similar, handle the ball so well. All very much modern-day midfielders. They could be in any order. These guys are really pushing each other to get better. You can bet they’re all watching each other and trying to improve

2020 06 21 Retrieve

[former Stamford Bridge favourite Joe Cole expressed his belief that Lampard will lead his old club to a top-four finish after an unbelievable first year at the helm] The future’s looking bright, you know, credit to the club for appointing Frank at the start of the season. It was a bold decision and credit to Frank, I think he’s been unbelievable, his staff as well

2020 06 27 Retrieve

[Joe Cole says the time has come for Jurgen Klopp to experiment with Trent Alexander-Arnold in a midfield role] Trent has won everything in the game he can win. He is 21 and I bet he doesn’t even think about that. He goes onto the pitch and is free. If I was Jurgen Klopp now I would use this opportunity to have a look at him in the midfield. He is one of the best passers in the country anywhere. I would maybe even try him in the midfield for England. That range of passing, the set-pieces, he is just a fantastic talent and he is going to be having the time of his life