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Name Joe Willock
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job Arsenal FC Footballer
Desc xxxx


Club as Player Arsenal FC

2019 12 12 Retrieve

[Joe Willock admits underperforming Arsenal players have to take as much responsibility for the club’s recent struggles as Unai Emery] I feel like it was not just the manager (that was underperforming), it was the team as well. We needed to improve as a team and that’s what we tried to do. Freddie is good at relating to the players because he’s done it and he’s worn the t-shirt. He knows how it feels to be in our position. But I feel like it was more of the team’s fault and we needed to improve

I worked with Freddie Ljungberg last year and he taught me a lot on and off the pitch, like a mentor. I’m delighted that he’s in the job now. It’s good for me and I’ll continue working hard and working with him

2019 12 30 Retrieve

[Arsenal midfielder Joe Willock says the whole Gunners squad believe in new manager Mikel Arteta, despite taking only one point from his first two games] He’s installed energy, he’s installed being there for each other and different tactics. I thought we did it in the first half and the first 15 minutes of the second half but we pushed back and they got on top of us so it’s really disappointing. We all believe in him; we all listen and we all try to put the tactics he does in training on to the pitch. It’s evident we tried to do it in the first half, but it’s a long journey, we’ve only had a week with him and we’re all looking forward to working with him.

We tried to give a lot of energy and tried to help each other out but unfortunately we lost. We just need to keep positive, we all believe in each other and we know that we’re halfway through the season and we need to push on. We’re looking forward to the next game and hopefully, we can show the energy for a full 90 minutes

2020 01 02 Retrieve

[Joe Willock has praised Mikel Arteta for bringing a different sort of energy to the Arsenal dressing room] For me, as a centre mid - because he played centre mid as well - he’s taught me a few different things about positioning, waiting for the centre back to drive out before I go. It’s just timing and loads of different things, loads of different things that can make such a big difference on the pitch. He’s taught me all that already. I’m just really happy and really excited about the future, and how it’s going to go.

He’s brought a different sort of energy and different sort of tactic that you can relate to more. I feel like everyone’s excited, there’s a big buzz around the changing room, and everyone’s laughing again. He’s worn the t-shirt, he’s played for Arsenal, he’s been with the staff members who are still here as well. For me, I just look up to him and I want to learn from him. I’m just looking forward to it. Everyone’s got their head up and we’re trying to build confidence in each other and on the pitch as well. I feel like hopefully, we can transmit that on the pitch

2019 01 06 Retrieve

[Joe Willock dedicates his brace in the FA Cup third round to his mother] Mama, this was for all the times I see you work that late shift and them times you used to not eat so I could eat, them times you used to sing to me to fall asleep in your arms after you came back from work. I luh you mama. Happy birthday ❤️❤️

2020 06 23 Retrieve

[Arsenal starlet Willock reveals key lesson he learned from Wenger] Growing up, Arsene Wenger was Arsenal. It was all I knew. He was part of the furniture. For me to grow up and play under him was a crazy feeling. It was surreal. He’s an amazing man. Arsene Wenger was a very laid-back man but when he spoke, everyone listened. He was Arsene Wenger so everyone had to listen. He always taught me personally to play with freedom and enjoy myself. That’s one thing I can take from him

I used to love the way that Pires used to caress the ball and how Thierry used to play with so much confidence and personality. I try to take a bit out of everything and put that into my game. I used to have posters up in my room. I think my mum might have them at her house

At Arsenal, we are a very tight-knit team, we all try and help each other. If I have to name a few names, I would say David Luiz, [Alexandre] Lacazette and a few of the younger players like Calum Chambers, Granit Xhaka, because they are very vocal and big players in the changing room I sort of gravitated to them more. They helped me and always speak to me