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Joey Barton
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Football Coach
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Coach Fleetwood [Head Coach]
Club as Player Rangers

2012 02 06 Retrieve

[QPR captain Joey Barton will face no legal action over his comments on John Terry’s case of alleged racial abuse] I will gladly go to jail for a month, in the name of free speech. I have no problem with what I said. Make me a martyr […] What are they going to do put everyone who exercises freedom of speech in jail? They’ll be a revolution, if they try that s***

2012 05 14 Retrieve

[Joey Barton may spend much of the start of next season on the sidelines following his red card at the Etihad after elbowing Carlos Tevez and kicking out at Sergio Aguero] Can do nothing but apologise to the players and the fans. Still don’t think it’s a sending off. Tried to take 1 of their players with me. Still not my proudest moment but who gives a f***, we are safe……….and that is all that matters

2014 01 11 Retrieve

[Joey Barton on Sir Alex Ferguson] Man Utd on the ropes at the minute. Feel sorry for [David] Moyes. He inherited a dynasty in decline. Fergie [Sir Alex Ferguson] is there again. Lurking in the shadows like the Grim Reaper. I’ve got a feeling David Moyes gets the bullet and [Ferguson] emerges to save the day. What was the point of him retiring? He’s at every game. Go on holiday. Play golf. Spend time with your family. Or friends

2015 02 07 Retrieve

[Joey Barton on his team’s season] It’s the same story every time. Umpteen times this season we’ve been our own worst enemy and it’s not good enough. Last year we were better away because we faced teams who didn’t have the quality of the Premier League. You make a mistake at this level and it’s in the back of your net. It’s the Premier League

2016 08 17 Retrieve

[Rangers midfielder Joey Barton says Manchester City’s treatment of Joe Hart is ‘disgusting’] It is not the club I left. The club I left and watch now are two totally different organisations. The club I played for wouldn’t have treated a player that had been a servant for as long as Joe has in the manner that it has. I think it is disgusting.

He is a full international, somebody who, probably before City took the money, could have gone on to bigger and better things himself but stayed and wanted to be at City.

I don’t see what he has done wrong to be treated the way he has. His attitude isn’t terrible. I don’t like this. It is common human decency, regardless of how good a coach you are. Why treat him like that?

He is a full international, somebody who, probably before City took the money, could have gone on to bigger and better things himself but stayed and wanted to be at City. I don’t see what he has done wrong to be treated the way he has. His attitude isn’t terrible. I don’t like this. It is common human decency, regardless of how good a coach you are. Why treat him like that?

[Barton meanwhile attempted to wind up Rangers’ rivals Celtic before their meeting on 10 September by suggesting their manager Brendan Rodgers was having a ‘mid-life crisis’] I’ve not managed to run into him yet. I know the places he goes and the places I go probably differ with the tan and the teeth and that kind of thing. They’re not the kind of establishments I rock up at. I’m not having a mid-life crisis

2019 06 27 Retrieve

[Joey Barton believes ‘top’ managers will be after the vacant Newcastle United job despite the problems posed by Mike Ashley’s ownership] I don’t know all of the links but a club like Newcastle will always get linked with top managers. There will be no shortage of top coaches who are after the job. Rafa Benitez has left solid foundations so this next appointment is crucial. Any manager that comes in has a solid platform to go and showcase Newcastle United.

[Now manager of League One side Fleetwood Town, Barton was happy to admit he still has a lot of affection for his former club] As someone who cares about Newcastle, you’re disappointed because you know the affection in which the fans held Rafa Benitez. You want to see Newcastle continue to grow as a football club. On the flip side of that, it’s football. I haven’t been there for a long period but one of the reasons I left was that there was a bit of a disconnect between me and Mike Ashley. It wasn’t all hunky-dory but the club changes so for me to make a call on it would be incredibly difficult

: 2019 07 17 Fleetwood Town manager Joey Barton has been charged with actual bodily harm following an incident at his side’s match against Barnsley at Oakwell in April

2019 07 17b Retrieve

[South Yorkshire Police (SYP) confirmed Joey Barton, 36, has been bailed to appear before Barnsley Magistrates Court on October 9] On Saturday 13 April 2019, a man was left with facial injuries after an incident in the club tunnel around 5pm, following the conclusion of Barnsley’s match against Fleetwood Town.

2019 07 17c Tweet

[Joey Barton duly denied allegations he had assaulted Barnsley boss Daniel Stendel] With regards to the alleged incident on Saturday following our game against Barnsley, I emphatically deny all the allegations made. Given this matter has not been formally closed, it would be inappropriate for me to make any further comment

2019 12 24 Retrieve

[Joey Barton explains why he told Alan Pardew no one wanted him at Newcastle United on first day] I don’t think I’d chin him but you have to put into context in terms of Chris Hughton had taken over the club at a point where it was toxic. It was really toxic. We were in the dressing room when they were relegated. We were in the dressing room when they couldn’t find a manager and Alan Shearer didn’t take the position that everybody expected him to take because of a dispute with Mike Ashley and then Chris and Colin Calderwood with a great dignity and a great respect did an incredible job at putting that football club back together piece by piece. Obviously, it accumulated in us winning the Championship in tremendous style, with the club almost emerging as a kind of phoenix from the flames of the disaster that was there less than 10 months before

Fast forward, we didn’t even get to the Christmas period. We made a fantastic start in the Premier League. The team had a nice flavour to it in terms of we had Andy Carroll leading the line, we had Kevin Nolan, we had people who genuinely cared about the football club and all the players who maybe had contributed negatively towards the demise of Newcastle United had left and we were left with a real solid core, a real solid foundation we felt we could build a football team from

I loved the area, I was settled in the area. My family were settled. I know speak for a lot of other players when that was the case and we really felt we could build a really exciting team and Chris and Colin Calderwood were a huge part of that

For a player to come into a dressing room when we were eighth or ninth in the Premier League at the time in our first season back around and not at Christmas yet and clearly holding our own in a division above and for Chris to be sacked in the manner he was in my opinion a disgrace

2020 07 03 Retrieve

[Wycombe took a huge step towards reaching the League One play-off final as they beat Fleetwood 4-1 in a madcap encounter at Highbury on Friday night] We just had an off night. It was a big game for the lads and Wycombe, to be fair to them, got off to a flyer. We managed to pull away from that, get a goal and get ourselves back in it but you just have to say it was a disappointing night. We’ve got a group of lads in there who’ve given me everything since I walked into the football club. People will, rightly, be disappointed with elements of the game, but I’d rather it be 4-1 tonight than 4-1 on Monday because that would be the final nail in the coffin.

2020 07 07 Retrieve

[Wycombe booked their place in the League One play-off final with a 6-3 aggregate victory over Fleetwood, following a 2-2 draw in the semi-final second leg at Adams Park] We knew that it was going to be tough after the opening skirmishes and giving two goals away in six minutes [in the first leg] which we haven’t done in the entirety of the season, but it is what it is. I must give massive credit to Wycombe. Gareth and his boys earned that over two legs and now they have a chance of getting into the Championship, which is an incredible achievement

It would have been easy to come here and just roll over because of the enormity of the task. I’m really proud of my players tonight