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Name Johan Cruyff
Gender Male
Ethnic Dutch
Job Dutch Footballer
  Dutch Football Coach


Org Dutch National Team
Club as Coach Barcelona FC
Club as Player Barcelona FC


Son Jordi Cruyff
Father-in-Law Cor Coster
Pupil Pep Guardiola

2016 10 08 Retrieve

[Barcelona legend Johan Cruyff, who died earlier this year, writing in his recently released autobiography] As a player at Barcelona, they wanted to get rid of Pep [Guardiola] because they thought he was a lanky great beanpole who couldn’t defend, who had no strength and couldn’t do anything in the air. So he was blamed for all the things he wasn’t good at, while I thought they were all things he could learn to do well. What all those people didn’t see was that Guardiola had the fundamental qualities needed at the top level: speed of action, technique, insight

2017 11 09 Retrieve

[Johan Cruyff reflect on his Barcelona’s Player Romario who asks him whether he could have some time off training to go to the Rio Carnival] Laughing, I replied: ‘If you score two goals tomorrow’. The next day Romário scored his second goal 20 minutes into the game and immediately gestured to me asking to leave. He told me, ‘Coach, my plane leaves in an hour!’ I had no choice but to let him go

2018 01 29 Retrieve

[Johan Cruyff told El Mundo Deportivo in 2012] The best player I ever coached? It was Romario. He was an extraordinary player, with extraordinary technique

2019 06 03 Retrieve

[Johan Cruyff on football] Playing football is very simple, but playing simple football is the hardest thing there is

2019 08 01 Retrieve

[With speculation already mounting that Johan Cruyff was poised to join influential former coach Rinus Michels at Barcelona, new Ajax coach George Knobel decided to maintain the spirit of democracy at his club by allowing the players to select their captain for the 1973/74 campaign. Those present are unsure of the precise vote distribution, but a stunned Cruyff lost out to Piet Keizer. The result wasn’t even close. According to team-mate Jan Mulder, Cruyff immediately stormed to the nearest phone and instructed his father-in-law (and adviser) Cor Coster] You have to call Barcelona immediately, I’m leaving here