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John Hartson
Gender Male
Ethnic Welsh
Job Welsh Footballer
Desc The big Welshman featured for several Premier League clubs, with Hartson being a bruising presence in the forward line for the likes of Arsenal, West Ham, and Coventry. A towering target-man, Hartson was a regular goalscorer but developed a reputation as a hard man. Whilst at West Ham, following a disagreement with teammate Eyal Berkovic, Harrison proceeded to boot the midfielder in the head


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player xxxx
  Arsenal FC
  West Ham United
  Coventry City

2019 06 22 Retrieve

[John Hartson says Arsenal’s £15m Celtic defender Kieran Tierney bid is an embarrassment] My old club Arsenal testing the waters with reported £15m bid for Kieran Tierney. Celtic don’t want to sell besides that in this current market £15m is an embarrassment to the player and his ability

2019 09 18 Tweet

[Former Rangers player Fernando Ricksen has passed away following his battle with motor neurone disease] Sorry to hear Fernando Ricksen has passed away.. fought till the end.. my thoughts are with his immediate family and friends.. RIP Fernando

2019 10 09 Retrieve

[Former Arsenal and Celtic star John Hartson has backed Kieran Tierney to be a success at the Gunners] Arsenal probably got him on the cheap if you look at the fact Manchester United paid £50m for Aaron Wan-Bissaka. Also, average players are going for £30m or £40m and Kieran is certainly not average. Celtic could have held out for another £5m or so but it is still good money they have banked, especially due to the fact he has come through the ranks and hasn’t cost the club a penny. He is worth £25m and he can excel in a different league because there’s a perception the Scottish league is just not as good

[Hartson believes he will be a hit once he gains his fitness] Once Kieran Tierney finds his feet he will do well. Nobody wants to go to a new club injured and not to be playing. Kieran is a proud boy and he will be wanting to prove to everyone what a good player he is

[Hartson says that Tierney can have a similar impact and claims that the new Gunner has attributes that eclipse those of his Scotland international team-mate] People talk about Andy Robertson. I would say at this moment in time he has better delivery but Kieran is a better defensive player. Kieran gets low and defends well and he can also play as wing-back if needed. I watched Robertson when he was playing for Dundee United when I was covering the game and he was good. He went down to Hull and his career fizzled out there but Liverpool took him for £10m and now he is on fire

2019 11 28 Retrieve

[Former Celtic player John Hartson believes Unai Emery is now in serious danger following another poor display] All in all, very disappointing and on the back of that performance. Unai Emery they’ve got to be asking questions about his job now. They really, really have. That was woeful this evening. They had a five-minute spell just before half-time when they got the goal. Frankfurt were so poor in the first half, they never mustered one shot on target. There was no urgency in the Arsenal performance, very, very lacklustre. They looked like they had no direction from the manager in terms of how they were going to play

2019 11 29 Retrieve

[John Hartson says Delusional Emery on the brink at Arsenal] That interview to me sounded a bit delusional. It sounded as if he’s hiding from the reality of his team, they are just not quite good enough, the players are not performing to the levels that they should be. I also think, yes we criticised the fact at 2-1 down they didn’t bring [Alexandre] Lacazette or [Nicolas] Pepe on, because you know what, if they had done while they’re chasing the goal, he’s probably worried that Frankfurt break away and make it embarrassing. They were getting through Arsenal defensively, so he was probably worried more about strength and shoring up defensively rather than going and getting an equaliser. The proof is there, the players were on the bench with scarves around their face, freezing cold, wanting to come on

[Hartson added on the problems facing Emery] There was no urgency in the Arsenal performance, very lacklustre, it looked like they had no direction from the manager in terms of how they were going to play. They were a goal down, they bring on [Lucas] Torreira - a defensive midfielder - when you’ve got Pepe and Lacazette on the bench. I want to see [Pierre-Emerick] Aubameyang play down the middle. You’re 2-1 down, he’s staying on the right-hand side when he’s a centre-forward and the one who’s going to get you a goal. All in all, very disappointing and on the back of that performance, Unai Emery … They’ve got be starting to ask serious questions of his job now. They really have

I think it is almost imminent. The interesting thing for me is, do they earmark a manager and give [Emery] a bit of time in charge, while they look and speak to other mangers and try and get somebody in? Or do they go interim? To a Freddie Ljungberg or Steve Bould, who is still at the club, while they search for a new boss. There are still a couple out there. You are almost thinking now, is Emery the right man to make the players better, make the team better? And I am not sure he is.

2019 12 09 Retrieve

[John Hartson says Arsenal need to follow the lead of arch-rivals Tottenham and get a proven manager in place] Arsenal can’t afford to dally, to pussyfoot around or give Freddie Ljungberg a chance. He may be a favourite with Arsenal fans as a player but to manage Arsenal you need a bit more about you and a bit more experience. There are good managers out there. Go after somebody. Be proactive. Do what Spurs have done by bringing Jose Mourinho in straight away. If you’re going to sack a manager, bosh - go and get another one in. Arsenal need direction, they need leadership, they need a freshness and they need somebody to get hold of that dressing room because it’s like a sinking ship at the minute

[He added, with Mikel Arteta, Pochettino and Massimiliano Allegri among the names in the frame] A lot of managers will fancy the job because it’s a huge challenge. It’s not taking over a fantastic group of players like Mourinho has at Spurs. It’s about going in and working with what you have

2020 02 28 Retrieve

[Hartson slams ‘unprofessional’ Arsenal after meek Europa League elimination] Defensively I questioned David Luiz and Mustafi before the game. Are they good enough to take Arsenal any further, win competitions, into the Champions League? Again tonight they’ve conceded from two corners

2020 02 29 Retrieve

[John Hartson says Aubameyang could star at Arsenal for another four years] It’s happened so many times over the years that they’ve allowed good players to run their contracts down and leave for next to nothing. These players are worth a lot of money if they are tied down. So there’s a decision to make on Aubameyang, because if they are going to sell him his best worth is in the summer with a year left on his contract. It’s a big call for Arteta to make so early in his Arsenal tenure

No European football could affect the likes of Aubameyang. The best players want to be in the Champions League and he’s a world-class striker. His work-rate is brilliant. He chases lost causes, technically he’s excellent and he scores goals. He’s 30 now, but the way players look after themselves with all the sports science at their disposal these days I expect him to play for some time yet. I feel the shape he’s in he could be a top striker for the next four years at least. Arsenal have lots of good youngsters - [Joe] Willock, [Gabriel] Martinelli, [Bukayo] Saka and [Eddie] Nketiah - and that’s why it’s so important to tie Aubameyang down to help them

Arteta will get a couple of transfer windows to try and get them back to where they want to be and I’m sure he’ll be in the market for defenders who defend properly this summer. David Luiz and Shkodran Mustafi are two players you wouldn’t hang your hat on to keep clean sheets and you need those solid defensive foundations to make the Champions League and win cups