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Name John Herdman
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job Canada Head Coach
Desc xxxx


Club as Coach Canada National Team [Head Coach]
  Canada Women National Team [Head Coach]

2015 11 28 Retrieve

[Canada coach John Herdman, one of five nominees for the 2015 FIFA World Coach of the Year for Women’s Football to hail from Great Britain] One thing Britain does give you is access to football 24-7, which is like a playground for people in terms of their learning and development

2018 01 13 Retrieve

[John Herdman speaks after being announced as the new head coach of the Canadian men’s national team after spending over six years in charge of the women’s national team in the same country] From a motivational side, you get to that point in your career where you’re starting to feel ready for a new challenge, and the stars sort of aligned in some ways that some opportunities were presented in front of us … They were very good opportunities. I had some tough decisions to make and that led towards keeping a future here in Canada. I’d always sort of talked about moving into the men’s game, and one of those opportunities came up, and a pretty prestigious opportunity came up on the women’s side. That was a big decision, as well. It’s been a crazy two months for us … [but] I felt I was ready for a new challenge, and this is where it’s ended up. I’m bloody excited

2019 06 07 Retrieve

[on Jonathan David] He’s like an iceman. He’s able to slow it right down in the box, wait for the keeper to sit down, and pick his moments. That’s a real special quality in a striker

2020 02 01 Retrieve

[Canada men’s national team head coach John Herdman, on Sinclair, who became the top scorer in international football history this week] If you come to this country, there’s one woman that everyone knows: it’s Christine Sinclair. It was an absolute gift in my life to have the chance to work with her