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Name Joleon Lescott
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org England National Team
Club as Player Manchester City

2011 08 31 Retrieve

[Owen Hargreaves on brink of joining Manchester City on pay-as-you-play deal] He has plenty of experience in the Champions League so it will be good for the squad. He is a great professional so it can only be good for the club

2020 02 13 Retrieve

[Joleon Lescott believes that Jack Grealish and Raul Jimenez warned off making Man Utd move over lack of Champions League] When you look at the spectrum of teams, Manchester United are still a big club but in terms of Jack Grealish’s ability, if he leaves Aston Villa he’s going to want to play Champions League and that’s not guaranteed at Man United, even in the future. I would love to see him test himself in the highest level because I think he’s capable of playing at real heights

He’s proven that he can really perform in a team that’s been struggling this season. In terms of if he was going to move to United, it would obviously be a great move for him because it is Man United. But, in terms of how he can test himself against the very best, is he going to be able to do that at Man United as they’re not guaranteed Champions League football?

The interest in Jimenez doesn’t surprise me, he’s performed consistently over the past two seasons and that’s the key. He’s not just coming in and having good periods then going cold again. He’s consistently done well for the team and scored goals and proving to be a lot more than just a goal scorer

Obviously he is their top goal scorer since he’s been there. but he’s absolutely vital to the way they play. There will, of course, be interest in him as he’s such a good player, I suppose it just depends on how realistic this interest is. For example, if it’s Chelsea, then you may look to them as more of a possibility of playing Champions League. Whereas if you look at interest from Man United, and you look at the team’s current success - are Man United better than Wolves? Are they guaranteed to finish higher than Wolves next season? Who knows! Manchester United are a big club, but the best players want to play against the best players and you do that by playing in the Champions League

2020 02 13b Retrieve

[Joleon Lescott does not think that John Stones has been treated unfairly by Pep Guardiola] Only Pep knows what he sees in both players (Stones and Nicolas Otamendi) in order to pick them. He’s always rotated between him (Stones) and Otamendi. Pep’s main focus at centre half at the moment is Fernandinho, it seems he just picks who is most appropriate for each game. I don’t think anyone is being unfairly treated. They all are getting enough game time. Obviously players want to play every game but that’s just not realistic nowadays

It’s hard to think who a good fit at centre-back as initially we hadn’t heard much of Laporte, and he’s been incredible. I’m sure Man City have someone in their vision that is ready and primed to come in this summer. I know how they work with regards to the due diligence done on each player.

They’ve got a list of players that they see are perfect. It was always going to be a massive loss when you lose Vinnie [Kompany] not just on the field, but around the place as well. It’s such a big loss, not just the ability he had, but the presence as well. Any top player with any team, if suddenly they’re not there, the players genuinely miss them. When you play in the biggest games against the best teams and he’s in your starting line-ups, the team play better because he has that belief and it’s a shame he’s left now, but it just goes on and football moves on

2020 06 29 Retrieve

[Former Blues defender Lescott expects Phil Foden to overtake Giggs at some stage] Regards to what he can achieve, hopefully, touch wood, he can withstand injuries, he can be the most decorated English player in history. What has he got? Two Premier League titles, an FA Cup, two League Cups. He’s 20 years old. If he continues at this level and stays at City for the remainder of his career, which I hope he does, he’ll average two, three trophies a season which is going to be remarkable

[Lescott added on Foden] I don’t think his quality is ever going to be in question. What he has, which I don’t see many players have, is an obsession with football. I don’t just mean love of the game - I love the game - but he’s like weirdly obsessed with the game. He walks around with a football, I did some work with England Under-21s and I had to ban footballs from the hotel because he was constantly with one at his feet. He would want to stay extra on the field and do extra stuff so I had to monitor that. His obsession for football is none like I’ve seen before

[Lescott is also tipping Foden to make a senior international breakthrough at some stage in the near future – with the rescheduling of Euro 2020 set to work in his favour] The timing of it all could benefit him especially. We’re going to miss David Silva, but if that means Phil Foden getting more minutes, him playing more minutes for Man City inevitably leads to him playing more minutes for England. Hopefully that is the case for him next season. He’s fearless, he loves the game, he’s a sponge to all information given to him. Hopefully he can get more minutes next season, then get into that Euros squad