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Jonas Lygaard
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Job senior director, brand and business development at Konami
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Org Konami

2019 06 13 Retrieve

[Messi & Barcelona to star in eFootball PES 2020] FC Barcelona has been a loyal and a trusted partner for our company for the last three years and we are thrilled to have them by our side as we launch our most ambitious title yet in the PES series - eFootball PES 2020. FC Barcelona shares our own ambition for eFootball and together, we shall take sport to new heights

2019 07 19 Retrieve

[Bayern Munich partner with Konami] Konami has a long history of championing German football, and so we’re very happy to become a platinum partner of FC Bayern, the most successful German club in history. With each year, our development team continues to surpass expectations and we are very proud to present FC Bayern’s epic Allianz Arena and its players in all their glory in eFootball PES 2020

2019 09 09 Retrieve

[How Scott McTominay joined Lionel Messi on the cover of PES 2020] If we put Lukaku on the cover and he’s now left the club, we would have printed millions of copies of the game and have it on digital stores and sadly it would be a negative thing when it should have been a positive thing

It comes from multiple conversations. We speak to the club for sure, we speak to the player and their representatives to get an indication of what is happening with the player. You don’t get any guarantees with any players. Take for example, Neymar. When he left Barcelona, nobody in the world expected he would leave for that kind of money, but it happened. So, it’s really difficult. The good thing is that when we have a good relationship with the player and the management of the player and the club, we can get these early warnings. I will say that - not for Manchester United, but for other clubs - we have changed the ambassador as we got an indication that something would happen

[For Konami, it came down to more than a player’s star power and the likelihood of them remaining at Manchester United] Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been very keen on developing a new Manchester United, with young players coming through and building the team from the ground up. We have McTominay as he is a fantastic talent and also has a promising future. Some people see him as the future captain so there were lots of good things about him. His management team are fantastic. That was really important and the way they communicated with us and articulated how he’d like to work with us was really important in the decision-making process. We have a lot of players who are represented by people who might not have the right background to represent them. With McTominay, it was great to work with such a professional team

[McTominay has also stood out due to his personality in interviews, something that was noticed by Konami] Again he’s a young lad but he’s very articulate and very good in front of a camera. He’s well spoken. He’s an intelligent guy and that’s very important for us. We can put him in front of a camera and do interesting stuff with him

2019 09 10 Retrieve

[Jonas Lygaard, Senior Director, Brand and Business Development at Konami spoke about how and why they prised the Italian champions away from their biggest rival] We’re in a process that started a long time ago which started with us getting the right licences. But there is a market that is very different in terms of how the licensing is structured because you have certain leagues that own the collective rights to clubs participating in the league or tournament. The Premier League, Bundesliga and La Liga all have centralised rights. The Premier League, for example, owns the rights to all clubs’ crests, names, kits and stadiums under their collective agreement. In Italy, the league has a centralised structure but the only thing they’re centralising is the tournament, the trophy and the emblem. They don’t have the rights to the clubs, the names, the crests and the jerseys. They’re owned by the clubs

We’ve been working with Italian clubs for a long time and we’ve had the full league licence and had all clubs licenced beside Juventus. Of course, Juventus is the biggest club in Italy, it’s one of the top clubs in Europe and the world. Italy is an important market - it’s a global club with a global reach. Other leagues are different because there are restrictions. For instance, in the Premier League, we are only allowed to work with two clubs. Our competitor [EA Sports] has an agreement with the Premier League and part of that is limiting all the clubs to work with partners

The Juventus deal was discussed internally more than three years ago in a global meeting we have in Japan. The second part is to outline what rights we would like to acquire from the club and the third thing is to allocate a budget for that. We then start the conversation with the club to see what is possible to do and the time the conversations take vary from club to club because for some clubs it might be pretty straight forward in many conversations but then you get into the legal work. The legal work is sometimes the most time-consuming part of the conversation

[There were also plenty of obstacles to overcome in their talks with Juventus] We started that conversation about two years ago, externally. It’s something that will take a long time. We’ve not signed these contracts a week before we’ve announced it, so that was already sorted out in 2018. We also have to appreciate that these three new clubs (Bayern Munich, Manchester United and Juventus) all have been in contract with our competitor and you have to respect that and the clubs do respect that and that makes it more complex

[Konami were in the middle of the discussions with Juventus when the Serie A side sensationally signed Cristiano Ronaldo - arguably the most marketable brand in football] That was a great thing for us because we started conversations before Ronaldo was there. We were clear we wanted to work with the club, we told the club we were keen to work with them and we appreciated the valuation they were bringing forward. We could see a lot of benefits of working with the club and Ronaldo coming into the mix ads more value to us in terms of exposure and importance

From club to club, the ownership of the stadium and the rights is sometimes owned by the club, sometimes the architect behind the club. It is a complex set-up in terms of who owns the rights and, in some countries, it’s not clear who owns them

In terms of the rights, the clubs sit on a lot of these. We don’t need to, for example, speak to Adidas and Allianz with Juventus because those rights are granted to us, so our conversation is always directly with the club. It is important for us to work with other partners of the club. We have a lot of conversations with Adidas and Allianz and other partners because there are benefits in collaborating with the club and with other partners

We have to create a lot of assets. First of all, they (Barcelona) have three different kits and a lot of different players who can score the goals, so we have to ensure we create all of these goal alerts with all the kits and players. Also, we have to make sure we’re not making the same goal alerts. Something that happens very often with someone like Messi is that when he scores a hat-trick in a game we can’t have the same goal alert being kicked out all of the time. It’s a lot of five-second gif files we have to create but, for us, the most important thing for us is the reach we get from it, being able to show the quality of our game, showing how strong the likeness is. It’s something we have done with other clubs, as well as something we take into consideration in all of our negotiations

2019 11 13 Retrieve

[Konami conglomerate were already in talks with Juve over securing exclusive rights to use the club in their video game franchise, Pro Evolution Soccer, when the news broke that Ronaldo was bound for Turin] That was a great thing for us. We had already told the club we were keen to work with them as we could see a lot of benefits in doing so. Ronaldo coming into the mix added more value to us in terms of exposure and importance