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Name Jordan Henderson
Gender Male
Nationality UK
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
  Liverpool Captain
Desc He spent almost the entire decade as a Liverpool player. The Champions League-winning skipper took some time to settle after joining from Sunderland in 2011, but he played an increasingly importable role under three different managers as the 2010s progressed. His 255 league games put him more than 50 clear of his nearest challenger, and more than 70 clear of the closest midfielder


Org England National Team
Club as Player Liverpool FC

2016 08 20 Retrieve

[Jordan Henderson tells team-mate Philippe Coutinho has the potential to be among the world’s best] Messi, Ronaldo and Suarez - they are seen as the elite players in world football. Philippe [Coutinho] has certainly got the talent, the work ethic and the hunger to get into that bracket. He’s a fantastic player for us. I’ve seen him develop as a player during his time at Liverpool and he’s still only 24. Hopefully it won’t be long before people do regard him alongside the Messis of this world

2016 09 14 Retrieve

[Quotes on Luis Suarez] I really liked Luis, player, everything. He had everything. He was never injured, just wanted to play all the time, just got on with it

2018 11 23 Retrieve

[Last season brought 41 appearances from 56, with Klopp doing his utmost to manage the 28-year-old’s games accordingly. Those injury concerns have also played a part in his conversion from shuttling, box-to-box midfielder to a more disciplined, defensive-minded No.6] I’m not particularly into people giving me credit. If somebody doesn’t see his value, then what can I do?

2019 07 27 Retrieve

[Jordan Henderson recalls what team-mate James Milner said to him before he went on to lift the UEFA Champions League trophy] If anyone other than you lifts up that trophy they are getting f** wrestled to the ground

2019 12 21 Retrieve

[On the other side of the tie, Liverpool skipper Jordan Henderson explains what the Qatar 2019 finale means to his squad] We’ve done a lot of work to be in this position, to come here and try to win the competition. It’s a final, it’s another trophy we can win, so we need to give everything to be able to do that

2020 04 13 Retrieve

[Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has put together the Players Together campaign which will be generating important funds to support the NHS] Over the course of the last week we, as a group of Premier League players, have held numerous talks together with the vision of creating a contribution fund that can be used to distribute money to where it’s needed most in this COVID-19 crisis; helping those fighting for us on the NHS front line as well as other key areas of need. This is a critical time for our country and for our NHS, and we are determined to help in any way that we can

2020 04 29 Retrieve

[Jordan Henderson among those lending support to Captain Tom’s coronavirus charity push] Just wanted to say congratulations, you’ve done an amazing job to raise so much money for the people who need it most. So from everybody at Liverpool, well done, and of course - you’ll never walk alone

2020 04 30 Retrieve

[Henderson reveals he didn’t ask for Messi’s shirt after Champions League defeat to Barca because of Keane advice] As it turned out, I came on quite early as Naby Keïta got injured. It was the first time I had been on a pitch with Lionel Messi. You don’t think to yourself, ‘Oh my God, that’s him’, but there’s no question he plays the game differently to when you see him on TV. He’s so fast. Thinking about his free-kick now, I still can’t believe he scored it. I actually thought he was going to take it short. I’ve told you how good I think Alisson is, but Messi put that shot in the one area Ali couldn’t protect. The whip, the pace, the precision – it was absolutely perfect. Did I think about asking for his shirt? No. I’ve never done it. Roy Keane told me when I was at Sunderland that if you ask for someone’s shirt, it looks like you are in awe of them

As it turned out, I came home with Luis Suarez’s shirt. Luis is a good lad and he gave me it as a gesture as we had played together for Liverpool. I don’t know what he’s done with mine!

2020 05 06 Retrieve

[Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson believes the club were determined to learn from past mistakes heading into the 2019 Champions League final] It was an accumulative thing, if you obviously look at Madrid, the league that season, if you look further back to the league finals and League One finals that were lost as well. So if you look back there were a few moments where we’ve been through those tough times together. We always responded in the right way and we always kept going and kept improving so I knew after the last game of the league, I knew it would in some way help us going into the final to make sure it wasn’t going to happen again. Certainly the Madrid game, you learn a lot from playing in finals and especially a Champions League one. I felt we learnt a lot from that Madrid game

It was just something that happened. Would I have preferred the cameras not to be there? Probably so you couldn’t see us crying! But at the same time I think that’s what football is all about, the emotion, the passion that I have for football, that my dad’s had over the years, what he’s gone through for me to get me where I am. So then to see him so soon after the final whistle was an amazing moment and one I’ll never forget

2020 05 12 Retrieve

[Jordan Henderson has described Virgil van Dijk as an unbelievable player] What hasn’t he brought, really?! I couldn’t speak highly enough of him as a player. Of course, everybody knows how good he is and what he’s done over the last couple of years for the team, he’s been immense. He’s won his individual awards and rightly so. He’s an unbelievable defender, an unbelievable player. But for me, he’s brought something huge off the pitch. I couldn’t speak highly enough of him off the pitch and the type of man and person that he is. He’s an incredible person, a great leader to have in the dressing room and he’s given everybody a big boost from the first minute that he came in. Every day it’s a pleasure to be around him, [he’s] always smiling, always in a good frame of mind and he’s had a huge impact in the dressing room and on the pitch since he’s been at the club. He does things properly, leads by example and I’m just delighted for him [with] how he’s been playing and getting all the awards that he’s been getting because it’s well deserved and he deserves everything he gets

2020 05 21 Retrieve

[Henderson confident Liverpool will hit ground running on return from coronavirus lockdown] You need to keep the fitness levels as high as you can, and we were given a programme from the club to do, which was really helpful for us to try to keep some sort of general fitness up so when we do come back in we’re at a good enough level to start doing the twisting and turning, the longer passing back into it. That’s been really good for us and I think a lot of the lads will be at a decent level of fitness so when the time does come where we need to play games, I am sure we will be ready.

It’s been a long time, or at least it’s felt like a long time [not playing]. Obviously it was a little bit difficult not knowing when you’re going to go back, so you need to tailor it as best you can, which the fitness staff have done unbelievably well for us. We’re in a good enough position now to start getting going again, getting the balls out and introducing longer passing and getting the sharpness back, which hopefully won’t take too long and we’ll be right back at it again

You do reflect a lot more and look back at things, especially with the time we’ve been sort of off. I haven’t so much looked forward, I’ve actually looked back a little bit more in terms of the season and actually what we’ve achieved so far is incredible really, as a team. It’s more about using that as motivation within training to keep going, because when the time comes we want to make sure we’re in the best shape we possibly can be to finish off as good as we have been for all season really. We want to make sure that when the time is right and we do start playing games again, we pick up where we left off and continue to perform at the highest level, which, looking back, has been incredible for a long period of time

2020 05 27 Retrieve

[Henderson: It would be strange to lift Premier League trophy without fans] Of course it would feel different because if you win any trophy and receive it without any fans there, it would be pretty strange. It is still not over. We still have work to do and we still need to perform at a high level right the way until the season finishes because we want to finish as strongly as we can to make sure it is a full season. After that, whether we win it or whatever, then [receiving] the trophy and the fans not being there … you just have to deal with it when it comes. Hopefully it does happen. We are still in a very good position. It will mean we have won the Premier League and we will all be very happy but then we can look to the future – and whenever fans are allowed back into the stadium, I am sure we will have some sort of celebration together

My opinion is that as soon as everyone is comfortable and as soon as it is safe to do so, we are guided by the experts and doctors on what they deem safe to do. For us at Liverpool, it has been really good. It has been great to get back and everyone has felt comfortable and safe, otherwise we would not have gone in. Hopefully that is the case throughout the Premier League

2020 05 31 Retrieve

[Liverpool star Henderson backs Project Restart] Not really. I think obviously for us we still think we’ve got work to do, and we have. We’ve got nine games left and we want to win as many of them as possible. And that was all our focus was on really in terms of just wanting to get back and waiting for the right time to go back. I was always under the impression that, not only for us but for the rest of the league, it needed finishing at some point

The weather’s been good to make it even more difficult, but it’s been good to get back out there. At first it was in small groups for the first week, which actually was quite good. It sort of eased us back in again, a little bit of light training, some decent sessions. And then obviously we went into the bigger group now and full-contract training, so that’s been really good.

[And meeting up with his colleagues has been a pleasure] That’s been brilliant, just being back and obviously training. Seeing the lads on a day-to-day basis again and just having that banter. You do miss it, so it’s nice to be back and hopefully we can just continue like this until the games get played again

2020 06 01 Retrieve

[Liverpool captain Henderson describes feeling of lifting Champions League as he explains story behind ‘shuffle’ trophy lift] Actually I didn’t really plan on doing that, to be honest. It was a little bit of banter in the changing rooms prior. Robbo was messing about, he’d always do the shuffle pretending to lift the trophy and stuff like that. So, when the time came I felt as though I just wanted to sort of do it together and use that sort of banter that we’d had previously in terms of the little shuffle and stuff. I just wanted to be able to see the lads’ faces just before I lifted it as well. That was really special for me, to be able to see the lads rather than just have my back to them. So, yeah, it was a little bit off the cuff, to be honest. After we did that [for] the Champions League the lads made sure I kept on doing it for the Super Cup and Club World Cup.

[Asked how it felt to get his hands on club football’s biggest prize] Every emotion you can think of really. Joy, relief, happiness, just everything that you could possibly think of. It was just the most special moment to hear that final whistle go, to know that all of the hard work and everything that we have done together in the past however many years, we actually got over the line and managed to win one of the greatest trophies ever, so it was everything I dreamt of and more really. It’s the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life. Obviously, people will say, ‘Well, when you have kids’ and stuff, which again, of course, is a totally unique and most special feeling in the world as well, but it’s different. It is so unique and it was an amazing feeling I hope I’ll never forget.

2020 06 08 Retrieve

[Jordan Henderson admits the pain of losing major finals helped to feed Liverpool’s hunger to get back on the trophy trail] That was a big factor. Not only the 2018 [Champions League] final, but previous finals over the years that we had been involved in – the ­Europa League final to Sevilla as well, the League Cup final that we lost to Manchester City. All of those things you sort of learn from and it gives you even more ­hunger to put things right and improve. Every time we have faced that adversity we have bounced back in a really good way. It was just a case of continuing to do that and we knew the time would come where we’d manage to win something. Thankfully it came last year.

The amount of great players of course that we have in this team, but how they are as people, how we are as a dressing room, how close we are and not only players but that’s the staff as well. The fans are incredible of course so it’s just an amazing football club and over the past couple of years we’ve played some pretty good football, went through some pretty tough times but also some pretty amazing times, so I’m just so excited to see what the future holds for this team and this football club because I know we’ll continue to give everything and keep improving and keep learning. If we do that then there’s no reason why we can’t have more success in the future

2020 06 13 Retrieve

[Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has talked up the talents of Jadon Sancho, insisting the sky’s the limit for his England team-mate] A lot of people are speaking about him. He is a top player, a special player, that in training he has got something different and he’s sharp and able to get past players with ease. Also he’s got a good head on his shoulders, he loves football, wants to improve, listen and learn so if he just continues on that path the sky’s the limit for him really.

He just needs to keep working hard and listening to the people around him and keep doing what he’s doing. He’s been brilliant for Dortmund and England, so he just needs to carry on

There’s not only him, you look at Marcus [Rashford] who’s been out with injury, but such a talented player. He does stuff in training where I just think ‘wow’. Look at Raheem [Sterling] now. How he’s blossomed. Obviously I was playing with him at the very start, he’s gone from strength to strength. He’s turned into such a good player. You forget Trent [Alexander-Arnold]’s so young. He’s achieved so much at a young age but he’s mature and has got great people around him to keep his feet on the ground. Works hard, wants to improve and the sky’s the limit for him as well

2020 06 14 Retrieve

[Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson recently heaped praise upon Jadon Sancho, stressing the sky’s the limit with his skills and attitude] A lot of people are speaking about him. He is a top player, a special player, that in training he has got something different and he’s sharp and able to get past players with ease. Also he’s got a good head on his shoulders, he loves football, wants to improve, listen and learn so if he just continues on that path the sky’s the limit for him really

2020 06 15 Retrieve

[Henderson worried about his swearing ahead of Premier League return] For the players it will be different playing in a big game in a stadium where there’s no crowd because you can hear everybody talking. Again, we’ve got to adapt to that situation and try to keep the swearing down to a minimum. I’m more worried about my language when I’m playing! I don’t want to be having to apologise to everybody after every single game so I need to be careful, especially in the heat of the game. I’m sure the manager will have to be careful with his language as well! But he’ll also know we can’t blame the crowd for not being able to hear what he’s saying at certain times of the game.

[While the atmosphere of games will be different for the rest of the season, Henderson is hoping the Reds can adapt quickly to the situation and secure more silverware] When you were little and you used to play for your school there was no crowd watching then really, so you’ve just got to enjoy your football and appreciate that we are able to go back doing what we love doing. We’ve got to embrace that and make the best out of the situation that we can. The intensity can still be at a high level. If you have the right mindset the intensity can be as high as you want it to be. In that sense, when we do return, I expect the intensity to be high and the football enjoyable to watch. If we do manage to do our job properly and we do manage to get over the line and win the league then that would be amazing. I’m sure Liverpool fans are desperate for us to get back playing and we as players can’t wait to get back playing and finish the job off as best as we can. Although it will be strange to have no fans, winning the Premier League would still be something that we’ve all dreamed of and something that we all want really badly. It won’t take anything away from that

2020 06 22 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp’s men were held to a 0-0 draw by Everton at Goodison Park over the weekend] I think we can be a lot better of course. We know that [but] there were still some positive things that I thought were good. We tried to adapt to the situation but overall obviously we are disappointed because we wanted to come here and get the three points. But there are still plenty of positives, a clean sheet and I thought we defended really well. We just lacked that bit in the final third. The intensity was pretty good with the counter-pressing with the ball higher up the pitch. I thought that was good. We were unlucky with a couple of injuries and hopefully they are not too bad. Overall, we’ve just got to take it, move on and try to be better in the next game. xxxx

Alisson has been outstanding all season and he’s come up with a brilliant save as well to keep us with a clean sheet, so that was important for us. Like I said, in the final third I think we can be a little bit better and more clinical but we’ll get ready now for Wednesday. Every game in the Premier League is tough and each team. You look at our next game against Crystal Palace, who performed well on Saturday, so every game we play will be tough. We’ve just got to perform as best as we can and try and win as many games as we can

2020 06 25 Retrieve

[Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson paid tribute to Jurgen Klopp after the Reds clinched the Premier League title] It is amazing. I didn’t want to talk about it until this moment. I’m so happy for all the boys. I’m just a bit overwhelmed and it’s an amazing feeling. I’m so proud of what we have achieved

There was a lot of emotion and it was a different experience watching the game, and then to be with everyone and all the staff at the final whistle. It was a moment we will never forget. I’m just lost for words at the minute. It hasn’t really sunk in, you never really think of this end moment, you are just concentrating on each game. When this moment comes, I cannot really describe it.

After the Champions League final, I said it wouldn’t be possible to win it without the manager, and that is no disrespect to the managers before him, but I felt from day one he came in the door he changed everything and we have all followed him. So far, it has been very special and I hope we can stay hungry and keep wanting more

What you see is what you get, with his press conferences and on the sidelines. Obviously, he has got more of a personal side with the players, but he has got a balance of having a relationship with the players and being a friend but also being a bit ruthless when he needs to be. He is a great leader and a great human being and we all believe in him. We have got an amazing group and that is down to the manager and how he has gelled them all together. It’s not a coincidence and it’s credit to him and all the staff

2020 06 25b Retrieve

[Captain Jordan Henderson also paid tribute to Klopp on the night, calling him ‘a great leader and a great human being’] What you see is what you get, with his press conferences and on the sidelines. Obviously, he has got more of a personal side with the players, but he has got a balance of having a relationship with the players and being a friend but also being a bit ruthless when he needs to be. He is a great leader and a great human being and we all believe in him. We have got an amazing group and that is down to the manager and how he has gelled them all together. It’s not a coincidence and it’s credit to him and all the staff

2020 06 29 Retrieve

[When Brendan Rodgers took over from Kenny Dalglish at the end of the campaign, Henderson was offered to Fulham in a part-exchange deal to sign Clint Dempsey] It was a tough moment, but one that I feel helped me. Looking back now, it was a blessing in disguise

[Henderson drew plaudits for his performance in that game] I had fantastic players around me. I just tried to do my best for the team and thankfully we got the win. If the manager needed me to go there again, I would do it

2020 07 10 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp says injury will not stop Jordan Henderson lifting Premier League trophy] Of course it’s not the way I’d have preferred to have finished the season on a personal level. I’m sure the lads will ensure we finish the season off on a high