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Jordan Nobbs
Gender Female
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org England Women National Team
Club as Player Arsenal Women FC

2019 08 09 Retrieve

[Arsenal team-mate Jordan Nobbs on Vivianne Miedema] She’s not one of the louder ones in the [Arsenal] team. She’s close with everyone but she keeps to herself and just gets the job done. It’s all about performing on a gameday - that’s what she does, she scores goals

2019 10 03 Retrieve

[After 10 months out, Jordan Nobbs will return to where she was first spotted by England this weekend] I think my mindset was ‘we’ve already qualified’ a little bit so there was no real need for the push of qualifiers. But you’ve got to wait for that moment to come when Phil Neville [manager] and the staff think you’re ready. I think everything happens for a reason, so I wasn’t in a rush. I first got picked for England at 12 years old at Middlesbrough, so it was kind of fate that [this would be] my first camp back for England. It’s a nice moment for me. Hopefully I can have a lot of family and friends there to see me back playing for England

[Asked whether there have been conversations with England about managing her minutes] Not with me personally, because I’d definitely just say I want to play! Arsenal have looked after for 10 months and I know they’ve had a conversation about looking after me and I also know the staff here want to look after me in the same way. I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t able to play minutes. I think the only thing has been doing my loading right, not going straight in at the deep end and playing three games in a week for fatigue elements. I know I’m a fit player, but I’ve definitely found it hard being out for 10 months and then coming back

[Nobbs’ struggles have not just been with her fitness] I did some media after the game the other day and I had the mic and I was like ‘no’. After I was with the BBC I’d be going into services and people were like, ‘Oh, you do punditry!’ - and I’m like, ‘No, I play football!’. That’s obviously what I was at that moment, but I’ve kind of flung the mic now! I did really enjoy it and I can’t thank the BBC enough because they did get me through a difficult time actually.

[Nobbs’ rewards for her hard work in that difficult time will come over time] It’s the biggest tournament you could be a part of. It would be honestly incredible. The last Olympics I was in the long list squad. Being part of Team GB is my goal, but I’m going to take each step as it comes. I want to be fit for selection when Phil is picking his squad

2019 11 17 Retrieve

[Arsenal and Tottenham’s women’s teams face off for the first time in the Women’s Super League] I think it will still feel like derby. It is new and fresh but hopefully, especially playing at their stadium, it will hopefully be a good moment for us to start off the tradition of big derby days like that

I feel like I’m a Gooner now. I’ve obviously loved this club from the age of 17. When I came, I was fighting for a place with fantastic players and Arsenal have developed me into the player I am today. I can’t thank them enough for letting me be a part of their club, the club that I love now and the club that I want to play for. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it

[Arsenal’s task, as comes with any derby, is ruining their big day - especially with a league title defence on their agenda] I’ve seen a lot on social media of the girls posting about it so it would be great to upset them. They’ve obviously improved a lot since we met them at the start of the season in a friendly [which Arsenal won 6-0], so it’s not going to be the easiest game - I don’t think any game has been in the league yet. It’s a big game for us to get three big points. Obviously, the women’s game is changing where you need to get used to playing in front of [big crowds]. There’s that added pressure but the preparation and everything we do is the same. It’s about performing on the day and making sure that we don’t slip at any point in this league

2020 04 21 Retrieve

[Arsenal midfielder and vice-captain Jordan Nobbs has signed a new contract at the club] Arsenal is my everything now. I think football has overtaken my life since the age of seven, but I think I’ve got Arsenal in my blood now and I’m very proud to say that. I think I’ve got some great years to come. To play for a top club like Arsenal, I think the loyalty of being at a club and the fact that I’ve enjoyed every minute of it [made the decision easy]. Signing when I was 17 was a big moment, winning cup finals and probably captaining Arsenal have stood out. I think a lot of legends have captained this club and it’s just amazing to follow in their footsteps. There’s still a lot more to come, I think. I was at my best just before my injury, so I think a few more goals are still in my locker for this club. I think I’ve got some great years to come.