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Name Jorginho
Gender Male
Ethnic Italian
Job Italian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Italy National Team
Club as Player Chelsea FC


Agent Joao Santos

2018 11 16 Retrieve

[World Cup great Jorginho says Brazil versus Uruguay is always special] Uruguay had a very good World Cup. They have always been great rivals for Brazil. Uruguay is a small country and so they don’t turn over players as quickly as others. They end up growing together and are also very well organised after retaining their coach [Oscar Tabarez], which was very big for them.

It will certainly be a difficult game. Brazil, trying new things after the World Cup, are still finding their best team. It is always a special game, Brazil versus Uruguay.

Romario had been out of the squad up to that match, when he was finally called on and immediately made the difference. It was a great match and a very special memory

2019 01 05 Retrieve

[Jorginho on team-mate Eden Hazard] With the potential he has, if he wants, he can be the best in the world. In the new role he’s playing, he can score more goals in the position he has and he has the potential to do so

2019 01 29 Retrieve

[Jorginho says Ronaldinho made my farewell unforgettable] Having Ronaldinho there for my farewell meant as much to me as being named the best player in the world and winning a world title. Ronaldinho’s generosity, his brothership … he’s a phenomenal guy as well as being one of the greatest players to ever play football

[So, how did Ronaldinho’s beach soccer debut, which the world was told would be a 30-second cameo, end up including action aplenty] Because he’s a genius! He began playing 30 seconds, then one minute and 30 seconds, then … when a guy is a genius, he has to play. He adapted rapidly. He scored one wonder goal. Then he scored another wonder goal. He finished the game with three goals. It was wonderful for everyone at the game and watching on television.

And for me, having my idols Ronaldinho and Junior, the guy who brought me into this sport, and Claudio Adao there will stay with me forever. My wife Carla, my mother, my brother, friends who are like brothers to me – so many important people in my life. The only thing missing was my daughter, Giovanna, who is studying in the United States. I would have loved to have her there. But the rest was beyond anything I could have imagined

2019 11 15 Retrieve

[Jorginho happy to have silenced Chelsea critics and be viewed in a different light] I absolutely have noticed that change. That’s why I’m so happy. I’m happy they are seeing me in a different light and they’re seeing the complete player that I am, so actually that’s really cool right now and it’s a really great moment to be playing.

It’s really rewarding because it’s great to be feeling acknowledged for the work you’re putting in, so I couldn’t be happier with things at the moment. It’s just great that I can see the fans looking at who I am, Jorginho the player, and at the same time I’m really happy to look at them and see their reaction and feel their support

[Despite having just one season of experience in England under his belt, Jorginho has become part of the leadership group at Chelsea] I’m really enjoying it. I feel I’m able to take on this new sort of responsibility and really help my team-mates. That’s something new for me in my career, but it’s not something that’s changed for me as a person.

I don’t think it’s anything I’ve changed, it’s always been like that for me on the pitch and perhaps people are noticing it more, but for me it’s always been that way. When I’m out there I always want to help my team-mates

2019 12 29 Retrieve

[Jorginho rejects red card claims after scoring equaliser at Arsenal] In this first 10 minutes we were too soft so I was told to push my mates. I think we changed the game

[Jorginho, though, felt the referee made the correct decision, saying] It was not my fault. Contact in football is normal. It was a foul but no more I think

2020 04 29 Retrieve

[Jorginho considered leaving Chelsea amid difficult first season] Last year, fans were picking on me a lot because I’d arrived with another manager and, in my opinion, I ended up hearing some things that were honestly unfair. But I’ve never challenged the views of the fans and other people who criticised me. Quite the opposite, actually – it gave me strength because inside I knew they were wrong

Deep in my mind, it was like this: ‘I’m going to prove they’re wrong and work quietly like I’ve always done, because it’s never been easy for me’.

[Jorginho has confessed that he considered following Sarri out the door] I’ve gone through moments like this at every club I’ve played for – this low moment when doubt can come and make you wonder, ‘Should I just leave this place? Maybe there isn’t room for me here’. But I embrace this kind of challenge and I’ve never backed down. It gives me more strength to work even harder, to prove to everyone that I can make it.

I thank him for the sincerity he showed towards me in public. He didn’t have to do that, and not every manager does it. He’s a legend inside the club, so people listen to what he says