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Name Jose Aldo
Nickname The Scarface
Gender Male
Ethnic Brazillian
Job UFC Fighter


Trainer Dede Pedernairas
2004 08 10
Just month shy of his 18th birthday, Jose Aldo made his professional MMA debut against another newbie, Mario Bigola, at Eco Fight Championships 1
2015 12 12
Conor McGregor fights Jose Aldo at UFC 194. The bout ended with a knockout by McGregor in 13 seconds. This end UFC champion Jose Aldo’s 10-year unbeaten run

2017 12 01 Interview

[Aaron Bronsteter: You got on the scale today at 146, then you had to take off the shorts and you made weight at 145. Did you have any questions about whether or not you’d make weight?] Aldo Translator: I knew i was on the right weight. But i like to play dead to fuck the gravedigger’s ass

[Aaron Bronsteter: Okay, I’m trying to figure out what that means. Can you elaborate on that?] Aldo Translator: He likes to pretend he’s dead, just to fuck the gravedigger straight up in the ass. That’s what he said, yeah

[Aaron Bronsteter: …Alright. I’m not sure we can air that but we’ll do what we can]

2017 12 02 Rerieve

[How did the UFC star, Jose Aldo, get his crazy wound? Aldo’s eldest sibling, Joseline, picked up his crib to throw at her sister during a fight. As Joseline threw the crib, Aldo, who at the time was only a year old, ended up landing face first on a lit barbecue] They were playing around and threw me in there. It was hot. I was a little baby. They were little kids. There was another time when my little sister broke my head. I have all kinds of stories