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Joshua Kimmich
Gender Male
Ethnic German
Job German Footballer
Desc Kimmich might be used as a midfielder more often these days, but he’s still one of the best right-backs in European football and at 25, he’s already made more than 200 appearances for the club


Org Germany National Team
Club as Player Bayern Munich

2016 08 27 Retrieve

[Bayern Munich midfielder Joshua Kimmich says about Pep Guardiola trust in him] I felt like Pep and Bayern had seen something in me, and I wanted to show them that they weren’t wrong. It’s cliche to say, but this past year has been like a dream has come true. I’m only 21 years old, and every day, I get to walk onto the pitch with some of the greatest footballers in the world. World Cup winners, European championship winners and Champions League winners are now my team-mates

2018 04 07 Retrieve

[Joshua Kimmich talks about Pep Guardiola’s influence on his career] There are many things - but Pep showed me completely new spaces in the field. I improved a lot. He cares about your first touch a lot and that you know what to do even before you get the ball. You have to know where your team-mates are, so he wants you to screen the whole field. Pep would talk to you immediately if he recognised something. He also has this amazing view of football. For every opponent he had the perfect master plan

2018 04 28 Retrieve

[Joshua Kimmich talks about his footballing idols when he was a child] My role model, back then in my youth, was Bastian Schweinsteiger. First of all because he was a German player. And internationally, I hadn’t seen too many matches, of course, except for the World Cup, European Championships or Champions League. And there [my role model] was Xavi Hernandez of Barcelona.

2019 05 25 Retrieve

[RB Leipzig v Bayern Munich. Bayern defender Joshua Kimmich was asked earlier this week whether he felt if Timo Werner would slot into life easily at the Allianz Arena] Of course it’s a different game for us. But, in principle, a striker of Timo’s quality, who has scored about 10 to 15 goals, for two or three years consecutively can help many teams.

2019 06 07 Retrieve

[Joshua Kimmich says Manchester City winger Leroy Sane would be a great signing for Bayern Munich] I would like to have Leroy at Bayern, that would send the right message. He is a player who would be a good fit at Bayern. I think he is a very good player. He has great potential but was not allowed to play at City last season, which I cannot understand. But it is his decision and the task of those responsible to convince him. If I was in the club’s position, I would certainly buy him

2019 07 17 Retrieve

[Joshua Kimmich urged Bayern Munich to make more signings if the Bundesliga giants want to remain competitive and win the Champions League] We have a lot of high-quality players, but is that enough in the end to be able to go into the season? You can see it from how many youth players accompany us on the US tour. We currently have 17 first-team players. If you really want to tear it up in the Champions League, then maybe we still need some more [new signings].

: 2019 07 28 Borussia Dortmund captain Marco Reus has been named Footballer of the Year in Germany for the second time in his career. The Association of German Sports Journalists, in conjunction with football magazine Kicker, gave Reus 150 of the 540 votes cast to place him ahead of Bayer Leverkusen prodigy Kai Havertz and Bayern Munich full-back Joshua Kimmich.

2019 07 31 Retrieve

[Bayern Munich star Joshua Kimmich has cast doubt on Leroy Sane’s transfer by saying the Manchester City winger would already be here if he wanted to join the Bundesliga champions] I do not know what the signals are. I guess the club would like to sign him. If Leroy wanted to, he would probably already be here, so I do not know what the state of affairs is

You read something from time to time, then you read something else. I have no idea. I’ll only hear it from you (reporters), what you write. The president (Uli Hoeness) does not come into the dressing room saying, ‘hey, listen to me, we want Sane’

2019 08 04 Retrieve

[Bayern Munich’s Joshua Kimmich was not taking any of the blame for his stamp on Borussia Dortmund star Jadon Sancho, which left the England youngster in a bandage] It was an unfortunate situation. I wanted to get the ball and he put his foot in. But I did not kick him and I was angry that I was given a yellow card, because that was not my intention

[Kimmich went on to say that had he been sent off for his action it might have caused an on-field meltdown] If I had seen red, then I would have romped

2019 09 01 Retrieve

[Joshua Kimmich insists Bayern Munich are not thinking about Borussia Dortmund and are instead focused on ending RB Leipzig’s perfect Bundesliga start. Dortmund suffered a shock 3-1 loss to Union Berlin on Saturday to leave Leipzig as the only side with a 100 per cent record after three matches] Dortmund’s defeat hasn’t been a topic yet. We are now on the third matchday, we have to look after ourselves and still have work to do. We’ve already left some points behind. There are still enough matchdays ahead of us. If we get our points, then we’ll be champions again. But we still have to work hard for that. Leipzig got off to a perfect start with three victories. We’re behind, so of course we don’t want to be in that position that long. We always prefer to be right at the front. We can make sure of that with the next game. In Leipzig you can set an exclamation mark. It’s definitely a good time to play against Leipzig - they’re in a good mood and we can see where we stand. We came in with three games, now there’s the international break and then it’s all about Leipzig and the Champions League.

2019 10 10 Retrieve

[Bayern Munich star Joshua Kimmich understands team-mate Thomas Muller’s frustrations as he weighs up his future with the Bundesliga champions] In the first place a very big identification figure would leave the club, especially for the fans. I myself know the Bayern only with Thomas Muller. Without him the club would not be there, where it is now. It’s the case that when he comes into the game he always plays well. In the last game he has set up another goal. Also in the games before.

Against Cologne or Mainz he even assisted two goals and also scored one goal, if I remember right. We all know that he has qualities that are difficult for the opponent to control. I don’t know if he wants to go or not. I can understand that he claims to want to play. I know what it’s like to sit on a bench. With [former head coach] Carlo Ancelotti I also sat on the bench several times. It’s completely normal for a player to be dissatisfied or become dissatisfied

2019 11 14 Retrieve

[Joshua Kimmich says he would not be against the return of Pep Guardiola to Bayern Munich] Regarding Pep Guardiola. I have no idea what Bayern’s plan is with Hansi Flick. At first you thought that we would get a new coach after the international break. Now, we won both games with Flick and it sounds like he will stay until winter or even the entire season. What happens then is the business of the club - we players have nothing to do with it. But of course, I know [Guardiola] and have a lot to thank him for. He took me from the second division and let me play in the Bundesliga. We won the double together and after that season I became a player for Germany. So, of course, I won’t be against him coming back

2019 11 20 Retrieve

[Joshua Kimmich addresses Pochettino to Bayern Munich rumours] I do not know if he is a candidate for us. What you can say is that Tottenham were fighting at the top for years, they had brilliant consistency. He’s a top coach, but I don’t know if he is an option for us

In the first two games, it has worked well. I guess we will stay with it at least until Christmas - I do not see a new candidate now.

2019 11 20b Retrieve

[Joshua Kimmich on Pochettino where Bayern Munich have been without a permanent coach since Niko Kovac] Pochettino did a top job in Tottenham for years, they had a huge consistency with the highlight the Champions League final. He is a top coach but I do not know if he is suitable for us

2019 12 16 Retrieve

[Joshua Kimmich confident Bayern Munich can get Champions League revenge against Chelsea] We’ll go into the games with confidence. It’s still a long way off, so we can’t yet say what form the teams will be in, but I believe we’ll go into it as favourites and I’m confident we’ll progress. They’re difficult to assess; they’re not really on a consistent run at the moment

2020 01 12 Retrieve

[Joshua Kimmich says Bayern Munich must dip into the transfer market after losing a string of key players to injury] At the training camp in Doha you can see that we’ve actually only got 12 or 13 professional players in the squad and the rest are youth. The table for the youth players was full. That wasn’t the case during my first year at Bayern. We might play until the end of the season in all three competitions and we have lots of international players too, so we need more players who are fit. Of course we have a lot of injured players. Gnabry couldn’t train, Lewandowski and Coman will return soon. Javi Martinez also has a knock and Niklas Sule and Lucas Hernandez will take time. The club know that so they have to make a decision. At the moment, the squad is not big enough

2020 03 21 Retrieve

[Kimmich set up a fund called ‘We Kick Corona’] Everyone can help, both in small and large ways. Only if we stand together now, show reason and responsibility and are there for each other can we make it out of this crisis

2020 02 06 Retrieve

[Kimmich compares Timo Werner and Robert Lewandowski] The numbers are very impressive for both players. I’m very happy for Timo. He scored 18 goals in the first half of the season. That should not be sniffed at and scoring so many goals at Leipzig is a completely different thing to doing so at Bayern Munich

2020 02 22 Retrieve

[Kimmich thankful for Paderborn ‘lesson’ ahead of Chelsea Champions League clash] You can always learn lessons. You can see that mistakes in the Bundesliga are punished harshly and that we can have problems against every opponent if we don’t play at the limit - even if it is the bottom of the table. We have to make better use of our chances up front, so we can have a quieter evening

You can easily shake it off. We remain variable with such changes, which makes it harder for the opponent to adjust to us. I welcome something like that

[Kimmich is expecting a tight contest between the two sides, even if Chelsea have struggled as of late] They have a good mix between young and experienced players. They may not have been very consistent over the past few weeks, but a Champions League game is always something different - of course we want to win there

2020 03 30 Retrieve

[Kimmich: Players ‘have a responsibility’ to help fight coronavirus] As a soccer player you have a certain responsibility. We also have the scope to move forward in terms of solidarity. Leon and I, and now the FC Bayern Munich team, have naturally thought about how we can help - both our own employees and the society outside the club. Therefore we started the initiative and hope that we can help many people who need help during this time

In the beginning I was very sceptical whether the cyber training would work. But you have to say that it is fun. It’s a good opportunity for us to keep in touch with the players. Everyone is there, you can see each other on your mobile phone or whatever device you are logged in with. You have to compliment the fitness trainers at this point because it works really well. We players sweat a lot, give everything and every player pulls along very well

2020 05 26 Retrieve

[Kimmich delighted with ‘best goal’ of his career] That was the best goal of my career - it was so important. We were told before the game that Burki often stands off his line.

2020 06 03 Retrieve

[Kimmich urges Bayern Munich to join George Floyd protests] As a football player you have a big power in this world. My opinion is we should feel this responsibility and say something like Sancho did. It’s good that it’s not just one player. Maybe it is also an option to say something as a team. We are one world, one club, one football team. It doesn’t matter if you are black or white. It’s good that it’s not just one player. Maybe it is also an option to say something as a team. We are one world, one club, one football team. It doesn’t matter if you are black or white. It’s good that it’s not just one player. Maybe it is also an option to say something as a team. We are one world, one club, one football team. It doesn’t matter if you are black or whites