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Juan Antonio Pizzi
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Football Coach
Desc It was quite the coup for Saudi Arabia to secure the services of Juan Antonio Pizzi who followed in the footsteps of his predecessor Jorge Sampaoli to retain the Copa America with Chile at America’s Centenario tournament in 2016. An upgrade on Bert van Marwijk, Pizzi has made Saudi Arabia more confident in possession and their recent friendlies (2-1 defeats to Germany and Italy, and 2-0 wins over Greece and Algeria) suggest a team that should compete with the hosts in the opening game


Org Saudi Arabia National Team
Club as Coach Chile Arabia National Team

2014 03 22 Retrieve

[Juan Antonio Pizzi on his 20-year-old Valencia striker Paco Alcacer] Compare him with any other footballer in the world - only Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are ahead of him. It’s priceless to have a player so good at finishing in this kind of form

2017 01 28 Retrieve

[The Chile manager, Juan Antonio Pizzi speaks of the fatigue factor and was looking forward to a short break before the tournament concludes in St Petersburg] First we need to rest. We will see how the players recover and then make our decisions depending on that. Now we have three days to recover, rest and properly plan for the game on Sunday

2020 01 08 Retrieve

[Juan Antonio Pizzi says Lionel Messi will draw the crowds in their droves despite fears over ticket sales for the Supercopa de Espana in Saudi Arabia] I have no doubt. They’re aware of how much it means to have the four best teams in Spain and four of the best in the world. It’s exceptional for them, like a party. Also, you have to keep in mind Lionel Messi is there, who’s a person they admire and recognise, so seeing him on the pitch will be a big deal for them. They fill grounds and love the sport. The level isn’t like Europe yet, and they know that, but that’s why they’re investing so much and it’s why they follow European football so much. Every weekend they watch La Liga, the Premier League and even the Bundesliga

Barcelona are a favourite in every competition they play. But it’s one match, so anything can happen. Atletico are a very strong team, too, and they’re hard to score against. It’s an attractive semi-final

2020 04 11 Retrieve

[Juan Antonio Pizzi says Lautaro like Aguero & best fit for Barcelona] Lautaro is the prototypical example of how the position of centre-forward has changed in the modern game. I see a lot of Sergio Aguero in him. Lautaro has already demonstrated the qualities he has in Argentina with Racing and the national team. I think he is the ideal player; the style he has as a player is the one which best suits Barcelona. He also has an advantage in that he has performed at a very high level in the Italian league, which for me is one of the most competitive in the world. Any footballer who excels in Serie A is able to do so anywhere.

[The absence of Uruguay international Suarez hitting the reigning Spanish champions hard] Not only is his absence noticeable on the pitch, but I think Suarez has great leadership qualities, too. He has a commitment that is contagious towards his team-mates and brings out a greater level from the players around him, mainly Messi. Unfortunately, this injury has prevented Los Cules from maintaining their style of play that they showed when Suarez was fit

2020 04 28 Retrieve

[Juan Antonio Pizzi says Alexis Sanchez can still be very important for Man Utd] Alexis was in a perfect place at Arsenal and suddenly he changes city, coach, team-mates, fans [by joining Manchester United] … sometimes that adaptation happens quickly, sometimes it takes longer. In Alexis’s case, I think it took too long. He didn’t seem to be able to connect and emotionally he dropped. The consequences of that state of mind were translated in his performances. I don’t know what destiny holds for him but I think this experience in Italy, away from English football, might be good for him. I really hope so. I’m sure that if he can find tranquillity and his form, he’ll be very important for United

2020 05 02 Retrieve

[Juan Antonio Pizzi on the late Sir Bobby Robson] Robson would get names wrong and we’d be there shooting looks at each other, going along with it. But he was fundamental: he had to lead Barcelona through the hardest era in 20 years, making that post-Cruyff period as trauma-free as possible. That was his great virtue. He was old school, close to the players, and the lessons from him were not just about football, they were human. He was an exceptional person and whenever we meet up, we remember him fondly

2020 05 25 Retrieve

[Juan Antonio Pizzi says Xavi is the future of Barcelona and will return] I think he evaluated the situation very well - there is the fact that he would be coaching former team-mates - but also the fact that he would be going home perhaps without the experience of having managed in La Liga. I think that led him to take the decision that he eventually took, to say: ‘Give me some time. I want to coach Barcelona and I think I’m prepared to do it but I think I have to develop myself a little bit more’. I am absolute convinced that the future of Xavi and the future of Barcelona will come together at one point, I don’t know if in two years or five years or eight years but Xavi is going to be Barcelona coach, there is no doubt about that

I don’t think that’s necessarily a determining factor but I do feel that each individual needs to feel ready for the challenge that he is about to take on. I don’t think he should take the job because of the needs of Barcelona in any given moment, such as when the club changed Ernesto Valverde and there was a lot of talk that Xavi could come in as coach