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Name Juan Sebastian Veron
Gender Male
Nationality Argentina
Ethnic Argentinian
Job Argentinian Footballer


Org Argentina National Club
Club as Player Lazio FC
  Manchester United
  Chelsea FC

1998 06 30 Retrieve

[Two minutes after halftime, with the score tied at 2-2, Beckham was shoved down from behind by Diego Simeone of Argentina. Still lying on the ground, in full view of the Danish referee, Kim Nielsen, Beckham kicked Simeone in the back of the right leg, drawing a red card and an immediate ejection] With England on the defensive, the match didn’t seem winnable. But our never-ending battle was finally rewarded

2013 11 05 Retrieve

[Veron while at Chelsea being asked in an interview who’s the best english player] Paul Scholes

2014 05 10
Juan Sebastian Veron of Estudiantes kicks the ball during a match between Estudiantes and San Lorenzo as part of Torneo Final 2014 at Ciudad de La Plata Stadium in La Plata, Argentina

2018 08 04 Retrieve

[Juan Sebastian Veron speaks about the future of the Argentinian national team] It’s time to build a group. Obviously, if Leo [Messi] is eager [to be part of the national team], they would need to involve him little by little. I think we have to prepare the base, and once and for all, think about a team and not think about someone who can save us. Even more at this time, watching other national teams and how they faced the World Cup, it seems essential to think about a group

2020 01 23 Retrieve

[Gabriel Veron: Brazil’s teenage star named after an Argentina legend] I’m certain you’ll achieve much more in your future

2020 03 21 Retrieve

[Ex-Inter Midfielder Juan Sebastian Veron discussed how the Coronavirus emergency is unfolding in his native country] It’s been a week since football has been stopped and the situation is becoming a bit heavy in our country. The government has set restrictions, we have to stay at home. As for the club, I feel for the guys, trying to understand how they are. As a club we have provided the infrastructure that we have in case the situation becomes more difficult

[The 45-year-old Argentinian then discussed current Serie A players that have similar qualities to the ones he possessed] Sensi and Luis Alberto look like me. Maybe Sensi has some of my characteristics. When I moved to Italy, they let me do little, because coming from Argentina the tactical part wasn’t my forte. In this sense Eriksson was the coach who understood me the most, with him I expressed myself at my best, he gave me complete freedom. Another player I like a lot is Luis Alberto, he is having a great season and he has some characteristics in which I see myself again

[He revealed why he wore the famous knee bandage for so long in his career] The sash I wore on my knee? It started at Sampdoria, with a dear friend who was also at Lazio and Inter, Sergio Viganò, a masseur. At the time I had a small problem with my knee and out of habit I wore it until the end of my career

[Veron spoke about Inter forward Lautaro Martinez and Juventus star Paulo Dybala] They are different players. Dybala is a player who can not only play as a second striker, but also as a trequartista. I don’t think Lautaro can do that, but inside the area he’s a player who is unlikely to make a mistake in front of the goal. They can play together, they’re young, they have a lot of years to improve everything they’ve shown over the years

2020 05 02 Retrieve

[Estudiantes chairman Juan Sebastian Veron happy to see a talented countryman thriving in Serie A for now] Joaquin Correa is crushing it. He must remain there in Italy