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Julian Gressel
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player D.C. United
  Atlanta United

2019 08 15 Retrieve

[Atlanta United claims first Campeones Cup title for MLS with win over Club America] Real excited to have won another trophy here in Atlanta. First MLS Champion for the Campeones Cup. Thanks for all the support, I only heard Atlanta fans today, so that was unbelievable. This one’s for you guys!

2019 11 26 Retrieve

[Julian Gressel says that he wants to represent the U.S. men’s national team someday. Gressel could apply to become a naturalized citizen in May 2022, just a few months before the World Cup in Qatar that winter] It’s definitely crossed my mind. It’d be awesome, it’d be really cool to be a part of (the 2022 World Cup), but obviously that’s where it kind of all comes back together with the contract situation. You’re kind of just weighing that out and kind of seeing how it goes, because if I stay here obviously that becomes more a realistic opportunity for me, I believe. So this offseason is kind of a big thing, or until the summer maybe, who knows?

I never really expected it to go this way, to kind of embrace the American culture the way that I feel like I have. I’m really excited to be seeing even more of what this beautiful country is made of. There’s a certain pride that comes with it, where I’ve lived here for so long and I’ve been a part of this community in this country for so long, where it’d just be a tremendous honor (to play for the national team). I feel like this is my home and I think that feeling that I have - I’m just very passionate about it. I’d give everything I have on the soccer field for the U.S

It’s frustrating and it’s disappointing. That’s probably the main word: disappointed. It’s a club that I’ve given everything to. I’ve done a lot of things for them, no questions asked, for three years in a row. I’ve been, I want to say, a pretty good ambassador for the club in the community and the league in general … and now to be just kind of pushed off and, I don’t know, disrespected, really, is obviously not making me feel great. The longer this goes, the angrier, the madder and the more disappointed I think I’ll get.

If I get injured in the first week and I haven’t signed a deal, who knows if I’ll get a new one. This is obviously my future, and the thing I always think about is these are life-changing amounts. We’re not talking about $5 million vs. $7 million. We’re talking about $130,000 or whatever we come up with in a new deal. Those are life-changing amounts in a way for me and my family, and that’s obviously the number one priority for me

2020 01 22 Retrieve

[Atlanta United traded Julian Gressel to D.C. United on Tuesday] It’s been a difficult process for me, one that I don’t really want to speak about too much. I’m happy we found a resolution pretty quickly. The club was kind enough not to just let me hang around until the CBA [got] figured out, because then timing-wise it wouldn’t have been great for me. So we’re thankful for that