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Name Jupp Heynckes
Gender Male
Ethnic German
Job German Footballer


Org Germany National Team
Club as Coach Bayern Munich
  Real Madrid
  Bayern Munich
Club as Player Bayern Munich

2017 05 20 Retrieve

[Jupp Heynckes admits his surprise that the retiring Philipp Lahm has never been voted Germany’s Football of the Year during his illustrious career] I would hope, and he truly deserves it, that he is Germany’s Footballer of the Year to end his great career. Since experiencing the Bundesliga up close in the 1970s, I have never seen such a player. That’s why I can’t get it into my head that Philipp has never been voted Footballer of the Year by journalists. He does not play spectacularly and he does not score many goals, but he has been playing at an incredible level since 2001

2017 10 14 Retrieve

[Upon his return as Bayern Munich coach, 72-year-old Jupp Heynckes says age is just a number] After leaving Bayern in 2013, I didn’t think I would coach a club again. I thought that was it. Critics say I’ve been out the game for four years but football’s not been re-invented. I’ve followed very closely. Age is a number and nothing more. Some feel old at 45 but I’ve not changed. I still love music and sport. I feel young

2018 02 10 Retrieve

[Jupp Heynckes on how he likes to spend a day off] Yesterday I went out to work on my body a bit. I went down to the gym and worked out for an hour and a half or two. I took it easy, put on some good music. Then I had some food, went back to the hotel and binge watched two Paderborn games. That was my Sunday pleasure. So I’m already looking forward to having a day off again

2018 04 24 Retrieve

[Jupp Heynckes on Football] I adore football and, if I do a job, I do it 100 per cent,” he said here. “These are the games you work for and lots of coaches never get the chance to play one of these in their lives. I came back at a very old age and now I have the privilege of being successful again, reaching a semi-final and possibly going through to the final. I am confident

Football has changed but my style of leadership, my approach, hasn’t. The game has progressed but in the end they are still people out on the pitch, people with different personalities and feelings

[Jupp Heynckes on James Rodríguez] He was a bit down, not in good physical shape either, but I have talked to him a lot and bit by bit his confidence came back. He is more free now and our fans love seeing him play: he has fantastic vision, he’s integrated into the team, happy in Munich. The team that wins the Champions League is the one that is most united

[For all Heynckes’s confidence, for all that he responded to questions about how he could stop Cristiano Ronaldo by replying] I might ask you how they can stop Robert Lewandowski

[Jupp Heynckes on Zinedine Zidane personality] I have played against great players and coaches: Sacchi, Cruyff, Lippi, Happel and I have always been a great admirer of Zinedine Zidane as a player and a coach. I love how Real Madrid play and his calmness on the touchline, not making a big fuss, not playing to the gallery or the TV cameras. For 90 minutes he follows what is happening on the pitch

[Jupp Heynckes critisises Paris Saint-Germain] A team has to respect itself, have human qualities. You can’t buy the Champions League. You cannot buy moments like this either