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Name Jurgen Klopp
Gender Male
Ethnic German
Job German Football Coach
Desc One of the very best coaches, working right now, Jurgen Klopp has been so successful due to his knack for taking talents and squeezing something extra out of them that no-one else even knew was there. He ended Bayern’s Bundesliga dominance (for a while anyways), brought Liverpool back to the very top of the European game, and has made every player he’s ever worked with better. A true modern great


Club as Coach Liverpool FC


Agent Marc Kosicke

2012 11 06 Retrieve

[Mesut Ozil saves Real Madrid with late goal against Borussia Dortmund] I’m sure we will still remember this game in 10 years’ time

2012 07 17 Retrieve

[Klopp says If a player causes trouble, they will no longer play for Dortmund] If I have someone causing trouble, I will no longer let them play for the club. The person would clearly not understand what our team stands for, and I would therefore have to separate them from the team. As such, we don’t have players like Marcio Amoroso, who brought his own doctor and physiotherapist, any more. Something like that will not happen again. Whoever threatens the big picture can go

2013 02 17 Retrieve

[The BVB coach has lauded his players after they comfortably overcame Eintracht Frankfurt despite Julian Schieber’s red card, reserving special praise for hat-trick hero Marco Reus] We have had three early red cards in our last four home games. Particularly after a difficult match in Donetsk [a 2-2 Champions League draw], our performance today [Saturday] was outstandingly good. We were dramatically better tactically than against Hamburg [last week’s 4-1 home defeat]. From a week which started s**t, we’ve done really well

[Dortmund, already without Robert Lewandowski, who was red carded against Hamburg, will now have a another striker suspended after Schieber’s two yellows, the second for an alleged elbow when challenging for the ball] I’m just sorry for Julian. He wanted to help the team. Aerial battles are always difficult for strikers, and for the referee. No one wants to hurt the opponent in such situations. Overall it was a great performance against a really good opponent. All three of Reus’ goals were outstanding. He has real class

2013 12 30 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp on Arsene Wenger] He is really something. I love him. He is Sir Arsene Wenger. He is hello (makes a handshake gesture). But he likes having the ball, playing football, passes… it’s like an orchestra. But it is a silent song. I like heavy metal more. I always want it loud. I love Arsenal’s style, but I cannot coach it because I am a different guy. If you watch me during the game I celebrate when we press the ball and it goes out. To enjoy football you have to do this. If, over the last four years, Barcelona were the first team I saw playing when I was four years of age - this serenity of football, they win 5-0, 6-0 - I would have played tennis. It is not my sport. I don’t like winning with 80 per cent of possession. Sorry, that is not enough for me. Fighting football, not serenity football, that is what I like. What we call in German ‘English’ football - rainy day, heavy pitch, 5-5, everybody is dirty in the face and goes home and cannot play for weeks after

2013 12 31 Retrieve

[The always emotional Klopp wells up while discussing the plight of former Borussia Dortmund star Shinji Kagawa at Old Trafford] Shinji Kagawa is one of the best players in the world and he now plays 20 minutes at Manchester United - on the left wing! My heart breaks. Really, I have tears in my eyes

2013 12 31b Retrieve

[Dortmund’s Klopp argues that the Bavarians would seek out the help of their then incoming coach ahead of their Champions League semifinal clash with the Blaugrana] I bet my arse Bayern will ask Pep for help against Barca

2013 12 31c Retrieve

[Dortmund boss Jurgen Klopp implies that Bayern is the villain of German football] We are not a supermarket but they want our players because they know we cannot pay them the same money. If that’s what Bayern wants … It’s like James Bond – except they are the other guy

2014 03 01 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp on becoming a national coach] It’s basically a very attractive proposition. I’m very happy living in Germany, I think it’s a fantastic country and the people are pretty cool. If they were enthusiastic about me taking on the national team at some point I’d obviously think it over

2014 09 11 Retrieve

[Borussia Dortmund coach Jurgen Klopp said of the Italy striker Immobile] He’s a real goalscorer. He scored a nice goal [against Netherlands last Thursday] and that will be good for him. But our only problem is the pace in which developments obviously have to happen in football. You always get asked about a new player in a new club after a really short time of being able to train together, that’s our only problem. Everything else is fine. I hope that in three years we’ll look back and no one remembers the first five or six games. He needs time to integrate in this team; we need time to develop our team play. Now we could have had the time for it, but now Marco Reus is injured. Of course we’ve got Shinji Kagawa as well but he hasn’t played with the team yet. Everything is far from perfect but we’ve got to stabilise our game while we collect results. Most likely we have to do that with a new player in the starting line-up who will have to reclaim his self-assurance as well. That will be hard. When Ciro came back he seemed very relaxed, I think he was very glad his injury wasn’t as bad as feared. The bruise hurts a lot at the beginning but it heals quite fast

2015 01 10 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp on Football] We are standing here like complete idiots. The best news today is that football is over for 2014

2015 01 31 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp reflects on a winter break mulling over Borussia Dortmund’s poor performances so far in the German Bundesliga] To finish the first half of the season in 17th place felt like going on holiday on a bed of nails

2015 02 06 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp is the man who put Dortmund in this mess and so he will be the one charged with leading them out of it] There is no chance I will resign. I am convinced of our mission in the second half of the season. We need to build on the good […] If we want to shoot and if the shot looks like a cross then we have obviously done something wrong

2015 04 11 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp on the German DFB-Pokal semi-final draw] I didn’t even watch the draw - I just knew we’d get Bayern. I watched Law & Order instead on the peculiarities of the American legal system!

2015 10 11 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp at his opening press conference as Liverpool manager] At the moment, the LFC family is too nervous, too pessimistic, too much in doubt. They all celebrate the game but they don’t believe in this moment. History is great but it’s only to remember

2015 10 17 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp on his social life in Liverpool] Yesterday I was at dinner with my two assistants and someone asked for a photo. I had to say no. Every photo ends up on Twitter. Twitter is [used] more than in Germany. It looks like I’m always in restaurants and bars!

2015 11 28 Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp on football] Honestly, for me, football is deadly serious for 90 minutes and that’s it. The whole circus that’s built up around it, the protagonists who are made out to be this, that, or the other – it’s all crazy, obviously, and happily I’m smart enough to be able see that for what it is. So I tend to prefer a more humorous approach to the subject

2015 12 30 Retrieve

[on Sir Alex Ferguson] Maybe he is the greatest ever - the John Lennon of football. From my side there is a big amount of respect. What he did is not easy for another manager to do

2016 01 30 Retrieve

[Manager Jurgen Klopp was unable to watch his Liverpool side’s shootout victory against Stoke City in the English League Cup semi-final] I didn’t see one shot. I was behind the wall of my players so I had to watch it from there. I will watch it on television at home but it was good watching the crowd instead… Wembley is a cool place to play football but we go there to win - it’s not much fun to lose

2016 02 06 Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp on Daniel Sturridge] The Daniel story? There is no story. How can it be a story? You cannot create stories and ask me about it if you are just suggesting something. That is not too cool. It’s absolutely not frustrating, it’s not interesting

2016 03 05 Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp on Liverpool’s 3-0 victory over Manchester City, coming only three days after losing to Manuel Pellegrini’s side in the English League Cup final on penalties] The best word I can say to describe this is: ‘Boom!’

2016 05 14 Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp reflects on his first season at Anfield following his side’s 1-1 draw against Chelsea] One-hundred per cent. It was quite easy [to feel at home here]. Nice place, nice place…world class people around. We settled in really well

2016 08 05 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp reveals why he thinks the English Premier League is the most competitive in Europe] I think all these managers are here because competition makes it really interesting. If you are three times in a row Spanish champions, three times in a row Bundesliga champions, then you think ok, let’s try something else. If you are looking for the biggest challenge, then you need to go to England. That’s the difference 100 per cent. It’s not like they wanted an easier job. They wanted this. Winning the title in England is the biggest challenge of them all

2016 08 20 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp in an interview] I recently met a famous brain surgeon in New York and in his brain, when it comes to intelligence, there are definitely 80 per cent more light bulbs alight than in mine. But what happens? He started to stutter because he is crazy about football and this person from LFC was suddenly standing in front of him

2016 08 27 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp explains to Gary Lineker about the map of England in his office]</b> I know nearly all the clubs, but I had no idea where they are. So if you would’ve told me Norwich was over there, I would’ve believed. Now I know. Nottingham I know because of Robin Hood

2016 09 10 Retrieve

[Premier League champions Leicester are the first visitors to the new-look Anfield, the stadium capacity now at 54,074] We had our first three games all away, it’s been so long since we played here, coming back tomorrow and starting the season after the international break, it’s a good chance that we have. It’s about our performance on the pitch, we don’t expect the fans to come here and celebrate themselves, we want to inspire our supporters with our play. It’s against the current champions so we need to be good. Let’s try it, let’s take the first step in our future together. We have to use the quality of the players, the power of the club and the power of our supporters and then it can work. If we do this every week, it will work

[The German is concerned only by Liverpool’s opportunities and not how much Manchester United, Chelsea or Manchester City have spent, nor how much more matchday revenue the Emirates generates for Arsenal]
If always the people with the best circumstances would win, this world would be an ugly place. We all have the chance to fight for everything. It’s not about having a guarantee, it’s about having the opportunity. If anyone comes in here and thinks that this stadium doesn’t give us a chance to fight, then they’re dead - no emotions or whatever.

They can’t feel this place. You should compare when it helps, but if it doesn’t, then why even think about it? We are the only people that can change our circumstances, nobody else will do it for you. You can say ‘but they have this, they have that’ - it is useless, come on! We will work with what we have. We have to do more from our side. We want to go to the best teams in the world and give them hell in the moment we face them - in Manchester, in London, wherever I don’t care. This is football. And if there is one part of life where you can challenge the best in the world, then it’s football

2016 09 17 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp on player and neighbour Adam Lallana when speaking at a press conference] Yes [we are neighbours]. He’s a nice guy, even as a neighbour. I have other neighbours, but they’re not good footballers! He’s a very smart guy and has really settled in at Liverpool. After his start, now he has 100 per cent settled in. A nice guy. I knew him from Southampton and I was looking forward to working him. He is good, he can play different positions and he’s mentally strong. A smart player. He’s very important to the team both as a player and a person

2016 10 15 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp talks about Wayne Rooney] Rooney is a goalscorer and a threat. A situation like this can happen in a long career. From my side he’s a world class player. I am manager as Liverpool FC so I know it is not allowed to like United players!

2016 10 29 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp, who was praised by former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson recently, jokingly acknowledges he is not supposed to praise him back due to the two clubs’ rivalry] Is it allowed for me to say I like Alex Ferguson? I met him before I was Liverpool manager. It’s nice for him to say something positive. He did what he had to do at Manchester United, which automatically isn’t good for Liverpool. But it’s better he says something positive than negative about Liverpool. But I’m sure he didn’t go out of his house and think, ‘I’ll say some things about Liverpool’, he was asked a question!

2016 11 19 Retrieve

[Jurgen Kloppre calls a tale of where a party saw him end up being reported on negatively in the German press] We had a Christmas break and friends of ours wanted to have a party in the city. Nobody saw me because I had a mask. I didn’t feel too good, but I needed a little bit of help and I went out. Then at the end there was one point when you are a little bit drunk, so I lifted the mask and then the next thing there is a picture. The mask? It was Santa Claus!

2016 12 17 Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp speaks ahead of the Merseyside Derby on Monday] I watched the film Creed to experience Goodison! I was with the staff at the Christmas party, when I came home there was nothing to do, and I decided to watch a film, and it was Creed, but I didn’t know it was filmed at Goodison Park – a complete coincidence. Rocky is a wonderful story though. When I was much younger I tried to use the story of Rocky IV - Ivan Drago and Rocky and that stuff - in a team meeting. And after five minutes I realised nobody knew what I was talking about

2017 01 28 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp speaks about Steven Gerrard’s new role as academy coach] Everything I can do to help him on his way to be the best manager he can be, I am ready for this and I’d like to do it. Now he is at the academy it is good for us and for him it is perfect. Being a manager is a job you have to learn and when a person like Steven Gerrard and the player he was is ready to make the steps, that is wonderful news for football. Combining his playing experience with all the things he will learn from now on will be a bright future. It is brilliant

2017 03 04 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp speaks at a news conference ahead of Arsenal’s trip to Anfield] I’m not a clown, I’m not always laughing like crazy. I’m a normal person. My job is to make the players feel there’s a big chance to win it. I was a real mentality player, my strength was pushing team-mates. You try everything in the game - have influence from the sideline

2017 07 21 Retrieve

[RB Leipzig owner Dietrich Mateschitz said recently Keita would see out his contract, which runs until 2020] Mr Mateschitz? What did he say? Lucky man, huh? They don’t have to sell players. When I was at [Borussia] Dortmund we always had to sell players. Meanwhile, they don’t have to sell players any more so, obviously, I’m always a little bit too late. What can I say? There’s nothing to say about this

[Klopp said there was nothing more the Premier League club could do after questions over their approach] I didn’t even know that I was criticised, that I’m still criticised. Was the club criticised? That’s not nice. We said apologies, done. How can we say anything more about this?

2017 11 24 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp talks about Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain] I just like this player because he’s already experienced, but so open to get used to what we do and that’s really nice. He is like dynamite when he comes on. Aggressive in the most positive way. Front foot always. Looking to attack and create. These performances come because of how good his attitude is in training at Melwood. He has the highest quality in everything he does; sometimes I think he is the last to realise this

I am sure he is greedy for more starting selections and of course that opportunity will come. He is very much in the infancy of his Liverpool life, but the ‘world’ in 2017 doesn’t always allow for patience. He is doing everything right in this moment and because of this I know he will be a big success for us

2017 12 30 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp comments on Mo Salah’s Performance] Two fantastic goals. They felt so good and felt so fair in this moment and deserved. So I’m really happy about it. Yes, Mo can keep that standard, for sure. He is still a young player, he can improve. It’s not about scoring only, it’s about other situations as well. He’s so important for us. But he knows and I know that he couldn’t score if he didn’t have the fantastic support of all the other boys. We played fantastic passes. Sadio’s idea in the moment before Mo scored the first goal – I don’t think a lot of people in the stadium saw that it would be an opportunity. That was really important

2018 01 20 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp reacts after his side’s 4-3 win over Premier League leaders Manchester] Maybe we will find somebody who will talk about the defence and say ‘no clean sheet’ or something like that, but he can blow up my boots

2018 01 27 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp talks about his preference of kick-off times in a pre-match press conference ahead of his club’s FA Cup fourth round match against West Bromwich Albion] I like night games. Fans can go out in Liverpool afterwards. It’s a better time to play football than at 12. I’m hungry at 12

2018 02 10 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp speaks about not comparing his club with others] You can be a millionaire and your neighbour is a billionaire and you are not happy only because you live in the wrong neighbourhood. Maybe you want to move your house to where there is no billionaire and then you are the king of the road. Please, I cannot be like this

2018 02 17 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp talks about his coaching philosophy] To create a situation where everybody feels important, enjoys themselves, knows their jobs, feels respected and feels needed – that’s how life should be

2018 03 17 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp revealed he does not expect to be in charge of the English Premier League club in 20 years from now] I respect Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson a lot for what they did for football, but the game has changed a lot. I think the first 15 years for these guys were like a holiday compared to what they had in the last 15 years of their job. The social media thing, I don’t read it, but it has influence from all sides and things that I don’t understand. I’m 50 and young in all things of life, but I’m too old for this. In 20 years’ time, then I am 70 and I can guarantee that I won’t be here. We shouldn’t draw this dark picture for all Liverpool fans that they have to deal with me for the next 20 years, let’s stay positive

2018 04 07 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp speaks about what inspires him] I’m inspired by Robin Hood. In my youth I read thousands of books because I loved the stories, I’m inspired by all of that. Boris Becker wins Wimbledon at the same age as me, it’s possible. Something special is possible. But it would never have been possible as a kid, I loved football but I knew I could never be Lothar Matthaus, no chance, but I loved it still. I wanted to do it as good as I could do it, my target as a manager is to be the best manager I can be, not the best manager of the world, I’ve no clue how that works

2018 05 05 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp speaks after his side’s 7-6 aggregate semi-final win over Roma in the UEFA Champions League] They don’t hang silver medals at Melwood. There’s still a job to do. Going to a final is nice, but winning it is even nicer

2018 08 11 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp insists his side are underdogs to win the 2018/19 English Premier League title] The champions are 147401a1a16149a4443fbc74ad2ac51e and they didn’t lose any player and brought in [Riyad] Mahrez so they are not weaker. We saw the [Community Shield] game against Chelsea and both sides were impressive. We are still Rocky Balboa and not Ivan Drago. We are the ones who have to do more and fight more. That must be our attitude

2018 08 25 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp speaks about Reds midfielder Naby Keita] Two years ago Naby played a season that I have never seen from a Bundesliga player. Together with Thiago that was the next level. I once spoke to Schalke’s Director of Football Christian Heidel who said Leipzig played with 12 men. Because of Keita

2018 09 01 Retrieve

[Comments on rivals essentially trying to buy success] Do I have to do it differently to that? Actually, I want to do it differently. I would even do it differently if I could spend that money. […] Quality costs a specific price.

2018 09 22 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp on Roberto Firmino’s goal celebration in his side’s 3-2 win over Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League] You can bring Bobby Firmino on and that helps a lot. I loved his goal celebration

2018 11 23 Retrieve

[Henderson’s importance to Liverpool remains. A new five-year contract, signed in September, drew groans in some quarters, but for Klopp it was a no-brainer] Jordan is so important to us and we are very fortunate as a club to have this person commit to us as he has. He carries a lot on his shoulders that people on the outside won’t see, but he embraces that responsibility and that leadership. He is our ‘General’ and I trust him completely

2018 12 18 Retrieve

[Jürgen Klopp has been speaking about Mourinho today. It was United’s dire 3-1 defeat at Liverpool that proved the final straw for the club’s hierarchy and Klopp reflected] When I met him, he never changed. He’s a very competitive guy, very ambitious, really competitive. He has all my respect, he’s been unbelievably successful. I can imagine in the last few months especially they were not a joy for anybody, especially not for him. It’s not nice that he had to face these questions every day, that’s a problem. But apart from that, nobody can take away all the things he won

I wish personally that he has that in his mind when he leaves and not a few other things that happened in last few months. He’s an outstanding manager, all the rest I have no idea, you have to ask other people.

2018 12 22 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp reacts to goalkeeper Alisson Becker’s late save against Napoli that helped his side progress to the UEFA Champions League knockout stage] The save Allison Becker made, I have no words for that, that was of course a life-saver, I am really proud. There are lot of things he can do. Calm with the ball, helping with our build-up situation, outstanding on crosses. And that save was just incredible

2019 01 03 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp has said that Alisson and Ederson could be the two best goalkeepers in the world] Alisson is unbelievably important. (Claudio) Taffarel was the goalkeeper I knew from Brazil, an outstanding goalkeeper, but I do not remember a lot of world-class ones. Now they have two of the world’s best, if not the world’s best. It is incredible.

[Both Alisson and Ederson are known for their skills with the ball at their feat] Coming from Germany, I knew how important Manuel Neuer was with his football playing on top of his goalkeeping skills. You can’t imagine that two can come along with the same skills - and maybe even a bit better. They all have their specific importance, for sure, but Ali is not only the goalkeeper. He is an outfield player as well and that helps of course. What I would say is these two boys do not have to hide

2019 01 07 Retrieve

[The 17-year-old can already count Jurgen Klopp and 3a021843d2ad5002fa342fe91d55f3dd among his fans - and the best is yet to come] He’s pretty good, eh? Curtis is a proper Scouser. I don’t know if I have the right words, but he is not shy to say a few things and probably that’s a surprise for one or two players!

He is a tall boy but still very mobile, good at dribbling and stuff like that. But now we need to make sure he finds the right moment to pass the ball - and dribbling is not for dribbling, it’s to change the situation in a better way and then to pass the ball. But it’s easier to train that than to show somebody how to dribble, which is quite natural. It’s cool. Physical-wise he is good and has talent as well, but there is a long way to go.

2019 02 05 Retrieve

[Klopp hits back at Noble jibe] I like that really. I would wish for all West Ham fans that Mark Noble and his team would scare more teams and not only us. I don’t know him really well, so I don’t know why he speaks about us after a game like that.

They defended well, that’s true. They didn’t scare us. It’s a normal away game. We won away games when we played worse and nobody spoke about it. Last year, we won at Crystal Palace 2-1 with two offensive situations pretty much. We had more [against West Ham].

They have quality – no doubt about that. Why they don’t have more often results? I don’t know. But they had a result, 1-1, but I didn’t see that they scared us

2019 03 02 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp when asked about reports that Brendan Rodgers would become Leicester City’s new manager] As long as he is not going to Everton then I’m fine, because if it’s Everton then he might want his house back! [Jurgen Klopp has been living in Brendan Rodgers’s house and welcomes the ex-Liverpool manager’s apparent return to the Premier League with Leicester, since it’s far enough away that his landlord will need to live elsewhere]

2019 03 09 Retrieve

[Alisson’s injury is a setback for Liverpool. Speaking ahead of their league game against AFC Bournemouth, Klopp explain] Next week no, that means Atlético. I don’t want to say no [to the Everton game] but I don’t know if Alisson will be available. We have to judge the situation anew

2019 03 26 Retrieve

[Klopp not interested in resigning Coutinho] The fee I’m told that Barcelona are looking for is not the same as the one they paid Liverpool more than 18 months ago. They would accept around €90m (£78m) for the player, accepting the loss but getting the salary off of the wage bill at the Camp Nou, and I think it will be very interesting to see where Coutinho ends up. I’m pretty certain that Liverpool’s not an option - both financially and I think that Jurgen Klopp believes he has a more balanced side now than he did when he had Coutinho in it

2019 04 12 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp on the season so far] We have 82 points and probably a few more by the end. That’s a historical season. In a lot of other seasons it would be enough to be champions

[Jurgen Klopp has been named the Premier League’s manager of the month for March] It’s always a real challenge to speak about this when you’re not a native speaker, because it’s really important. What I will say is that we shouldn’t deal with it like it’s a ‘Chelsea’ case or whatever, it’s an issue we have in this moment everywhere.

There are too many moments where it happens. The only thing I can say is we really have to make sure these people get punished in the right way. They’re football supporters so they should not be allowed to watch in the stadium again.

I was really happy that three of them [the Chelsea fans singing racist songs about Salah in Prague]</b> at least were found immediately, just to make clear the football community sticks together. We had our problems in the past and other clubs will - hopefully not, that would be the best case.

We have to make sure these people are punished, that we say ‘We can’t solve everything, but we can at least make sure these people don’t watch football in our stadiums’

2019 04 13 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp on Chelsea playmaker Eden Hazard] Eden Hazard, on his day, can be the world’s best immediately. He’s had a brilliant career and it’s not over yet. He has a lot of things that I like in football. His joy, he’s kind of cheeky as well, he’s strong, he’s quick

2019 04 25 Retrieve

[Klopp spoke about Mohamed Salah being named as one of TIME magazine’s 100 most influential people of 2019] He missed one session. Today [Thursday] he is in training and everything is fine again. I saw a few pictures and he looked brilliant in his tuxedo. Wow. He met a lot of famous people. Mrs. Targaryen, eh? She was there as well. If he’d have asked me maybe I would have joined him! It was very interesting and now he’s back, it’s all fine

2019 04 27 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp talks about the Premier League title race with Manchester City] There is always hope until the last whistle of the last game. That never changed. If somebody doesn’t believe any more then I can’t change that now. If you still believe, then welcome to my club

2019 04 30 Retrieve

[Emilia Clarke, who portrays Khaleesi, has kept quiet about her football allegiences. Liverpool fans, however, will be hopeful that her meeting with Mohamed Salah during Time Magazine’s gala for their 100 Most Influential People event could sway her mind as the two were photographed together – with Jurgen Klopp even revealing his envy!] He met a lot of famous people. Mrs Targaryen, eh? She was there as well. If he’d have asked me maybe I would have joined him! It was very interesting and now he’s back, it’s all fine

2019 05 01 Retrieve

[Dutch defender Hoever, who can operate at right-back or centre-half, is among those in contention to make Klopp’s matchday squad, with the youngster held in the highest regard at Anfield] He is one for the future of course, but what we will do with him now I don’t know. He is 16, turns 17 in a few days. If Joel and Joe would have been fit all of the time, then probably Ki-Jana wouldn’t have been in training with the first team, but he was in and is still in. It is just a joy to watch him. He is an incredible, confident young fella and is really a good player on top of that. It’s nice we can see him day in, day out. It’s really cool. He is for sure for the future, but when the future starts I don’t know. But he is in and he learns a lot and improves a lot, it will happen automatically. It’s a nice prospect for the next months and years. Wolves? I don’t know, we will see.

[Hoever is not the only youth team prospect to be catching Klopp’s eye, with the likes of Curtis Jones and Rafa Camacho]</b> Curtis is another good example. He is a fantastic player and came up in February last year and you can see how big the steps are they are making every day. They are fantastic young professionals including in an outstanding group, the best education in the dressing room. They see how you have to behave and how you can show your football, be confident, be childish if you want in the right moments. You don’t have to act like you are a 40-year-old guy

Rafa Camacho is the same. We have these youngsters around, and they have all the time in the world. They are still really young and it’s not about pushing them. If one of these boys plays on Monday, then it’s all my responsibility. Then they only have to show up and play football, and all the other things that don’t work, it’s my fault as I made the wrong decision. It won’t be a problem for the future. They are here in the right place

2019 05 11 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp tries to put into words what Liverpool are feeling immediately after their history-making UEFA Champions League performance at Anfield against Barcelona] The whole game was too much. It was overwhelming. I saw James Milner crying on the pitch after the game. It means so much to all of us. It’s the best phase of football. There are more important things in the world. But creating this emotional atmosphere together is so special. It’s all about the players

2019 05 11b Retrieve

[Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp managed in Germany and stated that he is not a fan of the spygate practice either] I can understand [Bielsa] wants to have all the information, we all want it, but we have to accept we don’t get it

2019 05 12 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp joked it had been ‘Divock Origi week’ at Liverpool as he hailed the striker for his match-winning performances against Newcastle United and Barcelona] Showing up the way he did, it has been ‘Divock Origi week’. There was the header at Newcastle, that was crazy. And we don’t have to talk about the other night [against Barcelona]. What Trent Alexander-Arnold did [with his quick corner] was one of the most genius moments I will ever see in football as long as I am alive, but that was not an easy ball. It was bouncing and nine times out of 10, the ball would end up in the stand. This one ended up in the net. It shows what confidence can do and how important it was in this moment as Divock didn’t think about it. That is brilliant. When you think about how much he was not playing, maybe you think that I don’t like the player that much or I don’t trust him too much. That is actually not right. Divock was just so unlucky and I’m very happy that he is really back on the landscape again

2019 05 13 Retrieve

[Fined for running onto the pitch against Everton, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp pencils in 2033 for his next incursion] There were 14 years between the first one and the last one. It cannot happen anymore - for the next 14 years

2019 05 14 Retrieve

[Klopp congratulates Schalke on Wagner hire]</b> I can only congratulate Schalke, even if my Dortmund friends do not like to hear that

2019 05 22 Retrieve

[Due to Harry Wilson’s development, Lampard earned plenty of praise from Liverpool boss Klopp] He found a brilliant club and obviously a fantastic manager at Derby. They play really good football. The a1a30d1e8b45be8dca0b814f9353f274 game really was impressive – not only the result, the way they played was really impressive.

How he moves between the lines, how confident he looks with the ball is all cool. He looks really fit. So that’s all good. Thank you to Derby that they obviously do a brilliant job. Next year, he is back

2019 06 22 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp claims to have no intention of sanctioning deals of the kind that would be required to lure Koulibaly from Italy to England] Liverpool is an ambitious club and if we don’t spend as much money as the others we won’t be able to compete. Everybody is splashing the cash so we have to do the same

2019 08 10 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp tells that he learned English by watching the popular USA TV sitcom Friends] I’m maybe a bit smarter than the Joey role. My talk with girls was never as good as his. How you doin? It wasn’t that easy in my life

2019 08 19 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp who said this in 2015] I said to Sturridge after the game ‘now I know what everybody is talking about so thank you’

[And the same Jurgen Klopp who said just last year] Who doubts Daniel Sturridge when he’s fit? I don’t. It is good for us to have him around. I am fine with him, 100 per cent

[And – most tellingly – the same Jurgen Klopp who said as Sturridge exited the club this year] What maybe is missed on the outside of the club by many is what a great leader Daniel is in our dressing room. He is smart, confident and not afraid to speak up when he thinks there is something that needs adapting to help the team. He has been great with many of the younger players also, so he has been so important to our progression here

2019 09 21 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp expects big things from Chelsea’s Christian Pulisic, whom he brought to 766c05698362ec3b45b0e196afd98166 in 2015] He will be a proper player. He’s a talent, dynamic, good with both feet. Super exciting player, good signing

2019 09 28 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp talks about Mauricio Pochettino and Pep Guardiola] I respect them a lot. What Mauricio Pochettino did last year was so exceptional. Many times when you don’t win a title, people don’t remember you but he was extremely impressive. He has built his team step by step, keeping the team together. Pep Guardiola … what can I say? He has won so many titles, the way his teams play. He’s so exceptional; hands down, the best manager I’ve coached against. It was an honour to be nominated alongside them

2019 10 14 Retrieve

[After the half time teamtalk of Salzburg boss Jesse Marsch was filmed at Anfield and released onto Youtube, Klopp made his feelings very clear] If LFCTV had put out a video of me in that situation, I would leave the club

2019 10 20 Retrieve

[Liverpool boss talks in his post-match analysis after 1-1 draw at Old Trafford] Man Utd had momentum in the first half because they were purely there to defend us. It’s just a point. Since I’m in England, Man United always played like this. We could do better and we will be better in the future but now we have to take it like it is. Everyone builds it up like a mountain but only one team has to defend and the other team has to make the game. It’s not the feeling that we won something today - it’s just a point

2019 11 16 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp realises he could bring the club the only trophy they’re missing] Oh, I didn’t think about that. I’m not someone who has to be the first on the moon or the first winning the World Cup with Liverpool, but when we are there then we will try with all we have

2019 11 28 Retrieve

[Wednesday night’s 1-1 draw with Napoli means that the Reds have now played 22 games in all competitions this season and kept just three clean sheets] Is someone going to ask an interesting question? Well, it was clear that we wanted to finish it tonight. But that’s football; you don’t always get the result you want

[Fabinho left the stadium with his left ankle in a protective boot following an accidental clash with Napoli forward Hirving Lozano] He has pain, so that’s not good. I hope that it is not serious but we will know more, maybe tomorrow [Thursday], maybe the day after

We have had it always. I am here four years, tell me when was it easy?

2019 12 03 Retrieve

[Jürgen Klopp claims Virgil van Dijk deserved Ballon d’Or over Lionel Messi]</b> Things like this are decisions made by journalists. I see it slightly different and a lot of people see it slightly different but that’s absolutely no problem. Lionel Messi, I’ve said probably 500,000 times in my life already, is probably the best player I saw in my lifetime. Very early in my life I saw Franz Beckenbauer and Diego Maradona but I’ve seen Lionel Messi more

I don’t know how the others would have played nowadays – probably exceptional – but Lionel Messi is here now and he has won it six times and Cristiano [Ronaldo] five times but last season I cannot remember a more impressive season from a defender ever. Honestly. So it would have been right if Virg won it

I heard it was pretty close. As a group of players we won the Champions League, played an outstanding season and got 97 points and people see that as well because we cannot do that without performing players so I am really happy for them. It is nice but it is last season, so I think pretty much now all the awards are done and the boys can go for new ones

[Liverpool FC have usually been quiet in January under Klopp but the manager believes that strategy could change because of the early summer deadline in England] For us it is always the same. We don’t speak about it but we are pretty much always ready to do something if it will help us. If not, then not. We will see. I think the summer window is more difficult because of the different moments when it closes in Europe. That makes it really difficult. We will see how that will be in the future. The summer window only hurts the English clubs, it doesn’t help them. We can only buy until a specific moment, other clubs can buy into the season

2019 12 04 Retrieve

[There was no Mohamed Salah in the starting XI, you see. Or Roberto Firmino. Jordan Henderson was benched and so was Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Alisson Becker, of course, was suspended. Why offer Everton encouragement?] Changes can lead to problems. but I didn’t see any

2019 12 04b Retrieve

[Klopp proud of Liverpool back-ups for stepping up in derby win] All the goals were incredible, outstanding. Wonderful goals, sensational passes, super pieces of football. I loved it a lot. We needed fresh legs and I had to show my respect to the boys in the squad, that’s all. They proved it. It is much more fun making changes, all of the boys are ready to deliver performances like this

Oh, a lot of great football moments in that game. We spoke before about the five changes. I had to show respect to the boys for what they do in training. I speak a lot about the quality of the squad so we have to show it. What they made of it was incredible. Divock’s goals, Sadio’s passes, Shaqiri’s everything, Lallana was everywhere. So many good football moments but from time-to-time we were a bit rusty in defending. They were really direct and we had a lot of second ball situations

We knew these boys were good. We don’t have a big squad because of injuries but young boys make impressions from behind too. We know the quality we have. They really push from behind, so that’s cool. That was the first game of a tough fixture list. We have to make changes and we will make changes. Naby Keita is the only one who is in outstanding shape and who didn’t play. I made five changes and was not brave enough to make six changes that is the only problem. I’m really pleased for them. I was not in doubt about it. The boys need to, when they have the chance, show it. Not for me really but for the public. I am really happy

2019 12 05 Retrieve

[Klopp doesn’t care about Liverpool’s unbeaten run] I would love that [32 matches unbeaten] in one season. That would be great. Last season we were nearly 38 games unbeaten but it was not enough. Nice number but not really interested in it. I can’t remember one game in the 100 [of my league wins] where we shouldn’t have won it. It feels like we have to win each and every game. All the wins are necessary. It’s a good start, that’s it - maybe a perfect start. We sleep twice, maybe three times then we play Bournemouth. They are in the moment and will go with all they have so we have to recover and go again

2019 12 05b Retrieve

[Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp said of Gabriel Martinelli last month] He’s a talent of the century; he’s an incredible striker. He’s really unbelievable. So young and looks so mature already; he’s a proper threat

2019 12 06 Retrieve

[Klopp: This isn’t PlayStation - players need to rest] There was no plans to make 30 changes last year [in December] but it’s time to make them now, that is clear. That’s what we’ll do, 100 per cent. It’s not FIFA or the PlayStation where players don’t need a rest. There is no time for rest. Still, we have to try to give them rests here and there. The others have to perform. We have to make these changes. That is clear

[When asked if he had considered splitting his first-team squad, Klopp was unequivocal] Not for one second. We won the Arsenal game [in the Carabao Cup] and we had to find a solution. It’s not perfect but it’s the best [option we have]. So we go to Qatar, play the game and also try to win at Villa. I did not consider splitting the squad. We had to do it like this. I think it’s a really nice opportunity for the younger guys. I know everybody says [we have] no chance but that’s why football is a wonderful thing. I hope all the boys and the staff enjoy it. No pressure.

2019 12 06b Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp felt Virgil van Dijk was unlucky to finish second behind Lionel Messi at the 2019 Ballon d’Or awards] Baresi praised Van Dijk, that is like being crowned by the king! The first three in the Ballon d’Or were Messi, Van Dijk and Ronaldo. Then Sadio Mane. Sadio is in incredible shape. I can remember his first goal v Arsenal, running down the line, cutting inside - incredible. He’s made big steps. Sadio can climb that Ballon d’Or chart, he is in a really good way. Internally, of course, he is not (under-appreciated). In the Ballon d’Or, having two players in the top five is nice. Ali [Alisson] and Mo [Mohamed Salah], too. We played a good season. We have to respect that

2019 12 06c Retrieve

[Harry Wilson is illegible to feature for the Cherries against his parent club, which comes as a relief to Klopp, who has been impressed by the midfielder’s displays on loan at the Vitality Stadium] I’m glad he can’t play against us! He’s made big steps, scoring nice goals

2019 12 06d Retrieve

[Klopp says Harry Wilson can succeed at Liverpool] Of course he can [succeed at Liverpool]. That’s why we loaned him, so he can make the steps. It would have been difficult for Harry and I would have loved to have had him here if we had another choice, especially when Xherdan Shaqiri was injured. You want to have these kinds of players but that is not the moment to decide. All the players we sent on loan have the chance to make it in the first team; otherwise we would have sold them.

His shooting is world-class. Find me five players who shoot better than him. That is obvious, but the game is about more and that is what he has to improve and that is clear. To be involved as an offensive player you have to connect with other players. He has that, it is not like he doesn’t, but to get to the next level, he needs game-time at the highest level and that is why we loaned him to Bournemouth.

I am happy he cannot play against us, because each free-kick is a proper, proper threat! I was never in doubt about Harry’s shooting ability, his skills in that part of the game are world-class. But Harry is at Bournemouth to improve other parts of his game; being involved, being decisive, between the lines, using his speed, all that stuff. He makes big steps there, which is really important. They are not in the best run but even there he scored two goals [at Spurs], nice goals as well. Good, absolutely good

2019 12 07 Retrieve

[Klopp hints Liverpool will target a striker in January if Rhian Brewster leaves on loan] Yes, we have to see. We can’t just give the boys on loan because we have built this squad. We have three long-term injuries and four with Paul Glatzel. Two of them were pre-season, two came later with Joel [Matip] and Fabinho. That gives us a 16-player squad and I count the kids, but we cannot only give players on loan and think it is good for him, we always have to consider both situations, the boy’s and ours. In the end, we try to make the perfect solution. Sometimes it works out, others it does not

[Klopp said of Brewster] Maybe Rhian is the one, age-wise, experience-wise, [to go out on loan]. If he had not been injured he would already have been on a different level, but that is the situation and we constantly think of the situation for the boys. He is very young, but still a bit advanced. But I don’t know, we don’t make decisions right now. If we do it then it 100 per cent needs to be the right club

2019 12 07b Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp has named a full-strength squad for the Club World Cup] We had to do it like this. I think it’s a really nice opportunity for the younger players to face that [the cup tie with Villa]

2019 12 07c Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp refused to be drawn on rumours about Jadon Sancho when asked ahead of his side’s 5-2 victory over Everton in midweek] He’s a very good player. I have no clue where these kind of things [the rumours] are coming from, but it cannot come from us because we never speak about it. If we would be involved, nobody would know about it apart from a person who wouldn’t speak about it. There’s nothing to say

2019 12 07d Retrieve

[Klopp happy to see Liverpool lower excitement levels] It was a professional performance, controlled, scoring wonderful goals. We didn’t want to make it exciting again so we wanted to control Bournemouth. The most used word in the dressing room at the moment is clean sheet - finally!

[While his back four did the job against the Cherries, Dejan Lovren was forced off with an untimely knock] Dejan Lovren was hopefully cramp but apart from that it was a perfect game. All round nearly perfect day

[On the opening goal, and what followed] In football you have to break lines, that is how it is. With these balls you can break all the lines and it makes it difficult to defend. Wonderful second goal and the third was similar to [Xherdan] Shaqiri’s the other week. This was a strong, strong, strong performance. So mature and so clear in all things. We try with all we have. There will be moments, especially between the games, where we have to switch the machine off and then switch it on again and be there. We have only three days and play Red Bull Salzburg in an all or nothing game

It is not about being constantly exciting it is about doing the right stuff. There were not a lot of difficult moments to defend and that is good, important. Nearly a perfect day. I don’t want to blame or whatever the groups I had before but this is a special group. Without that we have no chance to fulfil the Liverpool dreams. You need a strong character and this team has a strong character

2019 12 07e Retrieve

[Klopp also welcomed the shutout from his side, with Liverpool keeping their first clean sheet in 14 games across all competitions] It was a professional performance, controlled, scoring wonderful goals. We didn’t want to make it exciting again so we wanted to control Bournemouth. The most used word in the dressing room at the moment is clean sheet - finally!

2019 12 08 Retrieve

[Klopp ‘never doubted’ Naby Keita as Liverpool boss predicts big impact from midfield star] When you see a player like this, you ask why is he not playing week in, week out? Naby had injuries and then the team was in a really good shape, so do you change? If you want to change, we are not flying. It’s not as though we have won all our games four or five nil, so we’ve had to bring on a player who will help us with defending set-pieces and all that stuff. Naby’s not been playing, I get that. So we stayed in contact and spoke a lot about it. In the end a player needs to have this evidence that his manager still believes in him. I was never in doubt about him and [Saturday] has helped a lot, it’s really nice

He’s just been unlucky. And in life you need luck always. He started really well. Everyone forgot that and then he got injured and we’ve had two really good seasons. When something’s working, it’s not like you [can] squeeze five more percent of the performance with another player. The boys got more and more used to each other, but then another injury came and he started again. Like this year, he wasn’t 100 percent when he started pre-season, but I was never in doubt about his quality

Sometimes you have to talk to players. [Against Bournemouth] the people were shouting for Divock Origi. I get that, I loved the performance of Divock Origi [against Everton] but bringing him on just to say ‘thank you’ when we have so many games? It was wonderful that we didn’t have to, and the best part of the game was that we didn’t have to use Sadio Mane. He has been an all-time player in the last couple of weeks. We’ll see how we start on Tuesday (against Salzburg), I have no idea about that now. But we could give these two, plus Gini [Wijnaldum] and Adam [Lallana], kind of a rest. Hopefully they are all fit again for Tuesday and we will make decisions

2019 12 09 Retrieve

[Klopp not handing out presents to Liverpool youngsters despite Christmas approaching] It was his third time in the squad, so then I thought it makes sense to bring him on. But it was not a present, I have to say. It’s his development. We want to show respect for that and we appreciate that. Then you need a player and today we were without Adam Lallana and Gini Wijnaldum here. We thought we need a midfielder because we want to rest Robbo [Andy Robertson] a little bit, so move Millie [James Milner] there. That’s then a good choice. He did really well, he did really well. It was nice to watch and he enjoyed the game. Obviously it was not the most difficult game and it will not be the most difficult game in his career, but it was really nice seeing him. There are two or three more in the moment which we still have in the backhand. If we have to use them then we will then use them early. If not, then we give them a bit more time to develop and use them later.

2019 12 09b Retrieve

[Klopp had said of Lovren after that outing] Always you don’t know exactly but it looks not too serious, it looks like a little cramp. He felt something, he told us, said he for sure could go to half-time, wanted to have treatment there and carry on, but we said no and stopped it there

[The German tactician added on his other walking wounded] That’s the status quo, you have these kind of things in this moment of the season. It is similar to what Gini Wijnaldum and Adam Lallana had – not serious but serious enough to keep them out. Now we have two days to make sure they can go again. That’s what I think at the moment but I don’t know 100 per cent. Apart from that it was a perfect game. All round nearly perfect day

2019 12 09c Retrieve

[Asked about Haaland ahead of Liverpool’s clash with Salzburg] He is 19 years old and he is a very good striker, so how do you defend him? Try to make sure he doesn’t get many balls. He is a big, big talent. Like the best strikers, you try to cut the ball from them. But he’s not the only strong player they [Salzburg] have

[Ahead of Liverpool’s first match against Salzburg in October, Klopp was similarly complimentary] He is a wonderful player: very young, very confident, very quick. He looks clear-minded and focused on the pitch.​ He looks a decent player and is in the perfect place at the moment

2019 12 09d Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp has insisted keeping his Liverpool players motivated is not an issue] It’s not that I expect us to go through. I expect us to play the best game we can play. Salzburg were very happy that they won against Genk last time out and that we draw against Napoli, so they have a final against us. Napoli were happy because they know they only have to play Genk. We are prepared for that. Salzburg have to win against Liverpool. It’s possible and I like that. We are still ambitious like crazy, we will run for our lives. It’s not that we come here and think we have to dominate Salzburg. We have to focus on the next game. It’s tough because we play every three days. Tomorrow night is the most important game in our life because there is no other one

Keeping clean sheets is not really important for the game tomorrow. Conceding goals happens. We defend well, I think. We didn’t defend so well against Salzburg in the first leg. They are a team that surprisingly makes a lot of goals out of counter-attacks. We know their strengths very well and we hope that we can eliminate these strong points. How do you defend a very good striker? Try and stop balls into the box. He is a really big talent

We know our schedule. We played a tough game two days ago. Six days ago a very tough game. We don’t expect drops, we don’t accept drops, the boys as well. We ask ourselves for highest concentration. We are in the most intense period of our lives but we will try to enjoy. It is difficult, no doubt about that, but it’s not something that can stop us

2019 12 09e Retrieve

[Liverpool boss Klopp: I was wrong to not sign Sadio Mane at Dortmund] No it was simply a wrong evaluation of my side. I thought at that time that it was a lot of pressure on Dortmund and this transfer it had to be right. It is not the only wrong decision I have made, this one I could correct some years later

2019 12 10 Retrieve

[Klopp slams German translator ahead of Liverpool’s crunch match with Salzburg] I can do it by myself. It’s s**t when next to the translator sits a coach who speaks German. The question was if the Champions League title from the last year helps us because we have always delivered in situations like this. He [Henderson] doesn’t talk about going easy in this game. We are aware of this challenge. He is speaking about all this normal stuff. You should really listen. Otherwise, I can do it by myself. It’s not too difficult.

[Switching to English, he then told the media] I am in a competition mood already, I can tell you

2019 12 10b Retrieve

[Klopp rules out defender signing in January with Liverpool already well-stocked] How can you be short of centre halves when you have four centre halves plus Fabinho? Only Fabinho is injured, Matip is injured and Dejan Lovren had a problem, yes. We will not sign a centre-half because of injuries - that is the world outside who thinks we are short and we have to do it - but afterwards we would have six centre halves and that wouldn’t make a lot of sense. And you need quality. You can’t have just somebody [for the sake of it] - I am somebody, I am tall, not quick, but I look like a centre-half at least.

Yes I am absolutely concerned [about injuries], but Lovren is not injured. It was a little bit of cramp, and the right moment to take him off, but it is cool, everybody is fine. We spoke about squad depth, but we had 16 adult players against Everton, 14 adult players against Bournemouth - it’s not that we think we have no clue how to make a squad at the moment. How can I tell the boys they are not involved in the squad? We have no problem, there is nobody there I have to explain it to. But yes it is all good, but not perfect

There is no pressure from my side. It’s clear they will not be in before Christmas - not this year, actually. So why should we ask every five seconds if there’s some improvement or not? I know everybody involved is doing whatever they can. There will be a moment when somebody comes to me and tells me, ‘One week for him, two weeks for him’ and I’ll start telling you

2019 12 10c Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp’s team are used to playing, and delivering, under pressure] I’m four years in. Tell me when it was easy?

2019 12 10d Retrieve

[When Jerome Onguene failed to deal with Jordan Henderson’s pass over the top, Salah was not only quick enough to beat goalkeeper Cican Stankovic to the ball, but composed and clinical enough to clip an outstanding finish with his right foot, from an absurd angle, into the far corner] A sensational finish. And it says more about him, to stay on track like that, than the other chances he didnt score

2019 12 10e Retrieve

[Liverpool defender Dejan Lovren had to be removed from Tuesday’s Champions League encounter with Red Bull Salzburg, dealing an injury blow to a defence already shorthanded] We hope that it’s exactly the same as last time. He felt something and we made the decision. It’s of course not cool. He played really well and was very important. We don’t know more in the moment. It felt similar like last time, that’s it. We have to see

It was not like after four weeks or so that it was already as we wished, so we have to wait another two weeks I would think and then we will see. But then he will have been out for six weeks or so, if it is perfect, fine, but he might need to rebuild his physical things as well, which is not too cool, but it is nothing serious. It will be fine, but the problem is between now and then, we play 10 times and that is the situation

2019 12 10f Retrieve

[Klopp thrilled as Liverpool seal Champions League progression] What a team. What an effort. It was a tough game. They started so direct. They did so many smart things. We were ready to defend it. It was a very tense game. In the second half they couldn’t cope with the intensity. We scored two wonderful goals. We could have scored six or seven which is crazy. We won the group, we won the game, all good. First half, we had to put a proper shift in. When we had the ball we had sitters and didn’t score. Then Mo scored the most difficult situation of the whole night - he scored that goal. I have no idea [how]. With his quality, how he didn’t score one or two of the others I have no clue. So many sensational performances. This kind of attitude, it’s great. A tricky one but we did it

2019 12 10g Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has hailed the unbelievably strong Red Bull Salzburg side that his club eliminated from the Champions League on Tuesday] I couldn’t have more respect for what Salzburg are doing. I know how people see it, you think about being best in Austria is OK but some people don’t respect that

You see how good they are, how good they were in the first game, how good they were against Napoli. Salzburg were unbelievably strong especially in the first half but we were as well and were ready for the fight. We should have scored in the first half and then in the second half, it’s not easy to keep that intensity. We scored the goals and could have scored more, but I have really massive respect for Salzburg

2019 12 11 Retrieve

[Klopp says sorry to German translator after slating him for misquoting him in press conference] Before we start I’d like to apologise for yesterday. I know that it was unfair and even more so as it happened in public. It was completely stupid. I didn’t like the way my answer was translated, but the way I addressed it was stupid. I should have done better and I’m sorry

2019 12 12 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp declare he trust Marco Rose’s Red Bull Salzburg closed in on the Austrian Bundesliga title last season] I trust Marco in everything. Marco can have any job and could do any job too, he is really the most hyped coach of all at the moment, everyone is asking about him.

2019 12 12b Retrieve

[After Gabriel Martinelli had scored twice during the 5-5 draw with Liverpool in October] He’s really unbelievable. He’s so young, looks so mature already and is a proper threat. He’s a talent of the century, an incredible striker

2019 12 13 Retrieve

[He reiterates why he’s excited to have signed his new contract but keeps his cards close to his chest about Takumi Minamino] There’s nothing else to say about it actually. We speak about it like we do with all transfers, potential transfers, when it’s sorted and not earlier. Very good player, I can say that, but I saw a few very good players in the Salzburg team, to be honest, much more than I wanted - especially in the first half! So that’s it

[Jurgen Klopp on his new deal at Anfield] For me personally this is a statement of intent, one which is built on my knowledge of what we as a partnership have achieved so far and what is still there for us to achieve. When I see the development of the club and the collaborative work that continues to take place, I feel my contribution can only grow. People see what happens on the pitch as a measure of our progress and although it is the best measure, it’s not the only measure. I have seen the commitment from ownership through to every aspect and function of the club you can think of. When the call came in autumn 2015, I felt we were perfect for each other; if anything, now I feel I underestimated that. It is only with a total belief that the collaboration remains totally complementary on both sides that I am able to make this commitment to 2024. If I didn’t I would not be re-signing. This club is in such a good place, I couldn’t contemplate leaving

2019 12 13b Retrieve

[Klopp signs new five-year contract at Liverpool] For me personally this is a statement of intent, one which is built on my knowledge of what we as a partnership have achieved so far and what is still there for us to achieve. When I see the development of the club and the collaborative work that continues to take place, I feel my contribution can only grow

People see what happens on the pitch as a measure of our progress and although it is the best measure, it’s not the only measure. I have seen the commitment from ownership through to every aspect and function of the club you can think of. When the call came in autumn 2015, I felt we were perfect for each other; if anything, now I feel I underestimated that. It is only with a total belief that the collaboration remains totally complementary on both sides that I am able to make this commitment to 2024. If I didn’t I would not be re-signing. This club is in such a good place, I couldn’t contemplate leaving

I must also highlight the role of our sporting director, Michael Edwards, in this journey so far. His input and collaboration has been just as important as anyone else’s in getting us into a position to compete for the game’s top titles. For anyone in football who aspires to compete in an environment where every element of the organisation is at its very best – from the support of the supporters to the vision of the owners – there can be no better place than this

[Discussing the importance of Krawietz and Lijnders, who make up his first-team coaching staff]

It was so important to me that my staff also agreed these new deals with the club. Without them being prepared to make the same commitment, quite frankly I would not have been able to do this. I am blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing staff; honestly, I feel the luckiest manager in the world in this regard. Peter and Pep have contributed just as much as I have to the development of this team and although as the manager, many may see me as the face of the club, their input and expertise is invaluable to what we’re looking to achieve.

I have worked with Pete for many years now, going back to my time at Mainz and Dortmund. And even now I am still amazed at the things he spots during a game. He has an incredible talent and one that is priceless for us. It has been one of the best professional experiences for me to see him grow and become the coach he now is. He’s always been essential to me, but his own personal development since arriving at Liverpool has been outstanding. He is so smart, so insightful and so important to us.

Pep, what can I say? What this guy doesn’t know about football isn’t worth knowing! I have never met a guy more passionate and dedicated about the game. I only got to know him when I first arrived at Liverpool, but I instantly fell in love with his infectious commitment and knowledge of the game. He left for a period and came back – but he came back in a more senior capacity and he’s flourished since. He is every inch a top manager of the future, but in the meantime, I am thankful we have him with us. But going beyond Pete and Pep, these new deals are a mark of not only our collective belief in our project, but also a sign of our development so far.

We always say it is a collective effort at Melwood; it’s not just about me, the players or my coaching team, everybody who works here contributes in their own way to what happens on the field and how we have progressed as a club – that’s why we have everybody’s names on a wall in a corridor here. We all share the same vision and we all share the same belief in the way Liverpool FC continues to move forward. And that’s why today is such an exciting day for myself, Pete and Pep and why I am delighted they will be alongside me for the journey still to come. Both view this decision to extend exactly as I do: a fantastic opportunity to do what we all love at the best place in the world we could do it

2019 12 13c Retrieve

[Klopp and Mane pick up Premier League awards after Liverpool boss extends stay at Anfield. The German coach celebrated his new deal by winning another Premier League accolade as Sadio Mane was named Player of the Month] It feels really good. But I don’t take it personally. My players are responsible for that, obviously, because they have so far played an outstanding season

2019 12 13d Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has admitted that the Anfield club have a major defensive headache as Saturday’s Premier League clash with Watford approaches] Dejan Lovren is out for Watford. He’ll be back before my contract ends! It’s a muscle injury, more serious than last time. We have problems

Two fit centre-backs is a concern and it’s not the first time we have this situation. Fabinho is out too. It’s not too cool. We have to put them in cotton wool and ask them what they want in training

We have to be creative. We have Ki-Jana and Sepp. We can play different systems, too. But we have problems

2019 12 13e Retrieve

[Klopp’s contract extension the Christmas present every Liverpool fan wanted] A statement of intent. One of the big moments of our stewardship. There can be no better place than this

The plan is to make it the best time of our lives. We have to enjoy the ride

2019 12 13f Retrieve

[Klopp jokes with Japanese journalist amid Minamino talk] Why are you here. I think we’ll see you more often now

[instead of asking Klopp about Minamino, the reporter actually queried the German on Shinji Kagawa, the Japanese player he worked with at Borussia Dortmund] Look, he doesn’t speak about Minamino, he speaks about Shinji Kagawa! I love that, that’s great, and smart. I loved working with Shinji, a great experience because I didn’t have much of an idea about Japanese football before I met Shinji. We saw him on video and signed him from watching him on video. We were not sure about him, but after first time training, in the dressing room, all of the coaches were just hugging each other, [saying], ‘Oh my God, we’ve got a super player’.

I had two years with Shinji, and you know better than I do, but the attitude of Japanese players is outstanding, smart, technically really good usually, work-rate outstanding, really dynamic and nice people. I still try to follow his career – it was just a great experience

[Klopp batted away a question relating to the apparently imminent arrival of Minamino] There’s nothing else to say. We speak about it in the moment like we do about all transfers – or potential transfers – when it’s sorted, so [I have] nothing to say about it. He’s a very good player, I can say that, but I saw many good players in the Salzburg team, more than I wanted to see, but that’s it

2019 12 14 Retrieve

[Injuries now the only threat to Liverpool’s title charge as Wijnaldum limps off in Watford win] It’s a muscle problem. He could probably fly to Qatar, but my problem is I don’t know what injury it is. Tomorrow we will know more

2019 12 14b Retrieve

[Wijnaldum limps off during Liverpool’s clash with Watford due to apparent hamstring injury] It’s a muscle problem. I don’t know. He could probably fly to Qatar, my problem is I don’t know what injury it is. You never want a muscle injury for a player but at this moment it’s more difficult. All teams have the same problems. Tomorrow we will know more

2019 12 14c Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp claims the introduction of VAR means that he no longer celebrates goals] I didn’t see it yet. As you can imagine, when you are winning 2-0, I’m not too concerned about it. I had no clue where it was offside, to be honest. I don’t celebrate goals anymore because you have to wait until somebody says it is a goal. I thought there was one pass before where maybe it was offside, but that Sadio was offside I couldn’t see. I didn’t see it back, so no idea

It was not an off day. I saw a lot of good performances, we scored sensational goals. You have to score from different situations. A few days ago we scored two from set-pieces, this time we scored from two counter-attacks pretty much, which is good in a game where you have a lot of possession. Yes, we had the ball and we played around, but the problem was that in the moments when they won the ball, it was really difficult in protection. They did that really well. Absolutely this was not an off day, it was just a difficult game and I am completely fine with that

[Klopp added on the need to grind out results, which Liverpool have become adept at] In December and January especially, you need to show resilience – that’s the most important thing. And we showed that, but Watford showed it as well, so I respect that. We had chances, we scored goals, but they had chances as well which they didn’t score from – and that’s for sure one reason why they are in the situation they are in. Two or three balls they missed. This time maybe now I can speak about, but the wind helped us today from time to time – I am pretty sure [Ismaila] Sarr would have at least would have had a finish in the situation when he didn’t hit the ball without the wind. It made the game tricky for both sides, that’s clear, but it helps them a little bit more than us usually in those situations. We had to fight, that’s what we did and that’s why we won. All good

2019 12 14d Retrieve

[Klopp blasts reports of Champions League expansion] The fixtures are like they are. You all like watching us suffering - that’s how it is. You look a little bit concerned, but at the end nobody cares really

Today I read an article [saying that] the top clubs want to do more games in the Champions League or whatever. I am not involved in these plans. So that’s absolute b**s as well. That’s how it is. We can talk about everything but we have to cut off games, not be putting more in. Until then we have to do what we do and we will do that and we are quite positive about it. We need each point we can get because it’s a tough and long season. You [the media] can make early judgements […] but we can’t. We just have to recover and play the next game

[Klopp dismissed the idea his team were off their game against Watford] No, just a difficult game. It was not an off-day. We scored sensational goals. It was just a difficult game and I’m completely fine with that

[Klopp recognised Liverpool would be going into a warmer climate after their seven-hour flight to the Middle East] I think it’s raining there. Perhaps it doesn’t help the pitch - the one pitch we are playing all on […] it’s sensationally good organisation - where all the games are on one pitch and it’s raining. I’m not sure if the people in Qatar are used to a lot of rain. We will see how the pitch will be. That’s a bit of a problem

2019 12 15 Retrieve

[Klopp: ‘Exceptional’ Joe Gomez can play ‘sensationally’ with Van Dijk at Liverpool] In a very good team, which we obviously are, the train doesn’t wait. That means other players showed up, and I don’t think anybody thought really we should put Joel on the bench. It is just that the boys are incredibly talented. The boy is still young, that is not the reason - it’s just that you keep rhythm and you keep players together. But these two, Joe and [Virgli van Dijk], they like each other a lot, and they can play sensationally well together. And Watford was an especially difficult game - Deeney! - and how you can imagine they play one ball direction. And the balls that came into Virgil were only because of the wind, all the others came to Joe, and Deeney goes up. Football-wise he’s an exceptional player, but against Watford you could see he had to fight, and fight to keep concentrated

Put Joe Gomez on the right side, we thought it made sense because we play (regularly) at least three centre-halves, and it was important for him to have rhythm for the time now - that period over December and January

2019 12 16 Retrieve

[Klopp confident despite ‘difficult’ Atletico Champions League draw] It’s an interesting draw. Before the draw, I actually thought it would be Madrid - either one of the two clubs - and that’s the way it is. Madrid is the place where we only have fantastic memories, all of us, so that’s great, but this time we play Atletico there and it’s their home ground. It’s a tough one, but if you go through all of the draws, there are pretty much four or five potential finals already in the last 16. So, really, really good; a good draw, a difficult game like it should be, but I don’t think Mr Simeone is running through his living room and is happy that he got Liverpool. It will be a tough game. Two teams who are used to playing intense football. Different styles and slightly different organisation, of course, but both are ready for intensity and that makes it pretty tough for both

[Reflecting on the draw as a whole, which saw Premier League rivals Manchester City paired with 13-time champions Real Madrid] I think I said last time that it is somehow the strongest ever last 16 or last eight, but it looks like it becomes stronger and stronger every year

2019 12 17 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp has confirmed that Georginio Wijnaldum will sit out Liverpool’s Club World Cup semi-final clash against Monterrey on Wednesday] Georginio Wijnaldum was not as serious as we thought in the first moment, so he’s here doing the first recovery and then we have stuff what is necessary. So we will see day by day but for tomorrow night he’s not involved

Virgil van Dijk is fine. We had to do different stuff for recovery for different people, so that was the reason why he was not involved yesterday in the session, but Virgil is fine. All the rest of the squad is fine

2019 12 18 Retrieve

[Klopp salutes Liverpool goalkeeper after match-winning display at Club World Cup] All you need is Alisson Becker, Alisson Becker. He was there in the decisive moments. Really hard game and then you can bring on the boys

2019 12 18b Retrieve

[Jordan Henderson, normally a midfielder, stepped into the back line in Van Dijk’s place, partnering Joe Gomez in the centre of Liverpool’s defence. Jordan Henderson, normally a midfielder, stepped into the back line in Van Dijk’s place, partnering Joe Gomez in the centre of Liverpool’s defence] Wonderful goal, great game, super atmosphere. We have no clue about Virgil, we thought he would be fine. We will see. We have brought in a few kids and see what we can do line-up wise. We want to play the final and see what we can do.

2019 12 18c Retrieve

[Remarking on the use of a sports psychologist at Liverpool in November 2019] I think around about 20, 25 years ago there were no goalie coaches in football and the head coach did the goalie training by himself. You had no athletic coaches, it was all our job pretty much. So, the teams around the team became bigger. The next thing was, of course, with psychology

What he is doing with the players, I am not involved. I have my part to do with the boys and do that like I did it before. It’s just an add-on for all the things we try to deliver. We try to make sure the boys are in the best hands

2019 12 18d Retrieve

[Liverpool will closely monitor the fitness of Virgil van Dijk ahead of their Club World Cup final on Saturday against Flamengo] It was an easy decision actually because he couldn’t train. Yes, he was yesterday on the [training] pitch for a couple of minutes until the media left [the session] and then, unfortunately, he had to leave as well. Not because of the media, just because he didn’t feel well. So yesterday no training was possible, this morning no training possible, so it was an easy decision – he couldn’t play. It was difficult for Hendo to deal with, but he did really good. We will see, I don’t know how quick he can recover. We will see.

2019 12 18e Retrieve

[Klopp jokes Liverpool could have used Minamino at Club World Cup] I cannot speak about it, sorry. You are too early! If he would come – it would have been good if we could bring him on. But he’s not yet our player so we have to wait for that, sorry

[Ahead of a congested festive period Klopp was delighted to have avoided an additional 30 minutes against Monterrey] I was actually afraid of the extra time to be honest, so I was more than happy when Bobby scored that goal. We had to do a few changes because we had no other options, but we wanted to do some other changes. It means we left Trent out, we left Bobby out and Sadio out, and that gives you then the opportunity when the game is not decided to make the decision. That Bobby scored the goal is just wonderful. He came on and was immediately in the game, a really good situation, pass from Mo, maybe not clear enough but he helped us a lot, Sadio with his power and stuff, Trent [supplied] immediate, dangerous crosses, so it helped. Staying on track is part of our game. You for sure cannot plan a goal like this, you only think it’s not impossible. It was really a super, super goal

2019 12 19 Retrieve

[Liverpool confirm £7.25m Takumi Minamino signing] This is fabulous news – a wonderful signing. We are really, really happy about this. Our supporters have had the chance to see him close up recently so I don’t need to sing too loudly about his qualities as they are already known.

Takumi is a very quick, very clever player, he finds space between the lines. He is brave with the ball but also brave without the ball – a proper team player. He makes the best of himself for the benefit of others. His Champions League experience is a big bonus and coming from the club and organisation he does, we know he’ll be well coached, used to an elite environment and had all the right experiences.

It is fantastic work by our football operations team in how they’ve handled this transfer. Michael Edwards and the team deserve a lot of credit. It’s not hard to see why Salzburg is a favoured destination for players with real talent and hunger. From our experiences dealing with, and facing, Salzburg on and off the pitch in recent months, their reputation as a benchmark modern European club will only grow.

I’m sure all the Liverpool supporters will go out of their way to make Takumi feel at home in our amazing city and club. I am also pretty sure as of now we have added to our numbers of the LFC family in Japan specifically. For those who follow us now because we have one of the country’s most exciting talents, I say welcome – it’s a special club to be part of

2019 12 19b Retrieve

[Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp suggested Flamengo do boast an advantage considering their league season is over] Probably Flamengo’s season is over, they are here with the full squad pretty much as well. We have just to recover as quick as possible and to make ourselves ready. With Jorge Jesus as a manager, of course there’s a European influence and that’s it, but the players themselves already have quality. If there would not be a European coach, it would already be difficult. With Jorge Jesus, (he is) very experienced, very successful in Portugal and now in Brazil as well. We have a lot of respect for that but at the end we will try our best and we will see how it will work out

2019 12 19c Retrieve

[Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp was asked about his experiences with Salah, having coached him for just over two years now] Very good, very good experiences [with Salah] but the most positive was on the training ground – sensationally good. On the pitch he’s great, really, really good

[The stadium] was especially loud when Mo came on the screen. I wouldn’t want to be in his position, with all the attention on me constantly, each touch. He’s dealing really well with that [pressure], but don’t forget he’s a really normal person and he wants to have some relaxation as well from time to time

2019 12 20 Retrieve

[Klopp says Liverpool want to win Club World Cup] This situation is different for Flamengo and for us. Flamengo got sent here from their continent with a clear order to win it and to come back as heroes. We got told, ‘Stay at home and play the Carabao [League] Cup’. That’s a massive difference.

We cannot change that. But we are here and we - my team - want to win the competition, even when we know it is very difficult because the other team is really, really good, but that’s how it is with the big competitions

[Klopp unsure if Van Dijk will play] We will see. Virgil was part of training today, Gini has had a session today, so we will see how it will look at the end. We have no new injury concerns. It was Wednesday when we played and now it is Friday. We use each hour for recovery so that is what we did. We will see who can line up tomorrow

2019 12 20b Retrieve

[Klopp: Flamengo were told to become heroes, Liverpool were told to play in the EFL Cup] The situation is different for us as it is for Flamengo. They came here with a clear order to win it and come back home as heroes. We got told to stay at home and play in the EFL Cup. But we are here and my team wants to win this competition. The view in Europe of the Club World Cup is different to the view in the rest of the world but we want to change that. Liverpool fans want us to win - most of the other fans don’t really care. But we saw what it means to Monterrey by how much they invested to win on Wednesday and it will be the same with Flamengo.

[Klopp has been impressed by Jorge Jesus’s work since he took charge of Flamengo in June] This is the first time that I have faced a Brazilian team but this is also the first time Flamengo have played a team like Liverpool. I know what we have to expect. Flamengo will be intense and organised. Jorge Jesus has changed their fortunes. He has brought players in to the defence, he has a settled line-up, a team where everybody knows what they have to do. He was a successful coach at Benfica and at Sporting. He’s a character and is famous for being organised. He could go to a European club if he wanted but maybe Rio is such a nice place he wants to stay there

[Virgil van Dijk missed the victory over Monterrey through illness and Georginio Wijnaldum was sidelined with a muscle injury] Virgil van Dijk was part of training today and Gini had a session. We will see how it looks at the end. We have no new concerns. We will use each hour for recovery and we will see who we can line up tomorrow [Saturday]

2019 12 20c Retrieve

[Whose year is it? Liverpool and Flamengo hoping to end 2019 on top of the world] Tough game, a really tough game. We will see who deals better with the circumstances, who makes more right decisions

2019 12 20d Retrieve

[Asked to pick out his biggest surprise at Liverpool] I have known Trent Alexander-Arnold since he was 17 years old. He was a big talent but we were not sure he could do it physically. Now he is a machine - so he is a big surprise

[Quizzed on how he has gone about that since conquering Europe] The conscious decision we made with the boys was, as Liverpool players, it was not about winning one thing. It is about winning and there is no limit. The moment we did it was important - but it did not give us a feeling it was done. We like to think we would meet up in 20 to 30 years, look back and mix up the years. Was it 2019 or 2020? So far, so good. We try to squeeze everything we can get from our time together. There is no pressure, it is just opportunity

[Klopp also has difficult decisions to make when it comes to freshening up his ranks] All my former players have my number and we stay in contact. I support them still, apart from the moment we play each other. If we win 5-1 I would prefer my former player scores the one. It is like a family and friends forever. When I was a very young manager [at Mainz] and I knew my players did not earn very much, I had to tell some of my best friends they would not get another contract and I did not know which way it would go for them. Now it is a different level and I do not put the players on the streets, they will find another club. I do not push them in a dark room and leave them there. The future is still bright for them, and sometimes it is not the right place in our team any more. It is being completely honest in these moments, it is not that I enjoy it. Everything has its time and it’s the same with a contract as well. I have never kept a player because I like him so much

2019 12 20e Retrieve

[Minamino a signing for the present and future as Klopp expects Liverpool rebuild] We will see what we can achieve together in that time, but there will probably be a moment where we have to change things. Improve always, but to change things as well and I really thought it makes sense that I do that instead of another manager coming in and having to do this kind of not really thankful job and like rebuild or whatever and then say, ‘oh but Klopp would have done different’, stuff like this. This club became so important to me in a really short time. It’s unbelievable, so I feel absolute responsible for probably too much, but nearly everything. That’s what we try to show with that [contract] extension. We are ready to win whatever we can, but to make sure because there is always a time after me, after another manager, that the club is in the best possible position to carry on in the best possible way.

At this moment, everyone in the club believes that we need the consolation of the relationship we have with each other, but that it really works out in the future as well. That’s important. It’s not reshaping, but Taki [Minamino] is for sure a player who can help us immediately in the short term and the long term, from an age perspective. He’s already really good. Everyone could see when we played Salzburg. But still [there is] potential there to become even better. It’s not a competition, it’s just to have different options in different moments and the door is wide open that Takumi Minamino can come in the team

2019 12 20f Retrieve

[Liverpool handed injury boost as Van Dijk and Wijnaldum train ahead of Club World Cup final] We will see. Virg was part of training today, Gini had a session today. We will see how it will look at the end. We have no new injury concerns. How you can imagine, it was Wednesday night when we played and now it’s Friday, so we use each hour for recovery and all that stuff. That’s what we did and we will see who we can line up tomorrow

2019 12 21 Retrieve

[Wijnaldum to miss Club World Cup semi-final] Gini was not as serious as we thought in the first moment, so he’s here doing the first recovery and then we have stuff what is necessary. We’ll see day by day, but for tomorrow night [Wednesday] he’s not involved

2019 12 21b Retrieve

[Klopp: Liverpool winning Club World Cup would be ‘like landing on the moon’] I don’t know how you approach something that has never been done before – it is like landing on the moon. It means more to them [fans in South America] but to the players? No. Did it mean more to Tottenham in the Champions League final? More to Chelsea [in the Super Cup final]? When our boys play football they show every time they want to win. Is it an advantage the whole country or continent wants Flamengo to win it more? I don’t know. Mexico wanted to win it more than people in England and we beat their team, so we will see.

For the players it is no problem. We spoke about it a few months ago and asked how did they want to play it? It wasn’t that they could decide but how do you see it? They said: ‘We go!’ Since then it’s never changed. The boys are 100 per cent clear. They didn’t need Ali [Alisson] telling them or Bobby [Firmino] telling them or Fabinho telling them about the importance. They are footballers, they are sportsmen and they want to win everything they can. It is how it sounds: the team World Cup winner. You don’t often get the chance to do so and for most of them, with the countries they play for, they never have a chance to win a World Cup so this is the only chance. For me as well. But who cares about me? I don’t feel pressure but I feel a really big opportunity and I want to do it

2019 12 22 Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp insists his side are completely focused on winning the FIFA Club World Cup for the first time] We don’t fly 3,000 miles not to show up. We are here now and completely focused. If, however, you asked me if there should be a Club World Cup in the middle of our season, I would say no. I speak constantly about this kind of competition. We are here so, for us, it is the most important competition in the world. But can it be bigger? I don’t know

2019 12 22b Retrieve

[Klopp praises ‘exhausted’ Liverpool after ‘sensational’ Club World Cup victory] We are all kind of exhausted from a very intense game. It was an incredible performance, an incredibly difficult game against a good opponent. We did so many good things it’s unbelievable, so many good football moments. Late goals - we don’t want to need them but they were necessary and important. The boys have improved a lot over these months and when you start believing you believe through the full 90 minutes and in this case 120 minutes. I saw so many sensationally good performances and I’m really happy. The atmosphere in the stadium was great. I think we deserved the win tonight, we were the better side. In this moment we have to look at a wonderful night for us, for the club, for everybody who is with us. Before the game I said I don’t know exactly how it would feel [to win the cup] but now I can say it’s outstanding. Absolutely sensational. I am so proud of the boys and couldn’t be better

[Klopp also praised match-winner Firmino, who forms part of a prolific Liverpool frontline alongside Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah] If one is not scoring the other one, or the other two, are scoring. We needed his (Firmino’s) goals here and I couldn’t be more happy for him. Before the game we spoke a lot about how much this means to Brazilians, and it meant a lot to him. I am really delighted for him

[Saturday’s victory was Liverpool’s seventh match in a packed December schedule] We play again in five days so it’s a tough period. But the boys game after game really show their desire to make the next step, show their desire to win the next game, show their desire to win the next challenge and I am really happy with that

2019 12 22c Retrieve

[Klopp reveals why Liverpool have no French players on their books] There is no reason for it. Kylian plays for PSG. Griezmann wanted to go to Barcelona obviously - we know how good that team is. We would like to have a French player, but some of them are too expensive for us

2019 12 23 Retrieve

[The bizarre situation has come about because the European champions are in Qatar ahead of Wednesday’s Club World Cup semi-final against Mexico’s Monterrey. But a fixture clash means another Liverpool team, made up of youth players, will be facing Aston Villa around 24 hours earlier] It’s good. Tomorrow night we start with watching the other semi-final live in the stadium, I think it should be possible. And then we will leave there a bit earlier and sit here in front of the television and watch that game. It will be absolutely exciting. I’m really delighted for the boys

2019 12 24 Retrieve

[Atletico Madrid won’t relish Liverpool tie] It’s an interesting draw, Before the draw I actually thought it would be Madrid – either one of the two clubs – and that’s the way it is. It’s a tough one, but if you go through all of the draws, there are pretty much four or five potential finals already in the last 16. So, really, really good; a good draw. A difficult game like it should be, but how we most of the time think and say, I don’t think Mr Simeone is running through his living room and is happy that he got Liverpool.

2019 12 24b Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp conceding that he is yet to determine where Takumi Minamino will fit into his plans] We will see. All the things we know about Takumi, so many things fit very well to us. His football skills first and foremost obviously, his decision-making in tight areas, his speed, his desire to win the ball back. Counter-pressing, he’s used to that because Salzburg have a similar philosophy that we have. That’s all really good but then you have to see how he will adapt when he is finally coming over and we are allowed to work with him. How can we put him in in the short term? Long-term, there is no doubt that he will help us, that’s clear

I’m looking forward to working with him, but between now and Takumi’s first real day at Melwood there’s still three games so I have a little bit of time to think about where he will fit in

2019 12 24c Retrieve

[Klopp admits afterwards that the full extent of Oxlade-Chamberlain’s injury was still to be determined] No news on anyone else, which is good. With Oxlade, you have three ligaments on the ankle and one is damaged. I don’t know exactly [how long]. It can take a while. No chance for rest of the year that is clear. We have to see how it settles

[Liverpool will return to domestic action boasting a 10-point lead in the Premier League title race] We have developed at playing in finals. You get used to the excitement and still doing the right things. We have matured. It is all really good. Apart from that, the boys have developed in a sensational way last couple of years. We went there to Qatar to achieve something special, we did that, it felt brilliant. Went home, had a proper sleep and now we prepare for Leicester

[Quizzed on claims that the race is already over] People in this part of the world can talk about what they want, we are not fussed by that Things aren’t over. We are not here because we haven’t taken each game 100% serious. We are pretty good at shutting the doors around us that isn’t interesting

2019 12 24c Retrieve

[Klopp extends Christmas goodwill to Ancelotti, but issues warning ahead of Merseyside derby showdown] I couldn’t be further away from the FA Cup at the moment, there are three very important games in between so I cannot really think about that. I get it that Carlo yesterday had to speak already about it and about his record [against Liverpool] and stuff like this, all good. I like him a lot… I liked him a lot!

It’s difficult in this business to have friends. With Dave Wagner I was friends before we became managers, all the others we meet from time to time, but with him the relationship was always kind of special. So now we meet a couple of times during the year, more often than we are probably used to, but that’s all. I would love to say I wish him luck! No, it’s Christmas, come on, I wish him luck

[Everton haven’t won any of the last 20 Merseyside derbies in all competitions, with the 5-2 defeat in November proving the final nail in the coffin of Marco Silva’s Toffees career] We are here to play Leicester on Thursday, that’s all. It has nothing to do with the finals or the other games, it’s just about this game, being in the game, dig in, fight for each inch on the pitch. Be ruthless, be ready. We want to run, we don’t want to come in a situation where we have to run. All these kind of little differences, that’s what we are and that’s what we have to show

2019 12 25 Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has described Manchester City needing to play two Premier League games in the space of 48 hours as a crime] It is absolutely not ok. None of the managers have a problem playing on Boxing Day, but playing on the 27th and 29th is a crime. This year we play 26th and 29th and it is like a holiday. I understand all those saying it should not happen. They are not moaning. They are telling. It is not for the spectacle. It would not be a problem to play 26th and 29th with more teams. There is no reason why more teams do not get more than 48 hours between a Premier League game. Obviously, we can say what we want but no one is listening. Every year is the same for the coaches with the 26th and 28th. Sports science gives you nothing to deal with this. The body needs a specific amount of time to go again. But we ignore that completely. We just say, ‘Oh, they look strange running around again today.’ We are not in that situation this year, but I understand each manager who mentions it from time to time - or pretty much always - when we see it coming up because it is just not ok, but other people have to decide that

[Ahead of a Boxing Day clash against Leicester City, Klopp stressed his side can’t afford to slip up with Manchester City] It has changed. You are not allowed to lose games any more. The kind of consistency they [Manchester City] showed in the last three years is incredible and very difficult to do. So they became champions two years ago and last year, we helped a lot and they helped us a lot as we tried to catch up with them. They did it in an incredible way. Winning the Premier League should be difficult, it is such a strong league with all the teams you see now. You have to be ready every three days to win a game. We know that, so don’t think about the last game we won, we don’t think about the one after the next one, we think only about the next one. With all the problems and difficulties we face, that is pretty much a plan and sometimes it works out. That is what we do

2019 12 25b Retrieve

[Klopp: I am the luckiest man alive to be a part of Liverpool] It is, naturally, a time to briefly reflect on an incredible year for these boys, this club and, of course, our supporters. I think you know me well enough by now, I am not a guy for looking back, not when there is work to do. But how can I ignore what we have all experienced in this year? I have just one word for it: wow. I am so proud of many things. Of course, firstly for everyone to have the chance to celebrate Liverpool being trophy winners once again.

For as long as I live, I will never forget that night in Madrid and the following day in Liverpool as we brought the Champions League home. I remember I once said the city would ‘explode’ when we won a trophy, but I think I even may have underestimated it a bit. Those scenes … I cannot even think of them now without getting goose bumps.

That day, you made us go through every kind of emotion and when I looked people in the eye from up on that bus, it reinforced what I’ve known since October 8, 2015 – I am the luckiest man alive to be a part of this football club, a part of this special family.

That we were also able to follow the Champions League up with two more trophies, the Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup, as well as producing week after week in the Premier League, says everything about these boys. Seriously, I could not be any prouder than I am to be the manager of these players. I have called them the ‘mentality monsters’ at various points throughout 2019 because they keep delivering, no matter what the circumstances, no matter what the odds. Of course, this was never truer than that night against Barcelona at Anfield when they went beyond 100 per cent, they pushed themselves to their absolute maximum and then more, and delivered something special

2019 12 26 Retrieve

[On Saturday, Liverpool became world champions for the first time in their history, beating Flamengo in Doha to lift the FIFA Club World Cup] A super game. We needed some luck, but we deserved the win. The improvement in the team has been massive. Two, three years ago, they’d have drawn that game, or even lost it. But even when it gets tight, when players are missing or it’s not happening for them, they can still find a way. They don’t panic, they don’t worry about what-ifs, they just keep playing, keep working. They’re such a good team

[Brendan Rodgers’ side may have been beaten at Manchester City last time out] They are a proper class team. You won’t see many teams defend Vardy the way we did today. He is always difficult to defend. We just try to avoid the passes to him. That is all you can do

[Not that they’ll be thinking about that at Leicester, mind] We are not in this situation we are in because we thought things are over before they are over. We are not in the situation we are in because we didn’t take each game we played so far 100 per cent serious. The boys were always 100 per cent focused and that’s what we will be at Leicester

2019 12 26b Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is eager to add new signing Takumi Minamino to his depleted squad as soon as possible] January 1. Look at our situation, I understand the question but how can you ask me in the moment when we have 14 adult players? I would be happy if he was half as good as he is, if he could be here now in this moment and could help us. That’s all good, we will see how quick it goes. The ways in which we play are not too different, there are a lot of things which he has learned already at Salzburg. That makes it so good for us, actually.

We have a lot of patterns on the game which are different to what Salzburg are doing. So, offensively, when you speak about what he is used to, it is more or less defensively. He is an offensive player, so offensively how can we bring him into a situation that he feels completely comfortable and to use the things instinctively and not because we told him?

That’s what we speak every year about when we say [about new signings], ‘Why he is not already in?’ all the time and stuff like this. There is no pressure, there is absolutely no pressure, when he is coming in January. This team is not struggling without him, so what we want is extra quality with him, different quality with him and a really, really good player. That’s what we got and from which point on we can use him, really we will see. From which point on we will see the 100 per cent Takumi, there is absolutely no pressure on the boy. So many good things which will help us, but from which moment on he can use all of them, we will see.

2019 12 26c Retrieve

[Liverpool boss Klopp ignoring talk title race is over] It was a good game. We finished so strong and scored some great goals. We are not listening to any of that. We are focused on our next game only. We can still improve […] how we manage games, how we defended in the first half. But we can enjoy this amazing win. And tomorrow we start again

[Klopp has said his side aren’t paying any attention to the margin of their lead, choosing to focus only on their next game] I can write the stories myself. Never before in the history of English football has a team had as big a lead and lost the lead. That sounds in my ear negative, so why should we think about something like that? We are focused on the next game. We play Wolves, Sheffield United, Everton, Tottenham and Manchester United in our next five games. That doesn’t sound like anything is decided in my ears, to be honest. We will try to make sure we are ready for these games. The number of the lead is not relevant to us

2019 12 27 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp has expressed his belief that Roberto Firmino is so important for Liverpool] Bobby has scored four times now in the last three games. Before that, he didn’t score for a while and journalists kept telling me that. When I think of Bobby, I don’t think about how much he’s scored, but how important he is. We had a talk because for the first time since I’ve known him, he seemed a little concerned by that and I told him I’m not interested in the number. He is the connector for our team, he’s so important for us. He’s not the only one who can play that position for us, but he does it in a very special way. So when he scored, he came to me and he doesn’t have to do that for every goal. This time we had a little thing where he thought I was calm enough to leave him on the pitch in these games and he wanted to say ‘thank you’

[When asked if he’d been among a number of high profile coaches tracking Traore’s development during his younger years] Of course, everyone knew him. At Barcelona, I saw thousands of players and he was there as a kid. I saw him at Boro, he was exceptional but someone had to give him the right information. Big big talent and you don’t think he’s young, but he is still very young. Now, he found the right situation. Everyone was pretty sure that would happen and now it has at Wolves. Makes it really dangerous. In a big space, [Jamie] Vardy is difficult to defend, but I would say Traore is even harder to defend because his speed is incredible

2019 12 27b Retrieve

[When asked if Arsenal’s run of 49 matches without a loss is a ‘big deal’ at a press conference on Friday] It is a massive deal. I’m a while in this business, and if you’d ask me if this was possible […] I don’t think so. I think at Dortmund we had 28 games, and that felt absolutely exceptional, but only in the review. When you’re in the situation it’s different. I’ve been asked if I see a swagger in the boys when they step on the pitch, but unfortunately, I can’t see anything like this because I am completely concerned about all things in the game. I’m a very optimistic person but not before a football game. I know we can win it but I’ve never thought in my life that we probably will win it. That makes life really uncomfortable sometimes. These numbers, I forget them now. If you tell me next time then I’ll be surprised the number is that high

[Klopp went on to reveal how Liverpool have been able to maintain their high-performance levels this year] I am blessed. I have a very smart team. I don’t mention it constantly, it’s not that I have to tell them to stay focused. They are. We have so many good characters in the team, and they tell each other how to do it. There’s nobody who is flying (with feet not on the ground), not a little bit. Even two years ago, we were like this, but we didn’t have the same points tally. A few things have come together – the quality and the experience we have made together. That we have worked together a long time helps, obviously. A lot of things are settled. That’s all good. Now we play three games in a row at home, one in the cup. And I can tell already that we need massive help from the crowd, massive. Because the period is so intense and we need to use each source we can use for these games. Hopefully, our people are rested enough to be at their absolute best because that’s exactly what we need

2019 12 28 Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp on their FIFA Club World Cup triumph] We are exhausted from a very intense game but in moments like this, I struggle to find the right words to express my respect for the boys

2019 12 28b Retrieve

[Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp provides Jordan Henderson injury update] He’s just getting better and better as a player, and his defending will only improve as he gets older, as Ashley Cole’s did. Hopefully he will make the international berth his own moving forward.

[After the match, Klopp played down the significance of beating Leicester] It was just a game against a really good football team. It is not about deciding whatever you were thinking about before it’s actually decided. It is already difficult enough to perform in the way you can win against Leicester in their stadium. How good they are, everybody knows, how dangerous they can be, everybody knows, and my boys just played a very good football game

2019 12 29 Retrieve

[Klopp expects tight games as Liverpool continue Premier League title push] We are halfway there. We still have 19 games to play and probably 18 or 19 of them will be like this tonight, for different reasons. We will now face teams who fight for the league with all they have, then the fight for the Champions League and European spots is reopened again so they will fight with all they have and we have to be ready. Who cares about points in December? We just created a basis which we will work with from now on, that’s all

Naby and Millie helped immediately, you could see that. My God, Adam Lallana and Gini [Georginio Wijnaldum], what they played today effort-wise, miles-wise, was really great, but then fresh players there in the half-space helped obviously. Then we caused them problems again but didn’t finish them off, it was not a game for two or three goals for us tonight, so we had to fight until the end. As I said, no problem with that

2019 12 29b Retrieve

[Klopp calls on players to seize difficult schedule as chance to achieve greatness] This group of players know they set their own agenda and their own benchmarks. They know they have the capacity to decide if going into a game we allow ourselves to feel fatigue or we choose to be fresh in body and mind. It’s a choice we can make – we have the power to decide our own approach.

I’m not stupid and we know what faces us in this particular period is a big, big test. But this is the Premier League and our ambition is to be the most successful team in it and that means rising to meet every challenge. Talking about a particular subject is completely different to using it as an excuse. These players have a ‘no excuse culture’ running through them. We will have setbacks, we will lose games, of course we will. But we will never look to external factors to explain it, no matter how legitimate they may appear.

Our approach must always be about opportunity. To win the FIFA World Club Cup for the first time in our history was an opportunity and we took it. To come back to the fierce intensity of competition in the Premier League on the back of that – to this schedule – is an opportunity for us to perform if we choose to approach it as such, and we will. That is what I have seen from the players since we came back together in July and August. We set our agenda. We decide what is possible. It is in our gift to view the ‘pressure’ we are supposedly all under as a positive not a negative. The right sort of pressure, which is linked to achieving something special, is a motivator and not a backpack to carry

2019 12 29c Retrieve

[Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp was named as the best manager at the Dubai Globe Soccer Awards] I am sharing this award equally with my staff, I would not achieve this one without them and of course without the performance of the team. We started the development from two and a half years ago, we had to solve the problems we had in the beginning, changing the players was the main factor for success, and it is obvious, their quality and mentality are the reason for what we achieved. We are in a good way […] I hope 2020 will be like 2019

2019 12 30 Retrieve

[For context, their last 19 games have brought 55 points; the 19 before that brought 46, and the 19 before that brought 51] It is not done. It would be crazy for me to sit here and think it was done. You can ask me if you want, but don’t expect a different answer. It is not done

Who cares about points in December? My team in 2019 was brilliant, but we count seasons, not years

We are a unit. We fight until somebody says it is enough points or not. We knew it would be tough. so it was no surprise that it was

2019 12 31 Retrieve

[Klopp: Greed or desire, Liverpool want more trophies] Is it greed? I’m not sure. It’s like this desire you want to have trophies. I don’t think it’s real greed. We have improved our opportunities obviously with different things, with the players we brought in and to work together for a while of course with more experience. Stuff like this. Getting used to different situations more and more [is helpful too]. You know a defeat is a defeat, but if you learn, it still makes sense, like the Champions League final [defeat to Real Madrid] the year before, when [Liverpool] lost that. It’s not that we really learned something from the final, but the way to the final or the way to the next final, the experience for me before helped us a lot. I really think our desire is immense. It’s big, it’s massive to win more trophies. If it’s greed, I don’t know, but yeah. Who cares?

A lot of teams can do that to be honest. OK, with the Premier League, maybe it’s now three teams. I don’t know exactly who can win it still, and the Champions League there are still 16 teams who can win it. The FA Cup? I don’t know exactly how many teams are in still, but that’s how it is yes. The good thing is that if you think about it, you don’t think we have no chance, and that’s a start. We have a chance. But we knew that.

I remember two years ago, before when we qualified for the Champions League after the Hoffenheim game, we had a meeting. I said to the boys, ‘look, in the competition there are maybe 10 clubs who can win the Champions League’. There were more teams in obviously at that moment, a lot of teams are part of it, but about 10 clubs can win it. We are one of them. It doesn’t feel in the moment like this, but we are. That’s what we should try, and that’s how we took the Champions League, for example.

With the Premier League, it’s slightly different and difficult when you see the dominance of Man City for the past three years. You work on that, you hope for it but you don’t know exactly. So we are no dreamers. We are just quite positive about our skills and our relationship and the things we do together and the things we want to achieve together. So we will see what happens. Nobody knows if we win one of these trophies, but we will work of course

2019 12 31b Retrieve

[Klopp said of Takumi Minamino] All the things we know about Takumi Minamino, so many things fit very well to us. His football skills first and foremost obviously, his decision-making in tight areas, his speed, his desire to win the ball back. Counter-pressing, he’s used to that because Salzburg have a similar philosophy that we have. Long-term, there is no doubt that he will help us, that’s clear. I’m looking forward to working with him

2020 01 01 Retrieve

[Liverpool boss Klopp unconcerned with comparisons to Arsenal’s Invincibles] You don’t fear losing in the situation we are in but you still know it is possible – it is one of three possible results. You win it, you draw, or you lose. I am constantly really concerned about different things. It’s not that I want to be - I’d like an easy life but I don’t have it. I am not sure what Arsene Wenger thought back in the days when they were the Invincibles, if he knew before the game they would win anyway. It’s not like this for me unfortunately, it would be really cool if I knew it before the game. But I can only say we don’t fear losing, I never did, it is a possibility but I don’t fear it

[Liverpool managed to earn a 1-0 win over Wolves on Sunday in a game where Klopp’s men were strongly tested] We were not happy with all parts of the game. We were happy with the result, but the game gave us a lot of space for improvement, you don’t have to be a super football brain to see that. I was really happy about the result but we have to work on performances. We never did it and should not start lying to ourselves like everything is fine when it’s not, because we have to make sure that we improve. We will do, 100 per cent

2020 01 01b Retrieve

[Klopp reveals how he’d solve VAR shambles as latest controversy sees Jack Grealish goal ruled out] We had a manager meeting with UEFA and it was decided to make the line bigger [wider]. I would like that. I don’t know who would decide that. That it doesn’t take so long until a decision would also be better. It’s not the biggest problem in the world. We want to have clarification and right decisions, offside we get that now, the only problem is it feels like half an hour until the toenail is offside. But that’s the decision

[A 1-0 home win over Wolves on Sunday marked their latest triumph, with Klopp fully focused on keeping the squad as fresh as possible as the fixture list continues to pile up] Four days is a proper recovery so that’s okay but after that, there’s another game. It isn’t just about rhythm, we don’t have massive alternatives in all positions, some will have to go again and hopefully, they can. But the players are all in good shape, so I’m happy about that. But it’s not always easy to make the right decisions

2020 01 01c Retrieve

[Klopp provides Liverpool injury update ahead of Sheffield United clash] All in a good way, but of the long-term injuries, nobody is back. Ox [Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain] Joel Matip, Fabinho are still out. Shaqiri and Lovren look good but they’re not ready yet. Still need some time. It’ll be the same group as last time

I know the transfer window is open! It’s always tricky. But we probably will not be too busy. We will see what happens but it isn’t likely.

[Takumi Minamino has already taken part in his first training session at Melwood, but he will not be eligible to feature against Sheffield United] We will start learning about each other from now on. But we signed the player from Salzburg - we want him to be that player who played against us. We didn’t bring Takumi Minamino in to accept he is number four or five in attack. He can play in several positions. We have many options, I don’t have to know where he can start right now. We need to use his natural skills, as natural as possible. It would be nice if people give him time

2020 01 02 Retrieve

[Klopp: Liverpool ‘a bit sloppy’ against Sheffield but goals ‘exceptional’] It’s obviously good [to go unbeaten for a year] but the target tonight was not to extend this, but to win the game. The best thing you can say when you play against Sheffield United is to keep the game not spectacular. We controlled the game. We played around their formation, played behind, in-between, broke the lines and had counter-attacks. All the things we want to have. The boys played sensational.

You saw these glimpses in the game where we were a bit sloppy. They wanted two or three situations in which they could score in. We needed that concentration and that was incredibly tough but the boys did so well. Nothing ends. We have to make sure we are ready again. I am really happy and really proud of the boys. We should not take things like this for granted. The way we controlled Sheffield United tonight was exceptional. In possession we were incredible, we were calm but lively as well. The goals we scored were exceptional

2020 01 02b Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp confirms Naby Keita will not be available for Liverpool’s FA Cup third-round clash at home to Everton on Sunday due to a groin injury] I don’t know exactly what he has – it was the groin - but I can say already he will not be involved against Everton. That makes it 12 adult players we have [available], plus the kids, so that’s not cool, but we cannot change it. I have no clue how it happened. I think it was the last shot in the warm-up when he felt something. He came in [the dressing room] and was limping. Everybody who has played football has had this kind of injury and it’s not nice, it’s painful. I don’t know exactly what it is or how long it will take, but I can say already he will not be ready for Sunday

[Klopp will almost certainly rotate his side heavily against Everton] I won’t tell Carlo Ancelotti the line-up tonight. I will do what I think is right. Some things I will do, some the medical department will tell me. I don’t know what the line-up will be at the moment. I don’t think Carlo will make many changes. It’s a big chance for them to win at Anfield. We will have fresh legs, and we will need support. We need it from the first second - we will see how it will be. It was a tough game tonight. You see character and mentality helps in life. We have 12 players left, Takumi makes it 13, Nat Phillips 14. Whichever line-up plays, throw your soul on the pitch!

2020 01 02c Retrieve

[Could 2020 be the year Liverpool see the real Naby Keita?] He looks good. It all looks kind of natural, which is good. There was never a doubt about his quality. When you see a player like this you ask why he is not playing week in, week out? Naby is sitting outside, he’s not been playing. I get that. So we stayed in contact, we talked and we spoke a lot about it, but in the end of course the player needs to have this evidence that the coach or the manager still believes in you

He was unlucky and in life you need luck always

2020 01 03 Retrieve

[Klopp invites Ancelotti to move in next door as Liverpool boss promises strong squad for Everton clash] The mood. What is obvious is that one team was in a sensational mood with momentum on our side and the other team was not. That is what has obviously changed. Everton had these three or four weeks, I don’t know exactly how long, when there were question marks over Marco Silva. That is never a good situation. And then they met us on that night when we were on our toes, 100 per cent focused, in really good shape and in a good moment. It was always like this, but it was one game. We can go to Goodison Park and it is a completely different game. They are 100 per cent in a different situation to a few weeks ago. We know that, so we don’t compare the last game, we just try to find a solution for this game

[Klopp insisted at his press conference that the fact it was Everton would play no part in his decision-making process] We will make it the occasion it should be. We will have a line-up. I said I have no clue about who I will select, but what I said is that I cannot make it different because it is Everton or it is another team, that is what I cannot do. We are in the middle of the season: 18 games to go plus hopefully some more in cup competitions. I cannot say we throw everything at it [Everton] even if some players are limping, that is not what I say. There are no more important or less important games, I just have to make a decision. I know I have to make a decision right for this moment by respecting a game from two days ago and five days ago and a week ago and stuff like this. That is it

[Klopp also opened up on his relationship with Ancelotti, a manager he counts as a friend] We used to be! We didn’t see each other a lot, so it is strange that we both feel like this. We’ve met around games and meetings as manager. When he came here I thought ‘If I had a party could I invite the Everton manager?’ I am not on social media but if I took a picture like this [with him] and sent it out, I don’t know how exactly that would look to the outside world! But I would not bring him into this kind of situation. I only want to bring him difficulties on the pitch and we always respect each other. I am not sure where he lives but the house next to me is free and that would be really funny!

2020 01 03b Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp is also a big fan of Adama Traore, describing him as a bigger defensive threat than Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy] He is really dangerous. In a big space Jamie Vardy is difficult to defend, but I would say Traore is even more difficult to defend because his speed is exceptional. He finally found his manager who found a position for him. At Middlesbrough he was exceptional, but somebody had to give him the right information. A big, big talent. You would never have thought he is that young, but he is still very young, and now he has found [the right manager]. It was always clear it would happen one day, and now it has. Good for Wolves

2020 01 03c Retrieve

[The performance of Henderson that provoked the most excitable response from Klopp in his post-match news conference] First of all, hopefully it stays like this. Yes, he’s exceptional. Yes, he’s outstanding. Gini [Georginio Wijnaldum] and Hendo [Henderson], because they had the biggest number of games, what they have played there is just incredible, absolutely incredible. I don’t take that for granted one second. If anybody who is with us doesn’t see the quality of Jordan Henderson, I can’t help. Is Hendo the perfect player? No. Do I know anybody who is? No. Is he unbelievably important to us? Yes.

He didn’t like the position, number six, when he saw how good Fabinho is. I asked him, two or three weeks ago, when he played already exceptional in the position, ‘You don’t like the position, right?’. He was laughing. Before that he played centre-half. I don’t know exactly what Gareth Southgate [England manager] is now doing with him, which position he will play there, but there are a few options obviously. You see it in life, that character and mentality helps always and in this case especially. For me it’s only difficult to speak about one person positively because I always feel I have to mention all the others as well. I don’t take it for granted for one second

2020 01 04 Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp on his relationships with new Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti, ahead of the Merseyside derby in the FA Cup third round] We used to be! (laughs) We didn’t see each other a lot, so it is strange that we both feel like this. We’ve met around games and meetings as manager. When he came here I thought ‘If I had a party could I invite the Everton manager?’ I am not on social media but if I took a picture like this [with him] and sent it out, I don’t know how exactly that would look to the outside world! But I would not bring him into this kind of situation. I only want to bring him difficulties on the pitch and we always respect each other. I am not sure where he lives but the house next to me is free and that would be really funny!

2020 01 04b Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has backed calls for the World Cup final to be hosted in the North of England as part of a prospective bid to host the tournament] The north is the bedrock of football in the UK, yes, and it should be represented. It is important, and absolutely it would give a huge economic boost to the north of England. That is important. I don’t know who makes these decisions. I don’t know how many big stadiums you have in London – two or three really big ones with Wembley, Tottenham now and a few more. But the World Cup should be, how I understand it, should be a competition where you represent all the different regions of your country. Our region is a proper football region, so there should be games in Liverpool then

2020 01 05 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp feels Carlo Ancelotti’s arrival at Everton makes them more dangerous opponents] Carlo being back in the English game is so cool for the competitions and even cooler for Everton. I’m not sure if I’m doing either of us any favours by saying this, but in football terms, I really do consider him a friend. Such an amazing person and just so generous in spirit and personality.

He’s won all there is to win, as a player and coach, and yet remains chilled and humble. He is a benchmark for those of us working in the game today on how to conduct yourself. His impact at Everton is already being felt – we can see this from our analysis. He has been clever in picking up on the positivity of approach injected by Duncan Ferguson. Everton are always a difficult opponent for us because of the positive emotion they bring into this derby game. Under Carlo, with his experience, I think they have become even more dangerous. But to be honest, I love this. I think it adds to the occasion. My players have just as much desire and belief going into this game. We want to win it with all we have. We see the game as [an] opportunity. We know what our supporters expect. No Liverpool side can ever have less desire than the opponent – this is not allowed

2020 01 05b Retrieve

[Klopp thrilled as FA Cup kids gamble pays off] They played brave football. Unbelievable individual performances from the kids and the adults as well. Adam Lallana - what a game, unbelievable. Joe Gomez - organising the whole defence for maybe the first time in his life

[Jones logically took up most of Klopp’s praise, after providing the match-winning goal] Sensational game and a sensational goal from a Scouser - who could ask for more? You cannot perform like the boys performed, if you think you should not perform in that team. They all think like that. I am so happy they all showed up tonight. The only thing I didn’t want was a draw. We had to take some risks and it paid off.

2020 01 05c Retrieve

[Klopp praises ‘outstanding’ Takumi Minamino after Liverpool beat Everton in FA Cup] He was super, outstanding, exactly the player we wanted, exactly the player we wished for. In your first game for a team you don’t know, it’s not a settled team, it’s already difficult. This team we threw together on the pitch with basically two sessions together, to show this sort of understanding, his football skills were exceptional and his attitude was outstanding. He led the chasing pack so often. He didn’t look tired, but we don’t know the player that well yet so we took him off

[However, that was partly offset by a return to action for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, who replaced Minamino after 70 minutes] It was a nice add-on to have Oxlade-Chamberlain back. He looked pretty lively when he came on. He trained only for two days, that’s why he didn’t start

2020 01 05d Retrieve

[Liverpool suffered an injury blow when James Milner limped off in the opening stages of their FA Cup third-round clash with Everton with a suspected hamstring problem] Millie [went] off, which is a big, big blow for us I have to say and it doesn’t look too good, a muscle injury. But then Yasser coming on and just filling the role. It was an incredible game for us decided by a sensational goal from a Scouser. I cannot wish for more. It’s just a really wonderful night, apart from Millie. The plan was not to play Millie in the last game. The plan was to play Naby but then Millie had to play and today he started again and now that [injury] happened, but we cannot change it.

2020 01 06 Retrieve

[Klopp talks up derby hero ans says Curtis Jones has Liverpool future unless something strange happens] Everybody asks me about Curtis Jones, but there were so many good individual performances. Let me speak about Curtis. Unbelievable player, Scouser, very confident, can’t wait to play in the first team. Rightly so. He is in a very good way, I’ve known him for three-and-a-half years. He was made big steps, he will be a Liverpool player if nothing strange happens 100%. I’m not surprised he scored that kind of goal. He has still things to learn and improve, but you sometimes forget, and we forget it in training, that he is only 18. Unbelievable. In Germany, because of a different system, he would play 100% another year in the youth team and nowhere else. Here, he is around the first team

2020 01 08 Retrieve

[Klopp was quick to praise Jordan Henderson’s first performance of the new year] Yes, he’s exceptional, yes, he’s outstanding. I would have to say what Gini and Hendo have done, with the number of games they’ve played, is absolutely incredible, I don’t take that for granted for one second. If anyone who is with us doesn’t see the quality of Jordan Henderson I can’t help him. Is Hendo the perfect football player? No. Do I know anybody who is? No. Is he unbelievably important to us? Yes

2020 01 09 Retrieve

[on Curtis Jones] Unbelievable player. He has made big steps. He will be a Liverpool player if nothing strange happens, 100 per cent.

2020 01 10 Retrieve

[‘Normal One’ Klopp says he is nothing ‘special’ as Liverpool prepare for Mourinho & Spurs] The Normal One is completely fine. There is nothing special in me, unfortunately. The only way I understand is that you do what you are good at with passion, 100 per cent. And using the exceptional people around you. Staff, players and so many more people in this case. Everybody is doing their piece and it can be good in the end, nothing special. It is all normal

[Klopp’s stock could rise even higher if he were to emulate the Arsenal ‘Invincibles’ of 2003-04] Haven’t thought a second about it. We wouldn’t have won so many games had we done that. Other teams never set a record because they wanted a record, you need to be focused. My big problem now is Spurs. How they think and play. That’s my only concern

[Klopp said when asked for a fitness update] James and Naby Keita are not available. Muscle injuries. We will see. Not for this weekend or next but then we will see. Joel Matip was outside on the pitch but doing his own stuff. Yesterday [Thursday] was first part of training. Shaq [Xherdan Shaqiri] trained normal. Dejan Lovren and Fabinho next week in full training

[Klopp is not expecting to see any more departures from Anfield in the January window, despite a number of other youngsters being linked with moves to Championship clubs] At this moment I don’t see anyone who would benefit more from a loan than staying with us

2020 01 10b Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp expects to have Fabinho and Dejan Lovren back in full training next week but James Milner and Naby Keita are unavailable for Liverpool’s trip to Tottenham] Dejan and Fabinho we expect to be back next week in full training, if that’s early enough for the United game we will see. They’re working really hard, going through the paces, it’s good. James and Naby are unavailable. Both muscles, different, and for different people. Not a timeframe on it. We are open whenever they want to join us, when the medical team gives us the green light. Not this week, or next week, then we will see.

[Liverpool boss Klopp is expecting to face a well-drilled Tottenham side, who will have to do without prolific captain Harry Kane] I’m expecting a very organised Tottenham side, yes. Putting some emphasis on defending for sure, using the counter-attacks, but team is too good technically to do just that. [Christian] Eriksen, [Dele] Alli, [Giovani] Lo Celso, lots of midfielders who can create situations, the speed they have with Lucas [Moura] and Son [Heung-min] too. It could be [Serge] Aurier and [Ryan] Sessegnon are on the wings on top of that with speed.

We cannot be 100 per cent sure what they will do but we have signs from what Mourinho did at Man United against us. Different teams and players though. That is normal. Our analysis always ends quite a way from the truth. It is the same for us, we want to be unpredictable. Mourinho is a world-class manager with a specific mindset. He wants to win. I respect that a lot. Each situation his team is in he tries to use. That is how managers work

2020 01 10c Retrieve

[Klopp forces journalist to Google what position Mourinho played] Does anyone know what position Mourinho played? Don’t blame me if you don’t know it. Does anybody know? I think he was a goalkeeper […] I want to know now. Come on, Google it. We have time

[After he was told there was no time] I have time!

[A quick Google showed that Mourinho was a midfielder] Sorry, Jose! He did play in goal in that charity game, though, so

2020 01 11 Retrieve

[Liverpool boss Klopp ‘over the moon’ to win at Tottenham] First and foremost the result is the most important thing. One team deserved to win and that was us. To win at Tottenham is pretty special. That the game wasn’t decided after 50-60 minutes was our fault. It was very intense for us. You can expect them to defend deep in this stadium, but it was 4-6-0 in the first half. If it was easy to win here, a lot more teams would do it.

I’m over the moon about the result, but we have to talk about the performance. We should have scored more goals – that’s the truth. We have to be honest with ourselves. We could have scored more and we have to – especially in this stadium against a team like Tottenham. We were on the ground towards the end and they were coming forward. The spell we’ve had, it costs you rhythm. In the second half a couple of our players were slightly exhausted, but we fought through that

2020 01 11b Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp says Roberto Firmino apologised for not adding to his decisive strike in Liverpool’s 1-0 win over Tottenham on Saturday] When I went to him and wanted to give him a hug after the game, he wanted to stop and talk first. He said: ‘I know I should have scored more goals’. It was absolutely not what I wanted to say! It is true probably. He should have scored immediately with the first chance. He is a super player, super. I don’t say this for the first time and will hopefully not say it for the last time. [He’s] pretty impressive

[Klopp keen to highlight his side’s impressive fight against Jose Mourinho’s men] We had to play for it and in the end we had to fight for it, really hard. We could have closed this game earlier; we should have I would say. The chances were clear. We had moments when we didn’t make chances, but they were ones I would say usually would have to be a 100 per cent chance.

I think we played some exceptional football to bring in Andy Robertson on the touchline but then we didn’t find the free player or the defender blocked the last ball. We could have done better in these moments, but then it was only 1-0 and that’s normal.

Against a team like Tottenham, it is not decided and in the end we needed luck in one situation and Alisson in two or three other situations. It was intense, really, but I think we deserved the three points. It was not our best game we played so far, but it was a very good one and, as I said, [we played] really good football in a lot of parts of the game and in the end a proper fight. All good

2020 01 12 Retrieve

[Liverpool defender Nat Phillips is returning to Stuttgart on loan until the end of the season] First of all it is just nice to have him back and around again because he is such an exceptional person. He got a lot of interesting experience in my city where I was born [Stuttgart]. I know the people there and they can be kind of strange, but he enjoyed it a lot. Probably he will go back, but we have to see exactly

2020 01 13 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp retorted with his thoughts on Man City’s tactical fouling] I couldn’t really believe it to be honest and then I saw it. I am not sure if Pep spoke in that moment about Sadio or the team – both is not too nice to be honest. I am not too sure if I want to put oil on the fire. I am not interested in these kind of things. And I promise not to mention tactical fouls. That is maybe already too much, but that is the only thing I say about it

2020 01 14 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp has revealed that Fabinho, Joel Matip and Dejan Lovren are all in contention for Liverpool’s clash with Manchester United on Sunday] I wait really until they are on the pitch and somebody tells me they are allowed to do the full session. It looks like Joel will be in, it looks like Fabinho will be in maybe a day later, I’m not sure. Dejan, maybe he can be in as well. That means a lot and helps massively of course. But we will see how it looks. The week is very important. The game on Sunday against United, we all know what people expect from us from that game. It will be a big one as well and we try to be ready for that

[Klopp went on to assess his side’s performance against Spurs, insisting there is still plenty of room for improvement despite their unprecedented recent run] I couldn’t be more happy about the result of course and about parts of the performance. But I said to the boys already, we will never start lying to ourselves. There are parts where we can do better, you see that. That’s what we have to make sure – that we learn that immediately again and we will. This time it was not intensity, this time it was the rhythm break. I know people will say sometimes it’s that and sometimes it’s that, but it is like this. We were now used to [a game] three days, three days, four days, three days and now some of us had nine days. Training, yes, but not the intensity – we cannot do that and don’t want to do that. So now we are in again and let’s carry on

2020 01 15 Retrieve

[AFCON’s January move to cause Liverpool major headache] We cannot carry on like this. Like always in life. it is about quality, not quantity

2020 01 17 Retrieve

[Klopp: Liverpool cannot replicate Premier League dominance of Ferguson’s Man Utd] To be honest, I don’t think it is possible to get to their level of dominance ever again. It is now more likely that the other clubs will compete for different things because of the financial power of a lot of teams. This kind of up and down changes of the squad [we see now] means a dominance like Liverpool and United had before is unlikely

[Few brave enough to write off the Reds winning a treble this season] I don’t read these things. It does not feel ‘ooh’ because it is Sir Alex Ferguson. I could not care less. I had a similar situation in Dortmund in 2011 where we were surprisingly good and the questions were similar and all the stories were sensationally positive. I could nearly walk on water.

Whatever comparisons are made I will only think about long after my career is over. It does not affect me and so far, it does not affect the boys. We have made a few good decisions and that is why we have got better and our players are getting better, that is why we are coming up. But I say a team like Leicester has proper power now too with the typical top six and it makes it even more difficult. I wouldn’t say United in their time won a lot of games 4-0 or 5-0 but they were predictable wins, and that is clear. We won a lot of games 1-0 or 2-1 and had to really dig in properly to do so, so I don’t see this type of thing.

2020 01 17b Retrieve

[Premier League refs told to start using pitch-side VAR monitors] I think the only reason to have the monitor is to use it. I don’t 100 per cent understand why they were not used so far. If we can make the right decision then we should use all sources. I don’t hope it will happen five or six times a game that the ref goes to the monitor, but I read the e-mail and I saw that it will not happen with all decisions, it’s just 100 per cent clarification

2020 01 17c Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp is confident that Liverpool full-back Trent Alexander-Arnold will only get better and better as his career progresses] The games he played will make him better, the experience he had will make him better, his teammates will make him better.

Being around these boys made him better and will make him better. His game understanding will improve – it’s already really good but it will get better, that’s a natural thing. Apart from injuries, I can’t see anything that can stop him because his attitude and his private background is just so good. Passionate yes, very, but calm as well.

It’s a very, very good basis his family created for him – he has a very close relationship to them, which is good. They keep him grounded; I am not sure he needs it, but if he would start flying then I know exactly who would get him back. I don’t have to do that.

When you are a talented footballer and you have an outstanding attitude, if you love the game as much as he loves the game, and you have the background he has, then it’s pretty likely you will have a proper career. A lot of good things came together and now we have this kind of player – long, long, long may it continue

2020 01 17d Retrieve

[Klopp on Firmino who scores the winner against Spurs] He said ‘I know I should have scored more goals’. It was absolutely not what I wanted to say! Super player, super

2020 01 17e Retrieve

[Angry Klopp hammers FIFA in lengthy rant on AFCON scheduling] You really want to open this book now? So, I couldn’t respect the African Cup of Nations more than I do because I like the competition. I watched it a lot in the past in my life, very interesting tournament, most difficult circumstances a lot of times and the players, what they make of it, sensational players. It’s not the last time you see the players as they turn up in Europe, they turn up everywhere. But it is an obvious problem that you play a tournament in the middle of the season, although it makes more sense for Africa to play it in our winter when the weather is better for them - I get that. The only problem is it’s a general problem.

A couple of things which are not okay: one thing is FIFA plans a tournament in the summer of 2021 [the Club World Cup], a week later the actual African Cup of Nations would have started I think, or maybe two weeks later, another tournament for a lot of world-class players. I mentioned that in the past. I am not sure if that was part of the decision when they thought ‘okay, it makes no sense to play it after that tournament, it makes sense to play it in the winter’, or was the weather the real [reason]. It means another tournament, it’s too many tournaments still. That’s one thing.

The other thing is it doesn’t help African players. We will not sell Sadio, Mo or Naby now because they have a tournament in January and February - of course not - but if you have to make a decision about bringing in a player it is a massive one because before the season you know for four weeks you don’t have them. That’s a normal process and as a club you have to think about these things. It doesn’t help the players, for sure. But these decisions are made without asking the players, without asking the managers, without asking anyone. It is just a decision.

It is FIFA who should sort all of that as head of all the different associations. It doesn’t look like being involved, they are still happy having their 21-team World Cup offering a lot of money, I don’t know the exact numbers but it must be a lot of money for all the clubs involved. But I don’t think it is just one problem for this country: European Championships, world championships, it’s like no-one can live without that, it’s a natural right to have this but we forget these tournaments are played by players, they don’t have a break.

I feel massively for Harry Kane, I now hear he may not be in the Euros. For the first time some English people in the FA may think ‘Oh, too many games maybe’. Something has to happen for them to really start thinking about it. Now they send all these guys in winter again, in the middle of a season to a tournament in different circumstances, and coming back from the African Cup of Nations is not easy to take. But the welfare of the players no-one thinks about. These are really important things.

The African Cup of Nations going back to January is, for us, a catastrophe. On top of that we have absolutely no power, so if we did say: ‘We don’t let him go’ the player is suspended. How is that possible that the company who pays the player cannot decide if the player has to stay or not. If you would say: ‘Let’s play the African Cup of Nations but the players play in other countries, not in Africa’, it still would be a great tournament but not [involving] the superstars, the superstars of tomorrow. I don’t say that would be a solution for it but it’s strange we have absolutely no say.

If a player is injured and cannot play for us we have to send him to Africa and they have a look and in one or two weeks they are back. We just sit there and plan the route, the flight for the boys, and say ‘There you go, have the boys’. Nowadays it should not be like this. But I speak here about it and no-one will listen. It is like the biggest waste of time ever. The moaner from Liverpool or whatever is again on track. As long as nothing changes I will say it all the time. It is because it is about the players, not one second about me. There are so many things to sort but all these guys never find time to sit around one table and make a general schedule. All these different games to play and no break for the players. Let’s respect that, but if you have that break don’t make a replay in this break. This would help massively

2020 01 18 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp speaks about last year’s UEFA Champions League parade in Liverpool] How much it meant to the people? I thought I knew, but seeing it is completely different. You had 60-, 70-, 80-year-old men and women punching their chests, screaming, ‘I! LOVE! YOU!’ Life is all about having that kind of relationship

2020 01 18b Retrieve

[Klopp backs Man Utd to qualify for Champions League ahead of Liverpool showdown] United have a really good football team, talented and experienced. There is a lot of good potential on the pitch. I think they will probably qualify for the Champions League this season. So, of course they can beat us. But they can only play as good as we let them play. If we are at our best it’s difficult for every team. It’s our stadium so we have to make sure everybody knows that

In the good old times you saw that it was a special game because everyone flew at each other and kicked each other off the pitch. But I don’t want to see that. If anyone asks us for that, no chance. We want to win the game; we don’t want to win one little battle. We accept being aggressive in a completely different way to our grandfathers. If we hurt someone it hurts ourselves and not the other one. You need a clear mindset and an outstanding atmosphere

2020 01 19 Retrieve

[‘We’re gonna win the league’ could be heard from the Anfield stands on Sunday as the Reds took a crucial victory] They can sing that, they have sung that a couple of times in the past I think. l have no problem with that. Everyone should celebrate the situation, apart from us. Nothing has changed, we have the same situation plus three points. I will tell you immediately the moment if it feels different, at the moment it doesn’t

What a performance against an opponent with the quality of United, and the set up of United. [United manager] Ole [Gunnar Solskjaer] will say the same, they wanted to annoy us, distract our game, defend and counter-attack. They had moments when they played football but not too often, the other moments it was difficult to create chances, but the manner we created chances was exceptional. I have no idea whether we will be caught or not, I don’t care. First and foremost it’s the Premier League. We play Wolves on Thursday, it’s our next exceptional challenge. I don’t have enough space in my brain to contemplate anything else

2020 01 22 Retrieve

[Klopp rules out Xherdan Shaqiri Liverpool exit] The majority of December and January we had the bench full of kids, wonderful kids, but kids, so how could we think about giving people to anyone? It’s not about Shaq, it’s about everyone. We have to keep them for sorting our situation, not the situation for different clubs. If somebody would come around the corner and ask properly […] but that didn’t happen. [If] they are desperate then we think [about a sale] but there’s absolutely no intention from our side to do anything

[Klopp brought Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain off the pitch just after the hour mark] He’s not [frustrated], he just looks like this. I asked him. It’s all fine. It’s normal a player wants to play 90 minutes. We have to learn from our own past. Oxlade is an unbelievably important player. Players get tired, they show up again like this.

I try to read the players during the game and try to understand in which moment they are energy-level wise and make a decision. Maybe with Oxlade I was a bit too early but he got a knock on top of that. He was limping a little. If a midfielder is limping you start looking in more detail. In one or two defensive situations if a midfielder is not in the way he should be it has an impact. We have to make a decision. Maybe after the game it didn’t feel that bad any more with the knock. That’s good. It’s all okay, we have good options to make substitutions

2020 01 23 Retrieve

[Klopp allays Sadio Mane injury fears as Liverpool boss confirms ‘muscle tweak’] It was very average that he had to go off […] hopefully it’s not too difficult or too bad but we will see tomorrow

[Asked if it was a muscle tweak] Yes, it can happen to anyone at this moment of the season

[Firmino striking in the 84th minute to hand Liverpool their 22nd league win] They scored that goal and then it’s another wild 10 minutes. We got control back a little bit after then which is important. The chances we had were incredible. We were at least four or five times in a one-on-one with the goalkeeper so if we score then it is gameover but it wasn’t so 1-1.

Moments can help us or the genius moment of Bobby Firmino can help us. We didn’t panic but we weren’t completely in the mood I wanted us to be in when we went 1-0 up. The development of the game has influence on each individual on the pitch. One sees a chance, sees the space, but others aren’t in the same mindset. That was the story of the game.

So much to improve for us but knowing if we defend really well… Everybody worked their socks off. I’m so proud of the boys. It’s incredible. It’s over when it’s over, not before. So why should we really think about it? Let’s carry on. It’s difficult enough. We have to find solutions for the different games then we will see

2020 01 23b Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has described Wolves winger Adama Traore as unplayable] [Traore] is unplayable in moments, it’s unbelievable. What a player – it’s not only him but he’s so good

2020 01 24 Retrieve

[Klopp taking no time to reflect on Liverpool success] I don’t think about it but I think if I look back it makes sense after the last game, whichever that game will be as we are still in two cup competitions. In the cups we are where we are ahead of the next round: Shrewsbury and Atletico Madrid are our next opponents.

It is really about doing what you have to do until it is over. There is no 10 per cent party in my mind, no 15%, no 8%, there is just no party. After the game yesterday we had these little meetings where I tell the boys what I think. To be honest I had to remind myself to say ‘Congratulations, the result was outstanding’.

We have no time to make assessments, we analyse our next opponent and then we go in. It is not that we forget what we have to do better. We are all happy with each other, obviously: in a good place that is clear – many other teams are the same - and we were in a good place last year and the year before when we didn’t win anything because we just like working together, working together on improvement and there is still a lot to improve.

That is our life. Anyone in the past who looked like they would win something and then stopped never got rewarded in history. After our career, we want to look back and then mix it up, what we won and when we won it. That was maybe a joke at the time but it is kind of the idea we have together

[Klopp sees match against Shrewsbury Town on Sunday as a test] Depends on what you ask for in terms of testing. Of course it is tough, that’s the really good thing of a cup competition. Shrewsbury qualified in a difficult game, having to play twice, and have been looking forward to this game since they qualified and they knew before that we would be the opponent.

The lower league team playing at their home ground is an advantage. Hopefully, the pitch will be OK – I have no idea so far about any circumstances. That is proper cup and I like that. Is it a test? Yes, maybe, but it is not like I test the players, it is a test in general as you play against a team who fights the fight of their life and we have to show how important the next round is to us

2020 01 24b Retrieve

[Liverpool boss Klopp says Shaqiri has a physique unlike any other player] So far [the injury] was never big but it was always enough to get him out. I can imagine that is frustrating, it is frustrating for him and not good for us. We work on that. We don’t want to bring in a situation where it constantly happens but so far we didn’t find 100 per cent the solution for it so we have to see

[The Liverpool boss says maybe his unique physical attributes could be partially to blame for his latest injury] It is not cool, absolutely not cool but maybe there are different reasons [for his injury]. He is a very special player in different departments. His physique is different to all others I ever saw, his muscles are unbelievable

2020 01 24c Retrieve

[Klopp refuses to accept Liverpool’s ‘Inevitables’ tag] You know already before you ask, that’s a sh*t question. Yet you still ask. I have never heard that word before. I have no clue what it means. What is inevitable? Ah, it’s going to happen? We couldn’t care less. As far as I’m concerned we are not even mathematically qualified for the Champions League yet. The only thing we can do is focus on the next game. That is Shrewsbury, then West Ham, then Southampton, then a week off and we start again. That’s the plan. I don’t know another plan.

Whatever you say about us, if it’s positive then thank you very much, and if it’s negative, I don’t care! I cannot change the situation; I never heard that anything is decided before it’s decided so why should we think about these things?

The game last night was a very good example for our situation. It was never easy and it never will be easy. We just have to fight as much as we can, that’s what we did last night and why the boys won the game. That’s the only thing we can focus on

2020 01 24d Retrieve

[Klopp keeping ‘fingers crossed’ on Sadio Mane’s fitness as Liverpool wait on scan results] It was very average that he had to go off…hopefully it’s not too difficult or too bad. I think this moment he is in the scan and he didn’t call me from the scan. Fingers crossed

[Klopp admits that he will be shuffling his pack] It’s chance for a lot of players, I haven’t decided the line-up yet. We will wait for the medical reports. Dejan Lovren has trained normally.

[Adrian will step back in between the sticks for cup duty] He will be in goal. Nothing different. For Xherdan Shaqiri and James Milner, too early. Naby Keita we will see. He will be part of training today. Other boys who didn’t play longer than a half will be important with an intense session

2020 01 24e Retrieve

[Klopp admits he forgot how big Liverpool’s Premier League lead was] When was the pressure higher on us, this year or last year? Human beings are like this. I don’t think about it. I had to ask exactly how many points clear we are, that’s the truth. I really forgot it in the week, with the number of games, I didn’t think about it. I know we play Sunday against Shrewsbury and Wednesday West Ham and I know we play Saturday. That’s three games in seven days, that’s a lot. I know we lost Sadio Mane [to a hamstring injury], that’s what I think about, that’s the pressure I have. All the rest is not pressure. We want to win football games and when I arrived here a few years ago we wanted to win football games. That’s the pressure [and] yes, I feel that. Apart from that, nothing, it’s just football

[Firmino’s late goal saw Liverpool to a 22nd win in 23 league games and Klopp lauded his side’s response] We don’t go for perfection, we go for a perfect reaction if possible, that’s what we try to do, that we really fight back in difficult situations in the game. That’s what the boys did again and so, we won the game, which is really unbelievable

2020 01 25 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp admits the duo’s participation in FA Cup fourth match was in question but was hopeful] Sadio Mane is in the scan in this moment. They didn’t call me out of the scan, so, no. [Fingers crossed], yes. Naby Keita, we will have to see. My information is that he will be part of training today and then we have to see

2020 01 26 Retrieve

[Frustrated Klopp admits Shrewsbury deserved at least a draw with Liverpool] We sent today so many invitations to the opponent it was always difficult to win the game. I don’t think we have the time to say all the things which were not right today. We scored a really wonderful goal which was, not the only football moment but it was a football moment.

Apart from that, Adrian had absolutely too much to do, he was brilliant. The counter-attacks they had when we lost the ball. That’s how it is. Big present directly after half-time, 2-0, it just didn’t look like on the pitch that we were 2-0 up, it looked like we were 2-1 down. Congratulations to Shrewsbury, well deserved, it was the minimum they deserved today

2020 01 26b Retrieve

[Klopp won’t manage FA Cup replay as Liverpool U-23s will take on Shrewsbury] Our situation is the following. We’ve known for a couple of weeks, in fact we’ve known longer, that it would be like this. In April 2019 we got a letter from the Premier League, I think, where they asked us to respect the winter break and not to organise international friendlies or competitive games. We respect that. So I said to the boys already two weeks ago that we will have a winter break which means we will not be there. It will be the kids who play that game.

You cannot deal with us like nobody cares about it. I know that it’s not very popular but that’s the way I see it. The Premier League asked us to respect the winter break. That’s what we do. If the FA doesn’t respect that, then we cannot change it. We will not be there. Does that mean I won’t be there? Yes. [U-23 coach] Neil Critchley will be in charge

[Klopp went on to underline the importance of a break for his players] It’s only in this country you ask this question. It’s a winter break – what do you think?! We have to respect the players’ welfare. They need a rest. They need a mental rest, a physical rest, and that’s what the winter break is all about. Then another competition tells us that’s not so important so we had to make these decisions beforehand because these boys have families.

International players like Jordan Henderson, Virgil van Dijk, Gini Wijnaldum, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Mo Salah, Sadio Mane, all these guys, they are never off. This is the week I said in the moment it’s clear there would be a winter break months ago, before I knew the FA Cup replay could come in between, that it would be a winter break. We will respect that and we will do that. The players will have one week off. They don’t have it ‘off’, they will train but they will train for themselves. They have running programmes, they have fitness programmes, that’s what they do. They never have ‘off’. But they don’t come to Melwood and they don’t play a football game

2020 01 27 Retrieve

[FA Cup clashes & complaints] The Premier League asked us to respect the winter break. That’s what we do. If the FA doesn’t respect that, then we cannot change it. We will not be there. Does that mean I won’t be there? Yes. [U-23 coach] Neil Critchley will be in charge

2020 01 27b Retrieve

[Klopp branded a ‘disgrace’ for playing Liverpool’s kids in FA Cup] I said to the boys already two weeks ago that we will have a winter break, which means we will not be there. You cannot deal with us like nobody cares about it. I know that it’s not very popular but that’s the way I see it. The Premier League asked us to respect the winter break. That’s what we do. If the FA doesn’t respect that, then we cannot change it. We will not be there.

2020 01 27c Retrieve

[Klopp too believes replays should be shelved, and has openly questioned the logic of a two-legged Carabao Cup semi-final as well. The decision to move the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations to January… player burnout] We have to respect the players’ welfare. They need a rest. They need a mental rest, a physical rest, and that’s what the winter break is all about. Then another competition tells us that’s not so important, so we had to make these decisions beforehand. These boys have families. International players like Jordan Henderson, Virgil van Dijk, Gini Wijnaldum, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Mo Salah, Sadio Mane, all these guys, they are never off. The players will [now] have one week off

2020 01 28 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp has revealed that Sadio Mane will sit out Liverpool’s upcoming games] Sadio will not be involved for West Ham and probably not Southampton. After that he will be back on track. He has a small muscle tear which is serious enough. We were lucky with it though it wasn’t too serious. He’s out for three games

[The decision to keep his senior stars out of a return date with the Shrews has attracted criticism from some] I love cup competitions. In Dortmund I was three or four times in a cup final. But I have to see the bigger picture. The players have their [training and mid-season break] programme. Critch did really, really well at Aston Villa. The goals they scored there - forget them. With a similar performance, the boys have a chance against Shrewsbury. I hope they will make it

I don’t want to be the person who is the shouter for everyone. If we don’t raise the problem it will be only more. We want to play football as often as possible - the key word is possible. But there comes a moment where we must say ‘no’.

2020 01 28b Retrieve

[Klopp: Liverpool must make a stand with FA Cup replay snub] I have to make decisions based on the situation we are in, some people made other decisions before the season. Whoever it was – and okay, the FA tried to do something with moving games to midweek to decrease intensity – but it came out and whoever was involved, if someone from our club was involved and forgot to say no, I don’t know exactly how it was discussed.

The situation ends up, we are given two weeks [off]. In the first moment I thought, okay, two weeks, but it was not clear which week you get, and then we started going a bit into it and then we saw if we get the second week we probably get a Champions League game in that week.

We cannot make then a week off and say there are two days to prepare for Atletico Madrid in this case, so the other week was the first week, for the Champions League teams it’s the better week as there’s no Champions League games.

And then it came up that there could be a potential [FA Cup] replay. Because we plan in the long term, I cannot plan like this [at short notice], especially in a really decisive period of the season coming up, so I decided we will have a mid-season break, based on a letter [from the FA] that we got in April 2019 when we were asked to respect a mid-season break.

I know how it sounds now and I don’t want to be in the middle of all discussions, I’m not a revolution guy or trying to show the whole world how strong I can be or whatever, it’s not the reason. If people think that I’m lazy because I’m not here [for the match], I cannot change that. People can name me whatever, I’m not too interested in that because the only responsibility I have is for my players, and for all the [Premier League] players as well.

If we react now in the way we always react, like: ‘We have to sort it somehow, we’ll be here and find a way to do it,’ then nothing will change. I think all people in football agree that something has to change, and people have to speak.

I don’t know who was there [at the FA meeting to discuss the mid-season break], I know the FA said all the clubs agreed, but no sports-responsible people were there. There was not a manager or a sporting director there, that’s what we need, that must change as well, otherwise next year we have exactly the same.

I made a decision and now it looks like people want something different from me, so I cannot do what all the people want. Could I be here for the game? Of course I could, but that’s again a complete misunderstanding of managing and coaching.

The mid-season break is now something that has to be settled for the next years and all the different parties need to find a solution, so it will not be like this year again, where it’s possible that you have one [a break], but you may not.

We do it to make a clear standpoint, and again, if people call me lazy or disrespectful to cup competitions, it’s all not true. Every year we are trying to find our way through the season and it’s absolutely okay, it’s our job, but if then part of these long-term plans is a mid-season break, then it has to be a mid-season break and you cannot get it [taken] away a week before you have it. That’s not possible

2020 01 28c Retrieve

[The 2021 Africa Cup of Nations is set to take place between January 9 and February 6, 2021] Now they send all these guys in winter again, in the middle of a season to a tournament in different circumstances, and coming back from the African Cup of Nations is not easy to take. But the welfare of the players no-one thinks about. These are really important things

2020 01 29 Retrieve

[Klopp not concerned by ‘normal’ Liverpool performance] We could have done a lot of things better but there was only one team who deserved to win. We could have passed better, defended better. Who cares? These players played outstanding football so often, it was a normal performance. We never had 100 per cent rhythm. It is tough to play against such a defensive-orientated team

[Liverpool’s players left the pitch to the sound of travelling supporters singing confidently about becoming Premier League champions] They can sing whatever they want. Singing it doesn’t mean you are it

2020 01 30 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp’s frustration got the better of him after Liverpool were held to a draw in the FA Cup fourth round by Shrewsbury, a result which means the Reds must contest a replay on February 4] You cannot deal with us like nobody cares about it. I know that it’s not very popular but that’s the way I see it. The Premier League asked us to respect the winter break. That’s what we do. If the FA doesn’t respect that, then we cannot change it. We will not be there

[Before the replay was confirmed, Liverpool’s last game before the break was due to be against Southampton on February 1] The mid-season break is now something that has to be settled for the next years and all the different parties need to find a solution, so it will not be like this year again, where it’s possible that you have one [a break], but you may not. We do it (playing the U-23s) to make a clear standpoint, and again, if people call me lazy or disrespectful to cup competitions, it’s all not true. Every year we are trying to find our way through the season and it’s absolutely okay, it’s our job, but if then part of these long-term plans is a mid-season break, then it has to be a mid-season break and you cannot get it [taken] away a week before you have it. That’s not possible

2020 01 30b Retrieve

[Klopp has so much trust in his Liverpool players he’d let them take care of his kids] These boys, I’d give them my kids to take care of them. I trust them 100 per cent but in these situations they still make these ridiculous mistakes. It’s nothing to do with motivation. It’s just staying concentrated when you are constantly in charge that’s so difficult. It’s not a motivational problem for us. The difficulty was to get the rhythm, keep rhythm and to stay concentrated. I think their biggest chances we gave them

[Wednesday’s 2-0 win at West Ham] It was not a brilliant performance, against a side obviously that’s insecure at the moment, but it makes it really difficult for us. A very important element in football is counter the counter, but for that the other team need to have counters and winning the ball back and using the space. We started pretty much each attack with a ball from a centre half against nine or 10 or 11. I wish we would have done better but I take it like it is because if it would be easy to win this amount of games and have this number of points, so many other teams would have done it. We played a super game against United, Leicester - super game. Today was a game. We still had to win it and we did

2020 01 30c Retrieve

[Liverpool’s ‘perfect’ midfielder Wijnaldum would be near impossible to replace] Is he the perfect midfielder? From the skillset, 100 per cent. He has all the things you need. It is just so obvious, his importance

2020 01 31 Retrieve

[Klopp looking forward to welcoming ‘wonderful’ Danny Ings back to Anfield] Everybody here is so happy with the situation of Danny, he is still our boy. We celebrate the goals he scores, although that will be different tomorrow. Apart from the games against us, we cannot wish him any better. He is such a wonderful person. He didn’t have enough game time here for some good reasons and the decision he made to go to Southampton was perfect. He needed time to get his rhythm back and now he is on fire, a bit like their whole team. We are happy to see him tomorrow, we wish him the best season of his life but not tomorrow obviously

That’s what these people do with every player. With Ingsy, he’s a very likeable person, very staff orientated, he had a very good relationship with all the staff members. When I came in in October 2015, he got injured in my first training session, not a good start, and from that moment all the medics worked their socks off to get him back. There were a lot of worries about him, but he’s a very positive person and seeing him now performing like this is wonderful

[Klopp insists transfer talks are always ongoing for the longer term] No one here is relaxed. At the moment we are not really busy with transfer decisions, but we are constantly in talks and exchanging ideas about what will help us in the long term

We just prepare for potential situations and we always try to strengthen. That could mean looking at our own squad. We believe we can do a lot with this existing squad. It would be really strange to improve easily a squad like this. It needs to be 100 per cent the right player

2020 01 31b Retrieve

[Klopp has played down the importance of Arsenal’s Invincibles record] I don’t look at it at all. It only stands until someone else breaks it. When I was Bundesliga champions with Dortmund, we set the record with 81 points. A year later, Bayern Munich became champions with 91 points

2020 01 31c Retrieve

[Quizzed on whether there could be summer movement] Not easy but is it possible? We will see, we don’t know exactly. We just prepare potential situations, that’s how it is. We always try to strengthen and to strengthen could mean as well that we look at our own squad: who can make the next step, who is ready for doing that, who will hopefully not be injured and can hopefully make the next steps as well?

Like Ox [Chamberlain] and Naby Keita - some little injuries here and there cost them always a little bit of rhythm, but we all know about the quality of them. Curtis [Jones] now came on in the last game, looked pretty promising.

These are talks we have, where we try to estimate the future. We believe that we can do a lot with this existing squad, that these boys can make next steps. As long as you can make the next step, you are in the right place and we just have to make sure that they do them as well. A squad like this, to improve easily would be really strange. It would have to be 100 per cent the right player, or we do it internally, or we do it internally and externally. All possible

[Klopp is also expecting the exit door to remain closed] Incoming? Nothing. Outgoing? Nothing I’ve heard about. You can leave Melwood after this and have a nice evening

2020 02 01 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp says his side are not perfect, not even close to being perfect] We don’t look at that number, that’s true.

The game we lost in the [unbeaten] period was at Manchester City and we could say we lost it because of 11mm or whatever. It was a really tight game, so imagine if we would have drawn that day and then I don’t know what the number would be then of how many games we didn’t lose or whatever.

Look, I promise you I don’t lie: we don’t feel it. We just don’t feel it. Today before the game, my main feeling is that I am concerned. I am a very optimistic person but not before a football game because I have known for long enough anything can happen; the ball rolls in different directions and stuff like this.

Today, for example, Southampton had absolutely too many shots and finishes, but what Ali [goalkeeper Alisson] is doing with these finishes, I have no clue how he is doing it. It looks always at the end like it was not a good finish, but I think the finishes were pretty good, just Ali was there. That is really special.

We are not perfect, not even close to being perfect – the only thing [is] we don’t care about not being perfect, we just try to make the best of – and use – our skills in the best possible way. The boys have done that now for a while pretty good and that’s why we have these kind of numbers, but it doesn’t feel a second like it’s really special, it just feels the hardest work. That’s why I am so happy the boys can go now for a week somewhere else, do what they have to do to come back recharged, refreshed. Then we prepare [for] Norwich and the rest of the season

[Pressed further on the standards Liverpool continue to set and the history they are making] I know about it, again I have no clue how it should feel, but it is not that I think we are close to something really special. The boys have now a week off, we all have a week off, and then we go again. That’s the only thing I know and all the rest we have to see. So many things can happen in football. Even when there’s any decision made in the future, whenever that will be, why should we then stop thinking the same way? We have to use the skills of the boys, we have to use the character of the boys, we have to use the power of this club and especially of this stadium. It is our duty to win football games and that’s what we’ve tried now for a while

2020 02 01b Retrieve

[Klopp unfazed by Salah transfer talk & expects ‘long’ Liverpool stay for Egyptian] I would think so, did you hear something different? How can you see the hunger to stay at Liverpool? It looks to me like he is really settled to be honest. I have no idea, actually, but you could ask me the same question for all the others and I have no idea. I didn’t think about it until [the press] asked me. As long as I don’t hear anything and I don’t ask the players what they think of next season or in two years, for me, it looks like [he will stay]. How long is his contract? Long? I would [think so] yes, but I have no idea

The thing is, winning a couple of games in a row [is fine] but working longer together is what we have always said so I don’t have to start a fresh every single week, new. So even if we don’t perform, I don’t have to start explaining to the boys: ‘OK, we didn’t win because of…’ I don’t have to tell the boys why it didn’t work out. We have created, if you like, the toolbox and you have to use all these tools, obviously and sometimes we forget to use the screwdriver or whatever. And then we say in these moments, we use them for the common basis. It is the time we have been together and the understanding of the boys. It is the trust they have in each other and in us as well.

If I speak to the players before the game about the qualities of the other team they don’t think: ‘Yes you say that because we have to concentrate’. We have a clear agreement I don’t make the other team up. I don’t shout like this just to keep them awake. When it is a strong team like Southampton. I tell them and if a team has weaknesses, I tell them. I would never set a team up to say: ‘We play tomorrow, here they aren’t that strong’. Never. These are things we have created in four years together

2020 02 02 Retrieve

[Liverpool have earned mid-season break in the sun] I have never seen it before, to be honest. If I was asking from the outside, I would ask the same questions. But we aren’t perfect. Not even close

2020 02 02b Retrieve

[Klopp says Salah ‘was never selfish’] A week ago people were talking about Mo Salah. Mo was never selfish, or more selfish than he should be. A striker in the right position, we have seen goals from Mo where he scores in between four players and finds the roof of the goal. Then when you don’t score people say you should have passed here or there. He was very unselfish [against Southampton] and he got the balls back so he could score. Bobby is just exceptional, a very football smart person, I do not know a player like him, that is true. But even a player like Bobby needs an address where he can send the ball, because he cannot take the ball and turn and run alone. How he uses the skills of his mates is special

[He says that the spirit of his team as they look to become only the second team to go through a Premier League season undefeated is embodied by captain Jordan Henderson] Hendo is one example. There are plenty of others. But did he look like the captain of a team that is 19 points ahead? Not for a second. It looked as though if we lose we are relegated. That is how the boys were. That is the only way for us to win a game. It is always the same

2020 02 02c Retrieve

[Klopp relieves Liverpool survived ‘difficult’ challenge] First and foremost, I really have to say, wow, Southampton – what a team that is. I have been in football for so long and have never seen a turnaround like that. When I saw them playing at home against Chelsea months ago, I was really worried. That kind of turnaround is just exceptional

The set-up they have is constantly causing you problems. Their defending is really good and then their counter attacks are exceptional. [Danny] Ings and [Shane] Long, what they do there up front, how they are supported by the midfield and the wingers, is just exceptional.

That’s why we had the problems in the first half, because we lost the balls in the wrong moment. We had to change two or three things; most importantly we had to change the involvement of Fabinho. We played much calmer and used Fabinho better. It was just a better game and, in the end, we won it.

The strange thing about this game is that it’s not even too high a scoreline; it’s just strange that Southampton could have won it as well. That just shows how difficult it was. Even more so, we are really pleased about the outcome

Everybody who was at the game saw a very brave Saints squad and I would like to see this game again if we had scored the first goal. I think for everybody it was fantastic to see that we can compete against such a team. It was a fantastic signal of how good we are and how it can go and how we can win

2020 02 03 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp has described Roberto Firmino as a very football-smart person] He is [unique]. He is just exceptional, a very football-smart person, obviously. In the first half, in between a really tight formation of Southampton, the way he drops and keeps the ball, how he makes things happen is very special, absolutely. Then even a player like Bobby needs an address where he can send the ball, because he cannot take the ball and turn and run alone. How he uses the skills of his mates is special. I do not know a player like him, that is true

[Klopp went on to praise the Brazilian for taking a big step forward against Southampton] It was easy to move Hendo. Fabinho is naturally more a defensive-orientated player than Hendo. We had to control the counter-attacks of Southampton. He [Fabinho] has struggled with rhythm. The first two games when he came on it was not Fabinho before he got injured. That is normal, so Saturday was a big step for him. He was key for us. We needed a calm player in the centre, not too active. That was the change at half-time. We used him more for the switches - find Fabinho, pass to the other side and then accelerate and use the power of Hendo in the half-spaces

2020 02 04 Retrieve

[Emre Can & Haaland signings impress Klopp as he backs Dortmund to challenge for title] I am happy for BVB and Emre Can. It’s a win-win situation. Emre is just a perfect match for this club. BVB got a top lad, a wonderful, versatile footballer with an outstanding attitude. I trust them to achieve a lot in the Ruckrunde (second half of the season) with Can and [Erling] Haaland

2020 02 04b Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp has been quizzed on supposed links to Mbappe] Buying this calibre of player is difficult. I don’t see any club at the moment who can buy Kylian Mbappe from PSG. I don’t see any club, that is how it is. And we are involved in the clubs that cannot do it. It is as easy as that. OK, from a sporting point of view, there are not a lot of reasons to not sign him. What a player he is. But it is about the money of course. No chance. Absolutely no chance. Sorry for killing that story

2020 02 06 Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp had previously voiced his support for the idea of bringing the English deadline back into line with the remainder of Europe] I don’t care when it closes, but it must close at the same time. They spoke about finishing it before the season starts. Good idea, but only England did it. That makes no sense. It was a good idea but it didn’t work out

2020 02 07 Retrieve

[Will the Carabao Cup be scrapped?] At the end of January, after a very busy schedule in December, there are two semi-finals. It’s an easy decision for me to say if you keep that competition then why don’t you make just two semi-finals?

[Klopp infamously snubbed the FA Cup fourth round replay against Shrewsbury Town] You cannot deal with us like nobody cares about it. I know that it’s not very popular but that’s the way I see it. The Premier League asked us to respect the winter break. That’s what we do. If the FA doesn’t respect that, then we cannot change it. We will not be there

2020 02 13 Retrieve

[Klopp joked after the semi-final of that competition, a late 2-1 win over Mexican side Monterrey. According to sources, he has been known to sing that song, to the tune of Queen’s Radio Ga Ga, around Melwood] All you need is Alisson Becker

2020 02 14 Retrieve

[When asked for a fitness update on his squad] Of course they are in contention, that’s clear. When Millie and Sadio are back, you start thinking immediately [about using them]. That’s how it is. They trained both from Monday on and they trained both through last week anyway. They are in contention. It looks like, and I hope it stays like this, apart from [Xherdan] Shaqiri, [Nathaniel] Clyne and [Paul] Glatzel, all players are in training. We have some good options and we have to hope it stays like this. It will be really great for the very decisive part of the season

When I played, 80 per cent of the time I was in pain. Nobody appreciated that, because I played bad anyway. For Robbo it was very important because it was his left foot. His only useful foot! It was very important we had this week, he looks different now

I can see a difference in training but it’s not about a difference in the Norwich game. We wanted it [the break] and fought for it. We made some decisions around it and now we train normally. It’s not about Norwich, it’s about the rest of the season. People think [Norwich] will be easy because they only see the table and they don’t think about anything else. But we know the problems we can have, and the problems we can cause as well

2020 02 14b Retrieve

[Klopp reluctant to lose Mohamed Salah to Olympics as Liverpool star is lined up by Egypt] Do I want to lose a player in the pre-season? No. Of course not. But we have to consider different things. I will speak with Mo and all that stuff. We are completely clear about what we want, but we need more information – how will it look, when will the preparation start, all that stuff, and nobody has really contacted us so far, it’s just in the media

We have had to play already without Mo but not too often, thank God, but from time to time we have to. It’s not about that. All the positive things I could say about Mo I have said in the past. But come on, it’s the Olympic Games, I’m still a sports person, the Olympics is the Olympics, but we have to see. We will have to see how we deal with it. We can’t really discuss it really because we don’t know anything about it, or not a lot about it

2020 02 15 Retrieve

[Klopp: I have no clue if Liverpool can win Champions League] Juventus were my favourites before the season started but obviously I don’t watch Italian football enough because I cannot work out why they are not 10 points ahead at the top of Serie A. They have the biggest squad I have ever seen in my life; quality players too, it’s crazy

The Bayern Munich squad is also massive, PSG are incredible when they are all fit, you can never discount Barcelona and let’s not forget Manchester City because the Champions League will be one of their big targets. I have no clue how far we can go but there’s no need to think about it yet because at the moment all we need to concentrate on is Atletico on Tuesday

I have no clue if we can win the Champions League again, but we should be ready to go for it. What I know and what we showed last year is that we can beat the best. It doesn’t mean we will, it just means we can, and that is the only thing I have to know. There are so many strong teams out there you have to be ready for the fight, then it’s about luck in certain moments to win anything. In the end, the quality within a squad is not always the biggest difference, it’s more about who can find the right mood, show the most desire, be decisive in the right moment. And luck. To win anything you will need that for sure

2020 02 15b Retrieve

[Klopp shocked by Man City’s Champions League ban] It was a shock. Complete wow. The only thing I can say is about football. What they have done on the football pitch is exceptional. The rest, I don’t know. You believe the people you work with, that’s how it is. I really feel for them, Pep and the players, but that is how it is. They can appeal so we will see what happens then. It is obviously serious. But the football they played was exceptional and will always be exceptional

[Klopp was not entirely satisfied with his side’s performance as they gave away too much space against the hosts] It was a difficult game for different reasons. The wind, the organisation of the opponent and the way we played first half made it tricky for us. The distance between the line was too big, too early with the long ball, no second player around to collect the second ball. It was not exactly like we wanted to do. The counter press was not there because we didn’t push up enough, so football. We still had nice situations, good set pieces but not really much more.

Fabinho coming on was very important for the organisation. Saido was fresh and he helped us to win the game, which was outstanding. I have to watch the goal back but I’m pretty sure it was a fantastic finish. I could tell in all the players faces that they weren’t nervous, they were enjoying it, and if one team was going to score it was going to be us. We protected against the counter attack well too. It’s really all about these wonderful football players. The gap is so insane, I don’t really understand it. I’m not smart enough. I’ve not had that before. It’s outstanding, it’s so difficult. I go back into the changing room and we chat about the things and then I’m like oh, but congratulations. We won the game, another three points

2020 02 16 Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has backed the club to end their title drought] I am cheering for Lazio to win the title. We have a former Liverpool player in the title race, that is Lucas Leiva. Ciro Immobile was also one of my players at Borussia Dortmund. I’m sorry for Maurizio Sarri and Antonio Conte, but I think Lazio will be a great surprise. They are having an incredible season

2020 02 17 Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp spoke of his respect for Diego Simeone ahead of a trip to the Wanda Metropolitano] Their goal difference [in La Liga] is they have scored only 25 which is not too many, but have conceded only 17, which is low. They have had massive injury problems in recent weeks, a lot of strikers missing. But [Alvaro] Morata was on the bench [against Valencia on Friday], I’ve heard [Diego] Costa is back in training and Joao Felix is available I’m pretty sure. If somebody can play for a result, it’s Atletico. Mr Simeone, who I respect a lot, he tries everything. We have a similar story a little bit. We tried a lot and didn’t win, but we still tried. I like that. He is so competitive – wow! Actually, we have a good relationship but I’m pretty sure he will forget that on the touchline because he is so animated

We know that it’s just a stadium, but it’s a positive emotion that we have when we think about that stadium. It was one of our greatest nights and I’m pretty sure that when the boys will go in they will see it. But we are not going there for a pilgrimage. For sure not. We have had enough time to let these things settle

2020 02 17b Retrieve

[Klopp: If I’m on level four for intensity, Diego Simeone is on level 12] People say about me that I’m emotional on the sideline. If I’m on level four, I would say Diego is on level 12 or so. It’s really like I’m the Kindergarten Cop against him. That’s over all those years, eight years, that’s really long and still having this emotional level, wow, that’s absolutely impressive. His teams are always world-class organised, so that makes him one of the best. We met once or twice, exchanged some messages after big defeats or big wins and tomorrow in a really competitive game we meet for the first time, it will be interesting

I don’t know him well enough to know where the differences in style or managing or stuff like that. He was a world-class player, I was not a world class player, we can say that easily

I can understand it, that’s football. Eight years here, seven of them, probably more successful than Atletico was for […] 50 years? I don’t know exactly the club’s history. Then you have to make big a change, you lose [Diego] Godin, you lose [Antoine] Griezmann, you lose Juanfran and you lose Gabi maybe even a year before. That’s tough. You have to change the team, bring in new players, they have to get used to your philosophy and style. That takes time, people don’t give you time. For me it looks like they will qualify for the Champions League this year which would be incredible again in a transition year. Then next year they will be further in the right direction and will attack Spain again. I don’t think Atletico people are too concerned

2020 02 18 Retrieve

[Klopp explains early Sadio Mane substitution in Liverpool’s Champions League loss] He [Mane] was targeted. It was clear. They wanted to make sure he got a yellow card. It is only half time but you need to be really strong as a referee in this atmosphere. Already in the first 30 minutes three of their players went to the ground I don’t know what for. Nobody to blame. I am fine, 1-0 down at half time we have the longest half time break and we will use that. We lacked in the final third. They defended with all they had - their defending in the box was incredible. When you are 1-0 down with a team like this who only want this kind of result - 0-0 would have been good for them

It was not exactly what should happen but it happened. It was the fight we expected and the atmosphere we expected but I love so many parts of our game. It is only 1-0 down at half time and the second half we play out our stadium. Welcome to Anfield. It is not over yet

[skipper Jordan Henderson being forced off late in the game with injury] It was his hamstring which I hope was a precaution. I am not 100 per cent sure but we will see

2020 02 18b Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp also praised Alexander-Arnold, although the German boss isn’t fully sure about the Ballon d’Or talk] Any football experts in? Did Cafu win the Ballon d’Or? So, he thinks obviously a right-back should win the Ballon d’Or? I couldn’t love Trent Alexander-Arnold more. I admire his skills, he’s a wonderful boy, character all that stuff. But it’s a very positive message from Cafu. Yes, he has big potential. If he will win the Ballon d’Or I have no idea. Thank you Cafu for being a really nice fella, obviously

2020 02 21 Retrieve

[Klopp says Haaland and Minamino transfers were both ‘perfect’] The difference couldn’t be bigger. Erling Haaland made a perfect choice with Dortmund, and Taki made a perfect choice too. Dortmund needed a striker. Everybody blames Man United for not getting him, but we wouldn’t have got him - not that we tried. It’s as easy as that. He wanted a top team, as soon as possible, with an open space - Borussia Dortmund.

That’s timing. I hope you know how much I love and respect the people at Dortmund, but it’s not that they made a perfect approach and did this and that, it was more they were there, had the space, number nine … ‘Here we go, you are 19 years old, want to play Champions League, top end of Bundesliga, so go for it’.

Nobody else had a chance, I’m pretty sure, no matter what they say. Taki finds here a completely different situation. That’s normal. We have no problems, particularly in an offensive position, but we need variation at moments. Taki tries everything. Against the ball he is top class, but if you ask him, although he doesn’t say it, he wants to do what we want him to do. But we want him to do what he does naturally. That’s the time we need, and you lose a little bit of quality in that period until you fight back

2020 02 21b Retrieve

[Klopp recently backed Lazio to win the Scudetto this season, highlighting Immobile as one of the reasons] I am cheering for Lazio to win the title. We have a former Liverpool player in the title race, that is Lucas Leiva. Ciro Immobile was also one of my players at Borussia Dortmund. I’m sorry for Maurizio Sarri and Antonio Conte, but I think Lazio will be a great surprise. They are having an incredible season

2020 02 21c Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp has confirmed Jordan Henderson will be out of action for around three weeks with a hamstring injury] It could have been worse. It was the hamstring, but it’s not that bad. He will be out for three weeks or so, which is not cool but we still see it as we were lucky. Hopefully nothing else happens

Hendo is exceptionally important, not only football-wise but for some other reasons as well that hopefully everybody knows. Yes, we still have options there. That’s good. There’s a chance for all of them, but there would have been a chance anyway. Hendo would not have played all the games from now until the end of the season. It’s a position where we can react, so we will react

Tuesday-Monday, there’s absolutely no need to [rotate the team]. That’s enough time, that’s longer than we usually have. We will see who will start and maybe we will make more changes but not because of the Atletico game. We need a really good atmosphere. Not perception 1-0 after seven minutes, 2-0 after 25, it will not be like this. West Ham have to fight for results. I expect a tough match

[Liverpool were undone in the Spanish capital by an early goal from Saul Niguez] It is to put things right. The next morning it felt like a defeat. But it’s like we said after the game, it’s not done yet. We know Anfield alone won’t sort it, so we will put the proper performance in. The difference between winning and losing is massive - much more than three points. That’s how it should be. We want to put it right

2020 02 21d Retrieve

[Klopp writes letter to young Man Utd fan who asked for Liverpool to lose] Unfortunately, on this occasion I cannot grant your request, not through choice anyway. As much as you want Liverpool to lose, it is my job to do everything that I can to help Liverpool to win as there are millions of people around the world who want that to happen so I really do not want to let them down. I can safely say that one thing that will not change is your passion for football and for your club. Manchester United are lucky to have you. Although our clubs are great rivals we also share a great respect for one another. This, to me, is what football is all about

2020 02 22 Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp speaks about his side’s cushion atop the Premier League after a 1-0 victory at Norwich City] The gap is so insane, I don’t really understand it. I am not smart enough. I have not had that before. It is outstanding, so difficult

2020 02 22b Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp has compared the moment he was made aware of Liverpool’s interest in him to the day he met his wife, insisting it felt right from the first moment] There was a lot of interest, I had to make a holiday first. I heard from my agent that Liverpool is interested and I felt immediately ‘oh god’, it’s like when I met my wife - I saw her and thought okay I marry her and it was like that with the club. It felt right from the first moment

I liked England before I lived here because when I was 18-years-old I was here for five or six weeks by train, interrail. My cousin wanted to come (to England), we were just bed and breakfast, had a tent, from time to time we were on a camping ground.

The weather was unfortunately really sh*t though. We did not use the tent too often because it was that wet, but bed and breakfast I loved. It was such a wonderful thing, so you had contact with people you usually don’t have. You travel through a country, you meet all kinds of generations, some elderly people who were always really nice so that time I thought one day I want to live for a while in England

2020 02 23 Retrieve

[Klopp doesn’t believe Liverpool are the best in the world] Usually if people mention ‘the best team in the world,’ you think of Real Madrid from a few years ago, Barcelona from a few years ago, Man City of the last two years and stuff like this. The team we have is about attitude – go and go and go – mixed with really good football players. We are, for sure, more critical of our performances because they only see the results, which are exceptional – no doubt about that – but we don’t see ourselves as the best in the world

What I loved from my team at Atletico is we didn’t play like the best team in the world, we fought like crazy to get through it. Our attitude in this game was exceptional. It was an away game, we gave an early goal away with a set-piece, they had a few counter-attacks which hurt, the quality they have is unbelievable and for 95 minutes, we were on fire and try, and try and try. There was not one second where we stood thinking ‘well, what can we do?’

I don’t really get it. It’s nice when people say it, it’s better than if they say you are the worst team in the world, obviously

2020 02 24 Retrieve

[Klopp concedes Liverpool face threat of Barcelona & Real Madrid raids] I think for some players, if Barcelona or Real call, it’s still hard to say ‘no’. I think for the whole world, Liverpool are one of the top, top, top, top clubs. But in the South American part of the world, the other two are a bit more famous which makes sense language and culture-wise. It’s why calls from them could always cause some trouble, but apart from that, there’s not 500 clubs who could buy players from us

Last summer, we did Sepp [van den Berg], Harvey [Elliott] and Adrian and people were not happy that we didn’t do any more than that because they think we need this and that here and there. We will see if we can make the right decisions again. It doesn’t depend on us alone, it’s the market, it’s the things around that will have an influence. It’s not that we are going mad about what is out there – we want the right player, we don’t just sign any

2020 02 24b Retrieve

[Klopp elated after pulling through West Ham scare] I really liked how we started. We scored a wonderful first goal, but then we weren’t good in second-ball situations. We struggled in this situation and that gave West Ham a good feeling. They could win the second ball from the goal-kicks and for us that was difficult. We lost a little bit of patience in the first half in the things we did, offensively you could see this a little bit. They scored the second goal and I have to watch back how that happened

After that we were forced to stay calm and do the right stuff and I think all the goals we scored were a little bit strange – the best goal we scored didn’t count! That was exactly the kind of football we wanted to play but in the end obviously Sadio is slightly offside. All the goals we scored were strange. The best one we scored didn’t count because Sadio was offside. But you have to squeeze it, and that’s what we did tonight to get the three points. It is so special

The set-pieces brought us back tonight, getting the momentum back again – because we had a couple, one after another. You need to have different ways. There were so many things we could do better but to reach this number of games, you cannot be brilliant all the time. We just try to make the best of what we have. I am pleased with the attitude we showed. The crosses were a bit too hard from Andy Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold but we had super situations, so all okay

2020 02 24c Retrieve

[Klopp says Liverpool success helps and hinders with transfers] It’s easier if players see you as that. If they see you are successful, it’s easier to get into talks with players. But on the other side, it’s more difficult the better your team is because they ask questions like, ‘where and when would I play?’. We need players who want to be part of this, who want to fight for their spot, who want to make the next step together with us, who want to develop and improve so that’s it. We have these players and whoever wants to join us needs to have exactly this kind of attitude

The age group of the team is good in the moment. In two or three years, maybe it’ll be different but for the moment, it’s good. It depends on what you want. Is it a good age for selling? Probably not. But is it a good age for performing? Yes. So there are a lot of things we have to think about. It’s an interesting period

2020 02 28 Retrieve

[Klopp reacts to Timo Werner’s Liverpool hints as £50m summer transfer is mooted] I prefer that when players speak about us they are positive, rather than saying ‘that’s the last club I would ever go to’. From that point of view it’s obviously nice, but that’s all - there’s nothing else to say about it

All coming closer, much closer. Hendo is running, Milly is running even more. Not enough for this game, but we will see, especially with Milly, what we can do for Tuesday [in an FA Cup fifth-round clash with Chelsea]. Not sure about Hendo, and Shaq not yet, but they are all coming closer

They’re not competing against each other and hopefully they don’t see it like this. It’s not like this. They offer naturally different things. In different situations we need different players and they all are exceptional

2020 02 28b Retrieve

[Klopp says Liverpool taking coronavirus seriously but yet to reassess pre-season plans] Not yet, over pre-season we’ve not thought of changes yet. The biomedical department, all advice we get from there. But if you [the media] come in here and don’t shake hands, I’m now only two metres away from you, so whatever you have I probably can’t avoid getting it as well. We had an interview outside and were even closer. We take it really serious, but you can’t avoid everything. It’s not a football problem, it’s a society problem, what we all have in common, so I think everybody is thinking about it at the moment

Hopefully the people who are much smarter than us find a way to [end the illness], or medicine, as that’s obviously the big problem at the moment, we don’t have that yet. Hopefully it will settle, but at the moment we deal like all other people, take it seriously and maybe don’t do things like maybe you would usually do, but it’s like when flu is going around

For us it’s the same, we can’t do anything different to that and I think in the moment everyone takes it serious. We’ve not told anyone not to shake hands, but then we haven’t said you have to shake hands. We have all these disinfection places where we can wash our hands, but is that enough? We don’t know. No one has told us that we can’t play football, and as long as that doesn’t happen we will play football. It’s important we take it seriously but not get crazy, because there are other areas in the world where it’s more difficult and hopefully we find a really quick solution

2020 02 29 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp looked on the bright side of Liverpool’s first defeat in 44 Premier League matches] We were going to lose a game at some time, and we didn’t wait for it but it was clear it would happen. Tonight it happened and I see it rather positive that we got close to these records. Now we can play free football again and don’t have to try to get a record. We just have to try to win football games again, and that’s what we will do. I am not celebrating a 44-game run. Some people have said other numbers, and I’m not sure which is the right one because I don’t care who is right. I don’t know, I’m not interested

But I know things like this are really difficult, because the boys have to be absolutely everything. Tiredness wasn’t a problem, no. Shape isn’t something you can take for granted, form isn’t something you can take for granted.

Why do we have the amount of points we have? Because we fought against each little feeling in the body when it was like this or that or our concentration level looked like it would drop, against misfortune, everything. That’s why we have the amount of points we have.

Other teams did the same but couldn’t get the same amount of points because it’s so difficult. It’s not easy to explain why tonight it didn’t happen for us, but it shouldn’t be the biggest sensation in world football. We lost that battle. What can I say now, that it’s not acceptable? It’s not that we don’t think it’s important because we won so many games, but we don’t think it’s the biggest catastrophe in the world of football

To beat the best club side in the world at the moment is testament to how we played. So, it’s very satisfying, but it’s just one game. We’ve got 10 games left and they’re all going to be very important. We’ve got to try to emulate what we’ve done today in terms of performance. I’m really proud of the players and they should be really proud of how they’ve coped with a difficult situation. In the context of our season, it’s a really important three points. We knew we would have to be at our best today, and I think we were.

2020 02 29b Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp says Liverpool must accept that their unbeaten Premier League run is over] They did exactly what they wanted to do, we did not. That’s how football works. The first half was a tough one, a lot of second balls, running here and there, we had the ball a lot but we didn’t come in the right positions to cross, the right positions to finish, against a really good, organised side, with a top set-up for this game. You have to accept it, it’s not so easy, but it’s the proof we were not good enough tonight. It’s always very difficult. We have to accept if after. In the game you have to fight. We were 3-0 down but we still tried, there were no silly situations where somebody got frustrated and tried to kick someone. If you win good, if you lose, try to do it in the right manner and do it like a man

2020 02 29c Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp dismissed claims that Liverpool’s dominance is a sign that the Premier League has become less competitive] I couldn’t care less [what people say]. Look, it is completely normal. I don’t think that we should have any concern for things like this. If other people think like that – if they think City are not as good as they were – they are! They have scored a little less goals than us, conceded a few more, and if you look why it is clear they have been missing some players. The other teams are really strong too. Yes, Bayern beat Tottenham and Chelsea [in the Champions League] but they are really strong over a season

Yes, [Spurs and Chelsea] have had some problems, that’s all true. But in the moment that you play them you don’t feel that they have these problems. The points they have, we have no influence on that apart from the games when we play them. So it says nothing about the quality of the Premier League, especially when you look at City v Real Madrid. I know that people look at these things and you saw that one of the best teams in the world maybe in the moment and City were clearly better so that shows as well how strong the League is

There is still a lot of work to do and a lot of space for improvement. You see our games and result wise it looks okay but performance-wise there is a lot of space for improvement. That is what we work on and try constantly through the week. Result consistency is maybe difficult to improve because that is close to perfection, obviously, but it is possible to improve the performances in all departments. There are so many things you can improve that that will never end

2020 03 02 Retrieve

[Klopp dissects a series of clips of a league defeat prepare by post-match analyst Mark Leyland] It didn’t get any better! But I wanted to understand what happened, and it was helpful to see it again

It can happen that I get angry with my players. But I didn’t get angry in this meeting. If I go in and shout at them like they’ve lost the last 10 games in a row because of a bad attitude, then that would be really strange. I am not interested after a meeting that I feel better, I am interested that the boys get the right information. Analysis is not really emotional, it’s just looking at the facts. And we were just not good enough

[There should be no doubts about the character and spirit of this squad] I find it a little disrespectful, to be honest. How could I think these boys sit there and are happy that we lost?! Of course they want to strike back. This is an exceptional group of players, that did outstanding stuff. Just not that night

2020 03 02b Retrieve

[Klopp admits he didn’t think about Liverpool playing ‘free football’ comments following Watford defeat] Now we can play free football again and don’t have to try to get a record. We just have to try to win football games again, and that’s what we will do

It is a bit difficult. I don’t know what I said 100 per cent after the game. I go in the dressing room then I go out and people confront me, like always, with questions which I didn’t think about until a second before. I say the things I say. If I say from now that we can play free football again, that would mean I felt we couldn’t do that before. I didn’t feel that, to be honest

Would we have loved to have won game number 19? Yes. Absolutely. But then you don’t win it and we know how difficult it is. We don’t have to make it bigger. We lost a football game. Whenever it happens, it feels really average. Really, really bad. That’s how we felt. But it is not like we are now relieved of all the pressure and we can focus on football again. It was just an answer, to be honest, without long thinking!

[Klopp also confirmed that midfielder Naby Keita would miss the Chelsea match] A little, little, little bit with his hip. I can’t really say more, that’s the only information I got from the medical department. He is not ready. He could be ready for after that game but not this one. It is not serious, but serious enough

2020 03 02c Retrieve

[Klopp: I would be a real idiot to question Liverpool players’ character after Watford defeat] It can happen that I get angry with the players, but I didn’t get angry with the players in this meeting. From a common-sense point of view, if I go in that meeting and shout at them like they have lost the last 10 games in a row because of a bad attitude, that would be really strange. I am not interested in myself feeling better after the meeting. I am interested in the boys getting the right information and it can be more emotional – I wouldn’t say angry – or less emotional. If you need to analyse, you analyse and analysis is not really emotional. It is looking at the facts

I am not a little bit in doubt about the character of the boys and I would be a real idiot if I was, to be honest, because they deserve my trust, my faith and they don’t lose it after a bad game

There is a reason for losing a game of football and I prefer seeing the reason than not knowing why. What the heck happened now? It was not that the fortunes changed or that destiny wanted to give us a knock. We were just not good enough and that is the easy answer. That is filled with a lot of information that the boys get, but not too much. We don’t want to think about that game for too long. We planned the meeting because the next game was waiting and after the meeting we could really finish with this game. From this moment on, it was to focus on the next game again

2020 03 02d Retrieve

[Klopp: Liverpool fans aren’t ‘paranoid’ over ‘silly’ reports coronavirus could impact title charge] I don’t think our fans are paranoid. I can’t believe Liverpool fans are thinking about it and I actually speak to Liverpool fans. If anybody wants to ask me about that and how much sense it would make to delete all the results of this season and tell me who will play next year in the Champions League and stuff like this, it would be really interesting. Nice story, obviously some newspapers have always to write something but when I saw it the first time I really thought, ‘Wow, really somebody thinks something like that?’. Liverpool fans are really not silly enough to believe in these things

We never really think about lesser pressure, we are Liverpool, we are always under pressure. We play away at Chelsea and everyone expects us to win there, which is difficult, was always difficult, will always be difficult. There’s for sure no favourite in this game and if [there is] then it’s Chelsea because they play at home

[In the previous round, Liverpool needed a replay to get past Shrewsbury Town in a match where Klopp courted controversy for handing responsibility to Under-23s boss Neil Critchley to field a team of youngsters as the fixture took place during the club’s mid-season break] It’s not about loyalty, these boys are our boys and they did what they did and if we would win the FA Cup in the end they would be involved in the celebrations. If they will play I don’t know, not all of them, but from the Shrewsbury team for sure there will be boys in the squad who will start

[Critchley was appointed as Blackpool manager] Congratulations to Blackpool and to Neil Critchley. It’s a great thing, nice challenge, nice opportunity for him. Really nice because it shows that it’s possible you can make your way as a youth coach. That’s always what we wanted to have, we wanted to have the best people here in all departments

2020 03 02e Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp maintains that Dejan Lovren is an outstanding centre-half] If everyone can blame Lovren for the defeat then I can’t help these people. A lot of times in my life I speak to people who know less about football than me which is fine I get paid a lot to be a football manager. So many other centre-halves would struggle against Troy Deeney. Joe [Gomez] has had problems like that before that. Losing the first ball is never the situation. It’s all about the formation around that picking it up. It was the fight for the throw-in but we could have dealt with the situation in other ways. Dejan and Joel [Matip] have played sensational games for us. You have to be healthy, fit and rhythm. That’s the most difficult thing to get in football. That’s the situation but Lovren is an outstanding centre half

There are so many explanations for the defeat. I have no interesting answers, we didn’t play well. Watford hurt us in situations where we are usually much better. It was not the day where we showed our best attitude-wise. Apart from that, it was a very difficult game because Watford defended in a 6-3-1 formation that is of course allowed but quite a challenge to play against. I really thought in the second half we got it, but then we conceded the first goal and then the second goal.

The situation we are in, you couldn’t read a book about because nobody else was in the situation before us. It was 44 games without losing a Premier League game. The Premier League game before Watford we lost was at Man City, [and that] was because of 11 millimetres. Imagine if we didn’t lose that game, it would have been a run of more than 60 games, which is absolutely incredible. It’s not about now picking this game out and saying ‘that was the sign that something went wrong’, it’s not like this. We have the chance to react, that’s how it is.

It’s over now, so we can concentrate completely on football and we will do that. Nobody can tell us how to deal in a best way with runs like this because not a lot of teams had it. I was not happy with the performance but it was always clear there can be a moment where it can happen

2020 03 02f Retrieve

[Klopp rallies Liverpool to ‘restart’ after unbeaten run is broken] Sometimes a little knock is important. So I don’t see anything negative in it. From time to time if you are not good enough, you need to see [the] effect. Not good enough – what happens then? So restart. Maybe the longer the run goes maybe it becomes more important. But I didn’t see that. Now it is over. We can start again with whatever we did before, and we will

You cannot win the amount of games the boys have done if they are easily influenced by the outside world, and we will see how they react. But I don’t know because I’ve never won 18 games in a row and didn’t lose 44 – first time in my life. How they react we shall see

2020 03 03 Retrieve

[Reds boss was also asked about the coronavirus] What I don’t like in life is that for a very serious thing, a football manager’s opinion is important. I really don’t understand it. It’s not important what famous people say. People with no knowledge like me talking about it…people with knowledge should be the ones telling people what to do. Not football managers. I don’t understand politics, the coronavirus. Why me? I wear a baseball cap. I’m concerned like everyone else. I live on this planet and I want it to be safe and healthy, I wish everybody the best, absolutely. But my opinion on coronavirus is not important

2020 03 03b Retrieve

[Klopp says Liverpool have to focus on improvement] I would really like if you stop mentioning it [the Watford loss]. But we deserved to lose because they scored twice and we made massive mistakes for both goals. After that, it was a completely open game. We had three-four shots in a row in the first half and Sadio Mane was close to finishing but the intensity of the game is why we made some changes. We needed fresh legs and then it needs to settle a bit but conceding does not help. The boys reacted well, I liked it but the second goal is a problem and Chelsea defended physically well. We are not unlucky in these moments, we looked good and Adrian made a superb save initially before the first goal.

We have to be ready in the moments. We played Chelsea and they play in counterattacks and that is OK, in moments they struggled with us. A lot of parts of the performance I really liked. We know we have to improve, it is not about destiny, not about not clicking here or there, it is all about us and we have to take it in the right way. It is not the best three weeks of the whole season but it is a chance to make it the best three weeks now and that is the plan

We are not interested in Atletico Madrid, it is all about Bournemouth. They are fighting with all they have and they did really well against Chelsea. Nobody has to feel sorry for us, we will win football games and that is what we want to do on Saturday

2020 03 04 Retrieve

[Liverpool’s form has dipped but Klopp is right to trust his players] I know the numbers. They are not that cool. The performance I am not concerned about. And I am not worried about momentum.

2020 03 06 Retrieve

[Klopp: Liverpool’s goalkeeper situation is uncomfortable] The goalkeeper situation is not comfortable, of course, but we have Adrian and we have Andy Lonergan. So Caoimhin Kelleher is also injured [but] Adrian has made some super performances for us in the season, so while it’s not good when a player of the quality of Ali is not available it is good we have a replacement

We speak about losing a football game as the worst thing that can happen to a football team. That is not why you meet, play and train, but it is still a possible result. That we lost three in three different competitions - we feel that. I cannot ignore or deny we do not feel it. It is there. The reaction is always possible and that is what we have always showed and we should show this time as well. And with all respect to Bournemouth - real respect - this is our game. We have to show that. With the situations they have in the game we should not be surprised if they have shots, crosses and set-pieces, but in the most decisive parts of the game we have to be dominant

2020 03 06b Retrieve

[Alisson out of Brazil squad in injury] No, next week not [available]. I don’t want to say no [for the Merseyside derby] but I don’t know if Alisson will be available. He is not available for the next week, not for tomorrow and not the next week. Then we have to judge the situation new. I would say after the international break he is back 100 per cent, whatever we can get before that we will see.

2020 03 06c Retrieve

[Liverpool to be without Alisson for Atletico clash] Unfortunately Ali is out. He had a little incident in training before the Chelsea game. We all thought it was nothing and it was clear he would not play anyway, the plan was he was on the bench. There, we thought, ‘Come on, we don’t have to take any risks’ so left him out of the squad. [There was a] scan the next day and they found something. So now he is out

[Klopp added on the nature of the injury] Muscle, slight, in the hip region. A small muscle. You [the reporters] could all do your work still but a professional goalkeeper is slightly different. That’s the situation. He is not available for tomorrow and then the next week. We have to judge the situation. I don’t want to say no [for Merseyside derby] but I am not sure. After international break he will be 100% but we will see

Naby trained. Jordan has a chance [for Atletico] but not for Bournemouth

Winning gives you confidence, losing takes it away, that is normal. One defeat feels like two, not a massive difference, it is just how you get back on track. You can do that by working hard. We have to fight to get back on track. We have to do that as a unit. How opponents play against us is not new, it is the same, a defensive block and counters with set pieces. Bournemouth are dangerous from them so we have to be 100% spot on. We have to play football, force a way through, switch sides, create space and protect it perfectly

2020 03 07 Retrieve

[Klopp: You can’t keep confidence in your pocket] I know what the boys are able to do, but I am not the one that is playing, they are. We have said before, confidence is not something that you get, put in your pocket and keep for the rest of your life. It comes and goes. You need that feeling where things work out. You have to fight hard, that’s always the main thing to do, but we have 82 points now, which is really nice. We have to carry on fighting. Give everyone a proper fight and that’s what we did today

There is nothing good in losing football games but it makes you aware of how special it is to win football games. So we appreciate it much more. We didn’t feel consistent in the last two weeks. We lost consistently. That wasn’t nice. The boys worked hard today. We want to be as successful as we can be for us, we don’t know where that will end. If it will happen (winning the title) it will feel really special. Now we have three days to prepare for another difficult game. That was the best performance from the crowd since I was here

2020 03 07b Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp on the coronavirus] People with knowledge should talk about the novel coronavirus outbreak. I wear a baseball cap and have a bad shave

2020 03 07c Retrieve

[Klopp regrets celebrating in front of linesman amid VAR frustration] To be honest, yes, that happened. Would I do it now? No. But in this moment I just don’t understand how this could be a goal. There are situations, we talk about it, stuff like this, but now we have to make a decision. This shows the problem of VAR still existing. It’s not a VAR, it’s not a system, it’s a human being and the rules. It was a foul. The touch was enough to let Joe struggle - it was a foul, nothing else. They score a goal in the next situation, the ref lets it run, that’s why we have VAR, so we can have a look later. Two or three weeks ago, the VAR made really difficult decisions on one matchday in two different games - I think with Tottenham and [Manchester] City, I’m not quite sure. But [I was] like, ‘Wow, how is that possible that someone sits there and doesn’t see it?’ So now, for me, the question is how is it possible you have a look at it and don’t say, ‘Ah, it’s a foul’. Mike Dean [the fourth official] I’m sure saw it was a foul, but it’s not his job, he cannot intervene anymore, so it’s then VAR. And the VAR hides behind the phrase ‘not clear and obvious’. It makes no sense

A foul is a foul, no foul is no foul, you can let it go, whatever, it’s no problem. But if it’s that clear and you look at it and say, ‘Come on, play on’, nobody felt comfortable after that. Not the ref, everybody knew something happened here which is not okay. That is easy to sort with someone sitting in the room in front of a screen says, ‘Yeah, come on, foul’. That’s it. I understand 100 per cent Bournemouth maybe sees it different, but it’s a clear, clear foul. Arms like this, it’s not possible in that situation. So I celebrated a little bit in their direction. I’m not happy about it but it happened and I didn’t say anything while I was celebrating

2020 03 07d Retrieve

[what next for Liverpool loanee Harry Wilson?] Harry Wilson’s shooting is world-class. Find me five players who shoot better than him. But the game is about more and that is what he has to improve and that is clear. To be involved as an offensive player you have to connect with other players. He has that – it is not like he doesn’t – but to get to the next level, he needs game time at the highest level. That is why we loaned him to Bournemouth

2020 03 08 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp has expressed disbelief that anyone could criticise James Milner] I have no clue how somebody can doubt these boys, to be honest. But if it happens, then thank God it isn’t my problem. People can say what they want, I hope they don’t do it too harshly, but I’ll never get that information and will never use it. I make my own decisions. In no team, whether it’s a football team or in an office or whatever part of life, can you have people who are brilliant all in the same area. It just doesn’t work. If you have somebody who moves left or right, then you have no answers any more. You need a mix of personalities

It’s very important that you keep your nerve, but I was never worried about that. It’s not just about keeping your nerves, it’s about fighting all the stuff that works against you at the moment. True, for one-and-a-half years, not a lot of these things worked against us but in the last two weeks they did. So we have to fight them. We can’t ignore them and think they won’t happen again. We aren’t that kind of team, or that kind of club. We’ve always had to work really hard for all the things we have got. I saw this on Saturday, and am more than happy

2020 03 10 Retrieve

[The Reds boss said of a meeting with Diego Simeone’s side] We use that normally in a critical way. Second half we learn from situations and improve. This time we had three weeks, not 15 minutes. We want to use that time. It is much clearer than before. Couple of advantages they had are now there for us

[Klopp added on a first-leg reversal and the challenge facing his troops] We had good situations, we played against a team that is the world’s best at deep defending. Scored a goal, slightly lucky. That is how football is. 0-0 would have been brilliant but we still have to score. One of the biggest challenges in football

2020 03 10b Retrieve

[Klopp weigh in on coronavirus measures] It is not about me as a manager. When something shows in the moment, some things are more important than football. We realise that in this moment. We need to find a solution for that. Avoiding different situations, I don’t know how much it would help. Whatever will be decided we will respect. We all have families and friends which we want to do well. We will accept that but I don’t know how much sense it will make

2020 03 11 Retrieve

[Klopp: Liverpool have to defend like never before in our lives against Atletico] We need to be nearly perfect. That’s how it is. We have to attack, we have to create, we have to protect like never before in our life and we have to interact – we need Anfield. That’s the truth but it’s always like this

We spoke about that already but we will probably mention it again. It would help 100 per cent [to have our best players on the pitch for 90 minutes]. Sadio did nothing wrong, absolutely nothing, and I still thought in the next situation it will be [a red card]. You always need a referee who is aware of situations like this, we cannot do it by ourselves. We have no influence over that. We have to deal with it

We expect a really ‘experienced’ performance from Atletico, let me say that. In all different departments ‘experienced’ but we have to deal with that. There is another area of football where we can be better than the first game and better than Atletico but we have to show that

Hendo is ready but what we do with that, I don’t know. Or maybe I do know and I just don’t say!

2020 03 11b Retrieve

[Adrian is not Alisson, he’s his deputy. He has been an able one too, for the most part] We will not blame him for a second. He didn’t want to do that, and he saved us in so many moments when he was there

2020 03 11c Retrieve

[Klopp aims dig at Simeone’s style after Champions League defeat] I am completely happy with the performance. It’s so difficult to play a side like this. I don’t understand with the quality they have the football they play. They could play proper football but they stand deep and have counterattacks. We accept it of course but it doesn’t feel right tonight. I realise I am a really bad loser, especially when the boys put such an effort in against world class players on the other side who defend with two rows of four. We know in the last two years we had some lucky moments in the Champions League, you have to, to reach two finals, but today it was everything was against us in the decisive moments

For the score to go 2-1 was not cool, it was a blow but it’s not a big problem. The second goal was a bigger problem. After the second goal the legs were a bit tired. Everything that looked really natural in the first 90 minutes became a bit stiff. The crosses did not have the same quality We wanted the first time crosses like for the first goal, which was brilliant and the boys forget to do that

2020 03 12 Retrieve

[Klopp refuses to blame Adrian despite Liverpool goalkeeper making the ‘wrong decision’ in Atletico defeat] Everyone who saw the game knows that it could have been different. I loved the first 90 minutes. Our only mistake was we scored our second goal too late. I loved the football we played. We caused them so many problems. It was really exceptional […] The pass (from Adrian) was not. I love the boy but that is the wrong decision. It was then a bit easy to finish the situation off for them. We will not blame. He is a man and he knows he made a mistake. We will not judge him

2020 03 12b Retrieve

[As for Klopp, it’s back to business. Two wins will guarantee the title] From now on we will watch the Champions League instead of being part of it. But everybody knows that we will come again and go again

2020 03 13 Retrieve

[Klopp: None of us know what the final outcome will be as Liverpool wait on title coronation] I don’t think this is a moment where the thoughts of a football manager should be important, but I understand for our supporters they will want to hear from the team and I will front that.

First and foremost, all of us have to do whatever we can to protect one another. In society I mean. This should be the case all the time in life, but in this moment I think it matters more than ever. I’ve said before that football always seems the most important of the least important things. Today, football and football matches really aren’t important at all.

Of course, we don’t want to play in front of an empty stadium and we don’t want games or competitions suspended, but if doing so helps one individual stay healthy - just one - we do it no questions asked. If it’s a choice between football and the good of the wider society, it’s no contest. Really, it isn’t.

Today’s decision and announcement is being implemented with the motive of keeping people safe. Because of that we support it completely. We have seen members of teams we compete against become ill. This virus has shown that being involved in football offers no immunity. To our rival clubs and individuals who are affected and to those who later will become so, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

None of us know in this moment what the final outcome will be, but as a team we have to have belief that the authorities make decisions based on sound judgement and morality.

Yes, I am the manager of this team and club and therefore carry a leadership responsibility with regards to our future on the pitch. But I think in the present moment, with so many people around our city, the region, the country and the world facing anxiety and uncertainty, it would be entirely wrong to speak about anything other than advising people to follow expert advice and look after themselves and each other.

The message from the team to our supporters is only about your well-being. Put your health first. Don’t take any risk. Think about the vulnerable in our society and act where possible with compassion for them. Please look after yourselves and look out for each other

2020 03 14 Retrieve

[Former Borussia Dortmund boss Klopp stressed that health is more important than football] First and foremost, all of us have to do whatever we can to protect one another. In society I mean. This should be the case all the time in life, but in this moment I think it matters more than ever. I’ve said before that football always seems the most important of the least important things. Today, football and football matches really aren’t important at all. Of course, we don’t want to play in front of an empty stadium and we don’t want games or competitions suspended, but if doing so helps one individual stay healthy – just one – we do it no questions asked. If it’s a choice between football and the good of the wider society, it’s no contest. Really, it isn’t. The decision is being implemented with the motive of keeping people safe. Because of that we support it completely. We have seen members of teams we compete against become ill. This virus has shown that being involved in football offers no immunity

2020 03 27 Retrieve

[Liverpool boss Klopp moved to tears by NHS video] My English is not good enough to say. It’s extraordinary, it’s great. I think yesterday I was sent a video of people in the hospital just outside the intensive care area and when they started singing You’ll Never Walk Alone I started crying immediately. It’s unbelievable. But it shows everything, these people not only work but they have such a good spirit. They are used to helping other people, we need to get used to it because usually we have our own problems and stuff. But it’s their job, they do it day in and day out. They bring themselves, if you want, in danger because they help ill, sick and seriously handicapped people, so I couldn’t admire them more and appreciate it more, I really couldn’t

We played the Bournemouth game on Saturday, we won it, then Sunday City lost, so the information for us was ‘two wins to go’. But then on Monday morning, I woke up and heard about the situation in Madrid, that they would close the schools and universities from Wednesday, so it was really strange to prepare for that game, to be honest.

I usually don’t struggle with things around me, I can build barriers right and left when I prepare for a game, but in that moment it was really difficult. Wednesday we had the game, I loved the game, I loved what I saw from the boys, it was a really, really good performance other than the result – we didn’t score enough, we conceded too many, that’s all clear, but between these two main pieces of information it was a brilliant game! Thursday [we were] off and then Friday when we arrived it was already clear this is not a session. Yes, we trained, but it was more of a meeting. We had a lot of things to talk about, a lot of things to think about, things I never thought before in my life about.

Nobody knew exactly – and nobody knows exactly – how it will go on, so the only way we could do was to organise it as good as possible for the boys and make sure everything is sorted as much as we can sort it in our little space, in the little area where we are responsible, really. That’s what we did in a very short time, then we sent the boys home, went home ourselves and here we are still

2020 03 27b Retrieve

[Klopp reveals what he’s been doing during coronavirus lockdown] I didn’t cut the grass but I tried the dance of Ox! Not as bad as you probably think! It’s very important in these times that we all show we take this situation seriously, but we are human beings. At the moment we are at home and when you are at home, you cannot do something to help outside. We are not health workers, we don’t work in a supermarket. You have to keep your own mood up and you have to keep the mood up for other people. If the boys do anything on Instagram, as long as it’s in a legal frame I’m overly happy about it – it just shows they are still cheeky and all that stuff. I like it, I like it a lot. I like the line-ups they do. All these things are really funny. It’s good. I watched a few movies – I watched the Taken trilogy again! To be honest, that’s how it is – you do a lot of things you usually don’t do. I’m still in that period. Two weeks is long but it’s not that long

We said it now often enough, and I think everybody knows, football is not the most important thing in the world. One hundred per cent not. In this moment it’s clear what is. But the only way to get football back as soon as possible, if that’s what the people want, the more disciplined we are now the earlier we will get, piece by piece by piece, our life back. That’s how it is. There is no other solution in the moment, nobody has another solution.

We have to be disciplined by ourselves, we have to keep the distance to other people. We can still do some things, not a lot, but we have to just calm down a little bit with things. Yes, outside the economy has to carry on, that will start again. But the lower the number will be when we go out again, the number of people infected, that’s what I understand, the better it is. It will not be like nobody anymore after the next few weeks but the curve will flatten, that’s the most important thing.

We have to give our people in the hospitals, our doctors, the chance to treat the people with serious issues with full concentration. We have to give people time to build ventilators, we have to give people time to find solutions. There will be a moment when other smart people find a vaccine for the virus. But until then, we have to make sure we do the best possible for all the people out there. You hear now more and more it’s not only the elderly and weaker - it’s not only that, there are younger people involved who can die of it as well. It’s not about that, it’s about just, show heart and a bit of sensibility and do the right thing: stay at home as long as we have to. And then at one point we will play football again as well, 100 per cent. I couldn’t wish more for it because of a few really good reasons, how you can imagine. I can’t wait actually, but even I have to be disciplined and I try to be as much as I can

2020 03 28 Retrieve

[Mythbuster: Zidane is a lucky coach but not a great one] If people think Zidane has no tactical knowledge – because people think the same about me – it would be really funny if two managers in the final had no clue about tactics. What would that say about the game?

2020 03 28b Retrieve

[Liverpool boss Klopp says coronavirus impacted preparation ahead of Atletico loss] It is two weeks ago, but it feels like it is ages ago that we played Atletico. I remember that we all knew about the situation with coronavirus around the world but we were still ‘in our tunnel’, if you want, and until then it didn’t really arrive in our mind in England. We played the Bournemouth game on Saturday, we won it, and Sunday [Man] City lost, so the information for us was ‘two wins to go’. But then on Monday morning, I woke up and heard about the situation in Madrid, that they would close the schools and universities from Wednesday, so it was really strange to prepare for that game, to be honest. I usually don’t struggle with things around me. I can build barriers right and left when I prepare for a game, but in that moment it was really difficult.

[Reflecting on the final two days of a turbulent week] Wednesday we had the game, I loved the game, I loved what I saw from the boys, it was a really, really good performance other than the result – we didn’t score enough, we conceded too many, that’s all clear, but between these two main pieces of information it was a brilliant game! Thursday [we were] off and then Friday when we arrived it was already clear this is not a session. Yes, we trained, but it was more of a meeting. We had a lot of things to talk about, a lot of things to think about, things I never thought about in my life before. Nobody knew exactly – and nobody knows exactly – how it will go on, so the only way we could do it was to organise it as good as possible for the boys and make sure everything is sorted as much as we can sort it in our little spaces, in the little area where we are responsible

2020 03 07b Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp accepts he will never compare with Liverpool great Bill Shankly despite guiding the Reds to a record-breaking 22nd consecutive home Premier League win] Oh yes. I will never compare with this fella. Great, I think it was 23 [22] today. We didn’t think about the number before the game, but after the game we can think about it for a couple of minutes. It’s nice. It’s absolutely nice. It’s special, not normal. And the game today is an example: we have to fight hard. We are not geniuses, but we can really fight until the end of the season, and then we’ll see what we get for it

[However, Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane hit back, sending the Reds 25 points clear at least until second-placed defending champions Manchester City play the first of two games in hand at Manchester United on Sunday] It was a very, very good performance after a very difficult start. There are situations that really don’t help like the first goal. Obviously, from my point of view, it’s 100 per cent a foul, nothing else. But it shows the problem with VAR as well. The ref doesn’t see it, Mike Dean [the fourth official] is next to me, saying, ‘Have a look, have a look’. Then VAR says it’s not clear and obvious because you can maybe say in England that the arm like this is still allowed. I don’t know how that’s possible. But then we wanted to fight back before the game, so we had to fight really back. We did that, put them under pressure, did a lot of good stuff, had really good situations, scored wonderful goals

[Liverpool need just three more wins to clinch the title, but Klopp’s focus quickly switched to Atletico Madrid in the Champions League, with his side 1-0 down ahead of the last-16 second leg at Anfield] Three wins to go? No, no, it’s Atleti 100 per cent. That’s a tough one, as we know. Of course, they will not come here and try to play a friendly game. It will be the opposite. Today helps, 100 per cent. Maybe [there will be] one or two players coming back - we will see - and then with a good line-up and with Anfield, we’ll try to change it

2020 03 14 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp writes a letter to Liverpool supporters after the Premier League’s announcement that all matches would be suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak] Of course, we don’t want to play in front of an empty stadium and we don’t want games or competitions suspended, but if doing so helps one individual stay healthy - just one - we do it no questions asked

2020 03 17 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp says Firmino is world class & stats don’t matter] It’s pretty rare that you meet a person like Bobby who is so selfless and unselfish. He’s like, ball there, ball there, pass the ball and he’s really happy about it. Then he realises ‘well I didn’t score for four or five weeks actually’.

But it’s unbelievable [his unselfishness], it doesn’t matter. No really, he’s world class. Just a sensationally good guy

2020 03 27 Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp’s emotional reaction to NHS workers chanting You’ll Never Walk Alone] My English is not good enough to say. It’s extraordinary, it’s great. I think yesterday I was sent a video of people in the hospital just outside the intensive care area and when they started singing You’ll Never Walk Alone I started crying immediately. It’s unbelievable.

But it shows everything, these people not only work but they have such a good spirit. They are used to helping other people, we need to get used to it because usually we have our own problems and stuff. But it’s their job, they do it day in and day out

They bring themselves, if you want, in danger because they help ill, sick and seriously handicapped people, so I couldn’t admire them more and appreciate it more, I really couldn’t

Thursday [we were] off and then Friday when we arrived it was already clear this is not a session. Yes, we trained, but it was more of a meeting. We had a lot of things to talk about, a lot of things to think about, things I never thought before in my life about.

Nobody knew exactly – and nobody knows exactly – how it will go on, so the only way we could do was to organise it as good as possible for the boys and make sure everything is sorted as much as we can sort it in our little space, in the little area where we are responsible, really.

That’s what we did in a very short time, then we sent the boys home, went home ourselves and here we are still.

2020 03 28 Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp speaks about the COVID-19 crisis] In the future, in 10, 20, 30, 40 years, if we look back and then the conclusion is that this was the period when the world showed the biggest solidarity, the biggest love, the biggest friendship or whatever, that would be great, that would be really great. So in the moment when you go through a phase or a period like this it’s not possible to see that, especially not for the people who are ill, but there will be a point in the future, a moment in the future when we look back and hopefully then we can see it like this. Because that’s the solution for it – we all have to be disciplined, we all have to work together, we all have to take care of each other and that’s the solution for this problem

2020 03 31 Retrieve

[The best right-back in the world? How Trent Alexander-Arnold is reinventing the full-back] [Klopp calls him] one of the most relentless professionals I’ve met when it comes to focusing on getting better each and every day

2020 04 07 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp explains ‘difficult’ Coutinho call as Liverpool reluctantly sanctioned Barcelona sale] I really respected Phil’s switch from the first second. Not that I do that all the time but it felt oh wow that could be difficult. So it’s not about yes we signed a new contract so many weeks before that but it was really clear he would not have asked me for any other club but for this club, there was no chance. Then we had to be hard in the summer because we had no other solution. We lost Adam Lallana [to injury] in that time as well, we would have lost two players. That’s not possible, you cannot solve that on the transfer market. He was open to that [staying] and that was really cool. Then you have to be fair in the window and say we can do it, we don’t like it but we can do it

Phil was our boy for a long time. We respect him a lot and wish him all the best. That’s how football should be. That’s the most important thing the club showed in that moment.

2020 04 07b Retrieve

[Liverpool boss Klopp issues message to ‘incredible’ health service staff] Hello. Myself, the staff and all the players of LFC would like to take this opportunity to deliver a message to say thank you to all the incredible people who work in the health services - all the health workers if you want, out there. It’s unbelievable what you are doing and on behalf of all of us from LFC, I would like to say thank you. Or, how we would say in Germany, vielen dank (thanks a lot)

2020 04 08 Retrieve

[Klopp: Mane looked like a rapper when I first met him] I remember my first encounter with Sadio. It was in Dortmund. There was a really young guy sitting there. His baseball cap was askew, the blond streak he still has today. He looked like a rapper just starting out. I thought: ‘I don’t have time for this’. Our team back then really wasn’t bad. I needed someone who could handle not being a starter at the very beginning, someone I could develop. I’d say I have a pretty good feeling for people, but was I wrong! I further followed his career and continued success at Salzburg. In Southampton he just dominated

It was great. Sadio wanted to work with me as much as I did with him so it was a win-win situation

I was at Southampton and we played against Liverpool. I was on the bench. We were 2-0 down at half-time. Coach Ronald Koeman sent me on to the field. We turned the game around and I scored twice. I was this insignificant player who had just given a huge performance. Liverpool was a club that notices players who tire them out, so they couldn’t say no and Klopp called my agent

2020 04 10 Retrieve

[Liverpool’s ‘laptop guru’ Michael Edwards: The hidden genius behind Van Dijk, Mane & Salah signings] His whole department is doing a sensational job. It is all based on a lot of thought. He is a very thoughtful person and we don’t have to always have to have the same opinion from the first second of a conversation but we finish pretty much all the talks with the same opinion. Or similar opinions

2020 04 13 Retrieve

[Klopp says Dalglish diagnosis brought coronavirus reality home to Liverpool players] It was a real shock three days ago when I heard about it first. The boys were sent a message in our WhatsApp group and everybody was like, ‘Wow’. What you feel in that moment is a massive difference if you know somebody who got the virus, or if you don’t know. In this moment, it was like, ‘Wow, one of us has it’ and it was really crazy. We all know this terrible disease is causing heartache all over the world, but this was the first time for many of us someone we have such a personal connection to was affected to this extent.

I had the opportunity to text immediately with one of his daughters and we spoke about it. She was quite, not relaxed, but she was fine and said it looked all well - and two days later we heard he was released from hospital. It’s good news – very good news – and I hope he is doing well still. We all know Kenny and we love him. We just sent him all our thoughts and prayers in that moment, but maybe he didn’t need it, which is even better

2020 04 14 Retrieve

[Klopp says Liverpool stars facing fines if they fail to report to video calls on time] Some people may say it’s like a normal meeting or normal session we have! But it’s not like this. I like that as well. When we start at 10, the chat is open from 9.30 on and pretty much everybody is already in. Especially in the first few, they were all pretty early in the chat, so it was really chaotic. Meanwhile, they join it later now everybody knows how it works technically and stuff like that. So they come later, but in time, which is important – because we fine that as well! Too late in a Zoom session means you have to pay! That’s the best thing of having this situation in 2020 – we have this technical opportunity. Imagine if we would have had that in the ‘80s or something like that, it would have been really crazy. Not because of football, because of all the social contact and interaction we can have and use at the moment. That makes a big difference

It’s just great. Look, it’s so different. Everything is different in the moment and we do all different stuff. When we have these training sessions, I could have never imagined I would enjoy it that much but it’s just the moment when I see the boys again and that changes everything – for a minute, for an hour, for two hours, however long the sessions are. The boys are all in good spirits; you feel immediately why you miss them so much, because it’s just an exceptional group. You want to be together with them, you want to have them around, you want to be closer to them than you can be. These are the closest moments, apart from exchanging messages with them and asking, ‘How are you?’ and stuff like this. So I enjoy these sessions really a lot. It’s getting worse, the longer it takes. I accept the situation 100 per cent like it is but the longer you don’t see somebody you like, the more it hurts. That’s the situation we are in at the moment

2020 04 15 Retrieve

[Klopp sends poignant message to Liverpool fans on Hillsborough anniversary] Today is the most significant date for our football club each year. The plan was that we are together at Anfield today, but this is not possible. The only thing we can make sure of is that we are in each other’s thoughts. And, believe me, you are in our thoughts. You have our thoughts, you have our prayers and, most of all, you have our love. You’ll never walk alone

2020 04 15b Retrieve

[What has happened to Daniel Sturridge?] Daniel has earned the right to be considered a modern-day Liverpool great, I would think. He came to the club while we were trying to rebuild and re-establish ourselves. Some of the goals he has scored for Liverpool were so, so, so important. He is one of the best finishers I have ever seen in my life. He scores goals you think could and should not be possible

2020 04 21 Retrieve

[Klopp insisted he had no desire to see Shaqiri leave, and he considered him to be an important member of his squad] When I am with him he is completely happy and fine here and speculation is speculation, it is nothing we can change. Of course he has a future but we speak about the future always until the season ends and then maybe a player is coming to me or not but no-one thinks about that. This season he is a very important player for us

2020 04 22 Retrieve

[Klopp warns Premier League rivals: This Liverpool team isn’t the finished article] We will not change [mentality], that’s the first thing. If we will be successful depends on what other clubs are doing as well because they all have a chance to improve things, to do things better. So I have no clue what the future will hold for us. But we will not change, this team is not a finished article, it’s not done. We have a lot of space for improvement and we work on that. We have fresh blood coming up internally, we can mix things through. There are a lot of things we can improve obviously, but we can improve it with this team, which is really great

Life is a constant challenge and we realise it in this moment especially because we never faced a challenge like the one we have now. It looks like the situations we had in the past where we thought they are big problems, they look like nothing. Qualifying again for a Champions League final and not winning the league because of a point or 11mm, that could be hard. But we always saw it like this: the only way to get something is to give everything. But it’s not a guarantee. The boys were always ready to give their all, absolutely all and try again and try again and try again. Then there are two possible scenarios. One is you lose the final, one is you win the final. You lose the final, there is still a wonderful experience to go there because you had to qualify from the semi-finals, the quarter-finals, the last 16, you have to go through the group stage. You can take so much confidence from it and that’s what we did from the Champions League defeat against Madrid. It was a strange final and it said nothing about the boys, absolutely nothing. The only thing we realised was we were good enough to cause a few more teams problems now. That was exactly the plan for the next season. In this season we are at the end of April and it didn’t start again, that’s clear, but whenever we can play again – whenever it will be – we will not give up. In the moment when it’s allowed to concentrate on football again for us, we will do that again and we will start with that again and try our best again. We will see when it will be

2020 04 22b Retrieve

[Klopp gives insight into his Liverpool team selections] The players know a day or two before the game if they play or not. I want them to prepare for it, but I treat them individually. If a player who has played the last 20 games in a row is not playing the next game it’s not a big problem. I have to judge the situation always in the moment. We had situations like in the Champions League last year, second leg when everybody told me that Wijnaldum was really angry that he didn’t start. I tell the boys you don’t have to be happy with my decisions, you just have to accept them and after the game, we can speak about it. But before the game, we cannot. If you are in a session and you’re not happy but you train well, come after the game in my office on Monday morning and I can explain it. If you would say I am a friend of players, believe me, come matchday I am the friend of exactly 11 players. All the others have some things to criticise if you would ask them

My players aren’t my sons but my sons are now turning 35 and 32, and that’s pretty much exactly the same. There are moments when you are a father, there are moments when you are a friend, there are moments when you have to criticise them. These things are always exactly the same. I always did that with my players as well. We can have a really close relationship and the closer relationship you get, the more you have to tell the truth to the boys because they judge you on that. I explained it once and said I really want to be the friend of my players but I cannot be their best friend. That’s how it is. A friend has to tell you the truth, a friend has to tell you what you can do better, a friend has to – and will – always tell you what is right and what is wrong. That’s exactly what I do, but never in a manner that they cannot get up the next morning. It’s always the same reason: I want to help them. I have no other job. My job is to help the boys to be the best player they can be, and there are a few things to do

2020 04 22c Retrieve

[Klopp feared he’d get sacked by Liverpool if he didn’t improve them quickly enough] It was clear we needed time. It was clear we couldn’t fix it overnight. Everybody wanted that but it was clear [it couldn’t be done straight away]. So I had to ask for time, that’s how it is. Before in my career I had never got the sack so I had no real experience with that. But I knew now I’m on a different level [at Liverpool] and if I cannot deliver here quick enough then I’m going to get the sack, as easy as that. That’s why I said if I sit here in four years still then something happened (Liverpool improving and winning trophies) probably in between now and then. It’s not that I asked for four years, I asked for a little bit of time. We got that. The nice thing was that after seven or eight games … they (Liverpool’s owners) were really positive about the situation of signing me and that it would be the right one, together with my coaches. They realised ‘okay, yes, they’re on the right path’ and from that moment on they didn’t question it for one second. They were full of faith and trust and said ‘this is the path we’ll stay on and everything will be fine’. Who knows if you can win something in that difficult league but we’ll try this way. But we never really thought about losing finals when we lost them like against Sevilla, City or Real Madrid. Pundits said ‘if he doesn’t win the next one then they have to change something’. That’s how it is. Internally nobody thought like this

Some ideas were always the same, the organisation – or the idea about organisation – was similar, where I wanted my teams to win the ball back and stuff like this. These things never really change because I just think they are right, but of course as a manager you have to adapt your style to the quality of the players you have available. The quality increased a lot in the last few years, not only here; at Dortmund it was already different to Mainz. At Mainz it was different from year to year. But it’s all about the organisation. It’s not that I have a fixed idea of how it should be and then I try to push it through with the boys, it’s just I try to understand exactly the quality and skills of the boys and then to use that. Because the pitch in all my career was always the same size and the rules didn’t change too much since I was a manager. So these things are clear, so you have to try to adapt to different situations. Of course, a lot of things changed. The way I work changed; I started alone, now I have a lot of coaches next to me. That’s all different to how it was

2020 05 01 Retrieve

[Klopp reveals he was too drunk to remember Dortmund’s 2012 double celebrations] The way we celebrated was very original. It was like becoming a champion in the A-Class Northwest. It was a really great celebration with all the zipping and zapping. There would be no such thing today. I was heavily drunk in 2011, but in 2012, after the double, I didn’t really notice [the celebrations]. You can see what alcohol does to people. Do not drink, otherwise, you will lose the memory of important moments in your life

It’s right up there. I haven’t been waking up every morning and thinking about April 30, 2011, but after you called I tried to do that for a few days to remind myself of it. Quite a lot has happened in my life, but it’s not the case that I’ve won so much that I get it all mixed up. But 2011 and 12 aren’t so easy because the team didn’t change that much and when I was thinking about the games we played I was trying to remember: was that 2010-11 or 11-12? But I’ve got nothing but great memories and it probably had a huge impact on my career as a coach. We really made the most of what we had. Winning promotion with Mainz was unexpected for all of us and I didn’t know what would happen next, that was such a big thing. But to take these Under-19s to the German title - I felt like they were U-19s - was amazing. It changed our lives and thinking about it now, I’m still in touch with practically all of them

[The news that Cologne had taken the lead sent Signal Iduna Park into raptures as Dortmund sat on the verge of glory, but footage of Klopp shows that he did not drop his trademark hyperactive intensity on the sidelines even then, although he admits he felt deep down the job was complete] Well, I am a coach. I wasn’t able to open the beers when it was 2-0!. It wasn’t over, even though my inner feeling was ‘this is it’, the game was still going. That often happens as a coach, and it’s your job. You have to give orders, shout, think about tactics and so on. Even at times like that, you have to rant and rave at the players. We wanted to win the game - it wasn’t about getting across the line however we could, it was about crossing it in the best way possible. That will be why I was still in match mode. But inside I knew it was all over.

2020 05 02 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp admits that he had a conflict with winger Jakub Blaszczykowski while at Borussia Dortmund] He gave an interview during a national team trip in which he complained because he hadn’t started twice before he went away with Poland. I told him: ‘Kuba, I am good for you, there might be translation errors - tell us: what you’re doing?’ He didn’t think that was so good. If you think that you are no longer playing because an 18-year-old is here, then you are totally crazy! You just have to train better, then you also play. That’s how it happened

2020 05 05 Retrieve

[Klopp responds to Mbappe & Sancho links to Liverpool as he keeps transfer door open] Sadio Mane is young enough and Mo Salah is young enough to be in that group for the next few years. I am completely happy with the boys that I have, but I never thought about the others. When I am at a club then I work with the players I have, I don’t dream about other players. If we can get one of them in the future, we will see, but we will make the best of the situation we have.

[Klopp added when pressed further on links to global superstars] Look, I cannot answer those kinds of questions without creating headlines the next day, I know that’s what I don’t want to do. I love them all and there’s a few more players out there. They are all exceptional players. The players they are now because of their own attitude, because of their skills and all that stuff and I love watching them but I have no problem that I never trained one of them

[Quizzed on whether he would like the chance to coach the likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Aguero] Where is Neymar on that list? Where is [Robert] Lewandowski on that list? There are so many good players out there, and they are all really good. I had Lewandowski. Mbappe has the biggest future. We can speak about Jadon Sancho as well, so they’re all coming up

2020 05 05b Retrieve

[Klopp says Liverpool eager to return from coronavirus break] The boys have a lot of work to do, physical work because we all expect to go again. I don’t know exactly when but we have to prepare for that - that is what the boys do. When we come back together again, we have to make the best of the situation we have. We don’t know how long we will get to prepare for the games, so in that moment we will just try. When we give the boys a challenge to do in their gardens you can see in them they play really like five and six-year-old boys. And that is what we will try to transfer onto the pitch then as well.

2020 05 06 Retrieve

[As the one-year anniversary of Liverpool’s Champions League final win over Tottenham edges closer, Jurgen Klopp has revealed the one memory from the night that stands out above the rest] The wonderful Divock Origi goal, it was not our best game, it was not the best game of Tottenham. It was a final, we had to learn that as a team that we needed to win these kind of average games. We needed to accept that if we do not perform at our best, then we need to do other things to win. When Divock scored the goal, I knew on the night that it was enough so we would win. That was my biggest memory. It was job done, and I really loved it.

I know that it was one of the greatest nights of my life, I said it after the game as well. The immediate first feeling after the game was relief 100 per cent. I felt directly for [Tottenham manager] Mauricio [Pochettino], went to him, gave him a hug and it’s like a strange situation where you are in between being really happy and really feeling for another person. Because I knew exactly that day how he felt. But after that, the next few days were some of the best of my life, 100 per cent. Because it’s so big, it’s so massive. I tried it with different teams so often and I knew as a human being reaching a final is big but without winning it’s not the same, and it was a while ago that I felt I needed the full package by being in the final and winning the final so it was a very, very special moment.

[Klopp was quick to savour the moment with his family] I’ve forgot the number already but I think I lost five or six finals before that so you can imagine. I’m a professional football manager so one of the things I have to accept is that you can lose games so I learnt that pretty early and for family it’s really difficult. They’re involved in it all, after the Barcelona game I met my two sons after we lost 3-0 in Barcelona, and they were really down, I was in a good mood actually because we played well, but they were really down because for them it’s all about winning. I’m more about performing as well so I was fine but they weren’t so I knew that it means the world to them. For my wife, my two boys, my sisters, my mother it was so big [to win the final].

2020 05 06b Retrieve

[Klopp has said that his players are hoping to return to the pitch as soon as possible] When we come back together again, we have to make the best of the situation we have. We don’t know how long we will get to prepare for the games, so in that moment we will just try

2020 05 08 Retrieve

[Gegenpressing: How does the tactical style made famous by Klopp work?] Gegenpressing lets you win back the ball nearer to the goal. It’s only one pass away from a really good opportunity. No playmaker in the world can be as good as a good gegenpressing situation, and that’s why it’s so important.

[Commenting on the style of football played by Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal in 2013] [Frenchman’s teams are] like an orchestra, but it’s a silent song. I like heavy metal more. I always want it loud

2020 05 08b Retrieve

[The end of tiki-taka and gegenpressing? Football’s next tactical revolution] Our system, when we play with all three up front, is something like a diamond; it can be a 4-5-1, it can be a 4-3-3. Of course, 4-2-3-1 – 4-4-1-1 I’d prefer in most situations to name it – is a good system. But it’s never about the system, it’s all about the players. My job is to bring the players into the best position where they can help the team most with the things they can do. If I can do it with the system, I do it, but it’s not that we go through the week and be very creative with things like that because, in the end, the players need to play [on instinct].

2020 05 09 Retrieve

[Klopp has been keeping a close eye on his troops over recent weeks, with training programmes in place, but admits that life is proving testing for all concerned] You cannot read a book about it, you can’t ask anybody about it because nobody has ever been in a situation like this. If we are right or wrong, we’ll only realise later. But it’s clear we will deal with it like we deal with normal breaks. The boys get a training programme, but the next challenge is that we didn’t know when the break will end. Training is all about doing the right thing now to get the benefit later.

2020 05 12 Retrieve

[The Games That Defined Modern Football: Mainz 1-0 Bochum (1996)] I have told more than a thousand players that Wolfgang Frank influenced a whole generation of footballers and still continues to do so. He is the coach who has influenced me most. He was an extraordinary human being

When I became a manager, I used a lot of the stuff I learned from him. He was the perfect role model.

2020 05 13 Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp prefers Lionel Messi over Cristiano Ronaldo] For me Messi, but I couldn’t admire Ronaldo more than I do already. The explanation is the following. We’ve played against both already and both are almost impossible to defend. But Messi has much lower physical requirements from birth on. If you could paint yourself a perfect player, it would have Ronaldo’s height, he could jump and run as high or quick as Ronaldo can do. And what is then even added to that is his total attitude, it is absolutely perfect and professional, it couldn’t be any better. And on the other side there is the small Messi who makes everything look so simple. And therefore I like him maybe a little bit more as a player on the pitch. But Cristiano is also an absolutely incredible player. It’s really difficult therefore, but what both have in common is that both have left their footprints for such a long time. There are also some younger players who have a similar potential, but to do that over this time period is even more incredible

[Klopp was asked which former Liverpool player he would sign if he could bring a legend back to the club in their peak] Stevie, that’s easy! But he’d have to fight for his place. The funny thing is we have lived for four-and-a-half years in the same town and I’ve never seen him before. Since the lockdown, I’ve seen him six or seven times. I go for a dog walk or a run or whatever, and he has a walk with the family, so we’ve seen each other more often than all the time together before!

2020 05 15 Retrieve

[When asked what the first thing he will do is when restrictions are lifted] Probably something that isn’t allowed still. Honestly, I would like to give them a proper hug! It’s long ago since I saw them, I like them a lot. That would be cool, but probably not allowed! So we will leave that until later. We have to be professional from the first day. We have to check first the individual status, and when we know that then we can start

2020 05 15b Retrieve

[Neville sees the funny side of Klopp’s cheeky jibe] I didn’t learn a lot during lockdown except Gary Neville has an opinion on absolutely everything. It’s incredible! So no, I didn’t learn a lot but I have known myself for 52 years. I know I can deal with difficult situations before and this is a difficult situation not only for me and my family but for everybody on this planet. I am quite proud of how we as a society are dealing with it. We as human beings are not perfect so we make mistakes but I think we have understood a lot more of how we are all connected to each other. That is something good

[Klopp also spoke about his socially distant chance encounter with Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard] Four-and-a-half years I lived in the town and never met him. I knew where he lives, I live in the house he built and Brendan Rodgers bought and we rent but it had never happened. I saw him for sure, walking with his kids and missus. We always keep distant, yeah. But it was nice. I admired him as a player and met him as a guy here and he is a great guy so it was great to see him

2020 05 16 Retrieve

[Liverpool boss Klopp says football still a ‘wonderful game’ even without fans] Look, football is a game where pretty much we have the same situation. We play against another team. We don’t have to be at our all-time best, we have to be at our best possible and that is exactly the same situation for the other teams. Whenever we will start we will have the same time for preparation and our job, as always, is to use the situation you are in. We will be in as good a shape as possible and that is what we have to use then

We all started playing football without supporters and we loved this game not because of the atmosphere in a stadium. Meanwhile, we are used to it and we know that’s the real football but now, if we can not play like this for a few months, hopefully only [a few months], that doesn’t mean the game is not still a wonderful game. I really hope that it works out in Germany and we can then start at some point in England as well

2020 05 18 Retrieve

[Klopp: Liverpool not winning Premier League title would be unfair] There was talk that people wanted to declare the season null and void. So you thought: ‘Huh? We have played 76 percent of the season and you just want to delete the thing?’. That would have been something that I personally would find unfair, to just say that it didn’t happen. We are first in the home table, we are first in the away table. It is a season in which we should become champions. Dealing with the crisis is the most important thing. But that doesn’t mean that certain things are of no importance at all just because they are less important. I think there are worse things in life than not becoming champions. A lot of people around us have big problems. People die, it always happens, but at the moment because of a virus that we all didn’t know and for which nobody could be prepared. We cannot prepare for everything, but also have to react often. That’s the biggest part of my life, reacting to things that I didn’t expect

People say: ‘How can you think about football, in moments when people are dying out there?’ Nobody does that, but like every other branch of business, we have to prepare for the time afterwards, because it will come of course. When it comes to football, that means that we will start training at some point and to make sure everyone is safe, unique measures are taken. As they were made in Germany, they are now being taken in England. The training centers of the English professional clubs will be the safest. There are no places to be infected at all

2020 05 19 Retrieve

[Bundesliga return from coronavirus break is a joy for ‘strange’ Klopp] Look, I love it. In this part I’m a strange person; when I watch football – other games, not our games – I watch them most of the time without sound because I don’t want to hear the commentary, I’m just interested in the game. So now for me it’s completely normal to watch other football games. I love the game, I’m interested in what they do and stuff like this. I know, football behind closed doors, of course it’s not the same. Why do we have to mention it? We all love it when we have contact, when we get cheered up by the people, when they push us through the yards and all that stuff. We love that but we cannot have it. Why would you think always about something you cannot have in the moment? Use the thing you have in the moment. It looks like it will be possible – and it is in Germany already possible – to play behind closed doors. And the football games were really good; super goals, real fight, tight games, clear games, clear results, a proper fight. Imagine, the first night is a little bit like, ‘Have a look here and there, how will it work, how does it feel?’, but in Germany so many teams play for pretty much everything – they want to stay in the league – and that’s exactly the same what will happen in England.

2020 05 19b Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Klopp expects Premier League return to be ‘intense’ as he backs decision to resume training] I was over the moon, I would say. I couldn’t wait for a while now, so I am really happy that we are able to do this again – going back to Melwood, having small group training and stuff like this. It will be intense, for the coaches especially because a lot of players in small groups means a lot of sessions, but we’ve had enough time to rest so we will be fine. Can’t wait

When we start, it goes really again for everything. The competition will make the intensity. So, it’s not about, ‘Oh, Liverpool have to win two games’. By the way, we have to win two games when we start – it’s not ‘only two’, it’s two. It’s not less or more. We have to win them, it’s not that we want to win the last two or whatever and come through somehow. We want to play the best possible football, better than other teams fighting for the Champions League, fighting to stay in the league. We have to do it, unfortunately, without the best boost in the world and the best kick in your ass in the right moment in the world, from the Anfield crowd. That’s how it is. I never understood in life why you always want things you don’t have, you cannot have. In this moment we cannot have that, so let’s take the rest and make the absolute best of it

Nobody wants to bring anybody into danger, but I think with all the things we know about, sticking to the social distancing rule - especially in the first part - with testing as often as possible and stuff like this, the players will be safe. Germany showed it already - a couple of players had a positive test during the long period, they trained for five weeks and now they play already, stuff like this and they had altogether 10 or 12 positive tests. I hope that we are now in England on the right side of the thing as well. It’s all about when - but you need to re-open step by step different parts of life again. Everybody agrees about that, it’s only about when. It’s now a good moment to do it. Then other things, for sure, will follow

2020 05 20 Retrieve

[Klopp ‘over the moon’ as Liverpool boss returns for training in small groups] When we start, it goes really again for everything. The competition will make the intensity. So, it’s not about, ‘Oh, Liverpool have to win two games’. By the way, we have to win two games when we start – it’s not ‘only two’, it’s two. It’s not less or more. We have to win them, it’s not that we want to win the last two or whatever and come through somehow. We want to play the best possible football, better than other teams fighting for the Champions League, fighting to stay in the league. We have to do it, unfortunately, without the best boost in the world and the best kick in your ass in the right moment in the world, from the Anfield crowd

2020 05 20b Retrieve

[Klopp insists no Liverpool player will be forced to train against their will] It is the players’ choice and that is clear. I said before the session, ‘You are here on free will. Usually you sign a contract and you have to be in when I tell you, but in this case if you don’t feel safe, you don’t have to be here’. There are no restrictions, no punishment, nothing. It’s their own decision and we respect that 100 per cent. The boys are fine. We would never put anybody in danger to do what we want to do. Yes, we love football, yes, it’s our job, but it’s not more important than our lives or the lives of other people

Brilliant, I really enjoyed it. The weather is fantastic, and the boys are in good spirits. This morning we had to come already changed so I felt a bit like a policeman in my uniform - finally, for the right reasons again. That felt pretty special. Then coming to Melwood and seeing all the boys was nice. Before the session we had to give an introduction to make sure everything went in line. It was a short meeting and then a little bit more about the targets and then we started training. That was the best part for a while, really good. The first 10 players were here, we have groups of five that train at the same time on different pitches obviously, far away from each other. It looked like football and that is what we want to do. For the boys, they had the longest break ever, around nine weeks. The international players usually have around two weeks in the summer, so we need to get used to a lot of things again. But the first impression was really positive

2020 05 21 Retrieve

[Klopp reveals why he still wears a tracksuit as he declares Guardiola the best dressed] I was a player and the next day I was the manager. In my locker room was the tracksuit of the guy who had the job two days before. It didn’t even fit me. I was just focused on the game. I never thought about how I look. I know it’s not too cool because we are working in public, but then when I came to Borussia Dortmund I thought: ‘Maybe I have to change’. I went for a while wearing jeans and a shirt. But I just didn’t feel comfortable. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad for you. I think the best-dressed manager is Pep Guardiola. Everything he wears looks exactly right for him. He doesn’t wear a suit, just casual stuff. Be yourself as a coach. If you want to look great, then wonderful. I’m just not made for this. It’s important you do what is right for you because whatever role model you have, you can never do the same things. I like when you see the soul or character of the coach in the team. Guardiola again: you see a team and think: ‘Wow, that’s either Guardiola or somebody who worked with him.’ But you can never be exactly the same. Dressing is one part of our character. Wear what you want, but don’t make it the most important thing. In the end the game is what counts. But don’t worry: you can be world champion in a suit or a tracksuit. You just have to be comfortable

2020 05 24 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp was similarly effusive with his praise after another virtuoso Traore performance in a 2-1 defeat at Anfield] [Traore] is unplayable in moments, it’s unbelievable. What a player – it’s not only him but he’s so good

2020 05 29 Retrieve

[Liverpool boss Klopp unconcerned by Premier League neutral venue plan] the moment for me whenever it will be, in an empty stadium blah, blah, blah, with all the thoughts and prayers and love from the people all around the world it will still be an absolutely exceptional day in my life. Wherever it will be I don’t know - we hope it will be at Anfield but we don’t know and that’s not important. I’m pretty sure that we can solve the situation here as well in Liverpool. We waited a while for this situation and it’s not done yet; if we had stopped the league, or it would not have happened, the silly null and void stuff. We wanted to play anyway and now we are really desperate to play because we want to become champions on the pitch and it looks like we can do that. It will not be perfect but we knew for a while it would not be perfect so we are used to that. We want to have it and then we will see how it feels. I am pretty sure it will feel pretty good. Most of the people on this planet never have the chance to become champions of the Premier League. For us, it looks like we have the chance, so we take it.

I heard a day ago a really good phrase, that we have the best home fans in the world, and now we need the best stay-at-home fans in the world. There will be a moment in our life when we have time and the opportunity and it’s allowed to celebrate together then we will have a moment, and we will celebrate it in the right manner. Whenever that will be, then we decide how much we enjoy it then. So who cares, that’s really not so important. We just want to be together in that moment and we will see how much close contact is allowed at the time

2020 05 30 Retrieve

[Klopp reveals ‘random’ Liverpool dream in pursuit of continuous improvement] My dream was always that we can play in any random shirt, but if you watch us playing you say, ‘Ah, that’s Liverpool’. The identity is that clear that everybody would say ‘Oh, that’s Liverpool.’ That’s what we try. We have a few clear rules how we want to play, how we want to defend, where we want to defend, where we want to pass. How lively are we? How positive? How brave? Absolutely important for the boys, through all the ranks and through all the teams. We won the Champions League final – great. Let’s carry on. The more important information for me was how good we can be; if we are really concentrated, if we are really focused, and if we improve a couple of things we can get even better. That was our motivation, using the last season as a basis, not as a sign how close it can be and how much it can hurt [losing the title]. Of course it hurts but the pain you have, you can decide how much it hurts and you decide what you make with that information. We decided to use the information that we are meanwhile a really good football team. If you are a really good football team then you have to win football games, so now it’s about us to decide how many football games we will win. We really take it game by game. It’s the most important game in our life – because it’s the only one we play.

2020 05 31 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp says he is already preparing his players for next season as he expects the 2020-21 campaign to begin almost as soon as 2019-20 has finished] We don’t have to be match-fit now. We try it with increasing intensity, day by day, but we have to be fit on the 19th or 20th, whichever day they will give us against Everton, I think. That’s the moment when we want to be at 100 per cent. It’s roundabout three weeks until then, that’s good. We want to use that and we will. It’s our pre-season; how I said, we don’t expect a long break in between the seasons, so this is a very important period for us. We never had nine weeks without football training in our lives – since we played football, pretty much. That’s all different but interesting as well. We enjoy the situation, that’s really all good. It makes all the difference for us, to be honest, to come together and have this hour or two here together. You get this contact, feedback as well on the pitch directly, not via a computer or a screen. It’s a massive, massive lift.

It’s [been] a massive organisational challenge, to be honest. What (first-team operations manager) Ray Haughan did in that department is unbelievable – where we can park, where we can walk and all that stuff. When you make the step from 10 players of two groups of five, to nearly 30, that’s massive. We still have to stick to the same things. So, we are fully concentrated when we come in here, let me say it like this; that we do the right things, that we get the temperature tested and all these things. It’s not like it usually is. It’s completely fine but it’s just when you come here it’s not like, ‘Yippee!’ – you think, ‘Where do I have to drive, where is somebody who gets my temperature?’ and all that stuff. That’s how it is in the moment. The boys are still the same really good bunch of boys, and that helps a lot. We are in a good moment, we enjoy it. Hopefully we can make progress in the next two or three weeks, there are a lot of things that need to be organised still, obviously. We need to get hopefully a couple of [bits of] information but we take it like it is and use each second we are together

That’s what we were all waiting for. But now it’s always like this. You were waiting for that, somebody tells us we could start, that’s good. Now we know, from a training point of view, what we have to do when and when we have to be at 100 per cent in the best way, how we can train in different intensities. That was very important. Now, of course, it’s more and more interesting when we play where, the times are really important because we will see how we can organise the travel stuff. So, the situation keeps us busy, that’s absolutely OK, but on the pitch everything is fine, that’s really great. Around, we organise it as good as possible and use the situation

2020 05 31b Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has picked Jay-Jay Okocha’s sizzling goal scored against Oliver Kahn as the most spectacular in the history of German football] Okocha scored the most spectacular goal in the history of German football. It took like five minutes of Kahn and his defenders diving on the floor before he put the ball in the net. Some of the world’s best players have been from Africa; George Weah, Didier Drogba and Yaya Toure. In their generation they were some of the best players so why should we not sign them? It’s great

In Europe, it’s difficult to find that [special story] – maybe in London it’s possible, I’m not too sure. All the African players have this story. It means they are motivated through the roof. It’s about the story that is behind them. If you look at Sadio Mane: running away from home. Mo Salah: driving four and a half hours every day to training. You have these stories there. You don’t have these stories here. I read an article about the influence of Mo Salah at this moment in the Arabic world – it’s unbelievable!

I love the fact that we have so many African players, until the Africa Cup of Nations starts. Then it’s: ‘Oh my God!’. It’s still better than it used to be because before they were out in the middle of the season. In the past, because the Africa Cup of Nations was in the winter it was really a reason not to sign a player because you would lose him for four weeks in the middle of the season. That was really something we had in our minds always

2020 06 02 Retrieve

[Klopp tells Liverpool players to wear masks and gloves] Yes it feels 100 percent a secure environment, but we can never be sure that it will be and that there will be no infections. We still have a normal life, the boys are massively disciplined. [It has been] 11 weeks already, which for people in this age is a challenge. For all of us it’s a challenge, but for [the players] especially. We go to petrol stations, we need fuel, we need food, stuff like this. We wear face masks, which I don’t understand why not everyone in England, especially in close areas, wear face masks and gloves. I don’t understand that, it helped in Germany a lot. I’m not an expert but it helped there a lot. We’ve told the boys, if you go wherever I want them to wear a face mask and gloves, so from their point of view nothing can really happen.

Humans are the most risk to humans, we are our own biggest enemy sometimes, so we have to stay disciplined, and we will. Hopefully for all the other clubs as well it can stay like this, but the environment itself; the training ground, around the matches, that will be 100% safe. Everybody is doing everything you can imagine that nothing happens there. The boys are, physically, in an incredible shape, I am not worried about them. If I would be, we wouldn’t be here

2020 06 02b Retrieve

[Klopp on possible neutral venues for Premier League restart] It’s nice to think about it but we are not champions yet and we know that. We know we are close but close is not there. There are 27 points left for us and we will try everything to take them all. We are still not champions. We have to play football games and we have to win them. We don’t want to stop winning after two games or whatever it is. I don’t see results written in the stars; we have to work really hard

If we become champions, whatever celebrations are possible we will do as a team internally and with all our supporters in the moment we are allowed to do so again. I can promise that if it happens, there will be a parade as well. Whenever. Who cares! We only need one day when everybody is able to come and then we will do that

We will not have the help from the crowd but no team will have that so where is the advantage? Whoever we play it is the same situation which is why I’m not too worried about it. We have tried to simulate the situation by training in the stadium and getting used to it. If you look at Germany, they have not had a lot of home wins. If the alternative is not to play at all, then I will play wherever you want. I don’t care

2020 06 05 Retrieve

[Klopp salutes Liverpool stars for backing Black Lives Matter movement] For us, dealing with each other and Black Lives Matter is very natural - especially if you look at our team: we have players from Africa, from England and so on with a corresponding background. It is already so natural for us that at first we didn’t even think about sending a message. But then the boys were struck. Then they spontaneously decided on this action. I’ve been very proud of the guys for a long time, but that was another extraordinary moment. When I saw them there and this picture was taken. Then I was really proud because it is also an important message

2020 06 06 Retrieve

[Klopp suggests coronavirus hampered any Liverpool move for Germany duo] There are a lot of good players on this planet. Timo Werner is a great player, Kai Havertz is a great player. Right time, opportunity - everything has to come together. Six, seven weeks ago, we didn’t know if we could play again this year. If we hadn’t played the second half of the season, we would have thought, ‘OK, when can you really play football again?’ And now it starts right away.

There are all sorts of rumours in England about who Manchester United are going to pick, Chelsea are going to pick. It’s rather quiet here (at Liverpool) at the moment, I think it’s safe to say. If you want to take it seriously and run a normal business and depend on income and have no idea how much you will earn… especially because we don’t know when we can start playing with spectators again. At the moment, all clubs are losing money. Without spectators, we have to pay back the season tickets and probably sell none next year. At least maybe without the first 10 or 15 games. The VIP areas won’t be packed and the tickets won’t be sold. This will have an impact on other partners and things will look a bit different. Discussing with the players about things like salary waivers and on the other hand buying a player for £50-60m, we have to explain

We act as if everything is already settled. It’s not settled. We use this little loophole we’ve been left to play football again. Everything else we have to see the moment it happens. We can’t pretend now that everything’s going to be fine in the future

2020 06 07 Retrieve

[Klopp says Liverpool’s Premier League title parade could happen next season because of coronavirus disruption] That you can’t celebrate in the way you’ve always dreamed of, that’s not nice, I totally understand that. I feel the same way. It’s not that my ideal is to celebrate alone in the stadium, then just drive home. It wasn’t like that when you thought about it. But that cannot be changed now. Why should we now make a big deal about something that can’t be changed? There comes a day when life will get back to normal. When someone has found the vaccine, when someone has found a solution to the problem, when infection rates are zero or below – that day will come eventually. Then we have the right to celebrate what we want to celebrate on that day. If this is the 12th or 13th matchday of next season and we want to celebrate it, who is going to stop it? Then we still have the trophy and then we can drive it around town and stand on the bus. If other people then think that we are completely crazy, I honestly don’t care. Can it then still be a special celebration? No question. It’s different, but different is sometimes absolutely okay

This [season] can become historic, I have to say so clearly. And not only club historical, but historical in general. We have the chance to get an unbelievable number of points and so we prepare ourselves and then we will see what comes out of it. I have been very proud of the boys for a long time, but this was another extraordinary moment. When I saw them there and this photo was taken, I was really proud, because it is also an important message. No question about it

2020 06 07b Retrieve

[Can Liverpool afford to let ‘safety valve’ Wijnaldum leave on a free transfer?] It’s just so obvious, his importance. Is he the perfect midfielder? From his skill set, 100 per cent. He has all the things you need.

Gini is a personality in the dressing room. He is not the guy who says yes to everything.

2020 06 09 Retrieve

[Coutinho is the most expensive player in Barcelona’s history, the third most expensive in world football. He was the player Lionel Messi wanted to replace Neymar, the man Robert Fernandez, the Catalans’ sporting director, said would replace Andres Iniesta. Klopp told Coutinho years ago] There, you’ll be just another player. Here, you can be something more. If you stay, they will end up building a statue in your honour

2020 06 09b Retrieve

[Lallana agrees short-term extension to Liverpool deal which will allow him to see out Premier League title bid] I know how highly sought after Adam is in this moment by other clubs who want him for next season, so for him this is a commitment to us and we are very appreciative to him for it. This is absolutely how it should be, too, because I am so pleased he will be with us to finish the job this season and have the farewell he deserves so much. It is not possible for me to find words in the English language to properly explain the importance of Adam Lallana during my period of being manager of this club. But, to be honest, now is not the time for these words. Because of this news – that he stays until we finish this campaign – I can say all the things I want and need to when our season is concluding next month. What I can say – and want to say – now is even the way he has handled this extension tells you all you need to know about the person and his character. A top-class professional and an even better person. Adam always puts the club first – always! In the conversations we have had, he has been the first to express that my priority as a manager needs to be the players who are at this club for longer than just the rest of this season. He wants to be here to finish the job and do it properly, but it says everything about him that his biggest concern was blocking the progress and opportunity of a player who is under contract for next season also. But his role is too important to lose him before this season is done. So, it’s fantastic we can delay our messages of gratitude and good luck until the end of July now.

Now isn’t the moment to review my time here because the focus needs to be on the remaining nine matches and the club finishing the season in the best manner possible. Of course, one of the big personal positives about committing to this short-term extension is that I will now get to say goodbye to the people who mean so much to me in the right way. The gaffer has been different class and we’ve had an honest conversation about what my role will be in the remaining weeks. I want to contribute in the most positive way possible that helps him and the team, not just for the remaining matches of this season – but also what they’ll need to consider for next. I’m totally at peace with what that looks and feels like, and I know the role I’ll be playing for this team will help in what’s going to be an extraordinary period – the likes of which none of us have ever experienced. I feel in my time at Liverpool I’ve always looked to do the right thing for the team, the manager and the club in every decision I’ve made. I think this one fits into that category as well, so I’m buzzing to be seeing out this campaign and hopefully get to celebrate something memorable with an amazing group of people

2020 06 09c Retrieve

[Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has expressed his belief that Mario Gotze is still an exceptional player] Everyone in the business knew that his contract was expiring. If things have not been settled a year in advance, there are some indications that it is coming to an end. Mario will probably need a few games in a row. He needs a club that gives him the feeling that he doesn’t have to change the world in every game. Instead, Gotze has to just play normally and then play again and play again. Then I think we’ll see the old Mario Gotze again. That is obviously not possible in Dortmund at the moment with the quality that they have in the offensive area. It makes total sense that Mario leaves the club. I couldn’t wish him more luck, to be honest. I think he is an exceptional player and also an exceptional character. I like him very much and wish him all the best

2020 06 12 Retrieve

[Klopp praises Liverpool’s young talent after thrashing Blackburn in friendly] It is just so nice. Not only the goal, but when you see the situations when he came on, I think the first pass was between the two strikers, he got it in the No.6 position where he is calm, turns and passes the ball out. We can teach the boys a lot, but they have to bring a lot. Obviously the basis for Leighton is not too bad and Jake [Cain] did really well, as well. All of the boys. For Sepp [Van den Berg] it is always hard for centre-halves. We have four, so sitting outside [but] he looks really promising in training sessions. Ki-Jana, centre-half and right-back and looks really good. You see them – when Harvey [Elliott], Curtis [Jones] and Neco [Williams] played, it looked good as well. It’s coming, it’s nice and nice they are here and training with us. The way we play helps the players to feel safe; everybody is defending and you should never feel alone in a big area where you have no chance to sort the situation. That’s what I really like and for the boys it was really good

It was not only a workout; for us, it was a really important test and we wanted the players to go for 45 minutes [but] because of a few little issues we couldn’t do that, so we didn’t have enough ‘first-team players’, I would say, so that’s why we decided to let three players go for 60 minutes. That’s ok. It looked really good, obviously. It looked really good, pretty much from the beginning. Yes, you have to get used again to playing against a deep-defending side and stuff like this. Blackburn had a playing build-up from time to time, so we could work on the high press as well. So [the] counter-press was brilliant, the football was really good, the goals were nice and it was a really good afternoon. I am really thankful that Blackburn came here and we could do that, so I wish them all the best

2020 06 14 Retrieve

[Klopp has urged his players to win all of their remaining games] The problem at the moment is that we still have to become one (champions). I am not sitting here and want to doubt that, but I also know that we want to win football matches and not only two, but if possible nine. This can become historic, I have to say so clearly. And not only club historical, but historical in general. We have the chance to get an unbelievable number of points and so we prepare ourselves and then we will see what comes out of it

2020 06 18 Retrieve

[Liverpool will be at full strength when they return to Premier League action in Sunday’s Merseyside derby] We had the normal things, I would say, after a long break, but I am not sure it has anything to do with that. It was just that we trained and things can happen – and we played as well and things can happen. In the moment, nobody really is ruled out for Sunday, but we have to see. A few trained more, a few trained less, most trained all [sessions], so that’s good news and in the end, we will have a good team on the pitch, 100 per cent

[Klopp has suggested Liverpool’s parade can wait until social distancing restrictions have been eased next season] When someone has found the vaccine, when someone has found a solution to the problem, when infection rates are zero or below – that day will come eventually. Then we have the right to celebrate what we want to celebrate on that day. If this is the 12th or 13th matchday of next season and we want to celebrate it, who is going to stop it?

2020 06 19 Retrieve

[Minamino can be Liverpool’s secret weapon] Oh yes, massively so. With new players coming in, usually we say the first two, three, four months we don’t judge. But I know the public does and that means that we have to always explain why it’s not like this, why it’s not like that. The more time you have, for whatever reason, the better it is. And now we had four weeks, which is by the way the longest pre-season I had with any Liverpool side all together. That’s a massive difference. Usually we have - all together - one week. I think last year it was not even a week when Sadio came back! It helped Taki, 100 per cent, he looks really different in the moment than to the first three weeks when he tried to please everybody and do everything we say in a language he’s not 100 per cent comfortable with. So we have now had much more time and he is settled. That’s good and it helped

2020 06 19b Retrieve

[Klopp hails Rashford for campaign effort that led to government U-turn over free school meals] What Marcus Rashford did, I could not respect more. It’s unbelievable. It’s a little bit of a shame that he had to do it, because things like this should be just natural. But there was something to do and he did the job in an incredible manner. What he did during lockdown was absolutely fantastic

[Klopp also praised his own players who, led by captain Jordan Henderson, made significant contributions to local charitable causes during lockdown] What Hendo and the players did during lockdown, I am proud but not surprised. They do a lot of things without talking about it, and that makes me proud. The players were ready to immediately help during this difficult time.

[Discussing the Black Lives Matter movement] If football is a role model for anything in life it is for equality. Wherever you are from, whatever country you are from, whichever colour you are, you are the same. I know it’s easy to say that, but it’s just completely natural for us in football. That’s how it should be everywhere. Judge people only because of who they are, nothing else. It is so dumb not to be like this, I cannot understand it but it is like this, so we have to stand up. We will do what we have to do to sort this situation, for now and for the future. We can’t change the past but we can change the future so we should all try

2020 06 19c Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp hopes key duo Mohamed Salah and Andy Robertson will be fit for Liverpool’s trip to Everton on Sunday] They all look good. We had of course some little problems during training, but that’s completely normal. We always have that. None of them are ruled out for Sunday, I can say

[Klopp was asked at his press conference if he had ever doubted that the Reds would get the chance to win the title on the field] Honestly yes. I didn’t think when we went to lockdown ‘Oh my god, that is our season, we are so close’, because it was not important in that moment. I became worried in the moment when people started talking about ‘null and void’ this season because I was like ‘Wow’. And I really felt it physically. That would have been really, really hard. We don’t expect to get it as a present so we didn’t want to have a points-per-game basis. We were really happy when it was decided we could play again.

There were moments when some people brought it up from time to time for different reasons but when it was off the table I felt quite relieved. If they had done points-per-game and we couldn’t have played then we would have been champions but now we aren’t and we have to play for it and that is great, that is how it should be in sports.

And now we go for it. We don’t think in our mind we are already there. We know the situation in the table, we saw City playing, we see all the other teams. We needed a lot of work to come around to where we are this season but we needed luck as well and that’s what we need again. It will be tough, tougher than tough, the next few weeks.

I hope I can enjoy it as hard work is never a problem for us but we need to make sure we can play the best football we can play. But we will be fine and we will see what we have to celebrate and how we celebrate but these things are only important in the moment when it has finally happened and not before

2020 06 20 Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has criticised England’s handling of the coronavirus crisis, revealing he feels like an alien for continuing to take it seriously] I was not worried for one second that the ­government could cost us the title because I was worried about the numbers who were dying – and I’m still worried. I didn’t vote for this ­government. This government was the choice of other people. And the problem I had was that I got the news from England and the news from Germany.

If aliens looked at us both from the outside, they would think we came from two different planets. From a personal point of view, I don’t understand why we started wearing face masks in closed areas on June 15 when five or six weeks ago all the other countries were doing it. You can argue about whether it makes sense to wear them, but all ­countries who started wearing face masks earlier have smaller casualty numbers than here in England. That’s the truth.

When I see the numbers here in ­England and then in Germany, I think. Look, it’s not perfect in Germany, people have died and have been ill. But, in terms of living your life, it is completely different. If you want to enter a shop in Germany, but don’t wear a face mask, then you aren’t allowed in. With a face mask, you can go in all the shops you want. You can go to the hairdresser, wherever. They wear a face mask, you wear a face mask, and sometimes the people in the shop will have even more ­protection like a screen. When I go to the petrol ­station in England, I am the only one wearing a face mask and I’m the only one with gloves – I feel like an alien. I will not stop doing that until someone tells me it’s over. But inside the club, we are safe. We are tested twice a week and it is a safe ­environment

2020 06 20b Retrieve

[Liverpool boss Klopp would welcome Premier League title with an asterisk] Usually I do not pay too much attention to what everyone is saying around us. Now I have had a lot of time to read and I heard a lot and saw a lot. When that came up I had to google the word asterisk. I only knew the word from the comic [Asterix] before. This is the most difficult year and season to become champions. It is an interrupted season like has never happened before. Whoever will be champions at the end it will be historical because it is a year that we will never forget because hopefully it is the only year we ever have like this as human beings and a society because I hope we find solutions for this kind of thing in the future. It is historic now more than ever. Give us an asterisk. Yes, do it. Because it is the most difficult season ever and the only difference is there is quite a points gap between us and other teams. But if you saw [Manchester] City playing the other night, saw the team they played and saw the bench they had where they changed five times and there was still no Leroy Sane on the pitch, you think, ‘Wow, that is really impressive.’ That is our opponent

We worked so hard for this and we do not want to get over the line somehow. We want to play football. Nobody has to tell us we are nearly there. I am not interested in nearly, or in close. I am interested in playing the best football we can play. We have no limits or comparisons to football behind closed doors. Is it possible to play outstanding, great, run a lot and run more than other periods? I do not know, but let’s give it a try

2020 06 21 Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has admitted that he felt his side got a little lucky as they picked up a point in a scoreless draw with Everton] It came out of the blue. We were lucky in that moment but apart from that, we were in control. We didn’t have a lot of chances; most of the time we were dominant but they had the biggest chance - that’s how it is. It was a real fight. Both teams showed that they understand it’s a derby - even without a crowd. It was intense, physical, all-in. You saw the derbies we had here before - they were never really better, I have to say! Each team is fighting like crazy so in the end there is not a lot of football. There is space for improvement for us here at Goodison; I like football when it’s slightly different but that’s how it is; we had a proper fight, it was intense and we were ready for that. The players were really in the game, so that’s good. I really liked our defending.; the high press, midfield press, counter-press good. We won a lot of balls

Of course we want to make more chances; we have to more clear in situations - pass the ball, shoot in the right moment, more crosses. The second half we started to do that better but Everton defended really well; they tried to take care of Sadio Mane and Trent Alexander-Arnold and we were not smart enough to use the space for somebody else. That’s normal when you begin to play again but a lot of things were very good. Now I know we are ready because you don’t know 100 per cent if we did enough (during the break), but we can involve fresh legs on Wednesday. So far, so good but I saw Crystal Palace yesterday and they looked like a well-oiled machine. It will be tough.

2020 06 21b Retrieve

[Klopp admits concern after Milner and Matip limp off during Liverpool’s Merseyside derby clash with Everton] Millie’ felt a hamstring a little bit, but we had this in the past. ‘Millie’ is not often injured and hopefully it is not serious. He is smart enough to show up in the moment when he feels it, so hopefully it was the right moment. Maybe not Wednesday [against Palace], but after that I would hope for. Joel was unlucky and we had to make a quick decision. It was a situation with Richarlison and he bent or stretched his big toe. I don’t think a lot of people have had that. It is really painful, but hopefully it settles, the pain settles and then we will see. I hope nothing serious has happened, but I don’t know yet

2020 06 21c Retrieve

[Liverpool were, as expected, pretty rusty here in their first competitive game since March] I liked the intensity of the game from my boys. What I didn’t like too much was the rhythm

2020 06 21d Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp hailed world-class Alisson Becker after Liverpool returned to Premier League action with a 0-0 draw at Everton] It says a lot about him. We should not take him for granted. Absolutely outstanding. That’s what a world-class goalie is, nothing to do for 90 mins pretty much, then he’s there

[Losing both Matip and James Milner to injury, with Milner now almost certain to miss the Palace game] He felt his hamstring. We have seen before with Milly, he is smart enough to show up when he first feels it, so hopefully it is not too serious. Joel felt a stretch on his big toe, which was very painful. Hopefully, the pain settles and then we can see.

All the derbies here at Goodison looked pretty similar, I think! Each time is fighting like crazy but in the end not a lot of football. Today, the point is the one we deserve, even though I admit Everton had the biggest chance to win the game. I liked the intensity of the game from my boys. What I didn’t like too much was the rhythm. The defensive stuff was there. Offensively, we need moments. I know we can play better football. The performance level was OK. We have to respect the opponent, and Everton were here to make our life difficult. They have quality and they could have won the game. But the draw was fair. I saw Carlo Ancelotti outside and he said the same

[Klopp also praised the performance of midfielder Naby Keita] Naby was good. Taki [Minamino] was good as well, by the way. The change at half-time had nothing to do with his performance. Ox was lively, Naby looked absolutely good. He played because he looked so good in training

2020 06 21e Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp believes it is impossible for the Reds to emulate Manchester United’s era of dominance] I don’t think it is possible to dominate anymore, to be honest. United had a pretty good combination, with an exceptional manager with a super eye for players and fantastic timing for how long you need a player in the team. The replacements he got were always exceptional - and there was the money, too. The combination for United was really good. We must have done something right, obviously, until now. But we have to do these things - and probably even more - to stay successful. And believe me, the others will not stop. United will strike back and Chelsea are on the front foot in the transfer market while no-one else has done anything because the times are so uncertain. And when I saw Manchester City beat Arsenal, I asked how is it possible we have 22 more points than them?

I was not worried for one second that the ­government could cost us the title because I was worried about the numbers who were dying – and I’m still worried. I didn’t vote for this ­government. This government was the choice of other people. And the problem I had was that I got the news from England and the news from Germany. If aliens looked at us both from the outside, they would think we came from two different planets. From a personal point of view, I don’t understand why we started wearing face masks in closed areas on June 15 when five or six weeks ago all the other countries were doing it.

2020 06 23 Retrieve

[Klopp says Liverpool’s lead over Manchester City is ‘unthinkable’] No. It’s not about them catching us or whatever. The only thing I realised when I watched the game last night [City beat Burnley 5-0 at the Etihad] is ‘how is it possible that anybody is 20 points ahead of this team?! That’s pretty much unthinkable, actually, so we must have done a couple of things pretty well and right!

I don’t think about City catching us, I think about Crystal Palace. If you want to now make a headline about ‘City can’t catch us’ then that’s completely b*llocks because it’s not what I said. What I mean is, I am only concerned with what we are doing. I watch them [City] only because we play them in nine days, not because I hope they will lose. It was never like this; maybe when they played Leicester last year, but that didn’t work very well so I stopped doing it! I respect them a lot, they look like they will win all their remaining games because they look really strong, but they are always strong. And we are not so bad, so let’s think about that

Mo trained completely normal yesterday, and will train today completely normal. So he’s available. You have to wait to see what I make with my line-up. It’s the same with Robbo. He trained yesterday as well. The two guys, Milly and Joel, will not be available for tomorrow. We have to figure out exactly how long it will take

[Palace were the last team to inflict a league defeat on Liverpool at Anfield, winning 2-1 back in April 2017] I can’t remember how that felt but I know how defeats feel – not good! We didn’t think at the time that this would be the start of a long period where we will not lose, but it’s a long time ago. Tomorrow night is a game against a very good side. Roy [Hodgson] is doing an incredible job there, the organisation of the team is really, really of the highest level, they are physically strong, good individuals, four games in a row without conceding a goal. It is all very positive from their point of view, but we have our own aims and we want to go with all that we have. We want to make a special game for us

2020 06 23b Retrieve

[Klopp hopes Manchester City vs Liverpool will be played at the Etihad Stadium] Honestly, I would prefer it is at Manchester otherwise it would be really difficult to organise it. I don’t know how it would be but it would not be in Liverpool so it would mean we both have to go somewhere where we both need a hotel. That is the only issue. Apart from that we play where they send us to but I would prefer it in Manchester. I don’t know about the process, I wait until the final information is confirmed whether it is Manchester or not. It would be a challenge for both clubs

I don’t know enough about the history of English football to be concerned about the City game against us, but the City stadium is pretty well located to close it down if someone was there close to the stadium. But I don’t see that. The whole period we are in showed that the massive majority of people really behaved responsibly and seriously and take this situation as it is: the discipline level is probably as high as ever before. I was not worried about that. I know football fans since I was five years old and 98 per cent of them are completely fine and have the same view on life as I have, and love similar things that I do. At this moment in time I was not worried about that, but maybe I don’t know enough about it when we go there (to City). But Sunday was a good example, 100 per cent

2020 06 24 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp says Liverpool showed their supporters the respect they deserve in beating Crystal Palace 4-0 on Wednesday night] We showed a lot, if not everything, which helped us into the position we are in. Before this part of the season, I said I wanted to see the best behind-closed-doors football ever. I don’t know if we had that, but for sure it was the best counter-pressing behind closed doors ever! The attitude, the passion we showed was exceptional, and we played some outstanding football. Usually in my job I have to calm things down and say we can improve – and we can improve – but that’s not important tonight. We showed our supporters the respect they deserve – that we can play like they are here even when they are not. Yes, they can push us to incredible things, and without them it is nothing. I never missed them more than I did tonight because imagine this game in front of 50,000 people, the emotions that would have been in the stadium. It would have been incredible!

I will not watch it to prepare a celebration, but because we play against City a week later! And we play Chelsea as well, so this game is important to watch for plenty of reasons. Whatever happens tomorrow, we cannot influence. But I’m pretty sure that when we play City, it is a must-watch for each football fan on this planet. Whatever is decided or not, it will be two really good teams facing each other. It will be pretty interesting, to be honest!

You should not underestimate how much this team wants it. This team really wants it. They want to fulfil the wishes of the people at home, really. We all have a common dream but we have to work for it. We have to work our way for it. We can’t play like other teams but we can play pretty good stuff. That is what the boys did. The game was exceptional. From talking about football, it was exceptional from so many points of view. This game will last in my mind for a while. This is where we want to be. This is what we have to show against each and everybody. This is us.

2020 06 25 Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has described his side’s Premier League title win as unbelievable after watching Manchester City lose 2-1 to Chelsea on Thursday] It is unbelievable. It’s much more than I ever thought would be possible. Knowing how much Kenny [Dalglish] supported us, it is for you. He has waited 30 years and it’s for Stevie [Gerrard]. The boys admire you all and it’s easy to motivate the team because of our great history. It was really tense for 100 minutes of the City game, I didn’t really want to be involved but you are when you watch it. It’s an incredible achievement by my players and it’s a huge joy for me to coach them.

I haven’t waited 30 years, I have been here for four and a half years, but it is quite an achievement, especially with the three-month break because nobody knew if we could go on. The game last night gave me the feeling we would be fine and tonight is for the fans. I hope you stay at home, and it’s a joy to do it for you. It [the pandemic] is not over yet and we watched the game together at the hotel so we will enjoy the moment. I know it is difficult for people in this moment but we could not hold back. We will enjoy this with our supporters when we can. I’m completely overwhelmed. I never thought it would be like this. I had no idea

2020 06 25b Retrieve

[Klopp doubts Man City will rest key players against Chelsea] What? He said that? Pep…he should play poker probably. Manchester City - I couldn’t respect them more. The football they play, I really like it a lot. We are different, we have to be different. We cannot be like Manchester City. We probably celebrate different things when they happen. There are different ways of football and I like them both

Imagine if the stadium was full today and all the people could have experienced that live – it would have been amazing. I don’t think the game would have been better, to be honest. My boys played like everybody was in the stadium. The atmosphere on the pitch was incredible. It was for sure the best counter-pressing game I’ve ever seen behind closed doors. It was exceptional. The attitude shown by the boys was amazing, I liked it a lot - and the football we played as well.

2020 06 25c Retrieve

[Klopp felt the performance reflected just how much his side want to wrap up the title] You should not underestimate how much this team wants it. This team really wants it. They want to fulfil the wishes of the people at home, really. We all have a common dream but we have to work for it. We have to work our way for it. We can’t play like other teams but we can play pretty good stuff. That is what the boys did. The game was exceptional. From talking about football, it was exceptional from so many points of view. This game will last in my mind for a while. This is where we want to be. This is what we have to show against each and everybody. This is us

2020 06 26 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp has praised his Liverpool players and staff after they were crowned Premier League champions] I am nothing without my coaches and even less without my players. We have a common idea and common dream. We have big dreams and we’ve always had them – that doesn’t mean we can fulfil them, but we have to give them a proper try and that is what we have done since we have been here. Not more, and it will never be less, and the more people dream the more important and stronger it gets. So of course, without the players buying into this philosophy I have no chance, but we will not stop.

We have to show that on the pitch obviously and two games here or there and you will tell us: ‘That is not the Liverpool of last year’. It is OK to try but these questions will never come up that we will show you it is possible to do things even longer, not only one year, not only two years because if you into detail you would see we have done it for four years.

We try to squeeze everything out and it didn’t work out always, but the intensity was never less, it was just not as successful. The boys are in good age group, more experienced, more confident, more convinced and we should use that as much as we can but we know there are other teams out there who will do the exactly the same to improve their situation and there will be hard fights but that is how the Premier League is, a hard fight every three days. We have seven days off before Man City and then we play six of the seven remaining games in 18 days or so, so there is not a lot of time to think, only about the game we play and then the next game. That will be pretty intense.

2020 06 26b Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said he initially ‘felt empty inside’ after the club secured the Premier League title] I am completely overwhelmed; I don’t know, it’s a mix of everything – I am relieved, I am happy, I am proud, I couldn’t be more proud of the boys. How we watched the game tonight together, we knew it could happen, it couldn’t not happen, we didn’t know. We want to play football and we are really happy that we are allowed to play again – then when it happened in that moment, it was a pure explosion. When we counted down the last five seconds of the game, the ref counted down a little bit longer than us so we had to look at two or three more passes! Then it was pure…I cannot describe it. It was a really, really nice moment. Directly after it, I felt so empty inside – I cannot believe it, I am really not happy with myself in the moment that I feel like I feel, but it’s just a little bit too much in the moment. I will be fine, nobody has to worry

I actually couldn’t be happier; I couldn’t have dreamed of something like that and I never did before last year, honestly. We were not close enough three years ago, a year ago we were really close … what the boys have done in the last two-and-a-half years, the consistency they show is absolutely incredible and second to none. Honestly, I have no idea how we do that all the time. Last night, a very good example – we played a game like the stadium is fully packed and everybody is shouting ‘Liverpool’ or whatever constantly. It is a wonderful moment, that’s what I can say

2020 06 26c Retrieve

[The club, he said, had stopped enjoying itself. Liverpool’s history, he concluded, was weighing heavy] When I came, I said that nobody likes this team, not even the team! That was the truth. They thought they were not good enough to be in a Liverpool side because everybody gave them that feeling

2020 06 26d Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp smiled as he re-lived the moment Liverpool were confirmed as Premier League champions on Thursday night] I called my family 10 seconds before the final whistle. We had a Facetime call. I told them I loved them, they told me they loved me. We cannot be together, that was not nice, but that’s how it is. Then I put the phone on the table and said ‘leave it on, because in four or five seconds something special will happen’. That was a really nice moment, which I enjoyed a lot. All the other messages, I don’t want to compare at the moment. They were great, all full of appreciation, respect, love, support, whatever. Maybe I should use this opportunity to say sorry I cannot answer all of them, but I can read all of them. That’s what I will do in the next few days

[A few hours later, though, he was able to reflect on his feelings with a little more clarity] I am happy. Really happy. Relieved. Last night I was overwhelmed obviously, but it’s a very good moment in my life. It’s a mix of everything. I know it is a really big achievement, and it was an incredible ride to get here. What the boys did in the time since I am here is just exceptional, and I am so happy for them that we could do that

[He also paid tribute to the club’s supporters, whose backing he says has been key to Liverpool’s success, and to his backroom staff as well] I think the people had a really positive opinion of me when I came in, so that was really nice and helped a lot. It gave us time to achieve the things we achieved in the past two-and-a-half, three years

The people wanted to have their own history, like the players had to write their own history and stories. They were ready not to compare us too much with all these great, great figures in our club. They gave us time and we used the time pretty well

It’s normal that people are positive about the manager of the team when you become champions, but the people know as well, like I know, how much it means to us and how important my coaches are

Without Pep, Peter, Vitor, John, Jack, Korny, Mona, Ray, Matt, Danielle, Julia and all the others, it would not be possible, and that’s the truth. I am the face of it, but a lot of the work, the others do

[Asked if he had ever doubted whether he could bring the title back to Anfield after such a long wait for the club] Not doubts, but I didn’t know that it will happen because the other teams are so good. You have to change each year, bring new things, that’s how it is. A season is really long, you need to be lucky in some moments, especially with injuries, so you can never be sure. I was never sure it will happen, but I knew we will become a really good football team. But others are pretty good as well. The consistency makes all the difference. We were good four years ago, we were really good three years, we were unbelievably good last year, the consistency we showed was incredible, and then smashing the record so far this season is absolutely exceptional, and second to none. It’s all about the boys’ commitment, desire and understanding of the club’s heart and soul. That made it happen, and thankfully I am part of this

2020 06 27 Retrieve

[Klopp’s bold Liverpool promise after title win] The last 13 months were pretty special for us, it’s true. I would like to involve the year before because it was an incredible time in my football life. I didn’t experience it before - not that good - the consistency the boys show is so exceptional. We will not stop, we really have to stay focused, because we see the opportunity. I will promise we will improve. But this will not mean we will win everything, but that we will improve. City is exceptional, so I cannot promise that we will win something. If you ask my team at Mainz, they worked hard. Dortmund as well. This group is a mix – we have a lot of world class players, but other clubs do too

The consistency comes from the mix of determination, buying into ideas, attitude, character, personality. That’s what makes this group special. They are confident because we won, but they are humble. If they stay humble, we have a good chance to be successful. It helped massively that we won the Champions League. It helps from a confidence point of view – from the nearly man to a winner. We get a super push from our supporters, every two weeks we have the best atmosphere in football. We have a good situation, we use our history instead of being held back by it. We will make sure we are still good from now on

If you want to win the league, it’s pretty much not allowed to lose a game. City have never stopped since Pep was there. We will try not to stop, to improve, to make things special. Tomorrow we train, that’s how it is. We have a common dream. We have big dreams. The more people dream the more important and stronger it gets. So we will not stop. f you really go into detail, you’ll see we have been doing this for three, four years. The intensity was never less, we were not as successful. The boys are more experienced, more convinced. But we know other teams are there and will do a lot to improve their situation. There will be hard fights, and the hard fight starts now.

2020 06 27b Retrieve

[Klopp rules out Liverpool move for Sancho] A red jersey would look very good on Jadon. But I don’t think such a transfer will take place this summer. He is a very interesting player. If he moved to Liverpool, I would be the most surprised of all!

I can’t do anything with the title ‘Best coach in the World. But I know that, together with the whole coaching team, we are very good coaches. But I think Pep Guardiola is the best coach of the world

[Klopp repeated his belief that Liverpool can kick on and win more trophies] This team doesn’t need a change. I cannot promise that we will dominate football now, nor do I know if it is time to talk about major upheavals, but I know that our goal is to keep the team together. The boys are currently a great football age. We made a lot of right decisions together. If I have a talent, it is probably that I can bring extremely good people together. For example, my coaching staff is exceptional, but there is no single recipe. It is also important that we have continued to develop. The problem in Dortmund was that our team fell apart. That didn’t happen here and now the team has been exceptionally consistent for two-and-a-half years. We play every game as if it were the last one because we have nothing else to do on weekends!

2020 06 27c Retrieve

[Lucky Liverpool] Without luck, we cannot win the amount of games we have won

2020 06 27d Retrieve

[Set-piece Liverpool] The most important thing is we always have routines for the next game. That is all up to Pete Krawietz and the analysis boys, they put a lot of effort in that

2020 06 27e Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp: Liverpool move for Jadon Sancho would surprise me] The red shirt [of Liverpool] would suit very well. I don’t think such a transfer will be possible this season. He [Sancho] is a very interesting player. If he’s coming to Liverpool I would be the most surprised of all of us

2020 06 29 Retrieve

[Klopp urges Liverpool fans to celebrate Premier League title win responsibly following wild Pier Head scenes] I love your passion, your songs, your refusal to accept defeat, your commitment, your understanding of the game and your faith in what we are doing.

Even though you cannot be at our games at the moment I love that you still made sure that you were with us by making the Kop look like the Kop even if it cannot sound like it. I cannot begin to tell you how much the players and myself appreciated that and I have no doubt that it was one of the reasons why our performance against Crystal Palace was so good.

What I did not love – and I have to say this – was the scenes that took place at the Pier Head on Friday. I am a human being and your passion is also my passion but right now the most important thing is that we do not have these kind of public gatherings.

We owe it to the most vulnerable in our community, to the health workers who have given so much and whom we have applauded and to the police and local authorities who help us as a club not to do this.

Please - celebrate - but celebrate in a safe way and in private settings, whereby we do not risk spreading this awful disease further in our community.

If things were different I would love nothing more than to celebrate together, to have a parade that would be even bigger than the one after we won the Champions League last year, so that we could all share this special moment but it just is not possible

We have all done so much to fight Covid-19 and this effort cannot go to waste. We owe it to ourselves and each other to do what is right and at this moment that means being together and being there for one another by being apart

When the time is right we will celebrate. We will enjoy this moment and we will paint the city red. But for now, please stay at home as much as possible. This is not the time to be in the city centre in big numbers or to go near football grounds

At the start of this crisis I said that we did not want to play in an empty stadium but if it meant that it helped just one person stay healthy we would do it no questions asked and nothing has changed to make me alter this view

I already knew and liked the German word solidarität before I came to Liverpool and now I have learned that the English word is solidarity because I have heard it used by our supporters during the last few months

For me, it is the word more than any other that captures what Liverpool people are about. It is why they have come together to make PPE, it is why they have delivered food parcels and medicines to people when they have needed it most and it is why they come together in so many different ways during such a difficult time

If we can keep on coming together by being separate we will hopefully play a big part in the fight against this disease. I know that we can do this because I have experienced what a difference can be made and the players and myself have benefited from it

Hopefully in a few months from now, or longer if necessary, I can write another letter to the Liverpool Echo to thank you for putting the health of our people ahead of everything else. Nothing would make me prouder

2020 06 29b Retrieve

[How do Liverpool go about defending their Premier League title next season?] I’m completely overwhelmed. I never thought it would be like this – I had no idea!

2020 06 29c Retrieve

[Liverpool boss Klopp on transfers, coronavirus and FSG relationship] Covid has of course influenced both sides with ins and outs, that is completely normal. It’s just not likely that it will be the most busy summer in the world. But maybe at a later point in the year, if the transfer window is still open and we know more, then maybe something could happen. I am very confident that we can keep the team together, but all the rest of the planning is ongoing without knowing. We have no idea at the moment. I don’t know when the new season will start. Nobody knows how the future will be, which is very strange

Three months ago nobody knew anything about how it would be and now we act a little bit like everything will be fine again. It is a little bit early to guess that. And in football now we get confronted with how much do you want to spend? How much can you spend if you don’t know how much you can have? That is exactly the situation. We all will pay a bill in the end. It’s not only football. Hopefully it is over soon but nobody knows exactly how big the bill will be. I think it’s completely normal that this is a moment we wait a little bit longer with some decisions or just say ‘we pause and try it again like this’. We should not start taking for granted it all will be fine

[There was dismay among supporters when Werner, seen as an ideal fit for the Reds’ system and a player with the potential to develop into one of the world’s top forwards, moved to Chelsea earlier this month] This squad… look at it. It is not a squad you have to change now and say ‘OK, we need this position and this position’. If you are a football supporter, you still want a backup for him and him, of course. Even if you are completely happy with the first XI, you still want backups for everyone. We don’t have a first XI, I’d say we have a first 16 or 17, where they can all play to the same level. But this is what we have to use, 100 per cent. And what we want to create are transfers internally

So now we have the first glimpses of Neco Williams. He would not be here in this position if we were not convinced. All these boys, Curtis [Jones], Harvey [Elliott], Ki-Jana [Hoever], Sepp [van den Berg], Yasser [Larouci], Leighton [Clarkson], Jake [Cain], all these boys have done really well. And a few I don’t know yet but I will know them soon

We cannot spend millions and millions and millions because we think it is nice to do. We want to strengthen this squad, and this squad is strong. The problem with a strong squad is how do you improve a strong squad on the transfer market? It works with money, obviously. That is possible. But it never works only with money. You have to be creative and we try to be creative. We try to find solutions internally. There is still a lot to come. We have three or four players who can still make big, big steps, who are not in the first 12 or 13 so far. That is the pressure we make as well, internally. We have had these discussions throughout the last four-and-a-half years. You asked me if I will find solutions in the transfer market and you are right, we did that, 100 per cent. We did smart business, brought good players in and then did something on the training pitch, and that is not finished yet

[Klopp also opened up on his relationship with Fenway Sports Group] The relationship was exceptional from the first day. The first meeting was in New York [in 2015] that’s true. But the first phone call with Mike [Gordon, the FSG president] was before that, three days before maybe, I don’t know. I was still in bed! It was a nice day, I remember that, but I had nothing to do. I had time off and my phone started to ring. I knew that Mike, or someone from FSG, was going to call. I didn’t know Mike at that point. But we had a one-hour talk on the phone. I obviously convinced him in a way that he wanted to meet in New York to bring the deal over the line. That’s how it started. From that moment on, we had a very, very good relationship on a professional basis and a personal basis as well. With Mike, we work closely together – that’s how it is. But it’s Mike, Michael [Edwards, the sporting director] and myself. We pretty much are the transfer committee! They were my first owners, so I can’t compare them. They are the best owners I ever worked with for sure! That’s cool.

There is no problem if it doesn’t happen, you don’t need to have a personal relationship maybe in this business. But we have worked brilliantly together and we have a very good relationship. That makes it pretty special. First and foremost, they wanted to support us. Maybe not always at first with money but with a lot of trust and faith in the things we do. That was apparent from the first second. It was always clear. We finished eighth in 2016 – ninth would have been the worst ever, right? – but there was never doubt, not from that side. I’m pretty sure there was doubt from the outside. But from the owners’ side, there was never. They wanted to give us time. They saw the little steps and that helped massively. We could make it, step-by-step

2020 06 29d Retrieve

[How do Liverpool improve? How potentially record-breaking side can still get better] This is not the final destination. It’s a moment like last year’s Champions League final. From that moment you carry on, and that’s what we’ll do now. They are 4-0 up in the 87th minute, and four players are chasing one poor Crystal Palace player like he has the only ball in the world. I like it so much.

2020 06 29e Retrieve

[It was something then-Sky Sports pundit Jose Mourinho raised when covering their 1-1 draw at Manchester United in October, when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s five-man defence saw Liverpool drop their first points of the campaign. It is a difficulty Klopp fully accepts] Oh, we are a different team since then. But it’s still the biggest challenge for each football team in the world, playing against a low block. I would say the best team in the world at it is Manchester City, but even they struggle from time to time because it’s just difficult.

It’s about always right decisions, forcing the opponent into a situation he’s not comfortable with, using the space behind the last line as long as you can because when they drop there’s not a lot there any more […] All these kind of things. But we are a completely different team. We developed a lot in the last months and years

2020 06 29f Retrieve

[Klopp described Jordan Henderson as an ‘example’ to his team-mates after the 4-0 win over Southampton in February] Did he look like the captain of a team that is 19 points ahead? Not for a second. It looked like if we lose, we are relegated

2020 07 01 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp says Liverpool will ‘attack’ the Premier League title next season] As long as we stay humble and greedy, we have a good chance to remain a really uncomfortable opponent. When you are a really uncomfortable opponent, you have a chance to win. And when you have a chance to win, then sometimes you have to win. There are a lot of challenges, life is constantly a challenge, and our challenge is now being champions and playing seven games against teams that will fight for everything. We can show that we don’t run because we have to, we run because we want to. Next season, you can write stories about us being the defending champions or whatever, but that is why I say - we will not defend anything, we will attack it

[When asked if City are likely to be Liverpool’s main rivals for the title again next season] City will be strong next season, [Manchester] United will be strong next season, Chelsea will be strong next season. They all will be strong next season. It is obvious. City are just an outstanding team, United are in outstanding shape and Chelsea are in really good shape and are doing some interesting business. That is clear. Tottenham will not sleep, Arsenal will not sleep. They all will come. Leicester will be there. There are a lot of teams.

2020 07 02 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp urges Liverpool fans to ‘do what is right’ following scenes of mass celebrations] I am a human being and your passion is also my passion but right now the most important thing is that we do not have these kind of public gatherings. We owe it to the most vulnerable in our community, to the health workers who have given so much and whom we have applauded and to the police and local authorities who help us as a club not to do this. Please - celebrate - but celebrate in a safe way and in private settings, whereby we do not risk spreading this awful disease further in our community. We owe it to ourselves and each other to do what is right and at this moment that means being together and being there for one another by being apart. When the time is right we will celebrate. We will enjoy this moment and we will paint the city red. But for now, please stay at home as much as possible.

Sir Kenny Dalglish is the soul of this club. His understanding of what Liverpool is and what it means to the people is vital to everything that we do. Steven Gerrard is the legs. He carried the club in so many ways as a player and there is no one who deserves this title more than he does

2020 07 03 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp: Liverpool squad will all get Premier League winners’ medals] If people don’t understand how important the squad is to win the championship then I can’t help them to be honest. If you have zero games you should win a medal, if you are part of the squad you should get a medal. If you are the second goalie and you have less games you should have a medal, because you train five million times over a year and if you don’t (all) train at the highest level then you have no chance to win the championship (as a squad). These boys will get a medal 100 per cent - I will produce it myself, eh? One hundred per cent they can have my medal. They deserve a medal and they will get a medal, if not from the Premier League then me.

2020 07 03b Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp warns Premier League appearances won’t be handed out ‘like Christmas presents’] I don’t think these kinds of questions will be asked to Frank Lampard or Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. We are champions and we now should bring in the young boys, give them a chance, let’s have a look. And when we lose a game, everyone is telling us we’ve lost focus. We want to win football games but to do that, the best players need to be on the pitch. If the young players are part of that, then they will be on the pitch. They are so close, they are really good and are our future. But they will not play now because I want to see them in the Premier League. We do not give Premier League games as Christmas presents. We cannot do that

We didn’t lose a lot of games in the last two-and-a-half years. But we have lost, and so far we’ve always used that for the next games. If you think about things we didn’t do well, in this department we have to show a reaction. That doesn’t mean changing everything, it means being spot on in these moments. You cannot switch off. As an example, Joe (Gomez) was on his own in the challenge with Raheem Sterling but he should have shouted at everybody around him. The other players maybe didn’t look at him in that moment. These are the situations we have to change. Hendo (Jordan Henderson) could have been there, usually Fabinho should have been there but he pushed up. If we want to achieve something special, the only way to do that is by being 100 per cent in that specific game, which means in all the specific situations. Do we have to lose 4-0 to learn that? I’m not sure, but it can help. It makes the point absolutely clear

That was a special game. People will be speaking about it in 10 years, that it was one of the key moments of the season. I remember exactly how they scored the goal, our goals and other parts of the game, which doesn’t always happen. It was a very important one for us.

Villa was not in a bad moment at that time. Since then, a lot of things changed. Can we use this game for our preparation? Not really but in general it was a really important game. Since then, Aston Villa changed their system twice. They played a back five and in the last game, they played a diamond, bringing Jack Grealish into his best position. We don’t know how they will line up against us. Some people say rhythm is better than a break. If it was an advantage for City last night, it should be an advantage for us against Aston Villa. They had a week off while we played on Thursday. We have to give Villa a proper fight. In possession, they make the pitch big, play diagonal balls, use their speed. They are good. But usually in games against top-six teams, they don’t have 50-60 per cent of the ball, it’s more like between 25 and 35. But it’s not about that, it’s about what they’re doing in the moments where they have the ball, and us needing to have solutions for that.

2020 07 03c Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp’s post-match interview after Liverpool defeat] I saw a brilliant attitude. I saw fight. We didn’t behave like somebody who became champions a week ago - that was all good. We lacked fluidity, that’s for sure. And in some 50-50 situations they were quicker than us in mind. They used their chances and we didn’t. City were 100 per cent deserving, of course, but a 5-3 would have been possible as well. But it’s 4-0 and we have to take that

If you want to lead the story in the direction that we were not focused on that game, then do it. I like my team how they set up. I said that and I thought that was clear. I think we proved that point. And City proved they are an unbelievably good team. Isn’t it nice that another team can be champions even when City is around and plays this kind of football? City are incredible. I’ve seen their games - they haven’t played a bad game all season. Even when they lost they still played really good football. But in the end the situation is like it is. We had moments. You watched the game completely calm, why do you ask me if we had decent chances? It makes no sense this question.

We had decent chances, so ask me about them. We had chances, we got into situations. We didn’t use them, that’s true. Maybe we wasn’t clear enough but we had moments where we could have score and we didn’t. In football if you don’t score it’s difficult to mention chances as everyone forgets them immediately - even I forget them, but that’s the situation. All is OK. It’s not nice, it’s not what we wanted. I wanted to see we had the right attitude and we did, so I’m fine. And the result we have to take

2020 07 03d Retrieve

[Premier League champions Liverpool were brought back down to earth as they were thrashed 4-0 by Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium] I like my team how they set up. I think we proved that point. And City proved they are an unbelievably good team. Isn’t it nice that another team can be champions even when City is around and plays this kind of football? City are incredible. I’ve seen their games - they haven’t played a bad game all season. Even when they lost they still played really good football. But in the end the situation is like it is.I saw a brilliant attitude. I saw fight. We didn’t behave like somebody who became champions a week ago. We lacked fluidity. And in some 50-50 situations they were quicker than us

2020 07 05 Retrieve

[Sadio Mane and Curtis Jones kept up below-par Liverpool’s perfect home record in their 2-0 win over struggling Aston Villa] It was a very difficult game, for different reasons. Aston Villa were well-organised and made it really tricky for us. We made three changes in decisive areas, which was important I think from a physical point of view. I think there were two situations which could or should have been penalties, we are where we are because we win the difficult games, and that happened again tonight

2020 07 05b Retrieve

[In 2016, ahead of an EFL Cup tie against Leeds United, Klopp wrote in his programme notes] Leeds are one of the ‘great teams’ of England. Big history, big support. I know this because James Milner always tells me, again and again and again. Millie has told me all of the great things about this club and this city - even when I do not ask him.

2020 07 07 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp hopes Liverpool will field ‘a team of Scousers’ within the next decade] Here we will always try to use them as often as possible because the dream is to have all boys [in a team]. It will not happen in the next five years but maybe 10 years, it would be great to have a team full of Scousers, why not? It is not a bad thing to be a Scouser, it is a good thing. They are hardworking, it is clear that they will fight like crazy… the characteristics of a Scouser. But the door is always open for all the other boys who want to play good football. Liverpool is a very open-minded club. We have a good team, which already has a good age group, but the future is already prepared with a few really, really good footballers

I am really happy that the boys see it the same way. For young players, the biggest plus they have is time but when they lose patience, things can go not exactly like they should go. Our boys want to play, want to be involved and see everything in training. They are really close but not losing patience that they are not playing 90 minutes every three days, or something like that. We try to help them as much possible to become the best player they can be. That’s what we do with all the players but with the younger players, the responsibility is obviously bigger on our side. That is why I really like how these boys have committed 100 per cent to that way. It is a wonderful sign for all of us that the next few are already lined up

It is the biggest challenge as a football manager, to implement your ideas while you have to produce results. Nobody waits nowadays for the results, everyone wants to see them immediately. I have a lot of respect for what Graham is doing there

2020 07 08 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp confirms Adam Lallana unlikely to play for Liverpool again] It is clear Adam will leave the club in the summer. But now we have a difficult situation, but I will respect Adam a lot. And everything with Adam is sorted, let me say it like this. He is so fit, he is training, everything is fine. But yes, the future is his future, and if we need his help on the pitch we can get it. He is there. He trains 100 per cent but as long as we don’t need it, he will just train. That is the normal thing. I think there were a lot of discussions about players without contracts, with him there was not even a discussion

It was clear Adam would extend his contract and he wants to do that as well, but he will not put any risk on his future or whatever. That is absolutely clear. For now, if you ask me about it, I miss already everything about him. He is one of the most influential players on the training quality I have ever had in my life. He is an incredible professional. So he is one of the most important players of the time since I am here so I wish him only the best for the future. From my point of view he is already a legend here, so he can become a legend somewhere else from next season on.

[Klopp believes there is enough local talent to eventually fill a full senior team] Here we will always try to use them as often as possible because the dream is to have all boys [in a team]. It will not happen in the next five years but maybe 10 years, it would be great to have a team full of Scousers, why not?

2020 07 08b Retrieve

[Premier League drinks break - is it fair?] I like it a lot. If people think that you only need a drinks break when it’s 40 degrees or something outside and, of course, England is not a country where you need a drinks break really often, especially in the north-west or north-east. But, it’s important just to have that because it was always going to be a strange period for the players and we didn’t know how exactly the boys would react. I really like the opportunity to talk. I think from the moment the referee whistles, it starts, it pretty much takes the players 30 seconds for the players to gather around, so you don’t actually have a lot of time with the players. You really go there for a drink, but you can give one or two information. All coaches have the same opportunity in that moment, so that’s good, it’s fair

2020 07 09 Retrieve

[Liverpool must wait on Jordan Henderson injury] I don’t know what it is exactly but it looks like the knee. We will see. We will have to make scans but we know that it’s not nothing, so that’s already enough. I don’t know, I’ve had press since the game was over pretty much, so I have no idea how he left the dressing room

[Klopp revealed the swap was only about protecting Williams from a sending off and not about his overall performance] It was just about the yellow card. On that side [of the pitch], we didn’t protect him well enough and in his first professional game, l couldn’t tell him, ‘don’t make a challenge anymore’. That was the only reason. I liked a lot his confidence and l liked a lot how he played. For their [Brighton’s] build-ups, we had a super solution and l liked how we did it. We don’t have an influence on what the other team is doing, we have to react. We did pretty well in most of the situations but when you lose the ball in the wrong moment then they have the advantage. They deserved their goal but then we scored the third, we could have scored more, we had really big chances but all good.

I think we played well. Over the course of the game, we gave a really good account of ourselves, especially going 2-0 down in the manner that we did. Liverpool smelt blood, if you like, because we gifted them a couple of goals so we showed great personality to drag ourselves back into the game.

We created some chances before we scored a really good goal so we put a lot into that game and there’s a lot of positives for us. Of course, there are things we need to learn from as well, which is normal, but I’m pleased with a lot that we did. But again, we have to improve as well and that includes myself. We wanted to be brave and try to play our game against the best, it’s a way to learn and improve your own game and we’ll learn from that tonight. Overall, the way we responded to that situation was really good. The boys gave everything and I’m really happy with them.

2020 07 09b Retrieve

[Mohamed Salah scored twice for Liverpool as they beat a plucky Brighton side 3-1, ending the Premier League champions’ recent scoring drought on the road] I don’t know what it is exactly [Henderson’s injury] but it looks like the knee. We will see. We will have to make scans but we know that it’s not nothing so that’s already enough.

For their build-ups, we had a super solution and l liked how we did it. We don’t have an influence on what the other team is doing, we have to react. We did pretty well in most of the situations but when you lose the ball in the wrong moment then they have the advantage. They deserved their goal but then we scored the third, we could have scored more, we had really big chances but all good

[Williams’ half-time substitution] was just about the yellow card. On that side [of the pitch], we didn’t protect him well enough. And in his first professional game, l couldn’t tell him ‘don’t make a challenge anymore’. That was the only reason. I liked a lot his confidence and l liked a lot how he played

2020 07 10 Retrieve

[Jordan Henderson: Liverpool captain to miss rest of Premier League season but no surgery required] Hendo is the best possible of all bad news. A knee injury but no surgery needed and he won’t play any more in the later stages of this season. I am pretty positive that he will start new season with us. We were all concerned when we saw him in the moment going down and when he left the pitch. Yesterday when we got the news it was a big relief for all of us. It is not cool obviously but is the best [news] we could get. He’s a quick healer and will be back soon

It was an awful moment when Hendo went down. In Germany we would say he’s an animal - he fights with everything. Everyone felt for him. He deserves to lift the trophy and he will lift the trophy.

[Asked if he was concerned about VAR not overruling referees] I can 100 per cent understand that Dean Smith is really struggling to accept what happened last night. I don’t know how it can happen. In the end it should be the right decision. What I don’t understand is that overruling is so complicated because it must be a ‘clear and obvious’ mistake. I thought they were all obvious [decisions to overrule].

2020 07 10b Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp says injury will not stop Jordan Henderson lifting Premier League trophy] Get him out of the tracksuit? I don’t know yet, we will do everything that is possible to do it the right way. He is absolutely one of the great captains of this club. I have no idea what will be the rule. If you are not in the starting line-up - which will be difficult for Hendo - then I don’t know what we will do. We really thought - for the role he played the last years now - he deserves to be in that spot at that moment (when Liverpool lift the trophy). If he would have had surgery then he would have been in hospital and it would have been difficult, but no surgery is needed, rehab starts immediately, he will be fine and in a few weeks training and playing again. So we will find a solution that shows the respect absolutely for what he did.

All the boys want that by the way. They all want him to be there and that was one of the first things I heard after we won the league. Virgil (Van Dijk) told Hendo ‘The shuffle, you can do the shuffle again’ (referring to Henderson’s now trademark little dance with his feet immediately before the trophy lift). I am not sure if he is able to do the shuffle now but that is the biggest problem

[Salah needs just one goal to become the first Liverpool player since Roger Hunt in 1965-66 - and only the fourth in the club’s history - to register 20 league goals in three successive seasons] Mo now, of course, come on. The numbers are absolutely crazy. Involved in 100 goals since he is here, 73 and 27, it’s just outstanding. World-class numbers. Nobody should be surprised any more

2020 07 11 Retrieve

[Liverpool dropped points at Anfield for the first time in the Premier League this season as Burnley fought to a 1-1 draw against the champions] It was a good performance in most parts of the game. There were moments when it was Liverpool against Nick Pope. It’s hard to create against a team so organised but we created super chances. There was always one guy who wanted to deny us and it was Nick Pope. The game left the result open for Burnley. There were corners where Ali was under pressure from those around him and they were always a threat from set-pieces. I’m fine for the performance for 80 minutes and it was probably one of our best games against Burnley, but we couldn’t get a second and that’s why we’ve been left with a point

2020 07 12 Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was left frustrated after coming up against an inspired Nick Pope during the 1-1 draw with Burnley at Anfield] It was a good performance in most parts of the game. There were moments when it was Liverpool against Nick Pope. It’s hard to create against a team so organised but we created super chances. There was always one guy who wanted to deny us and it was Nick Pope. The game left the result open for Burnley. There were corners where Ali (Alisson) was under pressure from those around him and they were always a threat from set-pieces. I’m fine for the performance for 80 minutes and it was probably one of our best games against Burnley, but we couldn’t get a second and that’s why we’ve been left with a point

[Klopp was seen showing his frustration at the final whistle] I didn’t speak about the Andrew Robertson situation. I spoke about the goalkeeper situations as I feel like I lost the game. I know we didn’t but how can you let the goalkeeper constantly get blocked by three players? It isn’t how it should be

2020 07 14 Retrieve

[When asked if Arsenal could challenge for the top four next season] Unfortunately, probably yes! It looks very much so. Mikel is part of this very exciting new coaching generation. Really exciting to watch, you can see the ideas behind it - influenced by Pep. He worked together with him and probably had the same idea before when Mikel was still a player. You can see a massive influence of him and on top of that Arsenal are a really exciting squad. They have more experienced offensive players with massive quality and coming up a lot of really good [young] ones. It looks like Arsenal will be proper challengers again

[Klopp: Lovren still important for Liverpool] Dejan has played outstanding games for us and is always a very important part of the squad. There is absolutely no problem. It is always like this, we have four centre-halves and we usually play with two of them, but we needed all four always. It is very important role. He played for us in the Champions League final, played in a lot of big games, and has always been a very reliable player. There is nothing to say about the contract situation because that’s nothing to discuss in public. I think the situation is absolutely clear - Dejan is a player at Liverpool. At this moment, with Joel (Matip) injured, we only have three centre-halves. You need the quality we have at centre-half to be successful. That is why there is nothing really to discuss.

2020 07 14b Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp congratulates Adebayo Akinfenwa after Wycombe’s play-off success] Congratulations. I watched the game and I didn’t see the post-match interviews but Hendo or my players told me that you want to get in contact with me on Whatsapp. Here we go, congratulations!

I’m pretty sure you were your whole life at least a Championship player, and now finally you are there, well done. Great, great victory. Even in these strange times I hope you celebrate, appropriately

[Klopp invited Akinfenwa to celebrate with Liverpool] When it is possible, in the future one day - I don’t know exactly, but he is invited for the parade - 100 per cent

2020 07 15 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp: Overturning Manchester City’s European ban not a good day for football] I am happy that City can play in the Champions League but I don’t think it was a good day for football yesterday, to be honest. Just because I think FFP is a good idea. It’s there for protecting teams, protecting the competition. That was the idea at the start, that nobody overspends and stuff like this. Clubs have to make sure that money they want to spend is based on the right sources

I really hope that FFP stays because it gives at least kind of borders that you can go to but not over, which is good for football. If you start doing it so that nobody cares anymore, the richest people or countries can do what they want to do and that would make the competition really difficult. I think that would automatically lead to a world super league, with like 10 clubs.

2020 07 16 Retrieve

[Defeat at the Emirates was the first time Jurgen Klopp had lost to Arsenal in his five-year tenure at Liverpool] Twice, there was a massive lack of concertation. Especially in the first half before the goal, we were just brilliant, it was really good. We had 24 to three shots, that’s incredible, but these two moments killed the game for us. We then had to chase the game in the second half, did that and Arsenal had no real chances - they had another shot in the last second, maybe. We did a lot of things well, but you cannot win football games when you concede goals like this

[Asked whether Liverpool’s recent crowning as Premier League champions contributed to the lapses in concentration] I’m not entirely sure now, I will have to watch it again, but we took a break, that was clear. We lost concentration in this moment and it’s the Premier League, you cannot do that. We usually don’t do that, but we did it today. Virgil lost the ball, but I didn’t see a lot of offers around, no one wanted the ball really and as a pack, we took a break and that makes no sense. And Arsenal were there twice in the game and it was not enough today for us. We have to take that, we have to learn from that 100 per cent and we will. I’m not sure we never did it [lost concentration], we’ve had sloppy moments once, twice, maybe three times but usually we don’t get punished for it. But tonight we got punished for it and that’s good on one side because we have to learn from it