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Justin Gaethje
Gender Male
Nationality USA
Ethnic Caucassian
Job UFC Fighter
  WSOF Fighter
Desc xxxx


Twin Marcus Gaethje
Coach Ben Cherrington


High School Safford High School
University University of Northern Colorado

2017 07 08 Retrieve

[Justin Gaethje shout after win fight against Michael Johnson] Who’s next? Where is my equal? Where is he?

2019 09 12 Retrieve

[Justin Gaethje double down on his criticism of ‘The Notorious’ during a media scrum after Conor McGregor demand for a rematch with Khabib Nurmagomedov] I’ll take the winner of Khabib and Tony Ferguson and if the little Irish f* wants to come back I’m right here man. I’m the perfect guy to bring him back. I will never stray from the truth, that’s the truth. There’s nothing else to it. It had nothing to do with fighting, nothing to do with wanting to get a fight. ‘He wants to write some b*****, facts are facts. You cannot represent yourself in the public eye like that and expect your child to respect what you do. You are an influence, you are a hero to your children, and you are a fool if you think they’re not going to follow in your footsteps.

[McGregor made a grovelling apology on ESPN last month after footage leaked of him punching an elderly patron of a Dublin pub who had refused a shot of his Proper No 12 whiskey] I’m ready to fight. After I seen him punch an old guy … I got a human services major, I wanna do social work. Being here is just a circumstance of my life. I wanted to try fighting, I won 25 fights in a row and fought Eddie Alvarez on a pay-per-view. I wanted to be a social worker, so to see him treat people like that … Even before he takes a phone and smashes it on the ground, to see him walk around with his chest in the air. You do not represent yourself like that. I will never respect you

2019 12 05 Retrieve

[Conor McGregor plans to use the fight as a springboard for another shot at the undefeated Khabib Nurmagomedov. But the decision to fight Cerrone at 170lb has caused confusion and Justin Gaethje, who was also in contention to face McGregor, has hit out] I mean, it’s a freak show man, I don’t know what to make of it

2020 04 27 Retrieve

[Justin Gaethje vows to ‘royally screw up’ Khabib vs Tony Ferguson fight with UFC 249 win] As a fan, I wanna see that fight just as much as anybody. But to put food on my table - I really don’t care about that. I will feel a little bit bad about that because I know how bad people want it. But for me to act like it would bother me, that would be a lie. I’m gonna be very happy to royally screw that up

[But he won’t bask in the glory of becoming the division’s interim ruler] But he won’t bask in the glory of becoming the division’s interim ruler. But he won’t bask in the glory of becoming the division’s interim ruler. When I fight him I want him to try to kill me because I won’t respect him if he doesn’t. That’s what I expect of every athlete I train with