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Keita Balde
Gender Male
Ethnic Senegalese
Job Senegalese Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Senegal National Team
Club as Player AS Monaco

2020 04 06 Retrieve

[Keita Balde says he would sign Neymar tomorrow if he was calling the shots at Camp Nou] With the ball at his feet, Neymar is unrivalled. He could play for any team. If I was the president of Barcelona, I would sign him tomorrow if I could

I have very good memories. I started there at nine years old and they were important years for me. What I have today, I owe much of it to La Masia and Barca. At Barcelona, they educate you as a human being, as a person and also as a footballer

2020 04 17 Retrieve

[Senegal team-mate Keita Balde claims Real Madrid may tempt Mane in a year or two] He’s a great boy. He deserves the best. He is humble and nobody has given him anything. He deserves to be where he is today

We haven’t talked about football, really. I know he’s very good there. The coach loves him very much. He has given a lot to Liverpool and Liverpool to him. Something very attractive has to come for him to leave Liverpool. A big team would have to come and promise him many things to think about it. There are few teams like Liverpool

It depends on many things. I don’t know what his decision is. In a year or two, he may want to change. I don’t think he wants to be there forever. He is a smart boy and he knows what is good for him and what he has to do. But in Madrid, they are giving out many names

2020 06 21 Retrieve

[Keita Balde has spoken out on the problem of racism in Spain, with the Senegal international suggesting that the coronavirus crisis has highlighted the plight of seasonal workers to him] Black lives seem to matter if your name is Keita Balde, but if you’re a part-time worker in Lleida, your life doesn’t matter. Maybe they didn’t want to rent anything to a black boy. I felt I had to do what I could to help. I didn’t want to offer words, I didn’t want to speak, I wanted facts. People needed help. They were living in subhuman conditions, sleeping on the streets between cardboard boxes. They work 13 hours a day for €25 (£22/$27); they have to buy food, to find a place to sleep, they’re not stealing from anyone. In Spain, we need people working in the fields to collect the fruit. We need them, but if you don’t treat them well…

I’ve financed a mosque and a school in Senegal, I’ve helped with the pandemic in Europe … I like to be like this. I’ve been like this since I was young. I’m a boy at heart and I like to share. I gave out the clothes and boots that Barcelona and Nike gave me in the neighbourhood square.

Money is one of the problems of this world. It classifies people. If you have a bill you are someone. If you don’t have it, you are nobody. We live in a polluted society in that regard. The person’s real value is lost. It’s sad. I was happy before, when I had no money. And I am happy now