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<img src=’assets/img/Kelley O’Hara.jpg’> Kelley O’Hara
Gender Female
Ethnic American
Job American Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org USA Women National Team
Club as Player xxxx

2019 06 11 Retrieve

[Winning by an incredible 13-0 scoreline] It is a tournament and goal difference matters so at the end of the day, you can’t feel bad for scoring as many goals as possible in whatever game you’re playing. If you’re just knocking it around the back and playing keep-away that’s not the best form, especially in a tournament.

2019 06 22 Retrieve

[Asked about the news regarding their lawsuit on Saturday, Kelley O’Hara looked to deflect any attention from the courtroom away from matters on the pitch] We’re here to win a World Cup and the lawyers are at home to do their thing, so we both have our jobs. This team has always been good at compartmentalizing. We focus on the task at hand and I haven’t paid any mind to anything that’s been going on, and that’s something that we’ll pick back up when we get home.

2019 06 23 Retrieve

[Sleeping giants Spain awakening in time to test USWNT] Spain’s women’s program has gotten increasingly better throughout the years. I think these are examples that FIFA and federations need to look at to see that if you do invest the time, you do invest the money, you will get results.

2019 06 27 Retrieve

[The U.S. has been forced to tune out - or embrace - the controversy over its celebrations against Thailand, while also brushing aside questions about the latest developments in their equal pay lawsuit] This team has always been good at compartmentalizing

2019 06 28 Retrieve

[Women’s World Cup recap - U.S. beats France 2-1 on two Megan Rapinoe goals] We play with a lot of heart and a lot of guts. We can be blue collar if we need to be. Trust me

2019 06 29 Retrieve

[Defender Kelley O’Hara on Megan Rapinoe] Megan is an absolute baller. She does all she needs to do, she gets the job done and she rises to the occasion every time

2019 06 29b Retrieve

[USA on a night when the Parc des Princes was a cauldron of noise. It seemed like every fan - most of them French but a solid contingent of American supporters as well - was chanting, cheering and singing the entire game] What a feeling to be able to play in front of a crowd like this

2019 07 06 Retrieve

[Confident, not arrogant: USWNT not taking upstart Dutch lightly in World Cup final] I don’t think we ever underestimate anything. I think that’s what people project onto us

2019 07 11 Retrieve

[The U.S. fell to Sweden in the quarterfinals in Rio in 2016, marking the team’s worst finish ever in a major tournament. Kelley O’Hara said of that transition phase] It wasn’t easy. It was hectic and stressful and difficult and full of obstacles and a lot of uncertainty for a lot of people, but it was necessary and I respect [Jill Ellis] a lot for doing that

2020 02 15 Retrieve

[USA defender Kelley O’Hara writes a letter to her younger self] It’s an amazing journey you’re about to embark on. It won’t be an easy road. The ones worth travelling usually aren’t.