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Name Kevin Gallacher
Gender Male
Ethnic Scottish
Job Scottish Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Scotland National Team
Club as Player Newcastle United

2016 03 24 Retrieve

[on Alan Shearer] I wouldn’t say he was the most talented center-forward in the world, he wouldn’t go and take a center-half on and do six stepovers and a dummy to the side. It was more straightforward, he would gain that half a yard, shoot, and score the goal. That’s all he had to do, it was so simple, A to B, and that was Alan. He was the best at it

2016 03 25 Retrieve

[on Alan Shearer] I think he just believed he would score every time. What we did at Blackburn was we had the players who could create chances for him, and we knew that if we got anywhere within the 18-yard box, with any goalkeeper, we could just put the ball in, and nine times out of ten, Alan Shearer would be on the end of it

2019 11 12 Retrieve

[Former Newcastle United forward Kevin Gallacher says Scotland players are not taking international duty seriously] On paper we’ve got good players. We’ve got players playing in the Premier League. We’ve got players playing in the Champions League. But for some reason they’re just not performing at the national level.

I think players aren’t taking it seriously even though playing at the national level is another step up from playing in the Champions League. They seem to think, ‘Aw, we’ve played in the Champions League so we’ve done it all,’ but they’re not quite performing.

They’ve got to realise that international level of football is the best players in your country and they need to take that step up a little bit

[While the current class of Scotland player comes under scrutiny after two decades in the wilderness, Gallacher admits it is not a new concept] For my generation, when we were going through it, we were getting stick about being the oldest team going to the 1998 World Cup. When we qualified for the 1998 World Cup we never really got too much praise because we were ‘Dad’s Army’. So we were all walking about patting ourselves on the back and then getting told by the media that we weren’t Kenny Dalglish, Billy Bremner or any part of this history of Scotland.

So I look at that squad that we went with and think, ‘What a squad we were’ because we were together, we were in it for each other, we fought for each other and if someone got hurt we stood up for that person

[Despite his view of the current crop of players, Gallacher is hopeful of seeing his nation at another major tournament] I’ve been to World Cups and Euros, I’ve worked at World Cups and Euros, and now I’d like to go as a Scotland fan to World Cups and Euros. When I have a dream and I try to fulfil it that’s what I want. Hopefully we’ll get it in my time. I think that would top it for me. And then I think I’ve done everything at that point. I’ve worked for the Tartan Army and now I’m going to become part of it