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Name Keylor Navas
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Paris Saint-Germain
  Real Madrid

2015 09 26 Retrieve

[Keylor Navas on the breakdown of his swap deal with David de Gea] I was waiting in the airport – I didn’t even have suitcases. At 19:00 CET my agent said, ‘You have to catch a flight [to Manchester]’. The contract offer arrived really late. My agent reviewed it and it was fine. I didn’t want to go. I did the medicals in Valdebebas after that, but I didn’t return to the airport – there was no time. The transfer window had shut. As soon as I got home, near my wife, I burst into tears.

2018 08 11 Retrieve

[Keylor Navas tells about his desire to stay at the club despite the signing of Belgium goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois] Of course, and I say this with force, I have the same desire to leave that I have to die

2019 04 14 Retrieve

[Navas said after being selected for Zidane’s first game in charge – a 2-0 win over Celta Vigo] Today the sun came up in the line-up because my name was in. You have to take advantage of the moment. […] I did have the feeling that whatever I did in practice, I wasn’t going to play [under Solari].

[However, if Zidane is to decide on the Belgian as his first choice, Navas is unlikely to stick around, saying] I have given everything for this club and I will continue giving it while I’m here, but I don’t want to spend another year like that

2019 04 14b Retrieve

[Navas on luca Zidane] Luca Zidane is a great goalkeeper, he has shown that he is where he is because he has earned it and nobody give him anything. He’s going to be an elite goalkeeper for many years

2019 09 02 Retrieve

[Paris Saint-Germain has signed Costa Rica goalkeeper Keylor Navas from Real Madrid] I’m really excited to sign for Paris Saint-Germain. After my experience in Spain, I’m coming to France with high hopes. Paris Saint-Germain is a very prestigious club in Latin America and I am keen to be part of the adventure that started several years ago. I will do everything I can to help PSG win new titles, bringing all my experience and professionalism. And I will also try to win the hearts of the Parisian fans, famous throughout Europe for their passion

2019 09 18 Retrieve

[Yet despite his consistent continental heroics, Real still decided to splash the cash and bring in Courtois from Chelsea that summer for £35 million. Keylor Navas was ultimately forced to play second fiddle across the 2018-19 season, a situation that left him rightly quite aggrieved] I’ve gone from winning three consecutive Champions Leagues to not playing

2019 10 31 Retrieve

[Paris Saint-Germain team-mate Keylor Navas reveals Kylian Mbappe’s willingness to work for the team has made a strong impression] He is a very young player who does extraordinary things for his age. In addition to what we already know, and what we can see, he puts his talent at the disposal of the team, with good qualities of movement and always the right gestures

[Following Gianluigi Buffon’s return to Juventus and Alphonse Areola’s move in the opposite direction to Madrid, Navas has settled quickly into life as PSG’s number one] I’ve been here for several weeks now. My adaptation is going very well - at the club, with my teammates but also in this championship. I am happy. The results follow and we progress on a daily basis. I came with humility, but with the desire to bring something. I want to bring my leadership to the field and help everyone move forward

2019 12 04 Retrieve

[PSG’s Keylor Navas Says He Does Not Know Why He Had to Leave Real Madrid] There are things that happened, and I don’t know why they happened, but they did. I always try to keep the good memories. I have good memories with Zinedine Zidane, he defended me a lot of times, and I thank him for the confidence he had in me

[He also said it was strange returning to the Bernabeu for last month’s 2-2 Champions League draw between Real and PSG, when Navas started for the French champions] The day before, during the walk of the pitch, I was about to turn left [to the Real Madrid players’ area] but I had to think: ‘Oh, no, it’s the other side.’ I appreciated that people would sing for me. I’ll always be grateful to those fans. I made mistakes but they always supported me. I’ll always remember celebrating the titles because when we went out one by one, the love they showed me was incredible

2020 01 26 Retrieve

[Keylor Navas says Neymar is determined to give everything for Paris Saint-Germain] These are players with an incredible level and, for me, it is a privilege to be able to play with them. We feel calmer and we believe in them. We know that they will do good work. Neymar is a player at a whole different level, in a different world. We are very happy to have him in our team because he helps us a lot, he makes us stronger. And we know that he is determined to give everything

We have a very good squad, all the conditions are there, we are ambitious and we want to win titles. This team is of a very high calibre, with players who achieve incredible things individually but the most important thing is that the squad is united 100 per cent. I am very happy, everyone here welcomed me really nicely, my family feels good and I have great team-mates. I am really enjoying myself. However, that is never sufficient. I always want to win, again and again. I did not come to PSG to have a good time, but to work with humility, desire and above all to win titles because that’s what we love

2020 02 12 Retrieve

[The Costa Rican appeared on the cover of ‘Onze Mondial’ magazine, where he spoke about his beginnings in football, recalling an anecdote from his early years in the sport] It’s a story that goes back many years. I think I was signed in exchange for some footballs. Beyond the signing itself, I think that the leaders of the club were asking for help because of a lack of resources because we played in a small football school

In Europe, there are a lot of very strong teams, but winning the Champions League is not easy. […] You have to win every game and that’s the demand we have here. We have a team with a lot of quality. We are an excellent group. The unity we have within the group is formidable and everyone has clear ideas when it comes to tackling competitions

2020 06 03 Retrieve

[The Costa Rican believes this could be the Parisian’s opportunity to claim Europe’s premier club football tournament] I know [the Champions League is] difficult, but it’s not impossible. So we’re ready to fight in this competition. I know my teammates are super motivated. They work a lot at home because they all know each other the importance of this competition, for the team, the club, the supporters. We know our responsibility

[Navas admitted the break from football will likely see the team be rusty when it returns, but he himself had been working harder than ever to return stronger and avoid injury] We are going to take a little time to pick up the pace because we are all physically good. We, the goalkeepers, have a specific job. But if the physical condition is good, it will help me become a cat on my goal line as soon as possible. I run a lot. More than in my whole life. It’s important to maintain our physical condition. So I run every day. Some days a little more than others. Trying to manage it well so that there are no injuries

2020 06 04 Retrieve

[Navas, who now plays for PSG after moving to France in 2019, has backed his current club for Champions League success this season] I know [the Champions League is] difficult, but it’s not impossible. So we’re ready to fight in this. I know my team-mates are super motivated. They work a lot at home because they all know the importance of this competition, for the team, the club, the supporters. We know our responsibility. We are going to take a little time to pick up the pace because we are all physically good