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Kieran McKenna
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Football Coach
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Coach Manchester United [Coach]

2019 12 19 Retrieve

[Manchester United coach Kieran McKenna admits that more business is going to be required in the transfer market if the Red Devils are to get back to where they believe they belong] Yeah, there have been some highs and some of the performances have been really top end. There have been some games and some nights which will go in the history of the top performances and occasions for the club. There have also been games where we have been disappointed as a team, where we have not quite hit the level. But, I think all in all people in the club can see the direction the club want to go in, the squad want to go in.

We have to push now to be more consistent to hit the level we are capable of on a more regular basis. We know we are going to have to grow the squad and develop it. We are going to have to bring in players who can help it over the next few years, but the direction and feeling of everyone at the club is that we are all fighting and pushing in the right direction. We want to get Manchester United to where it belongs

2019 12 20 Retrieve

[When quizzed on why United have been able to hold their own in heavyweight contests and struggled in others] Yeah, there is a lot of different bits to add on. No simple answer why we do better against better sides. We’ve had some big injuries in the middle course of first-half of season which have had a big impact, but as club we have got on with it best we can. Nobody has moaned, we have just got on with it. Things like that have made an impact but certainly as staff we are always looking to develop the team and look at why we play better against some of the teams who want to come and play us toe-to-toe and who to come and have an open and expansive game against us. We are looking to develop the team in other games when the conditions are different that is something we, and the players, are aware of. There are different reasons and we are looking to develop the group over the next period

[Pressed further on whether United favour a counter-attack approach] I think there are so many different facets to it. Within the club and certainly within the staff we analyse deeply. We look at the performances and where we can get better, and don’t listen too much to the outside noises. I think in a lot of the big games; Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal, Leicester I think we have tested teams really high, got after them and managed to be really positive when on the front foot with good energy. In a lot of them games we have gotten the lead and obviously in that situation you end up defending your lead a little bit deeper and looking on the counter-attack. But it is so multi faceted and I think it is important as staff, and as players, we analyse where we are strong and where we need to improve

2020 02 15 Retrieve

[Kieran McKenna says Trophy win would be massive for Man Utd] It would be massive. Everyone is very determined to make that happen. We can say it is a young group and one that has to grow, but it is Man United and everyone wants to be part of trophy-winning teams. That would be a big step. It’s a group that is growing in experience. Last season, we had two quarter-finals where they came up short against Barcelona in the Champions League and obviously in the FA Cup. The first cup competition this season, we have just lost to Manchester City over the course of two legs, 3-2, so they are gaining some experiences

We have a couple of players in the group who have won trophies, but for a lot of the group they haven’t been to semi-finals, or finals, or competing for league titles, so they are only going to benefit from putting themselves to play in big games, in big semi-finals, in big finals, and when you get to those stages you want to win them. For the growth of the team, it is about the process of getting to those big matches, understanding what it takes to win them and the more they go through those experiences, the more likely they are to win trophies

2020 06 26 Retrieve

[Red Devils coach Kieran McKenna considers Jose Mourinho to be an absolutely top manager] He’s an absolutely top manager in a lot of different ways. A very intelligent man. A fantastic communicator across different languages and it would be impossible to not pick things up from someone like him. I think probably one of the biggest insights that I gained was just seeing the levels of organisation around both his training process and his match preparation.

The process behind his design of training practices, the small details within the session and the transition between the practices and the flow of work and the delegation and clarity of duties from different staff within and around the session were all organised to a really high level and a higher level than I had experienced before. Around the match preparation, just seeing how he went from that process of study in the opposition and identifying things from within them to then turning it into training practices, and then the analysis side of it and how that was broken down and filtered into the players and what they would need to know