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Kim Little
Gender Female
Ethnic Scottish
Job Scottish Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Scotland Women National Team
Club as Player Arsenal Women FC
  Melbourne City

2016 02 06 Retrieve

[Melbourne City’s Kim Little on doing ‘rock, paper, scissors’ with team-mate Jess Fishlock to decide who would take a free-kick in last weekend’s Australian W-League grand final] We’ve done that once before in Seattle. Normally I take them. Because I’m on set-pieces, she has to win to get me off it

2016 03 05 Retrieve

[Kim Little tells her opinion on what makes a top level footballer] You obviously need confidence in yourself to bring out your best attributes on the pitch, but I don’t think there’s a need to be arrogant or self-centred to be a great player

2019 06 11 Retrieve

[Kim Little believes there are plenty of positives for Scotland to take into the rest of their first Women’s World Cup, after their opening fixture ended in a 2-1 defeat to England] Obviously I’m disappointed we didn’t get any points from the game, but I think from our first to second-half performance you can see the improvement in what we’re capable of. We have natural ability in our team and I think it was eventually going to come through at some point. We flattened in midfield to create less space for England and make it easy to pick up the ball, especially for myself and Caroline Weir. We had a bit more belief too, but we know we have that ability. We play against and with a lot of the [England] players so we know what we’re capable of and the level of quality we have in comparison to them. But they have a little bit more experience than us maybe. We can’t do anything about it now, that’s three points gone but there’s six more we can get. So we’ll look forward and hope to do that.

[Asked whether the close nature of the result and goal scored would give her side positives going into those games] Yes, I think so. It’s nice to get a goal and I think we deserved that. We created some good chances in the second half. [Emslie] scored a great goal and got in some good positions. Just the quality in the final positions, getting good balls into the box, is maybe what would have made the difference. I think when they scored the first goal we then naturally dropped off because of the pressure of going 1-0 down, so we need to learn from that and maybe be more on the front foot if that is to happen again

[A leg break in October added yet another down to a rollercoaster journey to this summer’s competition, but made Little even more grateful to be on the pitch on Sunday] It’s great to be here with my team-mates and represent my country at a World Cup. Just appreciation and gratitude for being here and being able to play football on the biggest stage and taking in the occasion, to enjoy it

2019 09 06 Retrieve

[skipper Kim Little says Arsenal women ready for challenge of winning back-to-back WSL titles] That’s ultimately our goal. It’s harder to retain the title after you’ve won it because everyone wants to beat you. But that gives me more motivation to want to be the best and to win the league. It was obviously a great year last year but we hope this year is even better

Joe Montemurro and his staff have created a great squad here. We’ve got a great group of girls who want the best for each other. We want to be better every day and to win. It’s a good feeling. You obviously have your ups and downs as a team. You can level off a bit, but we are at this level for a reason and that’s because we want to be better, to improve and for our team-mates to be better. At this level of sport you have to demand a lot from each other to be able to get the output that you want

[Jennifer Beattie meanwhile has returned for her second spell at the club, joining from Manchester City] Regardless of how successful you have been, you always have to build, to freshen things up and to add and change things so you can go again. I think the signings have all been great. They are additions to different parts of the team, goalkeeper, defence, midfield and strikers. They’ve all been great in pre-season and it’s refreshing to have new players in to make the environment more competitive

We’re all very excited to be back in the mix in the Champions League. It adds a little bit of something else to the season. It’s nice to play under the lights in midweek games. So we can’t wait for that. We just hope we can stay in the competition long enough so we can enjoy it. Lyon have been pretty dominant but English teams have got to the semi-finals the last few years. Hopefully we can push and perform at that level as well

The women’s game has been on an upward journey over the past 10 years or so. I played just after the 2015 World Cup when the USA won. I was playing in America then and you could see the impact the World Cup had on the season then and the size of the game. So it’s great to be here in England off the back of the World Cup and to see the interest and the popularity of it all. It’s exciting to be here and to play at this time

There are lots of things that are adding to the game. The additions of playing games at bigger stadiums, the interest from the media, the sponsors who are investing and the fact that the games are being shown online so everyone can watch, can only help increase the growth of the game. It’s such a great time to be involved and to see it grow

2019 10 27 Retrieve

[Arsenal captain Kim Little believes Sunday’s clash with fellow title-chasers Manchester City holds more significance after the Gunners’ disappointing defeat to Chelsea] We’ve had a couple of games since then - quite quickly after, actually - with our Champions League game, which I think was good for us. I think it gave us a different focus straight away and we could get over it really quickly with a win. We’re obviously disappointed with our performance against [Chelsea]. Our possession and our movement wasn’t good enough, so we didn’t create good opportunities further up the pitch. But also, I think our press wasn’t right. We made it too easy at times for them to get down the sides and in behind our back line.

We just weren’t quite right in attack and in defence and because you’re playing a team like Chelsea, full of great players, it highlights it even more. It wasn’t good enough, but we’ve got another big league game now against City and I think with our loss to [Chelsea] it makes it almost more important for us

I think it’s always nice to get a full week of preparation leading into the game, especially games against great teams. We’re playing against one of the best teams in the league. We’re very respectful of what they can do and their attributes. It has been nice to just have a normal week, with our specific days we’re in and off, but then, on the flip side of that, we all just want to be playing games. I think it’s nice to have the balance and have the best of both right now. I think we’re in a good place

I watched the [Reign vs North Carolina Courage] semi-final because I obviously have friends who still play in Seattle. There’s been a lot of changes, the coach has changed, but there’s still maybe four of five players who have been there since the start of the Reign, so I keep in touch with most of them. They were obviously disappointed with how the game went, but I think North Carolina deserved to win in the end

[Kerr, who picked up her third successive NWSL Golden Boot this season, has been heavily linked with a move to Chelsea - a move Little would welcome] She played for Sky Blue when we played and she was always a threat, always in behind our defence. We were always very aware of her. I think it’s great that players from the American league, which is a great league, are linked to Europe. You want the best players playing in your league

2019 11 27 Retrieve

[Kim Little on Visa’s involvement in Women’s Football] There’s a lot of surface stuff of people getting involved in women’s football because it’s growing, but it’s the action of what’s going on behind the scenes that nobody sees. It’s how they help us and that’s important. Especially when things can be quite commercial, it’s really important to keep that in mind. There is a deeper purpose

2020 01 04 Retrieve

[Arsenal skipper Kim Little said after the Gunners’ 1-0 win over Manchester United] They were pretty solid throughout the game, but they dropped deeper and deeper and it was inevitable that we would put the ball in the back of the net

2020 01 18 Retrieve

[Arsenal captain Kim Little says WSL as a league] I think it’s great that players from the American league, which is a great league, are linked to Europe because you want the best players playing in your league