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Name Klaus Allofs
Gender Male
Ethnic German
Job German Football Coach
  Werder Bremen general manager


Club as Coach Werder Bremen [director of sport]

2009 05 08 Retrieve

[Klaus Allofs says Werder Bremen Are Dealing With Juventus] There are negotiations taking place with Juventus and we don’t deny that. We have always said that whatever the offer for Diego, we would reflect upon whether to accept it. This is what is happening at the moment

2010 08 16 Retrieve

[Real Madrid have completed the signing of Germany World Cup star Mesut Ozil from Werder Bremen] We respect that Mesut wants to go and take the next step in his career

2010 08 17 Retrieve

[Furious Werder Bremen double their asking price to £25m for Mesut Ozil after Real Madrid go behind their back] I am not aware of a new bid, that is not something I am able to confirm. I am, however, guessing that there might be news on that. I am prepared to receive a new bid. The facts are pretty clear. If a club is looking to sign Mesut to play UEFA Champions League, then that club needs to make a decision before Wednesday. If Mesut Ozil is a player of Werder Bremen on Wednesday, we are going to play him against Sampdoria. It would be up to Real Madrid to show up with the right answer to this all

2015 05 18 Retrieve

[Wolfsburg CEO Klaus Allofs says De Bruyne is ‘unsellable’] At the moment, I’d call him unsellable. I am 100 per cent convinced he will play for us next year. However, in football things can develop so rapidly, that you can’t say this now

2015 08 28 Retrieve

[Allofs frustrated by Premier League’s financial muscle] One thing is for sure, the last team in the Premier League get more money than [Bundesliga champions] Bayern Munich. This is the situation. But this is the big task for our football league - to get more money from television. We have to compete with that and hopefully we can

I think we can say it is a good draw. There were groups that were much more difficult. We did well last season, we finished second in the Bundesliga and we won the cup, so we are very optimistic to go through to the next round. All the teams in our group have international quality. But it isn’t impossible to qualify for the next round

[On individual teams, Allofs is wary of Manchester United and respects the other two sides too] I think Manchester United is our main rival, but Eindhoven as well. Moscow knocked out Sporting, so that’s not so easy. We have to improve ourselves in comparison to our Europa League season last year. But I think it is manageable. We are looking forward to the Champions League