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Name Kobe Bryant
Gender Male
Ethnic African American
Job American Basket Player


Club as Player Los Angles Lakers

2015 01 10 Retrieve

[Kobe Bryant, the basketball mega-star, to Steve Gerrard] Welcome to Los Angeles. Welcome to La La Land. Hopefully that means bringing another championship to the Galaxy – I’m sure it will. I’m looking forward to getting out there and watching you do your thing. I’ve been a fan of yours for a very, very long time. So welcome to LA, enjoy, and kick some arse in the process. I’ll be down here rooting you on, my man. Peace

2016 03 19 Retrieve

[Kobe Bryant compares the current Barcelona side to his previous Lakers teams in a conversation with Thierry Henry] I think they can win it all again [La Liga, Champions League and Copa del Rey], they have a different style to other clubs. You could compare them with us [the Lakers] when we won with our offensive triangle, a style of play which brought us success under Phil Jackson as coach - or with the Spurs with the fast movement of the ball and exploiting the space. Everyone is synchronised and, when they are in position, your team-mate knows exactly what to do. When you have this flexibility and see the ability of the players, it is very difficult to stop them

2017 10 28 Retrieve

[Kobe Bryant talks about Tottenham Hotspur forward Harry Kane’s potential, after watching Spurs beat Liverpool 4-1] He can be like Ronaldo or Messi if he believes in himself and continues working hard, then he can live up to that level. Kane is good, very good. I think he can still improve too because he is young and there are a lot of possibilities ahead for him

2019 11 07 Retrieve

[Kobe Bryant congratulates Carlos Vela as MLS MVP] Just a phenomenal year, a testament to your hard work, passion and love for the game