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Lee Hendrie
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Aston Villa

2019 12 17 Retrieve

[former Aston Villa midfielder Lee Hendrie was left impressed by Reds teenager Harvey Elliott on Tuesday] He drifted into the No.10 position and he’s got the ability. He came in from the right-hand side. You notice the youngsters who stand out. He was at the attention of everything going forward

2020 01 07 Retrieve

[Lee Hendrie says Aston Villa should get Giroud & Sturridge] It’s absolutely crucial (they get their business right). They spent over £100m in the summer transfer window. Lots of clubs do panic buy (in January), they try to bring players in that are going to be suitable and fit the bill for the Premier League and the club. Aston Villa have been linked with so many players so it’s so crucial they bring in the right personnel. John McGinn’s injured, there’s talk of Drinkwater coming from Chelsea who would be ideal for that midfield area.

There’s also talk of Giroud and Sturridge, personally I’d go out and get the two of them if possible. I suppose that’s just down to what funds are available and obviously we can’t state the goalkeeper enough. Tom Heaton (being out) is a massive blow at such a crucial stage of the season. You want players who are going to be available and unfortunately, at the moment Villa have been hampered with injuries to key players so they’ve got to be shrewd in this January transfer window.

I would like to see two centre forwards coming in and make a big impact. Two centre forwards would be ideal because that is the area that they’ve struggled and they’ve had to rely on the likes of Jack Grealish, who is the top scorer at the club

2020 05 20 Retrieve

[Lee Hendrie revealed how his temper often got the better of him during his playing days. Hendrie recalls a Premier League match between Aston Villa and Leicester City when he purposely set out to clatter Savage] I always remember the Sav tackle on the advertising boards when I came on as a sub and I just thought ‘he’s getting it when I come on’. I came on and he had a bad touch out wide and I thought this is prime, I’m just going to smash him.

It was against Leicester and I just absolutely nailed him. He was lying there rolling round, his hair was all covered in sand where the side of the pitch was. I remember Gerry Taggart and Frank Sinclair grabbing me and me almost having a fight with two of the biggest, hardest people of the pitch and then I’d got the boys. Big Ugo Ehiogu’s come in and I thought ‘I’m safe, Ugo’s here’.

When I’m doing the punditry now I bump into big players from back in the day and they say I used to hate playing against you, you were fit, you used to run around, you used to wind everyone up. Everyone wanted to boot you, you used to get up and give a little bit back and get everyone to join in. I say I know, I couldn,t help it, that was my thing. I felt that I was just protected all the time.

I couldn’t have a fight with a worm, me. I’ve got nothing to me, it would crawl all over me. But I think it was just the fact that I was in surroundings where I felt no one would could touch me. That wasn’t just with the players, it was the fans, it was the whole feel of it. It just felt like I could do it. I did used to get involved and wind people up and if someone did do my head in during a game I’d make sure I’d try and get one over on them.

I was a wind-up merchant. I still am now. It’s just something in my make-up. It’s that mentality I’ve always had. I cant control it and I’ve never been able to. That’s why sometimes I’ve been a fool to myself because I wear my heart on my sleeve. It overtakes what I’m doing, sometimes I’ve got to take that second breath and say I don’t have to do that I can just walk away. Once someone gets my back up I’m gone, I see red. It’s like that switch comes on and I just can’t control it, it’s terrible. We’ve got no fighters or boxers in our family, I think it must be the half Scottish blood I’ve got floating around. It comes on every now and then