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Lee Sharpe
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc After struggling with injuries, Leeds boss David O’Leary loaned Sharpe out to Sampdoria. The former Man United midfielder was joining David Platt as the club’s boss and looking to revive his career. But an issue with Platt’s coaching badges meant he was replaced by Luciano Spalletti, and Sharpe’s opportunities nose-dived


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Leeds United
  FC Sampdoria [Loan]
  Manchester United

2019 01 10 Retrieve

[After struggling with injuries, Leeds boss David O’Leary loaned Sharpe out to Sampdoria] I’d had a while out with a cruciate knee injury. I wasn’t properly match-fit. So they put me on a training programme and in matches I was getting half an hour here and an hour there. But after four or five weeks Platty ran into difficulty because he didn’t have his coaching badges and it all fell away really

2019 07 20 Retrieve

[Lee Sharpe says Manchester United have to be patient with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer] I’m not sure they’ve had a settled manager. I don’t think Mourinho was the right choice. I don’t think David Moyes was probably the right choice. Van Gaal on paper was probably a very good choice, but didn’t quite work out, which happens now and again. It’s been a time of turmoil and there has been nothing really settled there. Hopefully Ole can get off to a good start this season, they’ll give him a bit of time and a couple of transfer windows and he can build the team that he’s looking to get

2019 10 04 Retrieve

[Lee Sharpe says Manchester United would be off the pace even if they had a peak Cristiano Ronaldo on their books] I think [United] would still be off the pace, but they wouldn’t be that far off with someone scoring 25-30 goals a season. We saw that with Liverpool with [Luis] Suarez a few seasons ago, how much it changes things. If you’ve got a player that can run from the halfway line and score when you’re under the cosh. And someone that can score tap-ins, headers, volleys and from outside of the box, an array of goals that can come from one player, then you’re always in with a chance. The amount of chances you’ll create at a club like United, chances are that you’re going to score more than you’ll concede. If you’ve got a Ronaldo or a [Lionel] Messi, even a Harry Kane, then you’re never going to be too far off the pace

[Quizzed on whether those qualities can be found in the United ranks and what could be done to address the faults] I think [Paul] Pogba can on his day and we’ve seen that a bit, but that’s probably because the team that he’s playing in isn’t as strong as the teams that [Wayne] Rooney and Ronaldo played in, so it hasn’t allowed it to happen. I do think that they need one or two more of them. It’s a shame they couldn’t bring Ronaldo back, instead of him going to Juventus, could they bring Gareth Bale over? How many players round the world actually do that week in week out? There are a very limited number of them, and when you’re not in the Champions League, how do you pull them in to the club?

2019 10 04b Retrieve

[Lee Sharpe says Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was never the right choice for Manchester United manager] I didn’t think he was the right man when he got appointed full-time, but I think that if the fans and the board are prepared to give him the time and transfer windows that he needs to see his plan through to fruition, and to buy the players that he wants in January and the summer, then we can assess eight or nine months down the line from now where we are at. He obviously knows the club; how the club wants to play, how successful it has been and where they need to get. We can see that he has a plan and it’s just going to take a little bit of time to get into place, but they need to back him and give him the time that he needs, because changing the manager in a few months will only set us back to square one again. I would have gone for Pochettino and signed out his buyout clause. I don’t think he was happy at Tottenham

[Ex-Arsenal boss Wenger is, however, considered to be an unrealistic option in the eyes of Sharpe] I think he’s too Arsenal. I think he is a great manager, very wise and knowledgeable about the game, and I think he probably would have been good for United, but he’s just too Arsenal. He was there for too long and too much of the Arsenal furniture

[He has not been convinced by some of the transfer business overseen of late] I think there have got to be regrets, as they are short in the centre-forward department anyway. Lukaku is a proven goalscorer and the only issue with Lukaku is the way the team play and set up. You need to play to his strengths, and his strengths were not like a Mark Hughes who played with his back to goal and holds the ball up. Lukaku is better playing on the shoulder of the defender, looking for the ball in behind and over the top, looking for crosses coming into the box and at the moment, United seem to be wanting to play that way to Lukaku’s strengths, but they haven’t kept him and wanted him to be a part of that. Ole had different ideas and evidently wants to go down a different route with the players that he has got, but without being able to buy someone in the summer, I think it was a huge mistake

2019 10 07 Retrieve

[Lee Sharpe says Manchester United need to be looking at spending around £300 million on new players] I think you are looking at least £300 million. You need someone like a Harry Kane for £200m/£220m that is going to score you 25 goals a season and you’ve got a different outlook in the team. So it is not going to be a cheap one. It’s difficult to keep up with the likes of Man City and Liverpool when they’ve set such high standards. You’ve got to stop comparing this team to Liverpool and City and great United teams of the past and give them the chance to grow and educate themselves and become potentially what they could be in a year or 18 months’ time

[He was never convinced that Solskjaer is the right man for a high-profile coaching post] The last three managers, and the last three ways of doing things, have all not worked, so I don’t think it is just the managers. You’ve got to look at who is appointing the managers and who’s running the club from the top. This is another way of doing it, with Ole and playing youngsters and getting lads through the academy and getting rid of players like Romelu Lukaku and Alexis Sanchez and Ander Herrera. It is another avenue and they’ve got to trust what they are doing. Otherwise it’s another change at Christmas and it all starts from the beginning again

2019 12 24 Retrieve

[Lee Sharpe has compared Mason Greenwood to current Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, highlighting his composure in front of goal and ability to strike the ball cleanly] He’s been phenomenal. Every top team in the world are craving a goal scorer. He just looks a natural at it. He’s very Solskjær-esque if you like. He’s very cool, he’s very calm. He doesn’t snatch at the ball when he’s in and around the box. When he gets half a yard he strikes through it and strikes it clean. He hits the target the majority of the time

[When asked if he would like to see Greenwood granted a more prominent role at this early stage of his career] He’s got unbelievable potential. At the moment I think it’s difficult to put him in with Rashford, who’s playing so well, and Martial playing so well. I suppose you could play him on the right and chop and change him and [Daniel] James at times. But I also understand that Ole doesn’t want to throw him into the deep end too often and wants to bleed him in rather than throw him in. It’s a tough one for Ole to leave him out but I can see why he’s doing that and trying to take his time with him. He’s got unbelievable ability

2020 01 16 Retrieve

[Lee Sharpe says Pogba can be a Man Utd legend, they should build a team around him] I’d like the club to keep him, I think he could be an absolute United legend. I think he’s one of the best players they’ve got at the club.

He’s world class on his day. I know at times he doesn’t do that for 90 minutes and often enough but I think if they were to build a team around him and bring a few players in that can play around him and get on his wavelength I think he could be a sensation for United.

The only thing is if Paul Pogba has decided that he wants to leave then there’s not a lot you can do about that if you’ve got an unhappy player. I don’t think he’s as distracting and a bad influence in the dressing room as people make out. I think the players quite like him to be fair, I don’t think that’s the issue.

I think it’s whether Paul Pogba wants to stay at Manchester United. In the current situation when they’re re-building and they’re not really challenging for leagues it’s a question he needs to ask himself and whether he wants to go elsewhere and look for that. But he could be a massive part of the re-build. They could build a team around him and he could be a United legend for years to come

2020 01 30 Retrieve

[Lee Sharpe has opened up on his disappointment after seeing Erling Haaland sign for Borussia Dortmund instead of the Red Devils] ‘m surprised United have not been more active in this transfer window. They definitely need two or three new players in the summer. Solskjaer is short upfront, he needs one or two new strikers. The big one for me was Haaland. He could have come to United, and when you think that he’s Norwegian and you’ve got a Norwegian manager who is a legend of Norway, and if you’re not going to come and play for one of the biggest clubs in the world and for one of the biggest legends of your country, because you’re picking Dortmund instead … I think there’s something a little bit wrong in that one. He looks frightening, he would be the sort of player United would embrace

2020 02 05 Retrieve

[Lee Sharpe says Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes could link up to great effect in the middle of the park for Manchester United] I think they [Fernandes-Pogba] would have a good partnership. You would have to play them with someone who could do the defensive work. Fernandes is a natural forward-thinking midfielder. Going forward, I think they can cause all sorts of problems between them. It could be just what United need. It’s been really disappointing with no Pogba this season, I think they’ve really missed him. He’s got charisma on the pitch and the creativity he brings to the game - there’s a level of arrogance and ability that brings everyone up to Paul Pogba’s level

[Sharpe went on to question United’s acquisition of Ighalo and failure to bring in prolific Norwegian frontman Erling Haaland] They’re still on the borderline of attracting top players, but it goes to show just how unorganised the club is at the moment. At the start of the season, they let [Romelu] Lukaku and [Alexis] Sanchez go who are not bad players at all. They don’t replace them then in the January transfer window and miss out on Haaland and then bring in Ighalo. This is what upsets fans. You’re letting players go at a certain level and then bringing players in that are not at that level

2020 02 13 Retrieve

[Lee Sharpe says Rumours linking Mauricio Pochettino with the top job at Manchester United are not helping Ole Gunnar Solskjaer] At a club like United, the pressure is on every week. You have to win every game and when you don’t, the pressure mounts. He will have had a goal set at the start of the season which I believe would have been top four. If they don’t get that questions will be asked and chats will be had behind the scenes. The Pochettino situation doesn’t help matters but I also think Ole knows the pressure that comes with being in charge of the club. He doesn’t need any outside influences putting extra pressure on him, he’ll already be feeling it

[United have been tipped to bring in Borussia Dortmund teenager Jadon Sancho] Without a doubt. He’s one of the hottest properties in football right now. His stats are incredible and it’s not like he’s just been doing it for a couple of months, he’s been doing it for a few seasons now. He’s proved he can be consistent at the highest level. This is the kind of player that United supporters want their club to be linked with

2020 02 13b Retrieve

[Lee Sharpe says Manchester United should do everything within their power to bring Jadon Sancho to Old Trafford next season] I think he is one of the hottest properties in football at the moment. It’s not like he’s just been doing it for a couple of months. He’s been doing it for a few seasons now, so he’s proved he’s got the consistency and proved he can do it week after week at a high level.
<br?This is the sort of player that United as a team and as a group of fans that you want your club to be linked with. I think he’s a fantastic player and would fit in great at United. It’s very difficult for young players to play at that consistent level. He’s done it for a few seasons now, he’s created chances, he’s making defenders look foolish, he’s scoring his fair share of goals and he’s showing he’s the complete player. His work ethic is fantastic and he’s the sort of player you want at your club and I’m sure United won’t be the only club chasing him. Fingers crossed they get him and he can light up Old Trafford next season

2020 02 18 Retrieve

[Lee Sharpe says Paul Pogba isn’t poisonous & remains Man Utd’s best player] It’s a little bit messy. It’s something that Ole could do without. I think Paul Pogba could do without it as well. He just needs to get himself fit, stay under the radar a bit and let his football do the talking. He’s the best player that United have got on his day, when he turns up and he plays. I really hope that the club keep him

The agent seems to be stirring up a can of worms just to get him away and get an extra buck for the transfer but, as far as I see, they should be building the team around him. Him and Fernandes in midfield would be a great partnership. As far I know, he loves it at United and he loves the club. It just depends on what happens this summer. They need him at the club. I don’t think he’s the troublemaker and the poisonous person in the dressing room that everyone makes him out to be. I think the players quite like him and get on with him. You don’t need the agent coming out and stirring up trouble like he has been doing

2020 03 07 Retrieve

[Lee Sharpe says Man Utd will have no room for Pogba if Grealish comes in] It has been reported that United are in the box seat to sign Jack Grealish. Can Grealish take United to a different level? Jack Grealish is a class act. I love watching him play, I think he is fantastic on the ball, his vision and awareness are absolutely second to none. And I am guessing he would be there to replace Pogba. If Grealish comes and they are playing Fernandes, there is no room in the team really for someone like Pogba, I think that is probably a little bit too many creative players. I think Grealish would do great at United; I think at the moment, he can be very much singled out as the main attacking threat for Villa, and you can get a player or two on him all the time. At United, with a couple more better players around him, I think he will get a little bit more freedom, a little bit more space to create and do his stuff. So, I think he will be a great addition to the squad

2020 05 23 Retrieve

[Lee Sharpe says Jack Grealish has Manchester United written all over him] Totally. I think he’s got Man United written all over him. I think [Villa assistant] John Terry being at the club has changed his attitude a little bit towards how important he is in games, how valuable he is, how much he needs to not give the ball away cheaply and see himself as a top-six player, a top European player.

He has the ability, he goes past people with ease. He transitions defence to attack quite easily, creates and scores goals and I think he’s got everything. I think in a good team, where someone can’t single him out and there’s other players there to mark and he ends up getting more room - I think he’ll be sensational.