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Leon Goretzka
Gender Male
Ethnic German
Job German Footballer
Desc Widely considered as one of Germany’s brightest talents, Leon Goretzka caused heartache at Schalke when he left the club for Bayern Munich on a free transfer in 2018. A goalscoring creative midfielder, Goretzka’s first season at Bayern was quietly impressive as he struck nine goals in all competitions and helped the club to a Bundesliga and Pokal double


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Bayern Munich
  Schalke FC

2018 11 17 Retrieve

[Midfielder Leon Goretzka admits they have to move on swiftly from their drop into League B and end their year on a high note against Ronald Koeman’s resurgent side] Yes, it is of course bitter to descend. But we have to accept that now. We have to make sure we get a good result on Monday to end this year on a positive. This was not a very good year for us, we all know that

2019 06 18 Retrieve

[Leon Goretzka says he and his team-mates would be thrilled if Leroy Sane joined Bayern Munich from Manchester City] Leroy knows that Munich is a very beautiful city. No one has to make it very palatable to him. He knows that he can always ask me if he needs advice or wants to hear my opinion.

[Bayern have already locked in Lucas Hernandez from Atletico Madrid and well as Benjamin Pavard from Stuttgart, and Goretzka believe the club can keep pace with their English counterparts] I think that Bayern can definitely keep up in that regard. It’s still one of the best and biggest clubs in the world. Leroy knows that. He’s felt really good in England in the past few years. Now he has to decide for himself what the right move is

[However, despite the desire for Sane to decide on Bayern, Goretzka is insistent he is not attempting to force the winger into making the move] One thing is clear: we would all be ecstatic if he comes. But I’ll be damned if I put him under pressure or influence his opinion. I had a similar situation last year, had to make the decision for myself. And I was also of the opinion that one should do that best alone

2019 10 30 Retrieve

[Leon Goretzka thinks one of the recent problems at Bayern Munich has been that the players haven’t been enjoying their football] I think we need to get the fun back. I talked about this in the dressing room. It was a night game and we should just go out and have fun. But that was missing. For sure it was a weak performance. I can’t really remember any chances. It was a bad game from us.

2020 01 10 Retrieve

[Leon Goretzka says Bayern Munich are in confident mood heading towards a Champions League last-16 showdown with Chelsea] We want to go further than last year, when we immediately got the winner in the round of 16. I was very happy about the draw, Chelsea is an attractive opponent. We are confident that we can do it

[Pressed on whether Flick could be handed a permanent contract] Of course I can imagine that. I’ve known him for a very, very long time and I think he can do it

[Asked how those at the Allianz Arena intend to close that gap] By playing a good game against Leipzig. The season is still very long and there are still a lot of points to get. I don’t think Leipzig will win every game in the second half of the season. We have to collect our points and do our job. I think it’s realistic that we can still do it

[An agreement has been reached to acquire 23-year-old goalkeeper Alexander Nubel, a player Goretzka knows well from his time at Schalke] I think Alexander Nubel is a top goalkeeper, that was what he was like when he came to Schalke from Paderborn. It quickly became clear that he was also mentally strong. That is the basic requirement to make it at Bayern. It is certainly not easy to displace a top Bundesliga keeper like Ralf Fahrmann. He has proven at Schalke that he can handle pressure situations. That’s what you would expect from a modern goalkeeper. I met him as a very, very good goalkeeper, with a clear head and clear thoughts

[Goretzka added on Nubel] He strives for the maximum and in Germany there is nothing above FC Bayern. Accordingly, he intends to play for the best German club and the step is therefore logical in my mind

2020 01 25 Retrieve

[Goretzka praised coach Flick for his impact since replacing Niko Kovac at the helm of Bayern Munich in November] In a few weeks, Hansi Flick has created a climate in which everyone feels comfortable. He gives us a tactical plan in every game we’re working on. I think it is important to see development and to get better in every game

2020 02 24 Retrieve

[Bayern star Goretzka speaks up on the ‘shtstorm’ that comes with opposing right-wing politics]</b> Both the fans and us players have a great responsibility in this regard. [Former West Germany international] Fritz Walter once said that all national players are foreign ministers in shorts. I think the saying is very good. We players should use the great attention we get to raise awareness of such issues. I can use my reach to convey a certain attitude, optimally pass it on to young football fans and act as a role model. So I can do my part. I would call for other football professionals to do the same

The feedback I received most intensively came from my direct environment and that was consistently positive. But I generally have the feeling that society is happy when people from public life position themselves and are authentic.

In social media it is part of the fact that you can get a sh
tstorm for something like that. How to deal with it is a matter of classification. You can see very quickly whether someone is really thinking and objectively criticising, or whether it’s just personal insults. In addition to Fritz Walter who I have already mentioned, all players who are involved in the no-to-racism campaigns are role models. Also, the captain of the US national team Megan Rapinoe. She has positioned herself very clearly on political and sociopolitical issues. I have certainly said a lot of crap in front of the camera, but not on this topic

The incidents are felt more often and I also thought, [like Boateng], that we were already further [ahead on combating racism] in Germany. This has prompted me to show more of a stance again and to publicly express my opinion. However, there have also been positive examples recently. When Leroy Kwadwo was racially insulted by the Wurzburger Kickers while playing at Preussen Munster, fans helped the police to find the perpetrator. In addition, there were cheers for the affected player in the stadium. This is a prime example of how to solve such a situation. It is important that such beautiful and important moments get attention. This creates a sense of community in which everyone realises that they are not alone in the fight against right-wing

2020 03 08 Retrieve

[Goretzka ‘unhappy’ with Bayern substitute role] I’m currently in top shape, probably the best shape of my entire career. Of course I’m not happy if I don’t play from the start. I can say that openly and honestly. I’ll have to discuss it. [Any discussions] remain private, so I ask for your understanding. I have to accept the decision of the coach

You have to suffer in silence and make sure you stay in shape and continue to work on your game. If the chance comes you must take it. I think it’s my job to perform. Then I’ll have the right to play in the starting XI

I know what he means, and I also know that he is always sad when he doesn’t play. That is why when he comes in he should play well and score, then the coach will put him up again. [I prefer] if we discuss this just the two of us, or with the coach

2020 05 23 Retrieve

[on Martin Hinteregger] I think Hinteregger is one of the strongest players when it comes to set-pieces, but, of course, we have to talk about it. That is not possible. It does not work that way