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Name Leonardo Bonucci
Gender Male
Ethnic Italian
Job Italian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Italy National Team
Club as Player Juventus
  AC Milan

2017 04 22 Retrieve

[Leonardo Bonucci speaks of his delight in swapping shirts with Lionel Messi] Getting Messi’s shirt at the end of the game? I was pleased to have the jersey of the best player in the world. My son will be very happy

2017 07 22 Retrieve

[Leonardo Bonucci shares his thoughts on joining the Rossoneri] When you think of AC Milan, you naturally think of the team’s history, of all those champions who have worn the famous team colours. I think of Franco Baresi, Billy Costacurta, Paulo Maldini, Alexander Nesta, Tassotti. I admire them for what they have given to football and this club. They are legends. I arrive today to start writing a new page in the Rossoneri history and in my career. The challenge begins now, a new adventure starts today together with colleagues who, like me, are so hungry to win

2017 07 29 Retrieve

[Leonardo Bonucci reveals he played as a forward before solidifying his position as a defender] I started defending at 16, before playing as a defensive midfielder. I even played a few games as a striker, but then in my year with Viterbese in the Beretti [youth league], Carlo Perrone told me that if I wanted to become someone, I had to become a centre-back

2019 11 15 Retrieve

[Leonardo Bonucci was asked what he thought about Cristiano Ronaldo’s comments and subsequent performance] I like to look forward and not back. There will be time to talk, now I want to think about the national team. He will play with Portugal, meaning that he physically he’s better and mentally he’s great as ever. When we return to Turin, there will be a way to meet and talk. There are still many games where we’ll need the best Ronaldo. I’m convinced that his objective is to improve with respect to the past and help Juventus achieve all their objectives

[Leonardo Bonucci has his sights set on fellow defender Giacinto Facchetti’s mark of 94, a record he will tie today] Reaching 94 caps like Facchetti is important for me. I’m fired up as it is to reach Gianluca Zambrotta’s 98. The important thing, then, is to show, against Bosnia that Italy treat every game in the same way. Of course, we’ll need desire and sacrifice to show we want to stay on our path with Roberto Mancini, who gave the Italian people their enthusiasm back

A lot has changed from the Sweden game, the coach but also the FIGC president who’s given us a breath of fresh air. Mancini’s very good at making us feel like a strong team, which we hadn’t felt like since our failure to qualify for the World Cup. It’s also thanks to a new philosophy: the first form of defence here is attack. It had been seen just before Mancini arrived

[Leonardo Bonucci will today play against Bosnia-Herzegovina, who will have Scudetto rival, AS Roma striker Edin Dzeko] Dzeko’s a truly great, international-level player and not just for Bosnia. He’s done very well in so many different Leagues. He has physical strength, technique and ruthlessness in front of the goal: I really like him. However, we’ve studied the first game, where we suffered: now we know how to mark him better

2020 06 07 Retrieve

[Leonardo Bonucci has admitted to being in awe of Cristiano Ronaldo’s physique upon his return from lockdown] He is a super athlete, a great professional. He told me what he did to keep fit during the quarantine. He presented himself in perfect condition. He cannot amaze, he is a champion, from all points of view

[The 33-year-old admits that he rushed into his decision to leave Juve following their 2017 European Cup final defeat at the hands of Real Madrid, but insists that the whole experience helped shape his character] It was a difficult year for me. Both on a personal and working level. There had been disagreements and I, in the end, especially after the defeat in the Champions League, made an unpolished decision - but I have to say that that choice, that it certainly influenced my career, it improved me as a man. Those months at Milan allowed me to look inside and understand that my place was in Juventus, in this one that I feel like my family. I met beautiful people at Milan before among these Rino Gattuso. It was a difficult year, but not in vain. At the end of which I was very happy to go home

2020 06 13 Retrieve

[Leonardo Bonucci backed Juventus team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo following his unsuccessful penalty against Milan en route to the Coppa Italia final] Even the greatest miss. Cristiano is always important for us. He increases the pressure on opponents’ defenders. He was unfortunate today and [Milan goalkeeper Gianluigi] Donnarumma did well. We’ll see a great Juventus and a great Ronaldo again

[Prior to the Covid-19 crisis, Serie A leaders Juve were a point clear of Lazio after 26 matches] The important thing was to qualify so we could play in Rome for our first objective of the season. It was strange and difficult at the start, an empty stadium after 90 days. We got a bit stretched out and Milan did very well with 10 men against 11. It was a draw, but we must look at the glass half-full, as our objective was to reach the final on Wednesday. We’ve shaken off a dark moment for the whole world and hope being back will give a bit of hope and joy to the fans at home. We want to dedicate something more to them on Wednesday

I asked Ronaldo to take a more central role, he was pleased to try it out and he played the game he needed to at this moment. He probably isn’t accustomed to missing a penalty, so hitting the inside of the post it could go anywhere and he was unlucky. I don’t think playing him a few metres more one way or another is going to make a huge difference to such a strong player. Everyone had a strong opening 30 minutes and then faded away