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Lindsey Horan
Gender Male
Ethnic American
Job American Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org USA Women National Team
Club as Player PSG Women

2019 05 31 Retrieve

[World Cup can be a tipping point for the women’s game] The viewers, the knowledge about French soccer, especially the women is incredibly different now. The fact that it’s getting more and more popular is Europe is amazing, especially because it’s such a soccer culture in Europe.

2019 06 15 Retrieve

[Ellis is right to trust her team’s bench players, particularly her attackers, after two of her three subs found the back of the net against Thailand] I think what’s so special about this team is the depth. I think any player that comes off the bench is bringing something new and different and amazing to our team and I think you saw that the other night.

2019 07 05 Retrieve

[The league has only has one sponsor committed beyond the current season, Nike. It has recently lost multiple key front-office employees, saw two teams fold prior to the 2018 season. It had been playing the 2019 season without a national television deal] I was pretty annoyed that we didn’t have a deal at the beginning of the year. It almost felt like we were going backwards

We have nine teams now and I hope we have expansion in the next year or so. I think that will help so much

2019 07 06 Retrieve

[Ask the U.S. players about how they’ve managed to start so strong] It’s the mentality of the team, always coming out and wanting a goal early on

[Early goals have a dual effect on the game, giving a lift to the team that scores while also presenting early obstacles, both mental and scoreline-related, for the team that concedes] It does help settle us into the game and it has helped us in these last few games. Some opponents have done well, England got a goal right after us but I think it does disrupt them. I’m happy we’ve done that and hopefully we can do that in the final

2019 07 06b Retrieve

[Confident, not arrogant: USWNT not taking upstart Dutch lightly in World Cup final] They’re one of the top teams in the world and they’re playing in a World Cup final. I think it’s going to be a great game