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Name Louis van Gaal
Gender Male
Ethnic Dutch
Job Dutch Coach
Desc Louis van Gaal had the honour of managing four of the most famous clubs in history during his career – Ajax, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Manchester United – and he won trophies with all of them. The Dutchman has famously fallen out with plenty of people over the years, but his greatest strength was his faith in young talent. So many modern legends, including Clarence Seedorf, Patrick Kluivert, Xavi, Carles Puyol Andres Iniesta, made their senior debut under Van Gaal, while he proved so influential for others like Frank de Boer, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Thomas Muller.


Nation as Coach Dutch National Team
Club as Coach Manchester United
  Ajax FC


Dutch National Team Van Gaal’s lead Netherlands to a third-placed finish at the 2014 World Cup
Style Van Gaal use slow style of possession-orientated football

2014 08 16 Retrieve

[An underwhelmed Louis van Gaal after Manchester United’s 2-1 win over Valencia] We have won in spite of that we have played our worst game

2015 01 24 Retrieve

[Louis van Gaal’s unusual description of the physical effects of his tactical tinkering at Manchester United] We have won more with 4-4-2 in a [midfield] diamond, but when you analyse the game then we have twitched our asses on the bench. I have twitched my ass because we were out of balance. I told my players I was squeezing my ass, but [they said] it was the wrong expression. All the matches when we play 4-4-2, like against West Ham United (whom United beat 2-1), it was always twitching your ass, and I don’t like it

2015 02 14 Retrieve

[Louis van Gaal was keen to show his opposite number that the numbers from their game showed something different] I give you this [diagram], you can copy it and then maybe you can go to Big Sam and he will get a good interpretation

2015 02 26 Retrieve

[Tyler Blackett pens new United deal] I am delighted that Tyler has signed a new contract. He is another young player that has risen through the academy system to break into the first-team squad this season. Tyler has great potential and I believe he is at the right club to continue his development and progression to become a great defender

2015 05 30 Retrieve

[Louis van Gaal on English football] I can say a positive thing and I can say a negative thing. The accommodation for the players to dress themselves, to change into their club shirts, is in most stadiums not so good. And also a place for the manager – I spend a lot of time sat on the toilet! Not to [do a poo], but because there’s no other place! But the way football is lived here in the minds of the people is unbelievable. They live football, football is living, and living is football. That is not the case in Germany. In Spain’s it’s a little more, but here it’s unbelievable

2015 08 01 Retrieve

[Louis van Gaal on Victor Valdes] He is not selected because he does not follow our philosophy. Last season, he refused to play in the second team and there are other aspects you need as a keeper at United. When you are not willing to follow those principles, there is only one way and that is out

2015 08 23 Retrieve

[Louis van Gaal on Mephis Depay after the Dutchman’s double against Club Brugge] I want to kiss him tonight

2015 10 04 Retrieve

[Arsenal 3-0 Manchester United] It was a very bad start, without aggression and the will to win. That is the first time I have seen that from my team. I did not expect that. We have won our last four matches - I gave the players a day off because they were tired. On Saturday the training was normal, I was very amazed to see that. When you give a team like Arsenal so much space to play football, then you know that you shall lose. But all teams will have a dip

2015 10 17 Retrieve

[Louis van Gaal on keeping the chef happy at Old Trafford] It has been an awful two weeks because before the last international break we lost against Swansea. It’s not only the players, it’s the staff, and my cook, Mike, because he has a big influence on the atmosphere in the canteen

2015 11 07 Retrieve

[Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal on criticism from home fans for lack of goals] I can only advise the fans to criticise the manager and not the players. It’s very difficult to play for Manchester United with a lot of pressure and when it is also that you can taste that at Old Trafford because of all the yelling then it’s not good for all my players. It’s better to whistle at the manager. I can cope with it because I have had a lot of experience in it as my life as a manager

2015 11 14 Retrieve

[Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal expresses his view on the club’s fans telling his team to attack] When you are yelling ‘Attack! Attack! Attack!’ and you attack for 85 minutes, you have to think as a fan, is it all right to yell that? They want us to know we have to score. My mother knows that and my grandmother knows that. Goals are always the most important thing

2015 11 21 Retrieve

[Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal on the evolution of the modern football manager] Feedback is very important […] but I have to say that because when I don’t say that then I’m arrogant. I am also an innovator and I have changed a lot. I was the first coach who was with a notebook. Now everybody is with a notebook. I was the first coach who used video. I’m from a time where you [the manager] did everything. Now I’m the manager and I have a sports science department, I have a scouting department, I have a medical department, I have assistant managers, I have assistant coaches. I don’t do anything […] nothing! I delegate. I delegate and I earn a lot of money

2016 02 13 Retrieve

[on Jose Mourinho] (He was) an arrogant young man, who didn’t respect authority that much, but I did like that of him. He was not submissive – he used to contradict me when I was in the wrong. Finally, I wanted to hear what he had to say and ended up listening to him more than any of the assistants

2016 02 13b Retrieve

[Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal opens up about his softer side] I hope that all the people who work with me remember me as a human being. It is special here at Carrington, but I think it was the same for me in Munich and Barcelona. Whether it is like that, I don’t know, but I like people. When you give your fellow employees attention for what they are doing for us, it makes a difference. I am empathetic to the job and I want to be a human being where I work. Sometimes players are very fed up with my communication, but that’s what I do and they know how I think. But they know I am very transparent

2016 02 14 Retrieve

[on Jose Mourinho] Mourinho was very angry. He was very irritated and shouted. That was impressive for me, because he had emotions and he was right. I asked him to be the coach, the trainer, because he knew the team and he could help me. He said ‘yes’ and stayed three years with me. He analysed all the games for me and did it very well. He took the individual training sessions and I also let him coach the games of the Copa Catalunya. He won it

2016 02 27 Retrieve

[Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal responding to media asking if his side needs to match Midtjylland’s desire to win in the UEFA Europa League] You are right, your word is fantastic: Desire. Also, ‘hungry’ and a lot of times I use the word ‘horny’

2016 02 28 Retrieve

[When Van Gaal yelled at Mike Dean, the fourth official, and dived to the turf to mimic how he believed Alexis Sánchez was trying to claim a foul, the place went through the roof. It had the fans singing ‘Louis van Gaal’s army’ for the first time in a long time] Great but the fans are not always wise

2016 03 05 Retrieve

[Louis van Gaal offers an explanation after falling down in his technical area to making a point to the fourth official about diving during the Red Devils 3-2 win against Arsenal] I am not a clown. I am Louis van Gaal, I am a human being and a manager

2016 06 23 Retrieve

[Sir Bobby asked van Gaal to keep the young man, Jose Mourinho, on] His anger was fantastic to see Then I said: ‘You are my man’

2017 01 21 Retrieve

[Louis van Gaal talks about life after coaching] I thought maybe I would stop, then I thought it would be a sabbatical, but now I do not think I will return to coaching. So much has happened in my family, you become a human being again with your nose pressed to the facts

2019 04 20 Retrieve

[Louis Van Gaal tells that this year Ajax’s side have the quality to win the tournament] Creative football with a good balance between attack and defence – this is the trick. Ajax have such a lot of creative players. I said it after seeing the matches against Bayern Munich in the group stage: Ajax can go all the way, although the best teams are still in the race

2019 04 29 Retrieve

[When United toured Australasia in 2014, the club had made a 24,000-mile round trip and in 2012 they covered 22,000 miles when travelling to Durban, Cape Town, Shanghai, Oslo and Gothenburg] Maybe it is too big a club. Not only in a sporting sense but also commercially. We have to do a lot of things that normally I don’t allow. I have to adapt to this big club but I think also this big club has to adapt to Van Gaal. I hope we can have some balance to that

2020 05 18 Retrieve

[former Ajax and Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal expects Hakim Ziyech to thrive in England] e has developed tremendously at Ajax. Not so much in creativity, but as a team player. The public has come to realise that he works very hard for a creative player. And then he also scores goals and gives assists. That makes you a special player

2020 05 19 Retrieve

[Former Ajax and Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal believes Chelsea have signed an excellent player in Hakim Ziyech and he expects the Morocco international to thrive in the Premier League] He has developed tremendously at Ajax. Not so much in creativity, but as a team player. The public has come to realise that he works very hard for a creative player. And then he also scores goals and gives assists. That makes you a special player