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Name Luca Toni
Gender Male
Ethnic Italian
Job Italian Footballer
Desc He mightn’t have been a barman, mechanic or accountancy student on his way to the top, but it’s amazing that a man who’s played for 12 clubs in Italy alone can have become such a legend. He’d tasted a little Serie A action with Vicenza and Brescia, but having dropped to Serie B and Palermo in 2003 at the age of 26, his 30 goals for that season saw the Sicilian team promoted to Serie A, where another 20 goals helped them qualify for European competition.


Org Italy National Team
Club as Player Bayern Munich

2011 02 02 Retrieve

[Juventus’ Former Bayern Munich Striker Luca Toni Hits Out At Louis Van Gaal] I had never experienced someone like him before. I remember how he once tried to make it clear that he wasn’t afraid to withdraw the so-called big names. He just dropped his pants to show us that he had the balls to do so. Fortunately, I didn’t sit front row so I didn’t see anything.

He’s a crazy coach who doesn’t know how to treat his players. Guys like him and Felix Magath are coaches from another generation and can’t deal with the way players behave these days. Modern players want to communicate with their coach, but that’s not possible with Van Gaal. Everything goes the way he wants it to go.

He always wanted the players to remains seated until everyone had finished breakfast. However, Italians only drink coffee for breakfast so I finished early and made myself comfortable. The coach then showed up behind me and started screaming and pulled me up. He told me that he was in charge and that I should leave if I didn’t like it

2013 08 31 Retrieve

[Luca Toni following his double in Verona’s 2-1 win over AC Milan] The two goals were for my wife Martha and my daughter Bianca. I didn’t score a third because I didn’t have anybody to dedicate it to!

2015 12 06 Retrieve

[Luca Toni announces intention to retire] I think the time has come to stop. I hope to celebrate it by keeping Verona safe in Serie A

2016 05 04 Retrieve

[Toni to retire after Juventus clash] After thinking for a long time, I’ve decided that, after 22 years of football, the next game will be my last as a professional. I’ve realized that I have reached the end of the path. I’m a little emotional, it was a difficult and painful decision but I’ve come to the end of my playing career. I’ve been thinking about it for some weeks, they haven’t been easy weeks. At the Bentegodi against Juventus will be my last match. Any regrets? Not having won the Scudetto with Roma

2016 05 09 Retrieve

[It was Luca Toni who most memorably conveyed the extraordinary lengths to which Louis van Gaal is prepared to go in order to make a point] The coach wanted to make it clear to us that he can drop any player; that it was all the same to him because, as he said, he had the balls. He demonstrated this literally [by dropping his trousers]. I have never experienced anything like it; it was totally crazy

[Toni admitted himself that the final season of his 22-year career had been his worst. He had managed just five goals and Verona’s relegation to Serie B had already been confirmed] When everything goes well it’s difficult to think about retiring. But this has been the worst season of my career, also on a mental level. The only way of stopping was to have a great disappointment and this year the disappointment for me was enormous.

I’ll try to score on my last game. It would be the ultimate to end with a goal and victory in front of our fans. It was a risky Panenka penalty, but to do good things you need to take risks. Fortunately, it went well. Every goal in my career feels beautiful to me. Perhaps this evening’s is the best, as it closes my career with so many emotions wrapped up in it.

[When he moved to UAE in 2011 to join Al Nasr, it appeared that his top-flight career was over] I should’ve retired four or five years ago. but I just kept scoring

2017 02 12 Retrieve

[Luca Toni has labelled an attack on a car he and Verona president Maurizio Setti were travelling in en route to a Serie B game with Avellino as shameful] The President had a blue scarf on, so perhaps they mistook us for regular Verona fans and didn’t recognise us. We were surrounded by 15 people, not fans and nothing to do with the good people of Avellino. What’s really disappointing is that 20 metres away were some police officers and they did nothing. I had thought with them around I’d feel protected, but they just stood there. Thanks to the driver, a friend of mine, we could [get] away. Football should be a celebration. This is shameful

2019 09 23 Retrieve

[According to former striker Luca Toni, he relentless brilliance of Robert Lewandowski could see Bayern Munich enjoy a very successful season] he relentless brilliance of Robert Lewandowski could see Bayern Munich enjoy a very successful season. Let’s say this: it’s really hard to criticise Lewandowski. He is a great player. Sometimes, it happens that he does not score. Team success basically comes through strikers’ goals. Here we have a strong striker like Lewandowski and I am pretty sure he can lead Bayern to success

[There are five teams on 10 points, including Borussia Dortmund, leading Toni to hope for stronger competition this term as Bayern go in search of an eighth title in a row] The Bundesliga has to be a challenging league. In Italy, Juventus won the Scudetto last year with lots of games to go, and this often happens in Germany with Bayern. I hope for all the Bundesliga and the whole football movement for a very interesting league where three or more teams, maybe an underdog as well, are able to take results against the big teams

[Similarly, Toni is hoping for a stronger title fight in Serie A this season, with Antonio Conte’s Inter and Carlo Ancelotti’s Napoli tipped to challenge Juventus’ dominance of the top flight] Juventus are the strongest. They have basically two teams made of 22 champions. It will be hard [for other teams] but Inter improved the squad in the market and Napoli completed their squad. It would be great for Italian football if those teams could fight for the Scudetto. They are the best: Inter, Napoli and Juventus

2020 05 10 Retrieve

[Cassano and Toni join war of words with Chiellini and Melo. He noted Chiellini would have been keen to drum up interest in his upcoming book, but that he would love to see him take on Balotelli on the pitch regardless] Books are peculiar. When you write one, you also have to find things that make headlines. I think they both were right, but they were wrong to behave like they did. Of course, if it’s something he never said to his face then it’s not nice, but certainly Balotelli will have done something. It’s even worse when certain discussions spill on to social media. It would be better if they talked and clarified things. Judging by Balotelli’s response, these are things that were never said to his face. You have to understand where the truth lies and know the situation. Then, at a time like this, when there’s little to talk about… of course, it would be nice if the season resumed with Chiellini versus Balotelli.