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Name Lucas Digne
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Everton FC
  Barcelona FC

2017 04 29 Retrieve

[Lucas Digne describes what it’s like to play alongside Lionel Messi on a daily basis] Messi is like that: when you think you have seen it all, he surprises you. Messi surprises me every day, and I am happy for the thought of one day telling my future children: ‘I played with Messi’. He is from another planet, and it is amazing that he has already scored more than 500 goals for Barcelona – and that’s not talking about all the assists that he has created for other players to score as well. It is truly incredible

2020 05 04 Retrieve

[Lucas Digne says Carlo Ancelotti can take Everton to the Champions League] To finish in Europe for sure. We have to finish very high. If we could finish in Europe, it would be best for the club and the fans. We are building something, we are building a project. We have very good players. In a few years, they have bought a lot of players, they have invested a lot. We have to finish in the top four, top five, and to play the Champions League.

We are building a very good project. We can do something very special and very good. We can do better than last year (eighth) and maybe finish in Europe this year. We have something special at Goodison Park. We have the fans, they are behind us every time, everywhere. We have something special in the club because we are a big family and if we can transform results on the pitch, it would be amazing. Everybody is giving their best and we will see what happens. We have to keep this mentality and to do our best every time and I am sure we will finish very high

My stats are very good but I can do better. I think you can do better every day and I work for that. I want to do my best. I try to perform every time and to do better

2020 07 10 Retrieve

[Lucas Digne on Carlo Ancelotti] When you read his name that he’s officially appointed as Everton manager, you think ‘wow, okay. Something is coming.’ It’s just a pleasure to play for him as a coach. He’s really close to the players. He’s really calm, and I think we need that. It transfers across to the team. When he has something to say, he’ll say it to all the group, and when he’s angry too. I think he has a very good relationship with the group. He’s the boss! He won three Champions Leagues, he has a lot of experience. He can give a lot of advice to the players, you can learn a lot from him. I think all the players listen very carefully to what he says. If you learn you can be better, and with him I think we can build something very good

[Digne thinks a return to Champions League football] The next year, or in two years, I think we can fight for it. We are a young team, we need a little bit of time, but I think we can do something. If you want to do something good, you have to take your time, keep a lot of the same players, you need a good relationship between them, and if you have to buy players, make sure you do that right. I think the club are doing that, taking our time, but building something and in a few years, I think like what Tottenham did, why can’t we do that too? We have a lot of young players, with good quality. The club bought a lot a few years ago, the year with me, Richarlison, Andre Gomes, Yerry Mina, and sometimes you need a bit of stability and I think we can do something good.

I needed to play, they said I could enjoy life in England because the Premier League will be perfect for me, the high intensity and the challenge, and I was thinking the same. After I chose to come to Everton, when I arrived for my first game against Valencia, the welcome was amazing. It’s different for the weather, but it’s a football city. You feel the football is everything here. That’s what I want, when you play for Everton, you know you have a lot of fans behind you. We know our fans are so important for us when we play at home, for us against the opponent for sure, because they make a lot of noise. Maybe against Southampton we missed them, they push and they push and can intimidate the opponent. I feel good. I’m happy, I have a lot of responsibility, I’m happy the coach has given me this responsibility. I’m enjoying since I’ve arrived, I play every game, if we can finish in the Europa League it will be fantastic.

[Ancelotti’s influence on Digne has been a demanding one] He’s asked me to be more high, to go back in defence, I have to run a lot! But I love it. For me it’s perfect. I can play maybe a little bit more free, and this role is perfect for me. The intensity is very different, it’s very high in England, the challenges are very strong, you might see a striker make a challenge which you might not in France.