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Name Lucien Favre
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job Nice FC Manager
  xxxx Football Coach


Club as Coach Borussia Dortmund
  Nice FC

2019 04 27 Retrieve

[Borussia Dortmund head coach Lucien Favre believes the interpretation of football’s handball rule is becoming ‘ridiculous’ after his team’s devastating 4-2 Revierderby defeat to Schalke turned on a penalty awarded against Julian Weigl] I’ve never experienced something like this, it’s difficult to deal with. The penalty shows how ridiculous football has become. This handball rule, it is the biggest scandal in football that nobody knows anything about it. It’s a disgrace. It’s a joke. Not just today’s penalty, but in general. Should the players cut off their arms and run without them?

[Schalke boss Huub Stevens looked perplexed on the sideline when the penalty was awarded and offered sympathy to his opposite number] I think it’s very disgusting that a penalty like this has been given. I told Lucien Favre that I am not happy with it as well. But my team received these kind of decisions against us in the weeks before

[Favre chose not to complain in a similar manner about the red cards awarded to his captain Reus and Wolf] We have to avoid these situations. But we need to admit that the referee didn’t have his best day.

2019 06 18 Retrieve

[Dortmund boss Favre signs contract extension] I am looking forward to continuing my constructive and successful cooperation with the entire BVB team

2019 08 31 Retrieve

[Dortmund coach Favre blames lack of patience for stunning Union Berlin loss] I think we thought it would be like the second half in Cologne. That was not the case. We have to keep our patience and not play hastily with the score at 1-1; we have to defend very well. This is very important. Instead, we have lost our patience [and conceded] an unnecessary goal. Even then, we should have kept patient. There was still time to make it 2-2 and maybe win the game as well. Our second half was not good

2019 09 27 Retrieve

[Zorc’s position was echoed by manager Lucien Favre, who was also keen to praise the leadership qualities brought by defender Hummels following his return from Bayern Munich this summer] Mats Hummels proved during the last two games, especially in Frankfurt, that he’s very important for the team. The defence begins with him. He is very important for the team, but Marco Reus is doing a good job as a captain. It’s absolutely clear that Reus is our captain. He’s staying as our captain

2019 10 06 Retrieve

[Favre explains Sancho benching in Dortmund draw] He was dead and he needed a break because he had played all the games so far. We had an English week, he played everything. He is 19 years old and it is completely normal. He knows he’s a bit tired and needs a little break. It’s not easy to do the English weeks. It’s part of it, it’s our job

[But after his team gave up a second lead, Favre rued their second-half performance] You don’t get many chances to score. We’ve made mistakes in pressing, in conquering the ball. There was no aggressiveness. We go into the duels like this. They counter and we lose the ball unnecessarily. If we can’t intervene, we come back, if we can intervene, we have to go into the duel. Then we have to be tough for 90 or 95 minutes. But there were also tactical mistakes. And up front, the last 35 metres we have to say clearly, we did not play well here in the second half. It was complicated. Five, six times we lost the balls and they countered. It is a gift for me. It is better to hold the ball, play left and right and not be satisfied with 2-1

2019 11 04 Retrieve

[Borussia Dortmund coach Lucien Favre has addressed the exit talk which has surrounded him at times this season and explained how he handled ‘special’ Mario Balotelli at Nice] He was special. You have to be diplomatic with him, but you can talk to him and explain things. There were sometimes minor issues because of his behaviour. He was not the one who ran the most, but he is a very good player. We got along well for two years. He was very good in the first season.

[Favre is now working with more top talents at Dortmund, with Mario Gotze a World Cup-winning option at his disposal] I know that Mario Gotze is an idol in Germany. He scored the goal to land the World Cup title. It is clear that something like that will stay. He is a very good player, but he played very regularly last year from October. Sometimes this happens, there is competition everywhere. You have to accept that. Competition can give a boost.

[No deal was done then, but the opportunity to head for Signal Iduna Park proved too good to turn down] It’s difficult to beat a bid from a club like Dortmund. We played a wonderful season right away. You should not have any negative words about it just because we missed the title at the end. We collected 76 points and played until the last match for the championship

[He has, however, been around long enough to know that rumours – good and bad – are never far away and that his stock will rise again if Dortmund can mount another title challenge in 2020] There is great exaggeration everywhere and very quickly. It is true that we are currently not doing as well as last year. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s the results, that’s all. They analyse the results, but do not analyse the rest enough. That does not affect me very much. I understand that because I think that today there are media that have to write very sharply in order to be read. If they do not do that, they will not be read anymore. I know that there is always pressure in this profession. No matter which club you train, this pressure always seems to exist. Nevertheless, one must remain fair and objective in the analysis. I think sometimes they are not very precise

2019 11 28 Retrieve

[Lucien Favre explains why he decided to drop the 19-year-old Jadon Sancho] I explained to Jadon Sancho [why he wasn’t starting] before the game. I told him it was a really difficult game here in Barcelona, and we needed players that were really focused and that went on to the pitch really focused

2020 02 18 Retrieve

[Favre impressed by Haaland’s defensive work in Dortmund’s Champions League win] He defended well with the others. He also stood very compactly in combination with the other players. It helped us that he also defended. He did that very, very well. If we have the possibility to combine with him, then we will do that. Either with balls into the depth or he gets the ball and holds it for now. He did that very well. Before the 2-1 it is a great pass from Giovanni Reyna. The ball was very good, but it was especially so good because Haaland moved well

2020 03 08 Retrieve

[Lucien Favre said last week that Moukoko could be training with Dortmund’s first team as soon as March] We have a plan with him, but I can’t say exactly when he’ll be with us. Maybe in March, but we still have to wait for a few things

2020 05 16 Retrieve

[Borussia Dortmund manager Lucien Favre was happy to see his side thrash rivals Schalke 4-0, though he admitted the match behind closed doors was ‘very, very strange’] 4-0 against Schalke – that’s quite good. The key was that the team played well together, also defensively. That was very, very special. You shoot at the goal, make a top pass, a goal – and nothing happens. That’s very, very strange. We really miss our fans. It was a completely different game than usual. It’s hard to judge how good the game was. I had the feeling that it wasn’t as committed as planned. The players were very focused on their task.

2020 05 25 Retrieve

[Borussia Dortmund manager Favre optimistic over fitness of Sancho, Hummels and Witsel ahead of Bayern clash] I think Mats Hummels will be okay to play. I can’t say for sure, but I’m 99 per cent [sure] he will be on the pitch. Axel Witsel started to train with the team yesterday [Sunday]. He could be in the squad.

Jadon was lacking training. He has now been training with the squad for 10 days. He played 20 minutes against Schalke and a little more against Wolfsburg. He did well. He is getting there slowly. He did well in training and slowly but steadily gets back to his old level. He is getting there, I don’t see a problem – we’ll see.