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Lucy Bronze
Gender Female
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc Lucy Bronze followed up her club success with Lyon, where she won the league, cup and UEFA Women’s Champions League treble, by helping England to the semi-finals of the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Her stellar performances saw her recognised with the adidas Silver Ball


Org England Women National Team

2018 12 27 Retrieve

[Lucy Bronze speaks ahead of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Draw] We’re good enough on our day to beat any team in the world. Over the next six or seven months, we need to push ourselves to be the best players we can be, then do it on a big stage

2019 05 11 Retrieve

[Lucy Bronze talks about her FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015 memories] Finishing third in the last Women’s World Cup in 2015 was amazing. I scored a cool goal against Norway in the last 16. It was the first time an England women’s team had won a World Cup knockout game - we knew we had changed something forever. I also scored the winner against the hosts, Canada, in the quarter-finals in front of 55,000 fans. A few years before we were playing in front of 100 people, so even though the Canadians were shouting ‘You’re rubbish!’. we loved it.

2019 05 28 Retrieve

[Lucy Bronze targets ‘amazing’ World Cup for Lionesses] The last World Cup it was like: ‘Who’s that? Who’s playing? We don’t know who she is?’. People actually know my name now.

[She recalls of her childhood] When I was younger the dream was to get a job and that football was just going to be at the weekends with my mates. Then it changed into a full professional career. Now I’m playing abroad in France, in Champions League finals, World Cups, Euros, potential of an Olympics. Everything has kind of changed in my life

[She has won back-to-back league and Champions League titles as well as the Coupe de France Féminine with Lyon] The semi-final and the final are both at the Lyon stadium. I drive past it every day and every single day, I’m like: ‘We’re going to lift [the World Cup] trophy in that stadium,’. That is literally what I think about on my way to training every day. It is the ultimate goal for me, for the team, for everyone who’s involved with the English team

[The Lionesses head into the tournament confident and in good form, having won the SheBelieves Cup for the first time in March] We’re in a very good place. We won the SheBelieves Cup which is amazing but it’s not something that we want to show off too much. We’ve still got work to do, stuff that we can fine tune and improve on. We’re definitely in a different position now [compared to 2015]. I’m in a much better place than I was then and I’ve learnt so much since. I’m so excited for this time

2019 06 08 Retrieve

[Under Phil Neville, and his attacking, possession-based strategy, it’s easier for the Lionesses to gain new fans] I think we’re building something and beginning to play good football. This is just the beginning. I think we’ve got so much more to give than any other team in the world.

[Since then, the likes of Toni Duggan, Mary Earps and, more recently, Nikita Parris have ventured into Europe to play club football, and the former believes it has added another dimension to the Lionesses] This is the next level now. We want to take ourselves out of our comfort zones; when you’re in your comfort zone for so long you only play to a certain level. I’d recommend it to youth coming through because, like I said, it takes you out of your comfort zone: you learn a new language, a new style of play

My management style is to tell the players where they stand in my squad and what I think they need to become best in their position in the world. It’s as simple as that. It’s about how are we going to become the best in the world

2019 06 14 Retrieve

[Nikita Parris impressed, scoring eight times in 18 appearances and, after signing permanently, has never looked back] Nikita can be as good as she wants to be; that’s the truth. She has all the attributes she needs to be one of the best strikers in the world; she has been showing that all season at City. She’s been prolific, she’s got an eye for goal, she’s tenacious and she has the speed and energy. We’ve got a really good partnership; we enjoy playing together.

2019 06 19 Retrieve

[Japan clash a reminder of England’s progress - not a revenge-fuelled rematch] When we went into that World Cup, we weren’t just happy to be there obviously, we wanted to win, but we knew the expectation wasn’t there as much. We didn’t have as much belief, we hadn’t beaten a lot of the top teams, ever. We come into this World Cup having beaten the likes of the USA, France and Germany now. That’s why we’re going into this game tomorrow saying we want to beat [Japan] fair and square, we want to play our game, the way we want to play it, the way we want to win

[Instead, it’s fuel for the fire in the Lionesses’s bellies, as Bronze perfectly explains] That’s something that we’ve got over most of the teams in this tournament. We got knocked out in the semi-final of a World Cup, and we got knocked out in the semi-final of the Euros. I don’t think there’s many other teams that are in the same position as us and are that hungry to get to a final because of those situations that we’ve been through. That’s an extra motivation that’s been added to this team

2019 06 19b Retrieve

[Japan women vs England women. Lucy Bronze explained on the eve of this clash] Potentially this tie is a little more intense; in 2015 maybe we overachieved a little bit. We played very well in that semi-final and I think we probably could have won it, but now we have more belief. We want to win against any team that is in front of us to get to the final. We know we can.

2019 06 27 Retrieve

[Best England team yet? Lionesses must show it against Norway with France or USWNT waiting] The great thing about where we are, three matches and three victories into the World Cup, is that there is much more still to come. Just because we’ve not been at our best yet is no reason for concern. I remember watching the USA at the last World Cup and thinking, ‘they’re not really firing’. But they went on to be unstoppable, so you don’t want to exceed your potential too early in a tournament.

2019 06 28 Retrieve

[Lucy Bronze has hailed England for their sound defence and clinical attack in Thursday’s 3-0 win over Norway to book a World Cup semi-final spot] It was a comfortable game, even out of possession, we were comfortable. They had good chances but defensively we were so solid. We were clinical and found the gaps in their defence while our defence stayed strong. It always seems to be against Norway. I’ve been dreaming of getting to the semi-final in Lyon. All the passion came out in that strike. I was practicing that one this morning. I did a few shots like that. Practice makes perfect.

2019 07 01 Retrieve

[England right-back Lucy Bronze says she doesn’t believe Phil Neville when he says that she is the best player in the world] In terms of football talent and football ability, Dzsenifer Marozsan. It’s a lovely compliment to receive, although I don’t believe him. This tournament, you’ve not seen the best of her because she got injured in the first 10 minutes in the first game and struggled to get back to fitness to play [for Germany] against Sweden. She’s someone that I’m really good friends with and I’m gutted for her. In terms of football talent and ability, you rarely see players like that. I think the only player I could really compare her to who I played with or against is Kelly Smith.

She’s just got so much raw talent that I’ll never be able to hit a ball like she does, unfortunately for me. But I say that to her and she’s like, ‘Yes but Lucy I’ll never be as physically dominant as you’. When I think about best players in the world, I always think about these tricky, skilful [players] and I’m just more of a direct, physical player. I love Marozsan. For me, I’ve watched her for a long time, she’s got to be one of the most talented, definitely.

[When asked if she will be more reserved in her attacking to deal with the American] I’m not going to change the way I play. The only reason I’ll change the way I play is when I get old and my legs give up on me. I can’t imagine that Rapinoe’s going to change the way she plays just because I run up and down. I think that’s what top teams do. You need to stick to the way you play. You can adapt a little and, I’ve adapted throughout the tournament, my game’s been a little bit different every game. But I don’t think Phil will ever be able to keep me still and stood on the half way line. That’s just not me. For me, I’ll play the normal game that I always want to play, full of energy, joining in attacks, joining in defence, and working hard for the team

[After the USA beat hosts France in the last round, England’s No. 2 is hoping to have the backing of a lot of her team-mates at Lyon, who were on the wrong end of that 2-1 result] A lot of people at Lyon have text me over the past two days - they didn’t text at the start of the tournament, but since France have gone, they’ve sent me a few messages! I’ve had a few messages from the last few days from a lot of the Lyon staff, saying good luck, beat the United States for us. So I think we have a few more supporters than we normally have

2019 07 02 Retrieve

[Lucy Bronze has formed a potent partnership with Nikita Parris down the right wing] I just know where she’s going to be.

[It will be, by far, the biggest test of the Lyon star’s tournament - but she’s not fazed] I’ve always said I love playing against the best players in the world. I love a challenge. I remember, a couple of years ago, I had a list of names that I wanted to play against. Marta, Kelly Smith, and Rapinoe was definitely on there. It was two years ago I first played against her and I was so excited because I finally got to play against one of the best players in the world. She’s still up there today as one of the best, so of course I’m still excited to have that challenge and to be able to go toe-to-toe with one of the best is the reason I play as a defender - because all the best players are attackers!

2019 07 02b Retrieve

[Lucy Bronze, a Champions League winner with Lyon barely a month ago, says that England’s lack of experience winning international tournaments will actually help the team] We have more hunger than the other teams because we have never reached a final. You look at the four teams left and we’re the only team that hasn’t reached a final. The Olympics, the World Cup, the Euros, these other three teams have all reached finals in recent years. It definitely takes more to reach a final - but who better to know that it takes more than a team that has been knocked out of two consecutive semi-finals?

2019 07 02c Retrieve

[But as the plucky underdog in this tale, especially when drowned out by the sea of American fans who had flooded into Lyon for the clash, England Team were the choice of many - particularly the French] A lot of people at Lyon have text me over the past two days. They didn’t text at the start of the tournament, but since France have gone, they’ve sent me a few messages. I’ve had a few messages saying good luck, beat the USA for us. So I think we have a few more supporters than we normally have in the French.

2019 07 03 Retrieve

[Lucy Bronze is confident that England will win a trophy in the near future, despite another semi-final defeat in the Women’s World Cup] Of course it’s a disappointment, we wanted to win this World Cup, we came here to win this World Cup and we’ve fallen short. We wanted to make it to the final because we haven’t quite made it there but the fact that we’re consistently reaching semi-finals shows how immense this team is and the strengths of this team. Now we’ve got [the Olympics] as Team GB next year and then we’ve got a home Euros. There’s so much ahead of us and we can really push on and I know for a fact that this team is going to win a trophy at some point.

[Despite their manager saying before this game that a semi-final defeat would be a failure, Phil Neville was incredibly proud of the group, the full-back revealed] He just said he was proud of us. He’s proud of the fact that we came to this tournament wanting to play a style of football. We’ve evolved from two years ago from the team that we were in the Euros. We’re now playing football and to do that in such a short space of time is such a tribute to all the players that have featured in an England shirt. The fact that we went completely 180 on the type of football that we tried to play before and now we’ve got to the semi-finals of a World Cup playing some nice football, scoring lots of goals, I’m super proud of us for doing that

[Bronze has been one of the stars of the tournament, contributing a goal and two assists from right-back, but she was disappointed with her own display against the USA] I was just disappointed with myself, disappointed in the first goal, that’s not something I’m used to, I’m used to being defensively solid. No matter what people say about me as an attacker I always want to defend my player well and I’m disappointed that I didn’t do that to my best tonight. But obviously the USA have great movement and you can analyse them as much as you want but trying to stop them and trying to do it in the heat of the moment in the game, unfortunately we didn’t quite do that tonight. I’m disappointed in my own performance, I thought I could have played a lot better tonight, a lot higher level than what I showed tonight.

We pushed them right to the edge. We got the penalty, the goalkeeper made a really good save, inches away from a goal ruled offside, but we can’t say ifs and buts. The USA won and we’ve got to have huge respect for them. We tried our best to play our football, we stuck to the way we play even with 10 men, and I’m super proud of the girls but unfortunately it wasn’t enough tonight

2019 08 09 Retrieve

[Fellow nominee Lucy Bronze award on Ada Hegerberg] The way Ada is, she will change a lot of things in the game whether that’s with Lyon or Norway, or with football or women’s sport in general

2019 08 29 Retrieve

[England defender Lucy Bronze has won the UEFA Women’s Player of the Year award, defeating Lyon team-mates Ada Hegerberg and Amandine Henry] I’m ecstatic and super humbled to have won the award up against two fantastic players who I know really well at Lyon: two great girls, great players. I want to say huge thanks to the Lionesses, the England team. We had a great summer and I don’t think I would have won this award if it wasn’t for them. The same goes for the Lyon team. We had an amazing season, we won the treble. I think any one of those girls could have been up here receiving this award

2019 08 31 Retrieve

[Lucy Bronze speaks about winning the UEFA Women’s Player of the Year award] She actually asked if she could go and collect the award to meet Ronaldo, but I said I’ve already got it

2019 10 07 Retrieve

[Lucy Bronze could have been playing for Portugal against England on Tuesday night if her first senior call-up had come four months later] [Portugal] got in touch when I was 16. I turned around and said to my mum if I don’t make the England team before my 22nd birthday, I’m off to play for Portugal. My mum always just says whatever makes you happy. My dad wasn’t bothered either. But I was doing everything I could. I was playing well on the pitch and I thought I deserved a call up and it took a long, long time.

When I was younger, it’s not as easy as it is now for these young ones. But I fought my way into the squad. England was always the dream. I knew I could go and play for Portugal and I would have loved it as much

[Despite making close to 80 appearances for the Lionesses since, Tuesday will be the first time Bronze has faced Portugal] We’ve never played in Portugal and my Portuguese family have never watched me in an England shirt. My dad is Portuguese and he came [to watch England play Brazil on Saturday]. He’s flying across [to Portugal] and he’s basically taking all his family. My auntie, my uncle, my grandma and some of my dad’s cousins are coming. Obviously I’m excited for that, but it’s the same when I play in the North East. My family live here so they get to come, so I was excited for both games this week. I’m excited to play against Portugal

We know we’re one of the best teams in the world, but the results haven’t showed that necessarily. I think we just need to be playing more games together. You look at the front three [against Brazil] and they all play in different leagues to each other - let alone different teams. We’ve got to develop that understanding together. It’s started to click, but it’s just the end product still

2019 11 09 Retrieve

[Lucy Bronze speaks ahead of England’s friendly against Germany at Wembley] We’ve come from paying to play. I had to pay for my kit to play on a Sunday and things like that. It definitely makes you appreciate things more and you see things from a different perspective

2019 11 13 Retrieve

[Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019] People don’t always appreciate how hard it is to focus on so many competitions at the same time, regardless of how good you might be and the talent you have. It’s still hard to keep your focus and your drive in every single game, but that’s the expectation at Lyon. It’s ‘every single game is [to] win’, because you’ve got to have that focus to win trophies

[Running through her biggest games of the past 12 months, Bronze recalls them with gleeful nostalgia] The atmosphere at that game […] It’s a game I remember because I’m taking throw-ins and I’m right next to the Parisian fans and they’re throwing toilet paper on the pitch and stuff, trying to intimidate us. It’s a game that I really enjoyed in that respect

I think they were kind of going for that feel of, ‘Oh, England won’t be used to this’, and I was thinking, well we are, because we’re not these superstars. We don’t play on Wembley every single time we have a game. We play in the Women’s Super League in small stadiums and the French league in small stadiums. It was actually funny coming to training and they’d moved the line in so they’d made the pitch smaller as well. I think they did it to try and put us off our game, whereas we kind of found it quite amusing. It just made us more excited for the game

[She says of England’s meeting with Brazil last October] I was excited to play against Marta. Unfortunately, she came off after 20 minutes!

[She was similarly enthused when England women head coach Phil Neville informed her that she would be playing out of position] [Neville] told me a few weeks before and I was excited. Although Megan Rapinoe and Tobin Heath play on the wing, they come in a lot, so I was involved [with] all of their best players. It was exciting

[As for the thrilling Champions League quarter-final against Wolfsburg, which eventually finished 6-3 on aggregate to Lyon] That was a lot of fun. I remember the first leg we played at home in our big stadium and our first half was amazing, but we kind of blew up a little bit in the second half and their second half was amazing! The away game was just crazy. We started off on fire, we got the away goals, they came back after half-time with two more goals and then it ended up 4-2 or something. I enjoy playing against PSG, I enjoy playing against Wolfsburg, because they’re the top teams that challenge you

[it was frustrating for Bronze to see people questioning the competitiveness of the Champions League final - in which Lyon beat Barcelona 4-1, scoring all of their goals in the first half an hour] Barcelona are a really good team. We struggled against them last year in the Champions League. We respected them and we were prepared. I think maybe playing them the year before made us even more focused, because we knew we had to play well to beat them. We were so focused and so honed in that it just clicked. Everything went together and within that first 25-30 minutes, it was game over, game done, job done, get through the 90 and pick the trophy up

Every time I see a VAR decision in the Premier League, I just think of Ellen White’s offside goal by this much. That’s the reason we weren’t in the final. Yes, it would’ve made it just 2-2 but I think in the dying moments of the game, we were kind of on top. They’re a top team, world champions twice now, twice in a row, but I think that’s a game that is going to haunt me for the rest of my life because of those little things that didn’t quite go in our favour. It was slight margins. We ended up finishing fourth and they were first, but the game that we actually played against each other… Literally this was the difference

[Bronze was recognised handsomely in the aftermath] I don’t enjoy winning individual awards. The Silver Ball kind of came with no meaning for me, because the whole point of winning those awards is winning the World Cup. Ultimately, I would trade every single one of those awards, every award I have at home, just to win the World Cup

2019 11 27 Retrieve

[Lucy Bronze on Visa’s involvement in Women’s Football] They’re not just doing it to do it, to say ‘we’re part of women’s football like everybody else. They genuinely care about us and they genuinely care about the game

2020 02 26 Retrieve

[England will have to do without star right-back Lucy Bronze at the SheBelieves Cup] Disappointed not to be fit for camp. But a good opportunity to some new faces - good luck ladies. Haven’t missed a single camp and been present at every single game for the past five years. Gonna have massive FOMO [fear of missing out] next week.

2020 03 24 Retrieve

[England & Lyon star Bronze beats Rapinoe & Miedema to BBC Women’s Footballer of the Year award] I’m definitely surprised - I wasn’t expecting it. It’s pretty special (being voted by the public) and quite amazing. All the girls that have been nominated are global superstars. I look at the list now and think everyone knows who these girls are so that’s pretty special.

Winning the first time was a surprise - and it is now - but to win a trophy twice is really special as it’s so much harder, to stay at the top level is so difficult, it’s not something that’s easy and I don’t take it for granted one bit

[She said of the Covid-19 pandemic] The players have been given some time off and all been told to stay in our homes and that’s what I’m doing the majority of the time. I’m now home in England, I’ve got my dog here and I’ve two girls who live with me in my house so we’re doing things to keep fit. I have been sent a fitness programme from the club. I’ve got some gym equipment, astroturf in the back garden so not completely away from football

[Asked to pick out her highlights of the year] Winning the Champions League for a successive year. I was pleased with my performance and we put on a real good show for women’s football. The World Cup hit me hard (losing in the semi-finals) but it’s motivated me to do more. I’m really proud in my career the fact there was a time I had to pay to train on a pitch twice a week to now the heights of being paid to play in another country, winning the Champions League, playing at Wembley. To see where women’s football is now, I would never have dreamt about it when I was first getting in to football when I was 12 years old. It’s part of the reason I don’t want my career to end with the buzz that’s around women’s football

2020 06 15 Retrieve

[Lucy Bronze says gender should not be a factor in appointment of Phil Neville’s successor] I think now most managers would chop their hand off to be a part of our . Do I think it needs to be a woman? No. Do I think it has to be someone in women’s football? I don’t really think that. In women’s football especially, I don’t think that we see that as a difference, whether it’s a male of a female manager. If they know what they’re doing on the pitch and they can make us a better team, then bring them in and let’s go and win something