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Luis Campos
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Football Scout
Desc For those who have not heard the name, Campos is one of the most revered scouts in the modern game. The Portuguese has been credited with helping to lure Radamel Falcao, Bernardo Silva and Joao Moutinho, while he has helped unearth the likes of Kylian Mbappe, Nicolas Pepe and Anthony Martial. During his tenure as sporting director, Lille have risen through the Ligue 1 ranks, finishing fourth in the 2018/19 season. Beyond that, though, Campos is a close friend of Spurs boss Jose Mourinho. The pair worked together at Real Madrid between 2012 and 2013


Club as Coach xxxx
  Lille FC [sporting director]

2019 10 08 Retrieve

[Jose Mourinho’s former assistant Luis Campos says Manchester United need to appoint a sporting director in order to avoid potential disaster] I speak to Jose every week, sometimes every day, and I saw that Jose, in my opinion, had difficulties in Manchester because the club has another culture, which I respect of course. If the coach is alone he’s an easy target and he needs help. Everyone needs help in football. You can’t play alone. Manchester United is an amazing club with an amazing story and, for people around the world, it’s difficult to understand what has happened to this club.

It’s difficult to see this club in difficulty, but if this difficulty is arriving it’s because you have one problem. In my opinion the problem is sensibility. It’s important to work together. Sporting with economy. If you don’t put these things together I believe you are heading for disaster! I know very well the situation of Manchester United and other clubs but, in my opinion, everybody needs a sporting director because the coach needs time to prepare for the next match and the super ego of the players too, so he needs people with sensibility. If a coach is alone it’s more difficult now.

A sporting director is very, very important. Of course I believe I could help Manchester United, but I respect the politics of the club. It’s very prestigious, very, very prestigious, but in modern football you need a sporting director. If you have a sporting director you have this sensibility. Before, the coach did everything, but now the information is arriving very fast. Now the world is very different. You need to know players in every part of the world. It’s important the club has one project and with a sporting director everyone understands where they go. You need one person with the sensibility for the sporting and economic situation. In modern football you need both to work together. If they don’t work together you have a disaster

[Quizzed on whether he would like to work with a fellow Portuguese again] Of course. Mourinho is like a brother to me. I know him very well and for a long time. He’s a wonderful person and the best coach in the world. So, of course, if he called me I would speak. In my opinion, football needs someone like Jose. Football needs this special coach with this energy and strong personality. I believe the next work of Jose will be his top work

2019 10 09 Retrieve

[Lille sporting director Luis Campos has likened Nicolas Pepe to Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappe after revealing the Arsenal winger is constantly taking measures to improve his game and make himself more perfect] In my opinion one of the characteristics of a top, top player is that they like football. I remember working with Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappe: they know everything about football. Mbappe knew all the results of the second division in France. Nicolas Pepe is like that. He’s another example of the importance of a player liking football. After a game he watches the whole game again two times, to make himself more perfect

2019 10 26 Retrieve

[Moirinho’s former assistant Luis Campos says believes the Blancos will bring a former manager back while raiding the playing ranks at PSG. It is unavoidable that the paths of Jose Mourinho and Kylian Mbappe will cross with Real Madrid at some stage] Real Madrid are a good thing. Jose Mourinho is a good thing. When we mix two good things together you get better results. Real Madrid needs to have the best managers and Mourinho’s CV gives him the right to work in the best clubs

[Campos expects Real to provide Mbappe with the stage he both requires and deserves] I think he will end up at Real Madrid. If he wants to be the best player in the world, he has to play for Real Madrid. It is unavoidable that they run into each other

2020 04 11 Retrieve

[Luis Campos admits to offers amid Man Utd links but has no ‘crazy obsession’ to work in England] There have been approaches and there are approaches to be able to give my career a new direction. Out of respect for the people who work in these clubs, I won’t talk about names. But there were proposals. It is perfectly normal depending on what has happened but, I repeat: I am very well where I am, I have an extraordinary relationship with my president. He was the one who convinced me to come, things have been going very well and I believe that it will be very difficult to leave the Lille project

I don’t know, it’s not a concern that I have. For me the present is very important and for now, or at least before this virus arrived, I felt good in the functions I had, where I was and how I was. I don’t have a crazy obsession with going to England and withdrawing from this project, which is very special and in which I have a large part of responsibility for what is happening, for very special reasons. The truth is I feel really good here. This is a club that was not well known in Portugal before there were so many Portuguese, but Lille is a spectacular city in the north of France, a young city with a large student community, a very beautiful city. It has a wonderful stadium - the best stadium in France - it has a formidable training centre at the highest level, and it has fans who love the club intensely. So it is a city that breathes football and we are in the centre of Europe