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Luis Garcia
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc xxxx


Club as Player Liverpool FC
2005 05 03
Liverpool, England - Liverpool’s Luis Garcia scores the opening goal against Chelsea during the UEFA Champions League Semi Final 2nd Leg at Anfield.

2015 12 21 Retrieve

[on Messi, Suarez, and Neymar] They are the best three in the history of football when you are talking about forwards. You see them playing, they are always happy, they are not selfish when they have to score. When one wins the penalty, another one takes it. It is very difficult to find that in a striker because normally strikers are selfish because they want to score and you see Messi, probably the best player in the history of football, and he knows that Suarez can fight for the Golden Boot ‘okay go for it, get the penalty’ - it is very weird to find that

2019 05 31 Retrieve

[Ex-Liverpool and Barcelona star Luis Garcia hopes Antoine Griezmann leaves Atletico Madrid for either of his former clubs] I can’t wait to see where it’s going to end. It’s true that we know he’s leaving Atletico Madrid, but we don’t know anything else. So, is it going to be Barcelona or is it going to be United, or Italy? Looking forward, I think it was the moment for him. He’s been waiting for Atletico Madrid because he knew how important he was for their supporters, but he decided to make the step, and now I’m just looking forward to seeing where he’s going to be playing next year. Me? Of course, I’m a Barcelona supporter and a Liverpool supporter, so I would love to have him in my squad. Any of those teams - I’d be happy to see him in.

[Barcelona look set to stick with head coach Ernesto Valverde despite their shock loss to Valencia in the Copa del Rey final] I’m happy for that to be honest. I think you have to give credit to Barcelona. It’s true that they didn’t win the cup, and they couldn’t manage to get to the Champions League final, but it’s not easy what Valverde is doing, winning LaLiga and being in (Europe) until the end. At the end, only one team can win the Champions League final, so it’s very difficult to manage all those kinds of situations. I’m happy and looking forward to seeing how he’s going to manage for next year and what kind of player he’s going to bring or he’s going to let go out

2020 03 10 Retrieve

[Luis Garcia says Liverpool have the power & quality to beat Atletico] [I think it will be] tough for both sides, to be honest. Here in Spain and in Madrid the feeling is a little bit the same - they know Anfield is a tough stadium and not many teams get out alive, the crowd always helps the home team. [But] actually, they know Simeone knows how to deal with these kinds of situations.

After what we saw in the Metropolitano, where they were working the way they normally do - defending very well, waiting for the chance and the fast transitions and counterattacks they do so well - they still think they can make it.

And then the other way around, knowing Liverpool and after being there many times in many situations where Liverpool needed to score goals and managed it, they know what Anfield can be if they need to score one, two or three goals.

I’m quite positive, to be honest. I think Liverpool have the power, quality and talent to overcome the situation and go through to the next round