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Luis Milla
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Coach Indonesia National Team [Head Coach]

2017 08 27 Retrieve

[Luis Milla says Malaysia superior in dead-ball situations] Malaysia are dangerous in dead ball situations and they are good physically. But we also had a lot of chances from Ezra [Walian] and Febri [Hariyadi]. Both teams played well, and the side who defend well would win

[Milla also said that his men played well and went toe-to-toe against a good Malaysian side] I hope the spectators saw a good game of football in this match and they [Indonesia players] fought hard for a victory. I thank the supporters, I hope everyone enjoyed our game. This is football. Our goal now is to win a medal. There’s only a short while to recover morally and mentally, and hopefully we can win the [bronze] medal

2018 01 15 Retrieve

[Indonesia head coach Luis Milla insists on retaining the two in Indonesia for the team’s training camp] This is what we have to do. We have another week of TC (training camp) and Evan and Ilham are joining it. We have discussed this with the federation (Indonesian FA). In our future TC, we don’t want any problems with the club and want both parties to benefit

2018 03 13 Retrieve

[Milla’s career advice for Egy Maulana in Polish adventure] We wish Egy the best. He will be playing football in a new place. I hope he can develop over there and equip himself mentally because Poland will be very different to Indonesia. We will keep monitoring Egy’s progress in Poland because I know that he is a quality player and one that is very important to the national team

2019 02 26 Retrieve

[Former Real Madrid midfielder Luis Milla says the Spanish club have a problem following Gareth Bale’s decision to snub team-mate Lucas Vazquez after scoring against Levante] He’s had a tantrum, it’s a terrible mistake by the player. I imagine that Bale has already asked Lucas Vazquez for forgiveness. Any football team, professional or not, cannot afford to project a bad image. A team works with shared values and making that gesture in front of so many people goes against the solidarity of everything.

The problem is that it’s one mistake after another - we already saw it at the Wanda Metropolitano. It gives the impression that he’s a player who doesn’t connect with his team-mates and that’s where Real Madrid have a problem. They want to project an image of a superior team but then a player does something like that. I think it’s unfortunate and I understand that young players make mistakes, but it’s very bad for the image of the club because it shows a lack of respect for your team-mates. Especially Vazquez. It’s a subject that needs to be fixed from within. There needs to be more awareness

2019 02 26b Retrieve

[Milla believes that while there are no favourites heading into the clash, Barca’s top scorer is the biggest difference between the two sides] I don’t think there’s a favourite, even if one side comes into it in better form than the other. The only substantial difference that I see between both teams is Messi, but they are generally games without favourites. The home sides might have a slight advantage because of their fans, but I don’t see a clear favourite. Madrid are under a lot of pressure so you don’t know what will happen.

Madrid looked good at Camp Nou and the Wanda Metropolitano [against Atletico Madrid] but then they started to instil doubt. Maybe they were thinking about the Clasicos and other things to come. They might not have paid enough attention in the games against Girona and Levante.

The good thing about Barcelona is Messi, he can unbalance anyone, and Gerard Pique and Marc-Andre ter Stegen are performing at a great level. Still, there’s a feeling that both teams have to improve collectively if they want to win the Champions League - neither of them have a chance if they don’t.

[Madrid will be looking to their own top scorer, Karim Benzema, to make the difference against their rivals] If he’s not in his best moment then it’s one of the best. You can tell he’s no longer carrying the weight of having Cristiano Ronaldo next to him. Madrid played at the expense of Ronaldo’s game. There was less build-up for Benzema to be part of. We are seeing some of Benzema’s best football, he looks comfortable. He looks to support the midfield and make connections, as demonstrated before Levante, when we saw him dropping deeper because the team were not comfortable with the ball. His way of playing has been useful since Ronaldo has gone. He wants to be prominent and he’s thriving

2019 06 18 Retrieve

[According to former Real Madrid and Barcelona midfielder Luis Milla, Pep Guardiola’s style of play will suit Rodri if he completes a transfer from Atletico Madrid to Manchester City] Rodri would fit perfectly at Manchester City, because his coach has an Ajax and Barcelona style and looks for the same idea of play. City has a coach that was influenced at Barcelona. Rodri has the ability and virtues to play that way. We are talking about a player with the ability to read football quickly. He also understands what he has to do in each moment, he is intelligent, tactically he never loses his position, and he knows how to play a positional game