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Name Luiz Felipe Scolari
Spelling Luis Felipe Scolari
Gender Male
Ethnic Brazilian
Job Brazilian Footballer
  Brazilian Football Coach
  Brazil Head coach
  Portugal Head coach
Desc Scolari is perhaps the most Hollywood movie-worthy manager on the list because in the Brazilian, you would usually get one of two extremes. The outstanding or the appalling - though more often the former than the latter. Much of his success can be credited to his enigmatic style, with his ability to inspire his players proving to be as important as his tactical prowess. As a manager he was by no means a remedy for all ills, but when his methods worked, they worked brilliantly and his World Cup triumph with Brazil in 2002 is evidence of this


Club as Coach Guangzhou Evergrande
  Chelsea FC
  Brazil National Team
  Portugal National Team

1998 01 Retrieve

[Quote on Cafu] If there is one man who has made sacrifices and lent himself to the cause of the Brazil team, this man is Cafu. He has been my commander on the field. He is a great example of dedication and humility

2017 01 28 Retrieve

[Luiz Felipe Scolari praises Neymar] Ronaldo and Messi always contend, inch by inch, the title of best in the world, but in two years I would put Neymar at that level. In fact, he is possibly already starting to dethrone one of the two, because he is one of the best players I worked with

2017 12 22 Retrieve

[Luiz Felipe Scolari claims Nicolas Anelka got him sacked at Chelsea after refusing to play on the wing] I had Anelka playing up front. Nine. Top scorer in the league. The players return, I make a meeting, and in the meeting I say: ‘Look, now that the players have all returned, Didier Drogba is back after two months, we will try to work a situation involving the two attackers playing one by the side, one in the centre, changing positions’

Then Anelka, the league’s top scorer, said: ‘I do not play on the wing’. Well, that’s when I said: ‘You don’t play on the wing, one’s going to be on the left, it’s over, I’m not going to stay here arguing with you guys. I left there and our team was third in the league, three or four points behind top. Qualified for the round-of-16 or quarter-finals of the Champions League. But there was this bad environment, that situation.

[Scolari says the Frenchman created a bad environment for him to manage] I don’t know if I had continued, what would have happened. But it was interrupted. There, I got upset. They’ll say: ‘Oh, because you didn’t speak English perfectly’. Of course, I did not. I didn’t speak English perfectly. But I understood perfectly. We understood, with my English, and the English that was spoken there, we understood perfectly