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Luke Shaw
Gender Male
Nationality UK
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc Despite winning his first cap as an 18-year-old against Denmark in 2014, Manchester United defender Luke Shaw is yet to reach double figures for England as he approaches 25h birthday


Org England National Team
Club as Player Manchester United

2019 07 23 Retrieve

[Luke Shaw says Manchester United will push rivals Liverpool and Manchester City hard for trophies this season] Last season was so hurtful for everyone. I know the fans were really hurt, but we as a team were very hurt. Last season was a massive disappointment. How other teams were doing as well - especially over the period when we had time off and there were teams winning trophies. It was really tough for all of us to take and you couldn’t really enjoy your holidays. You see the Champions League final and the Europa League final and they’re all English teams - it makes you feel even worse and especially the way the finals went. None of us want that to happen again. I think that’s why we’ve all come back again with a different mindset and of course we had that break to clear our minds, but now we’re all focused on getting United back to where they belong

[Shaw says that change of approach has given the squad fresh impetus] They won’t have it as easy as last season. People are probably already doubting us, but they can carry on doing that. For me and for us as a team we know what we are capable of doing and we will have a much better season than last season. We need to get back to winning ways, we need to be lifting trophies - let’s start the season right and hopefully we can start off with a good run and keep that spirit going. We all believe massively in the squad, the manager and the staff. We want to put last season behind us. This pre-season has been really tough for everyone, physically and, at times, so hard mentally. But it is helping the squad massively.

Ole is more focussed on keeping the ball, playing out from the back and keeping possession. A lot of times last season we didn’t do that well enough. We’ve worked a lot on tactics, pressing-wise. When to go, what sort of moments. The other side of that is to keep the ball. Just to keep the ball more and play as a big team, a good team. We want to be winning games, but with possession as well. He’s made his ideas clear

2018 07 28 Retrieve

[Luke Shaw speaks about missing out on being part of England’s FIFA World Cup] Of course, it was horrible [missing out]. Ash definitely deserved it because he had an amazing year. I was hoping that maybe I could have gone with him but it wasn’t meant to be. It was horrible sitting there watching it. It was nice they were doing so well and it was amazing, but you sit there wishing you were there. That’s another thing pushing me on more because it’s horrible sitting there when you’ve been there and you want to be there even more

2019 08 03 Tweet

[Manchester United defender Luke Shaw has used social media to defend himself after Romelu Lukaku leaked squad data suggesting he was the slowest player at Old Trafford. Shaw used his Twitter account to explain why he was so low on the list] They only wanted me to go 70% don’t let me start speaking on you boy

2019 08 08 Retrieve

[Luke Shaw insists that Manchester United are ‘ready’ to rectify the wrongs of last season] From a personal point of view, it was a better season than I have had for a while but I still think I can do much better. I didn’t really feel like anyone deserved the player-of-the-year award because of the season we had as a team. There is more to come from me and everyone needs to be better because last season was somewhere near embarrassing

[Manchester City, meanwhile, secured an unprecedented domestic treble, and Shaw admits that United were hurt watching on from the sidelines] We were all very disappointed. It hurt even more that there were so many English teams around us who were playing in finals and had done well while we were just on holiday. There was nothing we could do about it other than watch the games and think. Of course, it hurt. We all felt it. We have a lot to prove this season and I am sure we will. We are going to have a much better season

[After reflecting on a positive pre-season campaign which saw United win all six of their summer fixtures] We have worked very hard and all taken it in a positive way. Now we are all benefiting from it massively. We feel good and fresh. The players seem more energetic. I look at my team-mates and I feel like I see more hunger in them than last season. Everyone wants to prove a point. We are working on things in training so we have more of an idea now on how we want to play and what the manager wants from us. That is what we needed, for the manager to show us how he wants us to play. I feel we are ready and I can’t wait

2019 10 02 Retrieve

[United have released a statement confirming the news on their official website this morning] As confirmed by Ole in his press conference following Monday’s 1-1 draw against Arsenal, Anthony Martial and Phil Jones will sit out the trip with injury, while Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Luke Shaw also haven’t travelled

Wan-Bissaka missed the clash with the Gunners due to tonsilitis, while Luke Shaw has been absent since picking up a hamstring injury during the Crystal Palace match in August. Following a specialist’s opinion, Paul Pogba requires a period of further rest and conservative treatment for the foot injury he sustained during the game against Southampton in August. Updates will follow in due course

2019 12 23 Retrieve

[Luke Shaw says world class De Gea doesn’t deserve any blame after conceding ‘freak goal’ against Watford] Of course, it was a freak goal. David has saved us so many times in so many different matches over the years he has been here. There is no way you can point any blame at him at all. He is a world-class goalkeeper and I am sure he will pick himself up. I am sure all of the lads will be around him. David is David. He is always happy so, hopefully, he can stay happy and focus on the game on Boxing Day

[Shaw has called on his team-mates to raise their game when the Magpies arrive in Manchester] It is a good team and we will prepare now for that game because we need to win that game. The wins against Spurs and City were great but now they seem pointless with the last two results we’ve had, because we need to be beating the teams below us as well. We haven’t done that. We need to be better and we know we need to be better. We will work on the training pitch and hopefully have a good Boxing Day

2020 02 01 Retrieve

[United defender Luke Shaw was also encouraged by Bruno Fernandes’ performance] He’s only be able to train with us once and that was a very light session, but we are all looking forward to seeing what he can bring. We’ve seen that he is a fantastic player, we all know that he is. Today was not an easy game to come into but I thought he did well. There’s a good sign of things to come and we will all help him. We have a nice training camp coming up to help him feel welcome

2020 02 01b Retrieve

[Luke Shaw admits that Manchester United have not been good enough in 2019-20] Fans have their say, pundits have their say, but we know when we’ve not been good enough. We don’t need to read into that stuff. We’ve been playing for so many years, we know when we haven’t been at our best. We understand the atmosphere, especially after a defeat at home to Burnley, and we know we need to be better

We understand the way they’re feeling with current results and the performances that we’ve sometimes given. But we know they’ll always be there at the end to support us. We know they’ll never stop supporting us and we all appreciate it. Hopefully they can keep giving us support and get behind us in a massive game against Wolves

2020 02 16 Retrieve

[Shaw: Everyone criticises Man Utd but Arsenal don’t get a mention] I’ve had to have a thick skin. Sometimes it’s easy for people to forget what I’ve actually been through. You need to have a thick skin to play football anywhere, but especially at the biggest club in the world here at United. Everyone’s watching and wants to have a go whenever you lose. They’re just waiting to criticise the moment anything goes wrong but that’s part and parcel of playing for United. No disrespect to Arsenal who are a fantastic club, but they’re not exactly having the greatest of seasons and it’s hardly mentioned. I find it quite funny that if it’s United, everyone criticises, but Arsenal don’t get a mention. Look, we know when we haven’t been good enough and at times we haven’t been. We all know why we’re here. We’re here to take this club back to where it belongs - winning trophies and challenging for titles. And I honestly believe we’re on the way towards doing so. We know when we’re not at our best and we know when we play well what we can achieve - but we have to sustain it that’s why I believe there are a lot of good days to come

We’re all aware how the manager has tried to take the criticism on himself this season. We admire him for that, but there does come a time as a player when you have to look at yourself and realise that it’s all on you. The manager can’t keep defending us and taking the criticism. It’s up to us now - we’re the ones who need to shoulder the blame and start performing on the pitch. Ole is different to managers I’ve played for in the past at United who have not been slow in criticising us. Every manager has their own way of doing things and as a professional you just have to accept that they believe that the best way to be successful is their way.

In the dressing room he always lets us know if we aren’t doing the thing he expects from us. But there isn’t a lot he can do once we go out onto the pitch. Then it is down to us. Ole can only do so much to prepare us but once the whistle goes then it’s up to us to prove we deserve to be Manchester United players. We’re all here because the manager believes in us and it is disappointing there have been times this season when we’ve let down him, ourselves and the United fans. We know we’re much better than our results suggest. The good thing is we’ve still got a lot to play for, with top four and two cup competitions, so there is time to put it right. Playing Chelsea is a good place to start

2020 02 23 Retrieve

[Luke Shaw insists Manchester United are determined to return to Europe’s top table] We got what we needed and that was three points. Let’s keep pushing. The most important thing is we closed the gap to Chelsea. This club is known for playing in the big competitions. We all miss the Champions League nights so much, that is what we want next season. We need to fight and earn it.

2020 02 24 Retrieve

[Luke Shaw eyeing Euro 2020 call-up after Man Utd revival] I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about it. But I’ve got to keep working hard, keep my head down and whatever happens, happens. Of course, it’s everyone’s dream to be involved in the Euros. I’m just going to keep my head down, keep working. At the end the day it’s not down to me, it’s of course down to Gareth and I’ll respect whatever he decides

We’ve shown that we can also play together and I love to play with him. We played a couple of times now and we played well together. I’m learning what he does and he knows what I do, so it’s a good partnership to play in. But, of course, we all love the competition and we all love to push each other and I’ll help him as much as he can to develop into a great player that he can be

2020 02 24b Retrieve

[Luke Shaw says Bruno Fernandes has had a massive impact & Anthony Martial has unbelievable quality] Bruno has had a massive impact. He has only been here such a short time but it feels like he has been here for a while. You can tell he was a leader at Sporting Lisbon and I think he wants to bring those sort of leadership skills here and help the team as much as he can, off the pitch as much as on the pitch, as he is doing now. Hopefully, he can keep that up. He is already shining for us and it is great to see

The quality Anthony has got is unbelievable. If he keeps working hard and keeps believing in himself, he can be one of the best. He has got that ability to be able to do special things that not many can, but he is definitely one that can do it. I’m happy for him, hopefully he can keep scoring goals because we need them

The confidence Mason has at such a young age is what you need to thrive here. I don’t think he is arrogant one bit but he has that confidence at the right sort of level. He just wants to play football and he is not bothered about what is around him. He is not bothered about any pressure at all, he is just enjoying his football. All the lads are happy he can contribute with a goal and it is great for him. He was brilliant

2020 02 26 Retrieve

[Luke Shaw has praised Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for his brilliant work] He has been unbelievable and has put a smile on our faces. He has been brilliant and the lads are really enjoying it, moreso now that we are getting better results. We have got an important second half of the season, Ole has been great and we enjoy working under him

I think I’m still quite young and I’ve got a lot to improve on. I want to improve as a player day in day out and keep working hard. I don’t need to pay too much attention to what people say in the media, it’s sometimes good and sometimes bad. So I’ve got to focus on myself and the people that matter.

I’m feeling really good and can’t wait to get back out on the pitch. I’ve had a lot of stick and if you come to Manchester United you need to take that - people are always ready to criticise you. There are only high standards here, so we need to be strong, but we need to be on that pitch when it matters and give it everything we’ve got.

It is completely different to other clubs and when you sign that piece of paper you know how different it is going to be. You have to be able to deal with it. If you are not strong mentally and confident you will struggle to deal with it. You have got to focus on tomorrow right now and do our best

It is a massive ambition for me. I was there for the Europa League final, and the feeling, even though I wasn’t on the pitch was a feeling I have not felt and I wanted more of. I wasn’t involved and that is what is pushing me on, even more, to get into this final, and others. We should be in finals and we should be in all competitions until the end. We are very confident at the moment

We are still in two cup competitions and the league is still a very high priority. We have got a good chance to get in the top-four and we have a very good chance in both cup competitions. We want to win all of them

2020 03 06 Retrieve

[Luke Shaw says Lingard should be embarrassed for trying to claim goal] He’s trying to, but no chance is he having that! I haven’t seen it again, but he’s saying it came off his back. To be fair I’d be quite embarrassed to claim that if I was him. He can let me have it for once and he can just leave it. My last goal was quite a while ago and it was nice to hopefully get my goal, and hopefully I can get more to come for the rest of the season.

[Shaw’s effort against Derby was added to by a brace from January signing Odion Ighalo] He’s flying and the manager said before the game, when he gets a chance, there’s not many he misses. He could’ve had a hat-trick and he could have been going home with the match ball, but two goals and two good finishes. We’re very pleased for him and long may that continue

2020 03 09 Retrieve

[Luke Shaw says Man Utd let emotions get the better of them after last positive run under Solskjaer] I think back then emotions got over us too much and I think we didn’t maintain that, and I think this time we’re in different sort of position. We’re probably more experienced to it now because it was very disappointing the way we dropped off and that’s not Man United. We need to keep the standards high. I’m sure the boss and the coaches around us will keep pushing, but also us as players we need to push each other every day to get to where we want to be. I have no doubt that we can finish off the season really strong

[When asked what United could go on to achieve between now and May] Like I keep saying, we’re still in two cup competitions and the top four is still very much alive. We’ve got to keep putting the pressure on. We’ve got to try not to focus too much on other teams. We know this is the Premier League, every game is tough, and I think teams will be dropping points, but we need to just focus on us, focus on our results and the confidence is so high. We’re shutting sort of shop and keeping clean sheets, which is a very good positive, so we need to keep going

The last few years they’ve had very disappointing results against Man City at home. Away we’ve been good but at home, we’ve struggled. The fans were amazing today and it helps us, even more, when they’re like that. You just smile when you come off the pitch, the way they’re singing makes us all very happy. We’re glad that we can get them singing like that today with an amazing result like this

[January signing Bruno Fernandes put in another strong display at the weekend] At times we know he’s going to lose possession, but we need those sort of risk passes that are going to unlock defences. He’s been a brilliant signing so far and he’s already come in with a few assists and a few important goals. Long may that continue. We will keep pushing the standards and we’ll keep pushing him because there’s so much more from him to come

2020 03 10 Retrieve

[Luke Shaw warned there is so much more to come from star Bruno Fernandes] At times we know he’s going to lose possession, but we need them sort of risk passes that are going to unlock defences. He’s been a brilliant signing so far and he’s already come in with a few assists and a few important goals. We will keep pushing the standards and we’ll keep pushing him because there’s so much more from him to come

I think back then emotions got over us too much and I think we didn’t maintain that, and I think this time we’re in different sort of position. We’re probably more experienced to it now because it was very disappointing the way we dropped off and that’s not Man United. We need to keep the standards high. I’m sure the boss and the coaches around us will keep pushing, but also us as players we need to push each other every day to get to where we want to be. I have no doubt that we can finish off the season really strong.

2020 04 06 Retrieve

[Man Utd star Luke Shaw wants season ended & Liverpool denied title] Scrap it and start again. If we can’t carry it on it’s got to be void

[Shaw would rather avoid that situation, with the 24-year-old eager to have supporters in attendance whenever a green light is given] Fans are so important. You realise it even more [now]. I think the sport is for fans really, do you know what I mean? I think if you don’t have fans, and you don’t play in front of fans, it just doesn’t feel right. Especially on matchday, the fans are always amazing and always help the team. Whether it’s home or even away, our fans are always brilliant and I feel like they’re always there with us

2020 04 07 Retrieve

[Luke Shaw recalls Man Utd training sessions with ‘unbelievable’ Ibrahimovic] He was mad. I think he was what we needed in the dressing room. He’s unbelievable, he still had the talent and even though he was a bit older he was still the amazing player that he had been. But I think inside the dressing room he was great. He had a lot of jokes but I think when it got serious, and when he had to sort of put his foot down, you knew about it. I think he was a born winner. Even in little training games, if he didn’t win and you were on his team he would absolutely kill you. So I think he got the best out of everyone when he was there, as in training-wise, because people couldn’t sort of [slack] off because if you’re on his team and you lose, you’re dead. And honestly you can ask anyone in the team, that was the situation. But I think everyone loved him and it was just disappointing that he got that bad injury

2020 04 11 Retrieve

[Manchester United defender Luke Shaw gives insight into being team-mates with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, during a Combat Corona FIFA Twitch tournament] He was mad. I think he was what we needed in the dressing room. He’s unbelievable, he still had the talent and even though he was a bit older he was still the amazing player that he had been. But I think inside the dressing room he was great. He had a lot of jokes but I think when it got serious, and when he had to sort of put his foot down, you knew about it. I think he was a born winner. Even in little training games, if he didn’t win and you were on his team he would absolutely kill you. So I think he got the best out of everyone when he was there, as in training-wise, because people couldn’t sort of [slack] off kind of because if you’re on his team and you lose, you’re dead

2020 04 11b Retrieve

[Manchester United left-back Luke Shaw has said that January’s 6-0 win at Tranmere Rovers was the turning point in his side’s 2019-20 campaign] It was a very professional performance and attitude. I think that gave everyone a confidence boost because, after that, if I’m not mistaken, we’ve gone on a really good run since that win. So that game was our stepping stone to improve as a team, and to keep a really good record going. It was a very positive changing room, a happy one, because we had come off the back of not very good results. But I think it was even more important because we had a massive game against Man City coming up, so it was good in two ways really: the result and clean sheet, and obviously that we got to rest some players, like Jamo (Daniel James), who’d played a lot of football.

I think that’s what is most disappointing, the fact that we were in such good momentum, that it had to come to a stop. But hopefully things turn into a positive way in the meantime and obviously [everyone should] keep to the guidelines and the instructions of staying inside

2020 05 12 Retrieve

[Luke Shaw says Wan-Bissaka is the best one-v-one defender in the world] I can’t look past Aaron Wan-Bissaka. For me, he’s been the most consistent player this season. If you look back at all the games we played, I can remember only one mistake, for the penalty at Watford, and that has literally been it. He has been a solid eight out of ten in every other game he’s played, never puts a foot wrong, puts his foot in the right position every time and, for me, he’s the best one-v-one defender in the world. No-one can get past him, he’s really improved that side of his game and his attacking side too. You can see Azza is learning each day and wanting to learn more too. He’s been a superb signing for us, so I have to have him in there

If Marcus Rashford had been fit for the whole campaign and hadn’t suffered his injury, I think he would have won without any doubt at all. Rashy would be pushing for the best player of the season across the entire league because he was that good. He was on fire at times and gave the whole team a massive boost. It was the best and most confident I’ve seen him, so he’s absolutely, definitely, a contender. After that, it gets tricky because so many players have been really good in parts, but I have to say that Fred would be up there. Everyone knows that when you come to a big club like United, it isn’t always easy to settle in at the start and be the player that you can be straight away. He’s adapted to the Premier League this season, his qualities have shone through and he’s been a bright light for us. It’s even nicer to see after he had his doubters outside the club. Fred believed in himself and has had a great season. Beyond those two, I think Harry Maguire has been immense

2020 05 14 Retrieve

[Manchester United team-mate Luke Shaw says Pogba has everything to be best in the world] I wouldn’t say ‘fear’ is the right word because I enjoy playing against the likes of Rashy (Marcus Rashford) and [Anthony] Martial because they’re tricky, high-quality players and I like that challenge of facing them. Every time I’m facing Anthony, I like to have a little joke around with him, talk to him a lot and tell him: ‘I’m coming for you’. Actually, probably the hardest player to get the ball off is Paul. He’s so big, strong, he’s got quick feet. To be fair, he’s got everything to be the best midfielder in the world. You could ask any player in the team about that. I’d have to pick Paul as the toughest one to train against as well because it’s so tough to get the ball off him - he knows how to shield it away and he’s also got the best quality to deliver shots and passes too

Over the weekend I realised that it was a year since I won our Player of the Year award last May, which was a huge honour for me, absolutely massive. Winning that award for any club is great, but at a club the size of United it means a bit more. I didn’t think I actually had the best of years - I know I did well in some aspects during the season, but there were definitely areas I could improve in and I took some positives from that too because it meant I could still get even better. To win the two awards voted for by the fans and your team-mates was a very special feeling for me, especially when you look at the trophies and see the names who have won it before. [Cristiano] Ronaldo, [Roy] Keane, [David] Beckham, [Ryan] Giggs … I mean, wow.

2020 05 15 Retrieve

[Manchester United left-back Luke Shaw believes Michael Carrick was massively underrated] I’ve got a little feeling that David Beckham is maybe a little bit underrated, but the one that stands out for me is Michael Carrick. I think not just for United - he was massively underrated for England as well. When I first joined United, he was getting a bit older but he still had so much quality. He’s still got it now, to be fair. I genuinely think he could still play in the Premier League, based on what we sometimes see from him in training. I don’t think he got the recognition he deserved and when people do look back at important players for United, you look at all the trophies he won, and he was a key member of the team in that era

He was so underused by England. He’s not just one that would sit in front of the back four and clean things up - for me he was one of the best midfield passers I’ve ever seen, honestly. The way he could play the ball through the lines or in behind, he wasn’t afraid to try things. He was one of the best of his time in his position and if people have a proper think about it, they’ll see that he was competing with amazing, world-class players like Lampard and Gerrard at the time. I think Carras deserves to be in that bracket too, and I’m not just saying this because he’s my coach now!

2020 05 19 Retrieve

[Defender Luke Shaw says Manchester United will be taking a massive step forward when they return to training on Wednesday] The rules have to be really strict but we’re obviously all going to stick to them just to make sure things run as smoothly and safely as possible. I think we’re all determined to do things properly because we’re all looking forward to getting back on a proper pitch! Running down at the park is okay, but obviously it isn’t ideal. We have to do our work, keep fit and it’ll be nice to be around different people and see the boys again for a bit longer. It’s a massive step forward to get on the same training pitch as each other.

I’m sure there’ll be some fitness work when we get back, but we’ve all done a lot of running over the last three weeks and now we’re all just itching to do more ball work. The most important thing is getting used to that and it’ll be nice to be able to pass, dribble and get the right feel for the ball again so we can do what we all love

2020 05 20 Retrieve

[Luke Shaw says Mason Greenwood has all the attributes to emulate Robin van Persie’s exploits at Manchester United] He’s had a fantastic first season in the first team. He’s clearly a natural goalscorer. This season - even though he doesn’t start all the time - his goals return and his stats are great, and he’s got some assists too. For someone so young, in their first season, he’s done brilliantly. He’s still got so much to learn, but if he carries on working hard and pushes himself every day then I don’t see why we can’t see him turn into another Robin van Persie or a player of that style that’ll score lots of goals for us

Purely the fact that he’s so two-footed, it’s unbelievable. When I was younger, when I played youth football, there was a young lad called Lewis Baker who played with Chelsea, he was always both-footed. Him and Mason are probably the only two pure two-footed players I’ve seen. When I was at Southampton, Adam Lallana could also use his left and right very well. Also Ravel Morrison was very strong on both feet and we’ve seen a lot of people talking about his potential in recent weeks, but I’d say Mason is stronger on that front

2020 06 01 Retrieve

[Luke Shaw is looking to help Manchester United to major silverware and inspire the next generation of supporters, much like his own boyhood idol Ashley Cole once did] How big the club is and how successful it’s been in the past, I think [is what] inspires all of us, especially the ones that are there now. We’ve seen how good and how great it is when the club’s winning trophies and we obviously want to get to that stage and inspire young people, like I once was, watching United win a trophy. The squad, the group we have, is amazing. Everyone gets on great and we all love each other and we all want to push each other towards that goal of winning trophies. On the other hand, my family and friends I’d love to celebrate with and hopefully I’ve got times like that to come and I can live it in real life.

Obviously I would have to go towards a left-back and one I watched a lot. For me, he was probably one of the best left-backs ever in the game: Ashley Cole. Like I said, I watched him a lot and I wanted to become a player like him. I was lucky enough to go to an England camp with him and it was amazing to be around someone I idolised so much and I watched a lot of him and he was the player I wanted to be like when I grew up

2020 06 04 Retrieve

[Luke Shaw says Pogba & Fernandes two of the Premier League’s best] [Bruno]’s been so important, with the chances he’s created, the goals he’s scored and, hopefully, there’s still much more to come from him. I’m sure he’s still settling into the Premier League to an extent, which makes what he’s done all the more impressive. He was paired with Paul in a small training group last week, which people saw on the videos, and we saw flashes of what they were capable of. The coaches have switched it up so it’s not just them on the same team and it’s quite nice to see them battling against each other - they’ve already had some great games against each other - but, personally, I’m really looking forward to seeing them line up together. They’re probably two of the best midfielders in the [Premier League] right now, I’d say, so it’s going to be fascinating to see them play together

If I could go back in time and change the way of a game, it would have to be the game when I broke my leg. I felt like I was really flying at that point in my career, I was feeling really confident and obviously nobody ever wants to break their leg in a game! It’s obviously a long time on the sidelines and you have times when you feel down. You feel a long way away from where you want to be, you don’t feel right, your leg doesn’t feel right, and you go through those periods, but the most important thing is to look towards the end of it. See the goal and focus on that. You’re going to be back playing, training, and that pushed me a lot of the time, watching the lads playing and training. There are times when you don’t want to be involved, but it’s good for you to be around everyone to keep involved. You don’t want to be forgotten, you want to be around it.

2020 06 04b Retrieve

[Luke Shaw says Odion Ighalo earned & deserved Man Utd extension] All the players are really happy for him. Obviously his situation was up in the air and we try not to talk about that kind of thing at training but we’re just so happy for him. Before he arrived, a few people outside the club weren’t too sure what he was going to bring to the club, but he’s shown everyone because he’s brought goals and a different style to our other strikers. He’s earned and deserved the chance to stay here longer. He brings happiness and a smile to the place. He’s great in training but he’s also been really important at times during games and scored some great goals. Now that everything’s sorted, hopefully he can relax now and settle back into doing what he was doing before football stopped

The last time we played an actual competitive game was against LASK in Austria, when obviously there were no supporters in the ground, and I suppose that was sort of a trial run for how things will be here when we get back to playing in the Premier League. For me, fans are first and foremost; the atmosphere they make is what football is all about and we’re definitely going to miss having them at our games, both at a packed Old Trafford and the amazing away support that follows us everywhere. We love our fans and we’ll miss them, but it’s far more important that we don’t bring them back too early in the current climate. We’ll have to create our own atmosphere on the pitch through the people we’ve got on the sidelines, and it’s useful that we’ve got a couple of weeks now to get it into our heads that it’s going to be so different to what we’re used to. We need to be ready for it. We’ve had that taste of it already against LASK and we can use that to our advantage

2020 06 06 Retrieve

[Pogba, meanwhile, looks set to link up with Fernandes in midfield for the first time] He [Fernandes] was paired with Paul in a small training group last week, which people saw on the videos, and we saw flashes of what they were capable of. The coaches have switched it up so it’s not just them on the same team and it’s quite nice to see them battling against each other - they’ve already had some great games against each other - but, personally, I’m really looking forward to seeing them line up together. They’re probably two of the best midfielders in the [Premier League] right now, I’d say, so it’s going to be fascinating to see them play together

2020 06 10 Retrieve

[Luke Shaw reveals he scored twice in 4-4 Man Utd friendly draw as Rashford & Fernandes also on target] We had a great 11-a-side training game on the Old Trafford pitch over the weekend and it was eventful! There have been a lot of different things circulating on social media and I’m happy to set the record straight: it did end 4-4 and I did score twice! Also on my team, Bruno [Fernandes] got one and Jamo [Daniel James] got one, while, on the other team, Rashy [Marcus Rashford] got two and so did Odion [Ighalo]

To be fair, my first goal was decent. It was from a great cross by Bruno and my volley went straight in. I was happy with it. My other one was just getting forward, Juan [Mata] played it to me on the edge of the box, I took a touch and shot in. It was quite an open game, as you can probably gather, with a lot of space, since it was the first game back. Everyone looked good and the most important thing was getting minutes in the tank. This was definitely a step forward from the games we’ve been having at the training ground

It was also our first chance to get used to a silent Old Trafford, which was different. We all felt like it made the pitch seem bigger because the stands are totally empty. Sometimes during games the fans push you on when you’re tired, but now we’ve got to get to grips without that support. It was a really valuable exercise to be able to play at Old Trafford without that. We were creating our own noise around the stadium and that’s something we’ve got to make sure we do. The important thing is that it’s another step forward. It’s getting more and more exciting now and we just want to get playing games. We’ve got a couple of in-house games at the training ground scheduled over the next few days, which will help us step things up even further before the big game next week against Spurs

It’s a massive fixture and I think everyone on both sides has got full-strength squads now, so it should be a really good game. It’s definitely one we’re all looking forward to. In training, we’re looking really sharp, really fit and ready to go. We’re looking forward to it. We just need to pick up where we left off, doing the things we were doing before the break, and, hopefully, we can climb towards the Champions League spots, which is what we really want

2020 06 11 Retrieve

[Luke Shaw says Rashford looks unstoppable] He’s improved greatly from when he first came on the scene, not just on the pitch, but off the pitch as well. He’s matured so much. He’s really turned into a man and I think everyone’s seen the way he’s conducted himself off the pitch; especially during this pandemic, he’s been unbelievable. He’s a massive example to everyone. He’s matured so much and a lot of credit for that goes to him and also to his family, who have kept him very grounded

He’s a big inspiration for a lot of young people, especially the ones who are coming through from Manchester. In Marcus, they’ve got someone to look up to not just on the pitch but off it too, which is really nice to see. As a player, he’s improved so much but he always wants to learn, always wants to get better and, to me, he’s getting better every time I see him play. He’s looked unstoppable at times this season and he’s looked so confident. I haven’t seen that in him before. He was always confident, but not to this level, and he’s matured so much. He knows he has the ability to be one of the best and he’s pushing himself all the time to maximise that. There’s no reason why, if he keeps going, keeps pushing himself, that he can’t win it (the Ballon d’Or) one day.

2020 06 20 Retrieve

[Manchester United defender Luke Shaw was thrilled to see Paul Pogba back in the team against Tottenham] I told him afterwards how much of a difference he made. He didn’t play for that long but obviously it’s great to have him and Rashy [Marcus Rashford] back in the side. They are very important players and maybe we can see Paul from the start on Wednesday

[While United failed to mark their return to action with three points] We never give up and we kept going. We felt fit, we felt stronger than them and we felt like they were struggling at times. We kept going and got the penalty. I feel great. The break came at a difficult time as we were flying, but everyone’s worked really hard and kept in great shape over the period we had off. We’ve come back flying. We need to push on from here. The [unbeaten] run keeps going but we need to take away the draws and get the wins instead because that’s the most important thing

2020 07 06 Retrieve

[United team-mate Luke Shaw says Matic has been an unsung hero in United’s recent success] Nemanja I think has still got legs in him. He might be getting towards the older stage now but for me he’s been a massive part of the recent results we have had. He’s a big part of that midfield and he’s really stepped it up in the last few weeks and been a key player for us. You don’t get the plaudits all the time. Other people in the team are getting the goals and assists, but he’s a massive part of why we keep clean sheets and the solidity that we have in front of the back four. It’s nice to know he’s there cleaning everything up

2020 07 07 Retrieve

[Luke Shaw says this is the most confident Manchester United side he has played in] Over the past years, it hasn’t always been the most exciting and we have not always played as well as I feel like we are at the moment - especially in my time here. This is the most confident [we have felt]. Around the training ground and on the pitch now, the confidence is so high and we are going into games now full of belief. A big turning point was going 1-0 down [against Bournemouth] the other day. In recent times we would have struggled with getting results, but I think that is a sign that we are going in the right direction. Of course we are very happy with how things are going but of course there is still room for improvement we all believe

The manager has done a brilliant job. Of course the players he has brought in, the group of players now, we all get on really well and I think there is a great happiness in and around the training ground each day. Everyone is smiling, everyone is enjoying each other’s company and I think that is important to have a successful team. Everyone wants the same thing and gets along with each other and I can see a big change in the group not just on the pitch, but with each other off the pitch too

For me, Bruno is a massive part of the change, the culture that is now going on at United. He pushes that day in, day out. [He is] an amazing guy off the pitch, he’s funny and he has massive confidence in his own ability, which none of us doubt. He’s been perfect on the pitch. The whole team has changed I believe. The injuries we had also - Paul [Pogba] and [Marcus] Rashford - have also come back and hit the ground running in this part of the season. Everyone is pulling their weight and doing a great job.

The growth that Mason has made in the last year-and-a-half he has been in and around the first team is amazing. For me personally, I feel like he has turned from a kid to a man in such short time and now he’s understanding what this league is about. He has grown in size, he has got stronger and he is not fragile anymore. [Before, he] could be pushed off the ball. The most important thing I would say for him is ignore the hype, ignore what people are saying, just focus on yourself, keep doing what he’s doing and there is no reason why he can’t become a very important player for Manchester United in the future. He can become a United legend, no doubt about it.

[Top four our biggest priority] It’s great [but] we don’t want to get too comfortable with it, we want to keep pushing ourselves. We believe next season will be a very good season and we have got big priorities to obviously reach the Champions League. We are still in two cup competitions that we believe greatly that we can win. As long as we all stay fit and we keep doing what we are doing, I don’t see why we can’t achieve these things. Top four - Champions League next season - is the biggest for us. Manchester United is one of the biggest clubs in the world. We need to be in the biggest competitions and I think the games we have left, they are winnable. If you look at the start of the season, I think these are games that we didn’t get points in or struggled in. Hopefully we have turned our fortunes around and we have learnt from what we weren’t doing back then and we feel confident with our run in that we can get maximum points and I don’t see why we can’t