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Luther Blissett
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org England National Team
Club as Player Watford
  AC Milan

2019 12 07 Retrieve

[Former England striker Luther Blissett believes Italy has an endemic cultural problem with racism] They have dealt with corruption in Italian football very strongly. But in terms of racism, apart from Inter recently, where have we seen it? It will take dramatic intervention to tackle this at all levels in Italian society and see if that then has people thinking again about their actions when it comes to football

It beggars belief that a paper would do this in 2019. It takes me back to the headlines from the early 1980s, but at that time it was often the media drawing attention to ethnicity intending, by and large, to be positive yet clumsy in their descriptive choices. This is not. A large number of fans still regard black players as inferior. It’s ridiculous. [Black players] are being held responsible for fans’ abuse. After so many incidents this season alone, you’ve got to agree that there’s something cultural in Italy and that’s why they have resisted education and change

2020 07 13 Retrieve

[Jamaican-born former footballer Luther Blissett played for England, Watford and AC Milan in the 1970s and 80s, and experienced terrible abuse himself, once receiving a bullet cartridge through the post. He believes things have improved over the years but more needs to be done] What they have now is a voice because of people like myself and players before me, that have gone out there and suffered the abuse and all that went with it, and turned it around, so that there is now an acceptance. So you’re now in a position where you can say something about it, without it being turned against you. In the day when I was playing, if you had come out and said some of the things players say now, the old chip on the shoulder would have come out. That cost many players their careers. I think conversations have to be had at home with parents and their children to give them an understanding of the subject of prejudice. We learn from our peers, our parents and people we socialise with. But if your parents or someone in a position of authority never puts you straight on things, that becomes your normal

2020 07 15 Retrieve

[Luther Blissett, the first black player to score a hat-trick for England, has urged other players to come out and condemn any racism they suffer] It’s absolutely the right thing to do. I’ve heard people say he [Zaha] shouldn’t have done it - of course he should. It can then get people to say, ‘Yes, I’ve been getting this’ and we can see what the problem is. It’s where you go then to sort the problem out. Social media now is almost a modern artefact of racism because people can do this and can get it out there so lots of people can see it. Are these people racist or just using racist language? They say things because they’ve heard it and repeat it but do they understand what they are saying? It comes back to education and it’s key. I received abuse in my day but I got it in the post. I’d read it, rip it up or give it to the management

You might get another one two or three days later but now you can get four within 10 seconds. I got a bullet sent in the post once. It was scary and it wasn’t. If someone wanted to do you harm they would just do it. If you met them face to face, nine out of 10 wouldn’t know what to do