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2020 01 07 Retrieve

[Malaga have suspended coach Victor Sanchez del Amo pending an investigation after a sexually explicit video of him was posted on social media] In relation to the events that have recently been discovered, and which have not as yet been verified, Malaga CF immediately suspends coach Victor Sanchez del Amo from his duties until a full investigation is carried out. We will disclose further information once the facts have been clarified

2020 01 12 Retrieve

[Malaga sack Victor Sanchez del Amo after explicit video causes ‘serious damage’] MCF has used best endeavours to attempt to resolve the situation amicably through intense negotiations with Víctor Sanchez del Amo. However, despite the ongoing and incessant efforts undertaken by the club, it has not been possible to reach a friendly separation. As such, MCF has made the decision to dismiss Víctor Sanchez del Amo due to disciplinary reasons, in accordance with the applicable regulations. MCF has made the decision, taking into account the serious damage caused to the institution by the recent events, aiming to minimise the impact on the team and the entire MCF organisation. Until a new coach is named, Sergio Pellicer will act as first team coach

2020 03 16 Retrieve

[Spanish football coach Francisco Garcia dies of coronavirus aged 21] From the club, we want to convey to Atlético Portada Alta our deepest condolences for the loss of one of their coaches, Francisco García, as well as send a warm hug to his family and friends. Together we must stop Covid-19

2020 05 19 Retrieve

[Malaga set to make wholesale redundancies due to coronavirus impact] The club announces that it has taken the decision to present an employment regulation file for the termination and/or suspension of employment contracts. Over the past few months, the entity has been undertaking various measures to ease the difficult economic situation it is experiencing. The restructuring of the club joins this package of necessary measures to ensure the permanence of Malaga Club de Futbol. The entity thanks fans and season ticket holders for their support during these difficult times and asks for their understanding in light of this complex process that starts today and that the entity will endure in the coming months, with the sole purpose of committing to the future of our shield